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Where to Inject hCG Injection Sites and Locations aka …

Posted: October 7, 2019 at 2:44 pm

Disclaimer! Please read! I am not a medical professional in any way, shape or form, and this is not to be misconstrued as medical advice. I am simply sharing what has worked for me and others. It is your responsibility to discuss these matters with your physician.

One of the number one hesitancies for doing hCG injections specifically, is the idea of a needle, and your skin, coming into contact with each other.

To most of us, it sounds NOT like a marriage made in heaven.

This series will cover how to do an injection, start to finish, to take away some of that fear of the unknown- youll even get to see my DOING the injection on camera.

Please remember Im not a medical professional the information Im presenting to you is purely what I gathered from my own personal research and that I used when doing my own injections when I was on the hCG protocol.The information I gathered was from various diabetes information sites and videos online that help diabetics to know where to administer their insulin shots, and I believe the same principles apply for us.

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The main point is that you want to inject into an area of fat on your body, so this really allows for quite a number of locations.

However, there are

The only thing to really note here is to just stay two fingers width away from your belly button when doing an injection in this area. Pretty much the rest, from the bottom of your rib cage to the top of your hip bone is free game as an injection location. You can do the front of your belly, the side, whatever.

The area were talking about is the upper back part of your arm. If you put a hand over your elbow and a hand over your shoulder, pretty much anyplace on the backside between your hands is a fine place to inject. In my research, I found that the front of the arm the bicep area, isnt really a good spot because there are more blood vessels in this area, something you want to avoid.

To do an injection on the back of the arm by yourself, youll need the aid of either the edge of a table, or your knee watch the video tutorial above to see demonstrate it so you can get a visual. You basically use the table edge or your knee to press down that part of your arm on and roll it forward a bit- this makes the flesh there a bit more taut, as if you were pinching it, so that you can stick your needle in properly.

To give yourself a visual on what area of your thigh you can inject into, if you put a hand over your knee, and a hand over your hip, and imagine a pants crease going down the center of your leg, the whole opening to the outside is suitable for an injection location. Again, if its hard to picture this in words, just watch the video tutorial! :)-

This is pretty self explanatory I think. Those little gobs of fat rolls we carry around on our sides.

Welllll.if you can reach them that is. Or if you have your own personal injection assistant that will be following you around each morning (enlisting the hubs comes to mind).

You might not actually get WAYYY back there, but I did make a bit of a reach on my final round and injected into the side/upper area of my buttocks. Its just another option.

If you are REALLY panicked about the injection, one suggestion is to put an ice cube on the area for a minute to cool the skin enough so thats kind of numbed.

My honest to goodness feedback is that when youre starting and you have plenty of fat, the injections really are painless. At most you might feel a slight prick as the needle breaks the skin, but when it slides in you feel nothing. But most of the time where there is plenty of fat, I truly felt nothing.

Case in point I delegated my first few days of injections to my husband because I was so needle shy. Since I had my head turned while he did it, it was literally so painless that I had no idea that he had already inserted the needle. So there ya go. After that I felt more confident and took over.

Based on what I read for those doing Insulin shots, its recommended that once you pick an area to inject in daily, be it your arm, your thigh, or you stomach, that you stick with this main general area.

The reason is they found that insulin absorbs into the body at a different rate in different locations of the body. Of course, I know hCG isnt the same as insulin, but Im applying the principle here and figuring that to get the most consistent aborption of hCG on a daily basis, sticking to one area (as long as you are actually getting the right no hunger effect from what youre doing) may be wise.

I had no issues with injecting into my belly fat for 4 full rounds. About halfway through my 5th and final round however, I start finding the injection in that location to be quite painful. My two theories on this (and it could be both) are that, one, perhaps I had some scar tissue there after several rounds of injections in that same location, and/or two, most of my fat from this area was now gone and what was left was just excess skin, and injecting into thick layers of skin doesnt feel as good as injecting into fat.

Additionally, I was finding myself hungry. Now typically, when experiencing hunger, this can indicate that you need a dosage change, which you can read about how to change your hCG dosage here, and if you are getting on the lean side and almost done with your weight loss journey, you actually need to eat more than 500 calories as well Robin Woodall mentions in her book Weight Loss Apocalypse that hCG has a harder time stimulating as much leptin in thinner people than more overweight people, making the diet more uncomfortable for thinner people.

BUT the 3rd possible factor for hunger is your injection location. After I switched from injecting into my stomach to my thighs and back of my arm, my hunger totally went away again, on the same dose. This makes sense since we talked in Tip #3 about how hCG may be absorbing at a different rate in different areas.

So its always possible that simply changing the location of your injection, to a place that has more fat still, can really help with this as it did for me. If you are

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