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Quade Cooper’s Carnivore Diet Could Be Your Ticket To Becoming A Shredded Beast But At What Cost? – DMARGE

Posted: May 20, 2020 at 4:46 pm

Meat, salt, and water. A diet more associated with yellow-teethed pirates than athletes. But one that is allegedly putting modern men in the best shape they have ever been in. Behold, The Carnivore Diet.

While humans are widely regarded as omnivores, personalities like Joe Rogan have experimented with completely eliminating everything but meat to much (anecdotal) success.

On that note: since icons like Rogan and Canadian psychologist (and self-help guru) Jordan Peterson have spruiked the controversial regime, more and more people seem to be giving it a try.

Enter: another loyal meat-eating member, rugby union star and former Wallaby, Quade Cooper, who recently made headlines for speaking out about the benefits of radically changing what he puts on his plate.

Even though some nutritionists suggest The Carnivore Diet is micronutrient-suicide, athlete Quade Cooper has joined the extreme no-carbers, telling The Daily Telegraph that it has had a hugely positive effect.

Im no expert in this field, this is my science, its what works for me, Quade said.

Ive been on the carnivore diet for eight months, before that I wasnt a full vegan but I was trying to eat healthy like that, trying to stay low on my meat and eat more veggies, no dairy, he added.

Now Ive combined this diet with pre-hab, looking after my body before I get on the field, before I leave the house, that has been a game-changer.

While in the past regimes like the Keto diet were fringe, low carb dieting and its (arguably) illogical extension, The Carnivore Diet has reached the mainstream arena.

According to Healthline, The Carnivore Diet is claimed: to aid weight loss, mood issues, and blood sugar regulation, among other health issues. Judging by Quades physique, it also helps keep you shredded.

If you plan on following Quade Coopers strict daily menu, here it is:

Before you sink your teeth into a protein party, however, wed recommend you read the following breakdown of The Carnivore Diet, along with its pros and cons.

For some, the diet follows a strict guideline of beef, salt, and water, while others consume a variety of meats like chicken or lamb and may include fish as an alternative to the red meat recipe.

The Carnivore Diet completely excludes all other foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds.

While some suggest the diet to be a fibreless, scurvy inducing regime whose only benefit comes via placebo, others reckon its an energy-boosting weight loss program that can cure arthritis, anxiety, and autoimmune diseases.

Healthline states that The Carnivore Diet stems from the controversial belief that human ancestral populations ate mostly meat and fish and that high-carb diets are to blame for todays high rates of chronic disease.

Shawn Baker, the author of The Carnivore Diet and former American orthopedic doctor, cites testimonials from those undertaking the diet as proof that it has the capacity to treat mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and physical conditions like obesity and diabetes.

In terms of verified science in the form of peer-reviewed studies and the like Healthline claims no research backs The Carnivore Diets professed benefits. Quade Cooper might have something to say about that?

Until more people try it and more broad-scale studies are conducted into different body types, lifestyles, etc, it will remain an area of dispute.

Saturated fat and cholesterol levels will likely increase if you are a recipient of the diet (for the knock-on effects of that, click here). Along with a noticeable energy slump, you may be prone to explosive diarrhea (see: here).

If you do choose to join this regime, it is worth noting that the quality of your meat will drastically change the results that come from The Carnivore Diet. So the better your meat, the better the results.

However, the diet is extremely restrictive and likely unhealthy in the long term. Plus, no research backs its purported benefits, Healthline said.

This is pretty straight forward: meat. This includes but is not limited to beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. Seafood: anything from salmon to oysters to crab will do the trick. Other animal products like eggs, bone marrow, and bone broth also fit into the diet.

In small amounts, butter, and cheese also satisfies the criteria. And yes, you can have water.

There is no question that meat is a big part of many peoples lives. Whether we eat it or not, we see it everywhere we go. To be fair, we are pieces of meat. But why should you join The Carnivore Diet?

Many other high (and low) profile individuals report positive findings (once they got over the hellacious diarrhea). However, as Healthlinepoints out, youre still going out on a limb trying this diet as no long term wide-scale scientific studies have been conducted into it yet.

Nutrition is very much individual dependant though, so experimenting, with the help and guidance of a qualified nutrition, could potentially help you.

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Quade Cooper's Carnivore Diet Could Be Your Ticket To Becoming A Shredded Beast But At What Cost? - DMARGE

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