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Five weird weight-loss tricks that actually work – NewsBytes

Posted: January 15, 2020 at 1:49 am

13 Jan 2020

Tired of hearing the same old-school suggestions for losing weight? We feel you.

As more people are turning health-conscious nowadays, diet experts around the world are breaking the monotony and coming up with unusual and bizarre tricks to help us get slimmer.

Here is a collection of weight loss tips and tricks that might seem a bit weird, but they actually work.


Turns out, food photography is not another useless obsession of our generation.

Believe it or not, snapping your food can actually help you in shedding some extra kilos.

Well, if you are wondering how, here's the catch- by taking pictures of every meal you are going to consume, you might think twice before indulging or overeating, thereby keeping your intake in check.


Traditionally, less noise and soft lighting have been associated with better sleep quality, but a certain report by Today stated that reducing the noise and dimming lights can help in losing weight as well.

The trick behind it is to help diners focus mainly on their food. This will help you enjoy your meal better, and you may end up eating mindfully.


Yes, you read it right, sniffing can result in weight loss.

According to research, sniffing tends to make people feel less hungry, thereby making them eat less and eventually aiding in weight loss.

But how? Basically it's all mind game. By sniffing food items, you can trick your brain into thinking that you are actually eating them.

Interesting, right? Don't forget to try it.


This is quite a weird regime that some weight-conscious women in France follow.

They take a ribbon and tie it around their waist area, underneath their clothes, usually before going out for dinners/parties.

This helps them stay conscious of their food intake. The tightening ribbon acts as an indication that perhaps it is time to stop munching.


Russians tend to grow their own vegetables and fruits, which automatically makes their food consumption healthier than those who depend mainly on junk/fast food.

Not only do they grow their eatables, they also preserve them for keeping their food healthy for as long as possible.

Also, it is more pocket-friendly and way better than buying foods loaded with chemicals/fertilizers.

Stay healthy!

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Five weird weight-loss tricks that actually work - NewsBytes

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