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Mrs Hinch’s 8st weight loss transformation and what made her happier about body – Daily Star

Posted: November 21, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Mrs Hinch shot to fame after sharing cleaning tips on Instagram.

But as the stars following has grown to 3.8 million fans, people have become more interested in her personal life.

This is probably why the influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, decided to release memoirs.

This Is Me delves into all sorts of questions from motherhood to the celebs relationship with husband Jamie.

Another question that crops up a lot is the housework wizs weight loss journey.

In her book, Mrs Hinch talks about the highs and lows of transforming her body.

Sophie, who has always battled with body confidence, used to weigh 17 stone when she was 21-years-old.

She revealed: My issues around my weight didnt really start until my late teens.

I left school and it started to creep up without me even noticing really, especially after I passed my driving test and could drive myself to McDonalds and KFC. Thats where all the trouble began!

When she was 19, Sophie joined Slimming World and managed to lose nine pounds in one week.

But when she gained a few pounds again, she felt too embarrassed to go back to the meetings.

It wasnt until Mrs Hinch suffered an embarrassing moment at a funfair that she decided to start dieting again.

She recalled: It happened at Peter Pans theme park at Southend and I was so big that I couldnt fit on the ride.

The safety bar wouldnt come down and I had to get down, feeling like the whole world was watching, pointing and laughing.

That was it. I knew I had to do whatever it took, however drastic.

Sophie did some research online and decided to get a gastric band.

The Instagram star took out a 6,000 loan from the bank and got the gastric band fitted.

For the next year, Sophie lived off smaller portions and meals like soup.

The weight loss surgery definitely helped her to shed pounds but it did lead to some complications down the line.

Two years after the op, Sophie was rushed to hospital after her band slipped.

She also faced further complications after excess skin removal surgery that led to a serious infection.

Thankfully, Mrs Hinch recovered from the infection.

In total, she lost around eight stone from the gastric band surgery.

But even then, Sophie doesnt feel completely comfortable in her skin.

In her book, the star reveals having baby Ronnie has helped her to be a bit more accepting of her body though.

She added: Pregnancy and childbirth have definitely made me think: I might not love my body but look at what my body just managed!

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Mrs Hinch's 8st weight loss transformation and what made her happier about body - Daily Star

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