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Weight loss, pain and anxiety – many side effects of the curfew order – DealMakerz

Posted: August 12, 2021 at 1:52 am

This study is a review of 17 studies from various countries outside the Nordic region, and deals with the effects of attendance restrictions introduced in geriatric care and health care during Govt-19 epidemics. This shows that these measures have had many negative consequences. Physical effects on patients / users include decreased nutritional intake, decreased daily activity, and increased postoperative pain.

Depression, aggression, and e.g.nsamhet. The concerns of the relatives were mentioned among others.

Its author is Karin Hugalius, who has reviewed 17 international studies from 2020 with Japanese researchers.

This is not entirely unexpected as there are many physical and psychological side effects, says Karin Hugalius, an ambulance nurse and researcher in crisis management and disaster medicine at Aurobro University, to Likardingen.

I was a little surprised, there were such obvious side effects. You can measure them in many studies such as nutritional intake.

The 17 studies reviewed came from the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. One of the U.S. studies conducted research in several countries, such as Spain and Saudi Arabia. Affected facilities include nursing homes, immunization, IVA, neonatal intensive care and other hospital units. Most studies were quantitative, but there were also quality, mixed, and case studies.

Only two studies focused specifically on Govt-19 patients and / or their relatives. Some studies were conducted under a comprehensive restraining order, while others were conducted under partial restrictions. Six studies consisted of one patient perspective, eight relative perspectives, and two caregiver perspectives.

One of the two studies on nursing staff focused specifically on the experiences of physicians in nursing homes, and the other focused on different staff groups. For employees, visiting barriers and restrictions means spending more time interacting with relatives.

You may find that Dutch studies require more staff. If there are no relatives, caregivers should contact them in other ways. Thats an important lesson: visitor controls take time away from other work, says Karin Hugalius.

It is also a study that looked at the results of ending life-long treatment. Then the relatives did not have a picture of themselves and saw how the family member felt. This created ethical conflicts for employees and made the health work much more difficult.

What should you bring with you when discussing prospective research and visitor controls?

One important thing to know is that attendance restrictions can cause many negative health effects and can take a lot of resources from health care. You have to weigh it very carefully, so its worth it, says Karin Hugalius.

Based on further research, we have a lot to see. For example what impact does it have on the spread of infection. In what way can we deal with the negative consequences? If we can run meetings safely, I think we should do it.

Read the full review: Hugalius K., et al. International Nursing Courses. 2021; 121: 104000

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Weight loss, pain and anxiety - many side effects of the curfew order - DealMakerz

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