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Weight loss: Woman reveals simple diet plan she used to drop whopping 7st 5lb – Express

Posted: January 14, 2020 at 4:51 am

A weight loss journey could be inspired by many different reasons, but after suffering most of her life with her weight and suffering from multiple sclerosis complications, one woman lost an incredible seven stone five pounds, and she credited her weight loss to a simple dieting plan - what was it?

Vicky Robson, 38, from Reading struggled with her weight all of her life and would regularly binge on snacks such as crisps, cake, cheese and biscuits before overhauling her diet and dropping the weight.

Reading local, Vicky knew that losing weight would help alleviate the pain she suffered daily with multiple sclerosis but didnt know where to seek help from until she discovered a particular diet plan.

Id struggled with my weight all my life, I weighed 12st at the age of 12 and my struggles continued well into adulthood, she revealed.

By this point Id tried a variety of diets, slimming clubs and meal replacement plans but without any support.

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It wasnt until 2015 that Vicky experienced a wake-up call, she said: In May 2015 I was feeling low, I was now a size 22 and my reality check came when I struggled to walk up a slight slope.

I have MS (multiple sclerosis) so the pain I was getting in my lower legs was a wake-up call, she revealed.

After trying multiple weight loss programmes, Vicky discovered the LighterLife diet plan which helped her to shed seven stone five pounds.

Being an all or nothing type of person a recipe-based weight-loss plan didnt work for me because sooner or later Id be grazing on the wrong things. Instead, I knew a meal replacement diet would keep me focused as its very straightforward to follow with strict guidelines, but this time I wanted weekly support alongside the reduced calories, thats why I chose LighterLife.


LighterLife is campaigning to help people live healthier and more fulfilled lives by boosting confidence, self-esteem and belief.

The LighterLife weight loss plans combine a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) with weekly counselling.

With LighterLife dieter get access to meal-replacement food packs - consisting of shakes, soups, mousses or bars - and no conventional food.

With weekly support from a LighterLife weight loss counsellor and a variety of weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness activities, Vicky was able to overhaul her lifestyle.

She said: Each week I joined a telephone conference call lead a LighterLife counsellor, it was great being able to access the support from my sofa.

Losing over 7st on the LighterLife Total Plan changed my life, she added.

Im so proud to say Ive managed my weight for over three years and I still apply the CBT techniques I learnt in group to keep me focused and on track.

So what did Vickys diet plan consist of to lose such a significant weight?

Before adopting the LighterLife diet plan, Vicky would binge on unhealthy foods which contributed to her weight gain.

Breakfast: Vicky would either skip breakfast or opt for a sugary cereal breakfast bar

Lunch: Vicky would opt for fatty tuna mayo sandwiches or baguette with crisps and full fat fizzy drinks

Dinner: Vicky would overeat on overly fatty foods such as chilli con carne with 50g rice topped with grated cheese and sour cream

Snacks: She would always reach out for crisps, cake, cheese and biscuits, peanut butter and jam sandwiches to satisfy her hunger

Breakfast: Vicky would opt for homemade yoghurt with granola

Lunch: Vicky will make homemade soup and eat it with one slice of brown bread or salad with low fat dressing and wafer thin ham

Dinner: Vicky would opt for healthier versions and measured portions of meals like chilli con carne with lean mince or sausage casserole with good quality sausages. Always a measured portion of carbohydrate, or sometimes cauliflower rice, and a portion of vegetables

Snacks: She would now opt for carrot sticks and a piece of fruit a day. She also tries to avoid snacking in the evenings but if she does decide to go for a snack in the evening she would opt for some greek yoghurt.

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