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The Body Reset Diet: Everything you need to know about this diet plan – NEWS HEADS

Posted: June 27, 2020 at 12:44 pm

New Delhi : With changing times we also need to change our lifestyle in order to help our body adjust to the environment. In today's time, we cannot ignore our health and fitness and our diet plays an important role when it comes to our health and fitness. Be it for the sake of fitness or weight loss, we all have a fixed diet and eating pattern that we follow. We are what we eat and everything we consume shows up on our body and this is why it is important that we watch our diet and eat healthy. Now, many of us are not very religious when it comes to fitness and workout but dieting can seem like the easy way out. While there is nothing wrong with dieting, it is also very important that we figure out the best diet that suits our body's needs and provides it with all the essential nutrients.

Most people follow different diet fads and one such trending diet plan is the body reset diet. It is being followed by numerous celebs and happens to be a 15-day eating pattern. This diet is believed to help one shed weight quickly and also boosts metabolism. Created by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer, this diet focuses on rapid weight loss. It is a smoothie based diet plan which has a lot of calorie restrictions and workout as well. The popular trainer also wrote a complete book on this diet and how to cook simple and healthy meals for this diet. It focuses on homemade smoothies, high-fiber snacks and simple meals along with some light exercise like walking or resistance training or weight training.

The body reset diet has 3 phase of 5 days each and every phase has a specific diet plan along with the recipes and the number of solid meals, smoothies, snacks and the workout to focus on. This diet contains nutrient-rich food items and can help accelerate weight loss but at the same time, it can also restrict calories a bit too much which can potentially lead to nutrient deficiencies and can also take a toll on your metabolism and slow it down. It can also reduce muscle mass and impact your health. It is important to understand that every diet has some downsides and ensure that you sit down with a nutritionist and set up a nutrient-rich diet plan which can provide for your body.

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The Body Reset Diet: Everything you need to know about this diet plan - NEWS HEADS

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