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Weird Thoughts Its Normal To Have After Major Weight Loss – MadameNoire

Posted: June 30, 2020 at 4:49 pm

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Losing a significant amount of weight will change your life. I dont mean just dropping a few vacation pounds or getting rid of some leftover baby weight. Im talking about leaving the category of medically obese to the category of fit. Or slender. Or having a rocking bod. That sort of weight loss actually affects the way you experience nearly every element of life from your friendships to your career to your sex life to your inner monologue. We like to think that the way we feel about ourselves isnt affected by the way that others treat us. But, that just cant be entirely true. It should be mostly true, if we do the personal work. But its only natural that the way other humans treat us has some impact on our own feelings about ourselves on our sense of identity. Hopefully most of us can bounce back from a rare bad experience, like having someone reject us or ignore us. When its rare, yes. But when someone is severely overweight, they can have those experiences so often that they influence how they feel about themselves. Can you blame them? So when you lose a lot of weight, people treat you differently, and suddenly, you start to think differently. Here are weird thoughts you may have after major weight loss that are surprisingly common.


What if it comes back for no reason?

Its a pretty normal fear: youll wake up one day, and the weight will just be back. You may even have nightmares in which this occurs. Any time we get anything weve wanted for a long time and care about deeply whether its a dream job, a dream partner, or your dream body its normal to have those fears that it will just go away one day. But it wont. You didnt achieve this in one day and you wont lose it in one, either.

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Weird Thoughts Its Normal To Have After Major Weight Loss - MadameNoire

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