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The diet that got Conor McGregor in the best shape hes ever been in ahead of Dustin Poirier rematch – Pundit Arena

Posted: January 9, 2021 at 6:50 am

Conor McGregor looks in quite incredible shape ahead of his return to the Octagon later this month.

After competing at welterweight 12 months ago, Conor McGregor will drop back to what many consider his optimum weight of 155lbs for his upcoming rematch with Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257.

While his numerous trips to featherweight on his meteoric rise to the pinnacle of mixed martial arts left McGregor looking drawn out and gaunt on weigh-in day, The Notorious is looking fit and strong ahead of his bout in Abu Dhabi on January 23.

McGregor relied on esteemed nutritionist George Lockhart for many of his cuts to 145lbs in the past but Monasterevin native Tristin Kennedy took charge of McGregors nutrition plans ahead of the Dubliners clash with Donald Cerrone last year.

McGregors coaching team is of the belief that the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion is in the best shape hes ever been in ahead of his rematch with Poirier and Kennedy, who has a Masters degree in food, nutrition and health from University College Dublin, has explained how he prepared The Notorious for his next outing.

His diet consists of lean sources of protein: chicken, fish, salmon, beef, eggs, Kennedy told ESPN. Good complex carbohydrates. Good micro elements your herbs, basil, oregano. All these things are incorporated into the diet as a whole.

We have a great balanced diet. From multiple protein sources, multiple carbohydrate sources of wholesome foods. And thats the key. I hear people these days, theyre focused on one food or two or three foods. The key is to get nutrients from all foods. And thats what we incorporate and thats what we do.

Unlike many MMA fighters, McGregor is able to afford the most dedicated and specific nutrition advice for competition and he is availing of the perfect mix of appreciation for the requirement of energy for training and the anticipation of weight-cutting down to 155lbs.

Kennedy stopped short of revealing where McGregor is weight-wise, with just over two weeks to go until fight night, but he did confirm that McGregor has hit the targets hes been set ahead of the weight cut.

Kennedy continued: Its all about calories when youre trying to get down body composition. If you go too low on the calories, youre going to have fatigue. Youre going to have muscle degeneration. You dont want that. So its about the gradual step-down in calories and food. Then its about distributing the macros and having supplementation on point. And correlating all that nutrition to his training program.

When I follow the data of the training program, his schedule coming up, we can design a plan on the daily recipes catered to his liking and to his body composition. Its not just, Hey, heres a piece of chicken eat that.

We have full recipes catered to his liking and his body composition. We create a plan, we do a gradual descent in weight. On fight week, well have specific protocols.

Weve got benchmarks we want to hit along the way, which weve hit. And then on fight week, well be going into the more detailed manipulation of water and sodium and things of that nature to get him on the scales. And get him on the scales safely.

Kennedy also provided a sample meal plan that hes given McGregor, which looks like this:

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The diet that got Conor McGregor in the best shape hes ever been in ahead of Dustin Poirier rematch - Pundit Arena

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