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Dr Punam Krishan: Here are my tips on how to keep safe in the summer sun summer – Glasgow Times

Posted: June 30, 2020 at 4:47 pm

SUMMER holidays have begun and just as my son had started to moan about it not being fair that we could not go on holiday this year, mother nature responded by bringing us a heatwave. As lovely as it is though, we have to remember that we are still in the midst of a pandemic, that the virus has not gone away and that it is more important than ever to follow government advice regarding infection control but also how can you keep yourself safe in the sun?

Temperatures are set to soar even higher next week and chances are that you will want to get out and bask in the sunshine with your friends and family. Aside from the risks of contracting the virus, there are many other things you must watch out for because heat can make you feel unwell and in severe cases can even land you in hospital if not careful.

So this week I thought I would share with you some tips to help keep you and your family safe and well in the hot weather whilst also still being able to have some much needed fun!


On a normal day, when you are busy with life, it is very easy to forget to drink water. In hot weather, we actually need more water than usual. People tend to reach for soft drinks or alcohol, neither of which hydrate. Naturally we sweat more too so the body struggles to keep on top of its fluid levels, leaving you deplete.

In corona-times, tendency for good habits have also slipped for many and all these amount to feelings of sluggishness, feeling tired all the time but also can cause you to have a dull, frontal throbbing headache or bring on a migraine.

So, I advise to keep a litre bottle filled at all times and carry this with you, remembering to re-fill 2-3 times a day. You will feel better for it.


No matter what your background is, sun cream is vital for all from the babies to the elderly. This year we are seeing a higher than usual UV exposure which increases risks of skin conditions namely cancer. Keep yourself protected and lather it on. Wear sunglasses and sun hats to protect the face and head and keep out of the midday sun.


Heat negatively impacts sleep which in turn makes everything feel awful. Keep the curtains during the day closed to keep the sun out. If you have a fan, you could place big bowls of iced water in front of it to keep the room cool.

Blackout blinds are great because it gets very bright very early which can hinder the quality of sleep you are getting.

Another tip a patient once gave me was to put my bed sheet in the freezer. I tried it last week and it really did cool things down. Worth a try for a good nights sleep!


Keep food light. Heat makes us all feel fatigued. Heavy, hot, stodgy food also does this to us. Enjoy seasonal veg, salads and fruits and boost your energy levels and immune system by keeping the diet as colourful as possible, ie. eating the rainbow colours.

Being outdoors

Please stick to the government guidelines and keep your distance from others. I was out at Botanic gardens this week and I was nervous to see people not abiding by the rules.

It is in the interests of everybody that we be mindful so that we can continue to move out of lockdown safely.

Take out with you hand sanitizer, hand wipes and minimal belongings. The virus can transmit onto surfaces so it is best to remain cautious. Do not share food/drink with others and avoid using public toilets if possible.

Have fun!

We have all endured a brutal few months so it is only right that we do get out and enjoy the glorious weather. Kids are now off schools and I hope the nice weather remains for the duration of their summer holidays because they deserve a break. So have fun, stay sensible, save lives!

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Dr Punam Krishan: Here are my tips on how to keep safe in the summer sun summer - Glasgow Times

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