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Alkaline Drinks and Diets: Does it Work? – Greatist

Posted: January 12, 2021 at 12:53 pm

Lots of folks rave about the alkaline diet. The idea is that alkaline foods are better for your health since human blood has a pH of about 7.4. But TBH, theres no solid evidence that proves this diet is legit. Still, there might be some benefits to alkaline drinks. Heres the DL.

Alkaline drinks 101

What is alkaline, anyway? The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral. A pH above 7 is alkaline, and anything below 7 is acidic.

What drinks are alkaline? Popular alkaline drinks include water, dairy, some juices, some teas, and almond milk.

What are the benefits? A 2013 study found that an alkaline diet might improve muscle health. Another study showed that it helped folks with chronic kidney disease feel better. But again, more research is needed.

Ready to start sipping? Heres a rundown of the best alkaline drinks.

Theres nothing like high quality H2O. Water is vital and keeps your brain, heart, and muscles on fleek. And hey its alkaline! (Well, most of the time.)

Tap water has a pH of 7.4, while bottled water ranges from 6.9 to 7.5. Fizzy water on the other hand ranges from 4.9 to 5.5 since it has carbonic acid in it.

Got milk ? Milk products are slightly acidic, but lean toward neutral. This includes goat milk, buttermilk, and yummy yogurt. Not only is the calcium good for your bones, milk might also help prevent dental erosion since its aneutrall drink.

PSA: A 2015 study found that raw milk doesnt have more nutrients than pasteurized milk but it DOES increase your risk of food poisoning.

Not down with dairy? Youre still in luck. Animal milk alternatives like almond milk and soy milk are in an alkaline or neutral range.

Lots of fruits and veggies have negative potential renal acid loads (PRAL, aka alkaline). Some good choices are:

A 2012 study found that eating more garden goodies can benefit bone health and stave strokes or hypertension.

In addition to being alkaline, fruits and veggies are nutrient superstars. Theyre loaded with lots of vital vitamins and minerals. A 2014 review found that eating about five servings a day can lower your risk of heart disease .

Most unsweetened teas are alkaline and have other perks too. Studies suggest green tea may reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Some teas may also boost your immune system and fight inflammation.

Heres where some of your fave drinks fall on the pH scale.

An alkaline diet might help curb acid reflux issues like indigestion and heartburn .

Heres some foods that may help fight the fire:

Even if you dont wanna go all-the-way alkaline, you can still cut back on foods that are known to trigger acid reflux. This includes:

Diet PSA

As a reminder, theres no solid proof that the alkaline diet can cure acid reflux. Plus, your body does a good job at maintaining a healthy pH on its own. But if your doc says its OK then it might be worth a shot!

In the mood for a boozy bevy? (Same). Alas, most alcoholic drinks are on the acidic side and thats if youre drinking it straight up. Add-ins and mixers (were looking at you, soda) can tip the scales even more.

This chart will help you pick your potion .

FYI: A drinks exact pH level can change based on brands and brew style.

Time to get toasty! Your best bet is a nice cup of hot tea. Boiled water is alkaline and so are most teas. Plus, tea has a slew of killer health benefits. A glass of warm milk can also do the trick.

Pro tip: Add some ginger to your tea. In addition to being alkaline, ginger can help soothe an upset tummy and stave off period cramps. Plus, it tastes great.

Brew something special

If youre in the mood for something unique, try this vegan green milk. (Dont worry, its tasty AF.)



The alkaline diet def isnt a cure-all. You still need to maintain a balanced diet to keep yourself healthy. But alkaline drinks might have some positive perks. Just be sure to chat with your doctor before switching up your diet.

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