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Here’s the Simple Protein Shake Chris Hemsworth Drank While Training for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ –

Posted: July 29, 2021 at 1:55 am

It's no secret that Chris Hemsworth's physique has been looking even mightier than usual lately, with the actor packing on an enormous amount of muscle to portray Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic, as well as reprising the role of Thor in the MCU sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. He's kept fans apprised of his transformation via regular gym updates on Instagram, flexing those superheroic biceps and showcasing some of the exhausting workouts that he's been using to stay in godly shape.

He has been doing so with the help of his friend and personal trainer Luke Zocchi, who creates Thor-approved workouts and diet plans on the actor's health and wellness app, Centr, and who programmed Hemsworth's Love and Thunder fitness and nutrition regime.

In a recent interview with HYPEBEAST, Zocchi dropped some details about the routine Hemsworth has been following while on setincluding eating up to 10 meals every single day to maintain those massive gains.

"Hes got a really good work ethic and pushes himself pretty hard," he said. "And with all those Thor roles, part of the work is also backing it up with the food. Hes eating so much that he gets sick of it. He eats every two hours because hes naturally a taller, skinnier guy, so for him to put on that muscle he needs a lot of calories... On this film Im not joking he was eating up to eight to 10 times a day. As soon as he went into hair and makeup on set at six oclock hed have his first meal, and then 460 calories every two hours."

God of Thunder or not, that amount of food borders on untenable, and so Zocchi has learned to switch things up, and devised a simple shake recipe that would help Hemsworth hit his macronutrient targets: "Every third meal hed just be so over food so Id bring him a protein shake with a double scoop of protein, banana, almond butter, two dates, and a bit of salt just to give him a break from eating," he said, before adding: "But then wed start again later."

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Here's the Simple Protein Shake Chris Hemsworth Drank While Training for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' -

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