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HCG Diet Drops – Side Effects

Posted: May 17, 2019 at 4:47 am

Many people have questions about the side effects of using HCG for weight loss. Most articles focus on prescription weight-loss injections or other uses of HCG, such as for fertility or testosterone treatment. Very few address the side effects of homeopathic HCG diet drops, or when they do, they're just copying information that only applies to the injections. Homeopathic drops and prescription injections are administered differently.

HCG diet drops tend to be easier on your body. There are no known serious side effects associated with homeopathic HCG itself, unlike with HCG injections. The most common side effects experienced by people taking HCG drops for weight loss actually stem from the accompanying diet.

The HCG diet is usually a drastic change for people starting it the first time. The HCG weight loss protocol calls for a very low calorie diet (500 calories). Although the body is getting plenty of nutrients and energy from the stored fat that's being consumed, the stomach gets much less food than it's used to. Food choices are specialized to a small list of meats, vegetables, fruits, and starches. Starches and fruits are the most limited, since they contain more sugar than meats and vegetables. No extra sugars, fats, or oils are allowed. All this is typically very different from what most participants are accustomed to eating.

Although the HCG protocol is actually more doable that it sounds, the big change in diet can have an effect on your body. Such "side effects" may include:

Headache. Some people experience minor headaches during the first week of the low-calorie diet. Any standard, over-the-counter pain medication can be used to treat headache.

Mild dizziness. Mild dizziness is not uncommon, but it usually goes away after the first week.

Constipation. On a low-calorie diet, it's normal for bowel movements to come less often, sometimes just once every 3 or 4 days. This isn't constipation. However, some people do experience real constipation. If it happens to you, you can take a mild, sugar-free laxative.

Rash (rare). As your body consumes fat, normal toxins are released into your body. Because of the breakneck speeds at which your body consumes fat on the HCG diet, these toxins can build up and cause a minor rash.

Leg cramps (rare). Cramps may occur due to the lack of potassium in the Core Phase diet. Potassium supplements can be used to treat this symptom.

These side effects only affect a small percentage of individuals taking HCG drops and are typically very mild. However, if you experience any symptom that concerns you or a serious headache that lasts longer than 10 days, you should consult with your doctor.

The few who are affected by these side effects can usually just wait it out, enjoying the daily weight loss itself, since the symptoms are mild and usually disappear after the first week. More intense cases can typically be treated with readily available medications or supplements.

The bottom line is that lack of serious side effects is one great reason to choose a homeopathic solution, such as Nano diet drops over injections. You can get HCG diet supplies right here on, backed by the best guarantee in the industry and great prices.

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