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Dietitians spread the word on healthy diets

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

WALLINGFORD Since Maryann Meade started working as a registered dietitian in the late 1970s she has noticed that many people dont know how to put a meal together.

A lot of people say that they dont know what to eat, said Meade, a Wallingford resident. They dont know how to create a meal. I remind them that if theyre having a plate of pasta its the same thing as having a slice of bread. There has to be a vegetable or a fruit that goes with it.

To help raise awareness of nutrition and encourage people to eat balanced diets, Meade is planning a free question-and-answer session at the Wallingford Public Library. She and another dietitian, Colleen Thompson, who is a professor of nutritional science at the University of Connecticut, will host the informational event on Saturday, March 24, from 10 a.m. to noon.

This raises the issue to a conscious level, said Beth Devlin, community services librarian. If you have questions regarding your diet this is your opportunity to ask. I hope people take advantage of it.

Preparing for the session, Devlin has collected books on nutrition and healthy living to put together a display. In just a few days, Devlin noticed that more than half of the books had been checked out.

That tells me theres a huge interest in nutrition, so I expect a big turnout, she said.

The informational drop-in session is taking place during what the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has designated National Nutrition Month. The national nutrition campaign, started in 1973, was originally a week, but the academy extended the effort to raise further interest in nutrition.

It gives more time to bring awareness to people, Meade said. There are different things that are going on. The hospitals always have some type of program and there are programs that people will do in school systems. This is a must of making people aware. Sometimes these are the things that get people ready to make a change.

After years of working as a dietitian Meade noticed that much of the lack of knowledge about healthy meals is a result of families not cooking and eating meals together.

That happened as the demands on the family became greater as both parents had to work, Meade said. Nobody gets a formal education on nutrition. You usually learn what you can do from someone else.

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Dietitians spread the word on healthy diets

"Reformed vegetarians" speak out

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Whether or not a vegetarian diet is healthy is a toss up. Published March 10, 2012 at 5:18 a.m.

The term "vegetarian," in most cases, is a misnomer because the term means a "plant-based diet" and people who refrain from meat eating usually consume more than vegetables. And yet, many people embrace the word, so much so that for some, it becomes a part of their identity.

"Vegetarians" also serves as a catch-all phrase for people with very different diets. The strictest vegetarians are vegans those who do not eat any foods that come from an animal including meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs. A lacto-vegetarian includes dairy products in their diets; a pesco-vegetarian sometimes referred to as a "pescatarian" eats fish and dairy products; and finally, semi-vegetarians eat primarily a meat-free diet but will "cheat" a little and either occasionally eat meat or consume, for example, beans made with animal lard or vegetable soups made with chicken stock.

Like all diets, a vegetarian diet is only healthy if people follow the rules of a nutritionally-balanced diet which includes the nutrients that one might miss by giving up animal foods. A vegetarian diet can be unhealthy if the diet consists of lots of starches and if meat items are simply replaced with soy foods.

Mary Paul is a nutritional consultant and personal trainer currently living in Minneapolis. She says people should listen to their bodies, experiment with different diets and above all, don't commit to a diet based on philosophical beliefs alone.

"If a person finds the meat industry problematic, jumping into a vegetarian lifestyle is only the right choice if it feels right," she says. "Giving your body what it needs to function properly is the most important key to a satisfying life. Everything else needs to come second."

For some, the vegetarian diet just doesn't work and they fall into the category that's sometimes, lightheartedly, called "reformed vegetarians."

Katie Cross was a vegetarian for six years, but jokingly refers to herself as having been a "Boca-tarian." She says she ate Boca products (soy burgers, "chicken" patties and sausages) almost every day of her life because she didn't like most vegetables and wanted to avoid cheese, which is high in fat. However, when she started having severe stomach aches and bloating, she did some research and realized her high soy intake was not healthy, nor was she eating a balanced diet, so she started eating turkey and fish.

"I felt a lot better," she says. "Once again, moderation is the key. I really thought I was 'being healthy' by not eating meat."

Anne Maedke, a chiropractor, was a vegetarian for several years, but she says it simply did not feel like the right diet. She says having access to well-raised meat helped her make the decision to become a carnivore again.

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"Reformed vegetarians" speak out

Walmart Store Events Bring NASCAR Driver Appearances, Race Time Savings to Bristol Starting March 14

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

BRISTOL, Tenn., March 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As Bristol prepares for the upcoming Food City 500, select Walmart stores will offer authentic NASCAR merchandise and host exclusive fan events starting Wednesday, March 14. Customers are invited to attend these special events and enjoy racing show cars and simulators, along with special appearances by Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Eric McClure, as well as racing simulator machines perfect to safely get behind the wheel and feel the power of NASCAR.

"Walmart is the champion of the racing fan, and we are committed to providing customers with savings on authentic merchandise, as well as unique race time experiences," said John Tunnell, Walmart market manager. "We want to give fans affordability and accessibility, so they can enjoy race time with their families and friends."

Race Time at Walmart In addition to the fan events happening in Walmart parking lots, area Walmart stores will feature savings on all the food and snacks you need to enjoy the race, plus authentic NASCAR merchandise such as T-shirts and racing flags, with an even bigger selection of exclusive products available at

Participating stores in Bristol include:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Displays free and open to the public include Bush's Ultimate Tailgate Truck, 5-hour Energy Show Car, Coca-Cola 2-Seat Simulator, Oreo Ritz Show Car and the Keystone Light Show Truck at:

Store #3852 110 Rocky Bottom Drive Unicoi, TN 37692 10 a.m. 4 p.m.

Displays free and open to the public include the Wheaties Show Car, Cheez-It Simulator, Budweiser Show Car, #24 Pepsi MAX Show Car and #88 Diet Mountain Dew Show Car, Walmart's 50th Anniversary Show Car, Coors Light Show Car and Hefty's Show Car Simulator at:

Store #3829 2915 W. Market St. Johnson City, TN 37604 11:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Walmart Store Events Bring NASCAR Driver Appearances, Race Time Savings to Bristol Starting March 14

Self Magazine to Launch Facebook Diet Program and Social Game

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Women's health and fitness magazine Self is upping its investment in Facebook. The publication is launching a social game and diet program on the social network next week.

The "Self Workout in the Park Social Game" is an extension of the exercise-themed events Self throws in major cities every year. The "Drop 10 Diet Together" is one of many diet programs the magazine has developed in conjunction with health and fitness experts over the years.

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Facebook is where Self readers are already connecting with each other, says editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger.

"We created an app for Facebook, so you can create a micro-community where you and, let's say, five best friends who are going to be bridesmaids can drop weight," Danziger told Mashable. "By supporting each other you will lose more weight."

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The Drop 10 program will live on Facebook as an application. Customizable settings including team names, member invites and page privacy.

Individuals are encouraged to try the diet and exercise plans designed to help users drop 10 pounds in ideally five weeks. Friends and family can send out invites to anyone on Facebook to share eating plans, card calendar, exercises and logs to track calories and daily meals. The full plan of eating plans and workouts will be available on the magazine's main page.

Danziger, who has been Self's editor-in-chief for more than a decade, spoke of the importance of the web to the brand's future.

"The old way of 'create a magazine once a month, put it out there and then you move on' is no longer valid," she said. "Now you have a 24/7 relationship with your readers who give you feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest."

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Self Magazine to Launch Facebook Diet Program and Social Game

7 Diet Myths Exposed

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Most of the time, nutritionists and dietitians are full of brilliant ideas that help you eat healthier, stay slimmer, and live longer. But every once in a while, food gurus forget that the rest of us have limited time, funds, and willpower. That's when they spit out wonky bits of wisdom like "Ask your waiter to wrap half your entre before you start eating." Yeah, he'd be happy to--right after he sticks his thumb in your salade Nioise. We collected seven of the hardest-to-swallow expert suggestions and replaced them with equally healthy tips that a normal person can actually use. Because unless your name is Jessica Seinfeld, you're not going to spend every second fretting about what goes on your plate.

Peeing every 20 minutes seriously interferes with life. Believe it or not, the eight-glass quota isn't etched in stone. Yes, we need to be well-hydrated, but if your urine is clear or close to it, you're probably getting enough fluids. If your No. 1 is neon yellow, lighten things up by adding one or two glasses a day. Once your body adjusts to getting more fluid (and you don't have to run to the can every 10 minutes), add another, says Karen Benzinger, R.D., a dietary consultant in Chicago who specializes in health care. And don't forget that all liquids--including tea, juice, even the tonic in your vodka drink--help keep your body sufficiently saturated.

There's a big difference between 100 percent juice and a bottle of sugar water with a few cranberries squeezed into it. Yes, juice has a lot of the sweet stuff, but a six-ounce glass of 100 percent juice also counts as a full serving of fruit and delivers many of the same vitamins and antioxidants, making it worth the occasional sugar rush, says Jessica Ganzer, R.D., owner of Ganzer Wellness Consulting in Arlington, Virginia. And it can be the easiest way to get a superfood: Drinking 100 percent pomegranate juice is easy; picking apart a real pomegranate, not so much. As long as you drink 100 percent juice (from concentrate is fine) and limit yourself to one six-to-eight ounce glass a day, you're not breaking any rules of good nutrition. If you're seriously cutting back on calories or carbs, try Tropicana's Light 'n Healthy line; a serving has about half the sugar (10 grams) and calories (50) of normal juice.

After a long day at the office and a trip to the gym, you either eat dinner at 9:30 or starve. The no-food-right-before-bed rule was meant for the nighttime nosher who mindlessly wolfs down a bag of Oreos while watching CSI: Miami. If you get home long after dark, a late dinner is perfectly fine. A calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you eat it, according to Katie Clark, R.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of family health care nursing at the University of California, San Francisco. But do keep your evening meal light--along the lines of a chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. Too much chow will keep you up at night: To break down all that food, your gut has to churn like a cement truck.

The pros push this tip because people usually eat flavored instant oatmeal, which comes with up to a whopping 13 grams of sugar per 43-gram packet--compared with one gram or less of sweetness in the steel-cut stuff. And steel-cut oats are less processed than the rolled oats used in the just-add-water variety, so they take longer to digest (this keeps your blood sugar nice and steady, helping you avoid mood swings and hunger pangs). That said, instant oatmeal still uses whole grain oats (they're just mashed a bit more), so it comes with most of the same health benefits. One of these is the cholesterol-lowering, hunger-satisfying soluble fiber beta-glucan: It turns gummy when it hits your GI tract, binds with cholesterol, and drags it out. "I'd rather my clients eat one-minute oatmeal than no oatmeal at all," Ganzer says. If you find unsweetened oatmeal about as appetizing as paste, combine half a packet of the flavored kind with half a packet of plain. Or consider Quaker Oatmeal's Weight Control flavored instants, which pack even more fiber than steel-cut oats (six grams per packet) and keep sugar down to one gram.

Despite the dainty name, it tastes just like what it is: watered-down wine. There's no weight-loss magic in a spritzer, a cup of wine diluted with calorie-free carbonated water. It's just another portion-control trick that trims your total calorie intake, Clark says. If you balk at the idea of outdated cocktails or weak-tasting grape juice, slowly sipping a glass of water between rounds of pinot grigio accomplishes the same goal.

You know you have portion-control issues, but that doesn't mean you want everyone else at your table to know it too. A better way to cut back on restaurant binging is to pretend the breadbasket is sprinkled with cyanide and to double up on veggie sides instead of ordering fries. Also effective: putting your fork down between bites, which gives your stomach and brain time to register that you're full (which takes about 20 minutes). Once your gauge hits "F," ask the waiter to box up the rest of your food right away so you won't keep nibbling, Benzinger says.

That's like telling an addict to have just a little crack. Eating chocolate cake is like watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians: There's nothing right about it, so just revel in how deliciously wrong it is. A smarter strategy: Before you begin the debauchery, plan for the extra calories--skip the appetizer, the bread, or (ouch) the booze. "If the dessert is really that good, it's worth the sacrifice," Benzinger says.

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7 Diet Myths Exposed

Weight Loss Plans are Now Available at Health Hound Ltd.

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 10, 2012

Free weight loss plan ideas along with some of the best weight loss plan options are now available on a special section of that has been dedicated to weight loss plans. People who are interested in picking up a structured weight loss plan can check out the site now for more details.

Connor Welcher, one of the Directors on the site said that the weight loss plans that we have come up with on the site this time are very powerful. People on the site have been asking us to provide them with weight loss plans for some time that have proven to be very effective in the market and the new section that we have built on the site containing the best weight loss plan options available today is our answer to them. We hope that our readers utilize these plans to help them with their weight loss efforts and we hope to improve the health of our readers at the same time.

There are a number of people who visit on a daily basis who have taken a look at the new weight loss plans on the site and many of them have been leaving comments on the site this week about the plans. Most of the comments on the site are saying that the weight loss plans are very original and are bound to have a serious effect on anyones weight loss efforts. Many of the commentators are looking forward to seeing more plans like this in the future according to their comments.

In addition to the new weight loss plans on the site the management team at Health hound Ltd. have also come with a free report this week on quick and easy ways to lose weight.

The new report is available for free right now at

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Weight Loss Plans are Now Available at Health Hound Ltd.

Sector Snap: Weight loss firms rated 'Overweight'

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

NEW YORK (AP) Companies that provide weight-loss products and services are poised to capitalize on growing concerns over obesity, an analyst said Friday as he initiated coverage of Herbalife Ltd. and Weight Watchers International Inc.

Brian Wang of Barclays Capital said in a client note that about 70 percent of the U.S. population is overweight, while the rest of the world is at 25 percent and climbing. With so many people affected by obesity, weight-loss companies have growing potential markets.

Wang, who started both Herbalife and Weight Watchers with "Overweight" ratings, said that the companies' current stock prices don't reflect their full potential. The rating indicates Barclays expects the stocks to outperform.

Herbalife, a nutrition and weight loss company, has benefited from transitioning from selling bulk products infrequently to selling individual servings for a nominal fee on a daily basis, Wang said.

"This has expanded the number of people who can afford its products, increased distributor retention and engagement and driven very strong financial results for the past several years," the analyst wrote.

Wang added that Herbalife's more than 80 markets don't appear to be fully saturated yet, "so we believe it can achieve strong growth for many more years."

Herbalife's stock climbed $3.18, or almost 5 percent percent, to $70.06 in afternoon trading, approaching its 52-week high of $70.35.

Wang said Weight Watchers should be able to grow its business for at least the next several years through such initiatives as international expansion, building up its online business, advertising to men for the first time, developing new products and remodeling and relocating stores.

Shares of Weight Watchers, which is based in New York, added $1.73, or 2.2 percent to $79.42.

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Sector Snap: Weight loss firms rated 'Overweight'

Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss Announces Doctor-Managed, HCG Diet Forum To Help Success on HCG Diet

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Diet Doc HCG Diet announces new diet doctor managed forum for those on the diet HCG

Seatte, WA (PRWEB) March 10, 2012

Diet Doc is the only modern-day weight loss program in the USA providing medically, supervised weight loss to people nationwide. Diet Doc is a comprehensive, weight loss program which personalizes a diet specific to each persons health history, gender, age and lifestyle. This is how Diet Doc is able to shave 7 pounds per week (on average) reports Julie Wright, president of Diet Doc.

HCG dieters often resort to the Internet for answers to common diet questions. The problem is the Diet Doc HCG Diet protocol, or the individualized diet the weight loss doctors create for each person is not on the Internet. This is why the Diet Doc HCG Diet Forum and Blog is helpful for dieters.

Four years ago, a team of physicians offering the outdated, 1950 Dr. A.T.W. Simeon's HCG diet protocol discovered that muscle loss was occurring in people consuming 500 calories per day. They discovered this when people were analyzed with a body impedance analysis machine that only doctors can buy and use to as a test to analyze cellular health and muscle loss. It was this point, the diet doctors set out to modernize the original, prescription HCG diet.

The Diet Doctors found that it isn't necessary to consume so few calories (500/day). By adding weight loss products, such as weight loss shakes, weight loss oil (used to make salad dressing and cooking), they were able to increase calories substantially, but still realized 7 pounds of weight loss on average per person.

Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss is often asked for their expert commentary on celebrity weight loss. Refer to Star Magazine, Kim Kardashian published 3/5/2012.

Julie Wright Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss 888-934-4451 Email Information

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Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss Announces Doctor-Managed, HCG Diet Forum To Help Success on HCG Diet

Kerrie faded to 35kg

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

AT one point during her battle with coeliac disease, Wodonga woman Kerrie Winnetts weight plummeted to a mere 35kilograms.

For more than 25 years she had experienced excessive weight loss and tiredness that was wrongly diagnosed until 2001.

It has taken the past 10 years for her to reach a normal weight and learn to manage the debilitating illness.

I had no energy, I was flat out getting through a day, Mrs Winnett, 51, said.

I lost a lot of weight really quickly, people thought I was anorexic because I was so skinny.

Mrs Winnett was incorrectly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and another doctor told her it was all in her head.

My mother had passed away the year before from bowel cancer, we were nursing her, so that was stressful, she said.

I went to the doctor and he said it was in my head and virtually told me to go away.

But a new doctor suspected something more serious.

She thought it was bowel cancer so she sent me for blood tests but it came back with coeliac, Mrs Winnett said.

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Kerrie faded to 35kg

Chris Mannix: Lopez looks to avenge career-derailing loss to Salido

Posted: March 10, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Flashback: Lopez vs. Salido I Source: SI Relive the stunning first match between Juan Manuel Lopez and Orlando Salido and prepare for the rematch! Salido vs. Lopez II. Live from Puerto Rico on Saturday, March 3rd at 10PM ET on SHOWTIME.

Juan Manuel Lopez (left) looks to reclaim his featherweight title Saturday against lone conqueror Orlando Salido (right) in San Juan.

EPA/Jose Perez

The rise to superstar status can be bumpy, the cliffs steep. Last April, Juan Manuel Lopez was on the cusp of elite status. Fast, good looking with a powerful left hook, Lopez was a rare lighter-weight fighter with potential wide-ranging appeal. He was the unquestioned money man in the 126-pound division; his promoter, Bob Arum, envisioned him fighting fellow prospect Yuri Gamboa in front of a thick crowd at MetLife Stadium.

On his way up, however, Lopez tripped. Facing Mexican bruiser Orlando Salido, Lopez unexpectedly found himself in the middle of a war. He ate a perfectly placed right hand in the fifth round that put him down; in the eighth, with Salido winging punches at him in the corner, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

"It was a big shock to me," Lopez said in a telephone interview. "I really didn't think he could beat me. It shook me up."

Lopez says there were reasons he lost to Salido. At the time, Lopez was immersed in a messy divorce with his wife, Barbara, that fractured his focus. He says he was working with a different nutritionist and that he went into the ring feeling heavier, slower than he had felt in any of his previous fights.

Boxing's Pound-For-Pound Top 15 | Gallery

"Everything going into that fight was just wrong," Lopez said. "My mind, my body, everything. I wasn't mentally focused, I wasn't concentrating. And I felt very slow in there. I couldn't make the moves that I should have."

Lopez said he didn't dwell much on the loss ("My family really picked me up," he said), instead becoming determined to avenge it. Last October, Lopez returned to the ring and destroyed Mike Oliver in two rounds. On Saturday night Lopez (31-1) will get his rematch when he challenges Salido (37-11-2) for the WBO featherweight title in San Juan, Puerto Rico (10 p.m. ET, Showtime). It's a fight Lopez didn't necessarily need to get his career back on track, but one he badly wanted.

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Chris Mannix: Lopez looks to avenge career-derailing loss to Salido

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