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How you can set realistic weight loss goals and stick to them in the new year – WHBF –

Posted: January 14, 2022 at 1:55 am

Local 4 this morning sat down with Allen Minch, who is a personal trainer and gym owner at Krave Fitness.

Since we are just about halfway through January, we discussed how people with fitness and weight loss New Years resolutions, how to best set goals and stick to them.

They need to make sure that the goal they are setting is achievable in the time frame they want to set to achieve it, Minch said. People often set unrealistic goals thinking they can potentially undo years of health and body abuse in a month unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Fat loss takes time. If you lose a pound of fat a week, you are doing a tremendous job, he said. People mistake un-bloating and water loss with true weight or fat loss. You can fluctuate a scale 10 pounds in a week and never lose a single pound of fat true fat loss takes time.Be realistic with your goal vs what parts of your current lifestyle you are willing to change to achieve that goal nothing comes free and easy.

There are many different aspects to fitness, and therefore, different goals to achieve weight loss and fitness, Minch said.

There is aerobic endurance, flexibility and balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance and of course body composition, he said. I often see people start into routines that do not match their stated goal. So as opposed to specific exercises, I think it is important to pick a program that correlates to your goal.

I will say that if you are beginning your fitness journey from a sedentary lifestyle, your new program can start with something as simple as a daily walk, as brisk a pace as possible, Minch said. Along with that, begin your day with basic stretching and light mobility work things we have all done in high schoolPE class.

It doesnt have to be the new age routine you saw on Instagram or YouTube, he said. Along with that, body weight squats, push-ups and good old crunches are a great start. Of course, Ill advocate for the diversity of choices and coaching available at a gym, but you can easily get started at home.And never forget that changing and controlling your diet will yield more initial results than any amount of work.

For more, check out our video interview above.

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How you can set realistic weight loss goals and stick to them in the new year - WHBF -

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