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Weight loss: Woman shares diet plan that helped her lose eight stone and reverse diabetes – Infosurhoy

Posted: March 26, 2020 at 4:42 am

WEIGHT LOSS isnt easy, but this woman lost eight stone in 13 months and reversed her type 2 diabetes. She followed this diet plan.

One diet plan helped this mother lose a huge amount of weight and reversed a life threatening condition. Toni Weeks, 51, followed the weight loss plan which is based on NHS guidelines and allows wine.

Toni feared she would lose a limb when she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes in January 2018.

The mother-of-three, from Leighton Buzzard, weighed more than 20st 7lb and was a size 22. However, now she has dropped to 10st 11lb and now wears size 12.

Just over a year after taking up the diet Tonis diabetes went into remission.

Toni followed a diet called Second Nature. Second Nature is a 12-week low carb programme. It was set up by Chris Edson and Mike Gibbs, both former NHS advisors, to tackle Britains obesity and type-2 diabetes epidemic.

The smart weight loss plan allows treats and alcohol, so how does it work? The diet aims to rewire eating habits of those looking to lose weight.

After following its healthy eating plan, which allows chocolate, cream, pancakes, curries and alcohol, Toni started to shed the pounds. In just 12 weeks, she dropped from a size 22 to a size 16.

Before adopting the diet, Toni ate an unhealthy diet.

She would eat a fast-food snack for breakfast, scoff a Subway for lunch, then dine on greasy food pizza, chips, burgers for dinner, and she would consume more than her husband.

Toni said: My portion sizes were big. I could eat a food mountain, masses of takeaways, Im a general foodie. I would snack in between meals and would eat anything I could see. It didnt even cross my mind that I wasnt eating properly.

Now, Toni will eat a bowl of porridge for breakfast, topped with fruit and seeds, shell have dinner leftovers for lunch, and has something homemade such as chilli or curry for dinner.

But the difference is the portion size -which will now fit on a tea plate.

The plan focuses on an easy, low-carb format, and has so far amassed 30,000 users and is also being trialled by the NHS.

Toni received a set of smart scales and an activity tracker that links with the app, allowing her to monitor her weight-loss progress and daily step count.

She was also sent a recipe book, a meal plan and daily motivational articles, and was added to an online peer support group hosted by a qualified dietitian offering daily advice.

Breakfast: Fast food snack

Lunch: Subway

Dinner: Takeaway

Breakfast: Porridge topped with fruit and seeds

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Homemade chilli or curry

Another weight loss diet success is this womans, after she lost nine stone in nine months.

Kerry ditched takeaway meals and focused on eating healthier foods.

In the first few months, Kerry managed to drop an impressive amount of weight.

She explained: Each week my counsellor helped me discover the reasons behind why I had been overeating, and how I could create a healthier relationship with both myself and food.

Find more information on Second Nature here.

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Weight loss: Woman shares diet plan that helped her lose eight stone and reverse diabetes - Infosurhoy

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