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Type 2 diabetes: New trial rolled out by the NHS to reverse the condition – Express

Posted: September 11, 2020 at 7:57 pm

The NHS is trialling a new, radical weight loss plan for diabetics based on the successes Dr Michael Mosley's diet has achieved. Here's the proven way to reverse the condition.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, on Friday September 11, former labour politician Tom Watson revealed how he reversed his diabetes.

By following a specialised diet plan, Tom heralded DrMosley as a "lifesaver".

Tom managed to come off his diabetes medication and underwent rapid weight loss by consuming a calorie-restricted diet.

"There's a lot of people like me,' he explained. "Millions of people feel shame or embarrassment that they have the condition."

The first step, Tom recognised, was realising that he was "going to die" if he didn't change his ways.

With young children at home, Tom "finally committed" to reversing his diabetes.

Within a couple of months of following a Mediterranean-style and calorie-restricted diet, Tom noticed his health was improving.


Using the finger-prick test to determine his blood sugar levels, it revealed his was in the "normal range".

It's been a year since his weight loss journey began and he's lost an incredible eight stone.

"I watch that I put in myself," Tom attested. "So far, so good."

As Tom realised he could reverse his diabetes, he recognised it's an "important public health matter".

"Ten percent of the NHS budget goes on treating diabetes," he commented, admitting the money could be used elsewhere.

The current NHS weight loss plan - influenced by Dr Mosley's fast 800 diet plan will be a less intensive version.

Instead of the 800 calories limit enforced by Dr Mosley, the NHS will enable up to 1,000 calories to be consumed per day.

The year-long programme aims to reverse people's diabetes (i.e. put their diabetes into remission).

The key DrMosley added, while speaking on This Morning, was to keep the weight off.

Dr Mosley has successfully maintained his weight and blood sugar levels since 2012.

At the time, he too had diabetes, which he has managed to keep at bay by staying trim.

He believes that "rapid weight loss" is the most effective way to put diabetes into remission.

Citing the work of his wife, Dr Clare Mosley, her study alongside Oxford University recorded how losing more than a stone in eight weeks put people's blood sugar levels in the normal range.

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Type 2 diabetes: New trial rolled out by the NHS to reverse the condition - Express

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