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Definite Wellness brings definite results | Local News – Tullahoma News and Guardian

Posted: March 16, 2020 at 3:46 am

Definite Wellness is bringing a whole new meaning of health to residents of Tullahoma and surrounding areas. Owner Candi Kinney has been a nurse practitioner for three years. She graduated from MTSU and was previously an RN for 3 years.

When I was a nurse, I worked at a hospital. I did not like the concept that patients would come in really sick and all we would do was put a Band-Aid on them and send them home fast. I did not like the fact that some patients were so chronically ill, so I decided wellness care was a better fit for me, Kinney said. I want to make it to where patients can come in here, address the issues they have going on and we stop it from getting to that point where it becomes chronic.

The office, located inside of the Coker building, houses two exam rooms, an office, and a main room with a front desk and chair where intravenous (IV) therapy is administered.

Kinney offers eight total signature IVs including the energizer, the glow, the fighter, the quencher, the athlete, the classic, the Candi cocktail and the morning after.

People can also come in and create their own IV by looking at the menu and all that I have to offer, she said. IV add-ons include B12, Calcium, Zinc, Mag-nesium, Vitamin C, B-Complex and Glutathione for an extra charge.

She also offers injections including B-12, lipo shots, Toradol, Vitamin D and Zofran.

Benefits of wellness care

I am all about things that make and keep you well. When you come in and get a B-12 or Vitamin D shot, that is going to keep you well because when either one of those is low, it can cause a lot of problems. That is what got me started with wellness care, Kinney said.

What got me started in IVs was the interest that people have in them today. This trend is huge out west. There are IV bars everywhere and I thought This is really good for recovery, athletes, dehydration and more. It is so interesting that this is something I can do, Kinney said. I signed up for an IV hydration class and decided to start offering it.

I had a man call me the other day who was so sick and asked if I could come to his house and give him an IV. I went to his house and gave him two bags of IV fluids and he texted me the next day telling me how much better he felt, Kinney said. It is also good for athletes, especially those who are into CrossFit or running marathons. Coming here is a good way to prepare your body for that and it is also a great way to recover from them. It is replenishing.

One of my friends came in and told me that she was so stressed out and wiped and needed some help, so I gave her an IV. A few hours ago, she said she felt fantastic, she added.

These IVs are not just for running marathons. There are a lot of benefits if you are big on working out. I am a former football player, so every spring I start working out again. I was very skeptical of the IV trend, Kinneys husband and business partner Eugene said. I was telling Candi how sore I was from a workout and asked her if she had anything to help me. She gave me an IV called the athlete. After I got it, I felt okay but was not that impressed. However, the next morning I was so surprised to be up and ready to go workout again.

Athlete Jordan Sheffield receiving intravenous (IV) therapy to feel replenished.

As a person who has struggled with weight my whole life, I do not believe in easy, quick fast out there diets. I can put anyone on a low-calorie diet and give them HCG shots and they will lose weight, but it will not be sustainable, Kinney said. My patients need to have a sustainable lifestyle. I advocate a whole food diet, 30 minutes of exercise and 60 ounces of water per day. If you do that in conjunction with what I offer, it is going to get you to your goal weight. However, it is up to you to maintain it.

With weight loss, I do a couple of different things. I offer three different weight loss programs, Kinney said. I distribute phentermine here in the clinic so it is like a one-stop shop.

The first option, Tier 1, is a 12-week program that includes one visit each month with Kinney, a 30-day supply of phentermine if qualified, six bi-weekly fat-burning lipo shots and one Slim IV each month, totaling at $600.

Tier 2 is a 12-week program that includes one visit each month with Kinney, a 30-day supply of phentermine if qualified and six bi-weekly fat-burning lipo shots, totaling at $285.

Tier 3 is an a la carte program that includes monthly visits with Kinney as well as a 30-day supply of phentermine if qualified, totaling at $50.

I have had four patients now that have hit their goal weight, Kinney said. One reached hers in only four months and another met her goal weight in two to three months.

You are allowed to take phentermine for six months and then you are required to take a break. I have other medications such as Topamax because it is an appetite suppressant that you can take that for a whole year, she said.

I usually do not treat patients under the age of 18, Kinney said. If you are 16 or older and you come in with a parent, I can treat you.

Kinney has a large menu of signature IVs, wellness shots and injections.

When a customer comes in, they are instructed to fill out paperwork and Kinney reviews the forms with them. If there is no conflicting medical history or a contraindication, Kinney administers the IV the same day. There is no additional charge for coming in to receive an IV. A customer will only be charged for how much the IV costs. She also does sport, D.O.T. physicals and walk-in sick visits that do require a $75 fee.

I treat simple things like ear infections, UTIs, sore throat, flu and strep for much cheaper than an urgent care visit would be, she said.

Kinney also offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This is typically for middle-aged people for replacements of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, she said.

This is one of those shops where people need this, they just do not know that the services are here, she said.

For more information about Definite Wellness, visit, their Facebook page Definite Wellness, their Instagram @definitewellness, or call 434-0439.

Definite Wellness is located at 401 Wilson Ave. in the Coker building.

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Definite Wellness brings definite results | Local News - Tullahoma News and Guardian

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