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How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Posted: April 22, 2019 at 12:49 am

The cost of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will include injections, supplies and everything else that comes with a safe and legal program. At Greenberg Health, the price will depend upon exactly what the client needs. There is no one specific number for the cost of testosterone therapy, but we can give you a general idea to plan your bright and exciting future.

There are two kinds of medications that are mostly used by our clinic. They are:

The generic medications are just as good as the brand names, so we can quote that for the generic Watson brands of these injections, the cost can begin at approximately $60.00 per week. Testosterone therapy cost using Depo-Testosterone can start at approximately $49.00 per week.

Women and some men will be using a cream instead of injections for their testosterone delivery. How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost when using a cream? The cost for the cream is approximately $125.00.

When using the generic Watson medications, this is what a client will receive in their TRT kit:

This is everything that a TRT patient will need for therapy and a clinical advisor will help to explain what is in the kit and how to use the contents. All the answers that you are looking to find are just a toll free phone call away when you are a patient of Greenberg Health.

The above information should give people a general idea of how much does testosterone therapy cost. In order to get an accurate price for medications and therapy, call our clinic and start a conversation with one of our highly trained and compassionate clinical advisors.

Our experts understand how patients feel when they call with the symptoms of low T. They will do everything possible to make clients feel comfortable and educated with TRT. They will make the process as simple and as easy to understand as possible.

How much does testosterone therapy cost? Here are the elements of a TRT program that make up the price of what any patient would pay to positively change their life:

A List Of What Makes Up The Price Of Testosterone Therapy

In order for a TRT program to be legal, according to US government, everything listed above must be included in a testosterone replacement therapy protocol. This is to protect patients from harm and to make sure that these potent medications are used properly.

Problems will usually occur if a patient does not want to pay the testosterone replacement therapy cost. Often these people are under 30, or are professional athletes looking to get injections for physical and athletic enhancement.

Some men will seek out testosterone injections to improve their sexual lives or to lose fat and to gain muscle. These are benefits from TRT, but are not reasons that a person can get legal injections. In order to get legal testosterone shots, patients must be dealing with clinically proven low T.

When a man does not have low T, but still desires to get his hands on testosterone injections, this is when they will often be bought from overseas, from the black market online or from unauthorized sellers. This is never recommended, as it can result in very negative side effects that can become extremely dangerous.

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost when bought this way? Most likely a lot less than legal injections, but there is no guarantee that they will be real, authentic or safe. Plus, a man is looking at a great consequence physically and legally if they are caught using illegal testosterone injections.

Greenberg Health offers everything necessary for a safe TRT experience. Call us to learn all about legal testosterone replacement therapy at a fair cost.

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How Much Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost?

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