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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Diet, Urges Fans To Wear Masks – The Tech Education

Posted: July 4, 2020 at 6:41 am

Jennifer Anistons fans consider her a Greek goddess for looking the same since years and years, Although she 51-year-old. They believe she still looks 30. She has been leaving her fans in awe with her slim figure in glamorous outfits.

Then stated that she makes super healthy meal choices to stay healthy. The stars daily diet plays a huge role to shine her amazing personality. Jennifer, who is also known for her clean-living LA lifestyle, often likes to practice yoga and takes a healthy diet to stay looking so stunning.

Her morning meal is a little different from a bowl of cornflakes. The star had earlier revealed in an interview that she resorts to intermittent fasting. And this eats no food in the morning. She apparently noticed a big difference after going without food for 16 hours.

After waking up, she has warm lemon water followed by a shake or avocado and eggs. At times, she has a puffed millet cereal with a banana. For lunch, she often takes some form of vegetables or salad with protein which is basic. She also devours a nutrient-rich, well-balanced containing healthy carbs, proteins, bright veg and leafy greens.

Jennifer Aniston became single after her divorce from Justin Theroux. Hence, a lot of fans believe shes quarantining all alone. But, fans couldnt help but notice she got company. She was apparently caught smiling at someone mysterious while talking to her friend Lisa Kudrow. In an interview with herFriends co-star fans, allegedly, noticed her smiling at a mysterious individual. Apparently, this mystery person was in the same room but only away from the camera.

Also, talking about quarantining, Jennifer Aniston recently uploaded a photo of herself. She was wearing a mask and asking everyone to do the same. As the pandemic cases in the United States continuously grow, it seems important for everyone.

In a lengthy message, the star agreed that wearing masks were inconvenient and uncomfortable. But that everyone should wear one if they care about human life. She couldnt deny that many people refused to follow the precautionary steps to flatten the curve.

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Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Diet, Urges Fans To Wear Masks - The Tech Education

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