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7 At-Home Exercises You Need To Add In Your Journey From FAT-TO-FIT – Tech Geeked

Posted: January 12, 2021 at 12:55 pm

Besides having a healthy diet, regular exercise is a must to lose weight.

While most people today struggle to find the motivation to workout, when they do, the thought of going to a gym is enough to deter them.

Well, hitting the gym to use the equipment is not essential to aid you in your weight loss journey. You can perform easy exercises from the comfort of your home to go from fat to fit easily.

Do you wish to lose weight without going to the gym? Are you looking for exercises that you can do at home?

Dive right in to find some easy home exercises to start your weight loss journey.

Whether you have recently gained weight or just want to get fit by shedding the extra kilos, you must regularly exercise.

If you want to workout at home, here are seven exercises to help you get fit:

Strength training not only helps you build muscles but also slim down. If you have weights at home, you can try strength training to get fit. Most people dont know it, but building muscles is the key to weight loss. With weight training, your metabolism rate goes up, which helps you burn more calories and help with weight loss in the long run. If you want to build muscles quickly, you can also try Anavar cycles to aid the process.

If you arent someone who likes to indulge in hardcore exercises, yoga can be an ideal way to lose weight. Yoga is a form of exercise that impacts the entire body, including your mind, and helps restore balance. On average, you can burn around 150 calories by performing yoga poses and postures for 30 minutes. A study shows that women who were obese lost weight through yoga and reduced weight circumference by 1.5 inches.

You can start performing asanas or poses like plank pose, warrior pose, sun salutation, and bridge pose from the comfort of your home to get fit.

For those who love to dance, Zumba can help you enjoy your passion while also incorporating fitness into your daily routine. The dance moves incorporate vigorous exercises and high-intensity movements to hp sculpt your body. This dance form is all about loosing up your body and burning calories. It can also help relieve stress, increase strength, and boost energy. Before you know it, youll start feeling much fitter and lighter. All you need to do for Zumba is put on your dancing shoes, select good upbeat music, and start your journey of losing weight.

Pilates is a fun workout that is becoming a rage today, especially among women. The exercises engage your inner core, flexibility, and muscular strength. As a beginner, start with a 30 minutes pilates session, which will help you burn 108 calories. Once you get familiar with pilates, you can do a 45 minutes session. You can also enroll in an online class or look for videos to get guidance from an instructor and set up a mat in your home for your session.

If you want to get rid of the fat on your stomach, you need to target the muffin top. It is the core, including muscles that run around your back and stretch down to your butt, the front, and inner thighs.

To keep the love handles away, you can indulge in the following abs exercises:

Lie on your back and have your knees bent with hands behind the head. Lift your shoulders from the floor and simultaneously curl your legs towards the ribcage.

Start by kneeling on your exercise mat on all four and keep your hands directly placed under your shoulders. Stretch the legs back and then come into a plank position. Try to stay there for a minute, or more, if you can, and then drop on all four.

Sit on a mat with your knees bent and hands under the knees for support. Raise your legs until they come parallel to the floor, and you balance yourself on the sitting bones.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) encompasses intense exercises that you must perform in a brief period with an altered relaxation period.

Due to the increased intensity and reduced interval period, you burn nine times more calories than a normal workout. You can pick any exercise from cycling to running, jumping to weight lifting, and so on.

The easiest way to go from fat to fit is running. If you go running or jogging every day, it can help you target the fat accumulated around the abdomen. This fat not only lowers your self-confidence but is also the culprit behind many chronic ailments.

Running at a pace of 5mph can help you burn 298 calories within 30 minutes. If you increase the speed to 6mph, you can quickly burn 372 calories.

The path to health and wellbeing starts with an active lifestyle. Along with a balanced diet, you must create a regular exercise routine to reach the ideal weight goal. You can start one or more exercises given above and go from fat to fit.


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