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The Hidden Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting and How It Affects Your Body –

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Throughout 2021, Good Housekeeping will be exploring how we think about weight, the way we eat, and how we try to control or change our bodies in our quest to be happier and healthier. While GH also publishes weight loss content and endeavors to do so in a responsible, science-backed way, we think its important to present a broad perspective that allows for a fuller understanding of the complex thinking about health and body weight. Our goal here is not to tell you how to think, eat, or live nor is to to pass judgment on how you choose to nourish your body but rather to start a conversation about diet culture, its impact, and how we might challenge the messages we are given about what makes us attractive, successful and healthy.

When Carol Perlman was in fourth grade, she eagerly joined a school-sponsored group called the No-Thank-Yous. It was for kids who wanted to lose weight how sad is that? says the 48-year-old psychologist in Massachusetts, who looks back at the club she joined when she was nine as the starting point of four decades of on-and-off dieting. Ive hopped from one diet to another, including South Beach, Beach Body and Weight Watchers about a bazillion times, she says. Each time I lose about 10 pounds, but then as soon as I start eating normally, it comes right back. It takes an incredible amount of work to lose the weight, and it when I gain it back, its so discouraging it feels like Im moving backward.

Sound familiar? Perlman who falls well within what the Centers for Disease Control labels a normal BMI is just one of the estimated 55% of American women and 34% of men who lose weight and then gain it back over and over again, a phenomenon known as yo-yo dieting, or weight cycling.

That kind of up-and-down may seem so normal to so many of us that its not even worth discussing who hasnt dropped a few pounds before a class reunion or beach vacation, only to gain it back as soon as the event is history? But research is showing us that chronic weight cycling, especially if you start dieting as young as Perlman did, may be doing long-term damage to our bodies, not to mention our mental health.

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While losing weight by following a restrictive diet may not be difficult at first, keeping that weight off is often nearly impossible as your body reacts to what it suspects is a famine scenario by slowing down your metabolism and sending hunger signals to your brain.

This means the majority of dieters gain the weight back often adding on a few additional pounds in the process. This leads to a cycle of emotional highs and lows, first feeling great about yourself, then feeling like a failure, says Mary Pritchard, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Boise State University, who researches body image and dieting.

The very fact that youve lost weight in the past can make you feel more pressure to lose it the next time. We think, well, Ive done it before, why cant I do it again? even if that may not be realistic for your body, says Pritchard, who is currently studying this phenomenon in postpartum women, who can feel intense pressure to snap back after giving birth.

The more times a person weight-cycles, the greater their risk for depression

Pritchard also points out that social media has raised the stakes even higher, as we excitedly post photos of ourselves at our lowest weights and then have them there forever to remind us of how we failed when we regain the weight. Expecting yourself to have a 20-year-old body at age 45 is unrealistic for most people in addition to the changes in metabolism and the loss in muscle mass as we get older, hormonal shifts caused by pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause make weight loss more difficult, Pritchard points out.

Perlman agrees that the guilt comes from inside and out. When youve been at a certain body weight, its hard to give up the idea that you can still get back there, she says. Also, you see other people who are thin, and think, Why cant I be like them?

With this constant merry-go-round of emotions, it should come as no surprise that a large 2020 study in the journal PLOS One found that the more times a person has weight-cycled, the greater their risk for symptoms of depression, which held true for both men and women. The researchers theorize that internal weight stigma that inside voice shaming you each time you gain weight is the mediating force.

To be clear, weight cycling is not just an issue with adults who are trying to lose a significant amount of weight. According to the study in Nature, it is increasingly common with younger women even girls as young as five who are unhappy with the way they look (the study mentions the usual suspects of magazine images, Barbie dolls and trying to achieve a specific type of body to make a sports team as some of the motivating factors for girls to try to lose weight). Perlman recalls that when she first started dieting at nine, it was because she felt the clothes that were popular at that time were not flattering on her body.

Not only is it incredibly disheartening to think about grade-school girls trying to count calories and carbs, but the younger you are when you hop on the dieting merry-go-round, the more opportunities you have over the years to go up and down, back and forth, losing a few pounds here, then gaining a few back. And each time that happens, there is more physical and mental strain on your body.

Every time you gain weight back after a weight loss, there are subtle changes going on in your body and many researchers believe that the over time, all those changes can add up to some serious health risks. These include:

HEART DISEASE: In a 2019 study done in conjunction with the American Heart Association (AHA), researchers found that a history of weight cycling was associated with lower score on the AHAs Life Simple 7, which measures the risk of cardiovascular disease through seven categories, including BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, smoking, physical activity and diet. Though its possible there are outside factors such as genetics that influence both the urge to diet for weight loss and the risk of heart disease, researcher Brooke Aggarwal, Ed.D, assistant professor of medical sciences at Columbia University Medical Center, points out that there was still a very clear connection: Not only was weight cycling associated with a poor cardiovascular health, but we found a dose response, too: Each additional episode of weight cycling was associated with a further reduction on the overall Simple 7 score, she says.

DIABETES: A 2018 Korean study that looked at nearly 5,000 non-diabetic subjects found that after four years, those who had the highest levels of weight cycling were at significantly increased risk of developing diabetes. And a large review published last year confirms that for people who are average weight, weight cycling appears to increase the risk of developing diabetes. That said, the science is less clear when it comes to those who are considered clinically obese: A long-term Korean study found that people with obesity who experienced more weight cycling were actually less likely to develop diabetes than other study participants, which could indicate that, at least in terms of diabetes, the benefits of losing weight even if it is inevitably gained back might outweigh the risks of yo-yo dieting.

But some health experts say its not so simple. The relationship of yo-yo dieting to diabetes is complicated and varies over time, says Paul Ernsberger, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, who explains that the decreases in blood sugar during weight loss are eventually regained, along with an increase in liver fat, which can make diabetes worse. Because diabetes type 2 is a lifelong condition, the long term is what counts. The outlook for repeat dieters is not favorable even if short term results appear to be good, he says.

MUSCULOSKELETAL DECLINE: The more times you cycle through diets, the weaker you may become as you get older. A 2019 study found that people who are "severe weight cyclers" are six times more likely to suffer from low muscle mass, and five times more likely to develop sarcopenia, a musculoskeletal disorder that makes you frailer and more likely to suffer from falls and fractures as you age.

GALLSTONES: Carrying a lot of body weight is one of the risk factors for developing gallstones (masses of cholesterol, bile and calcium salts that build up in the gall bladder, causing severe pain). But according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, losing and gaining weight can also increase the risk: Large swings of body weight, especially the phase of weight recovery, are particularly sensitive to the accumulation of body fat and to the development of metabolic abnormalities, including insulin resistance, and thereby may facilitate gallstone formation, the report states.

There is still a lot of research being done to parse out exactly what happens every time you lose and then regain weight. But what we do know is this: After weight loss, your resting metabolism decreases, meaning that your body burns off fewer calories just going about your daily business of breathing, sleeping and digesting. And those changes tend to remain even after youve gained back the weight.

Then theres the repeated overshoot theory: Imagine you drop a rubber ball. When it bounces back up, it actually goes higher than where it started out. Now, think of that ball as representing risk factors such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels when you regain the weight you lost, all those numbers bounce back higher than where they were at the start, at least temporarily, Aggarwal explains. Over time, the continuous fluctuation stresses the cardiovascular system, and you wind up in a slightly worse position than you were at baseline, she says.

The third main factor is the increase in visceral fat: When you regain weight after a diet, the weight tends to come back not as muscle, but as fat and much of that is visceral fat that encases your internal organs, Aggarwal explains. This type of fat is strongly associated with cardiovascular risk compared with other areas of the body where you may gain weight, such as the legs, she says.

There's a revolutionary idea being espoused by anti-diet culture proponents, body positivity activists, and Health at Every Size advocates in a growing anti-diet movement: If you have to restrict your diet and bust your butt to lose that 10 pounds, only to see them slide back on as soon as you eat normally again, then perhaps its a sign that your body doesnt want to be that weight.

Eating food that makes you feel nourished and that you enjoy without counting the number of calories or carbs may be the key to remaining at a steady weight, neither up nor down, stabilizing both your emotions and your health. When people shift behaviors around food and eating and movement and stress management and sleep, even when their weight stays exactly the same, we see a decrease in the disease risk and an improvement in health, says Alissa Rumsey, R.D., a certified intuitive eating counselor and author of Unapologetic Eating. Intuitive eating is about taking care of your body rather than trying to punish or control it.

Eating food that makes you feel nourished may be the key to remaining at a steady weight

A lot of people think theres an all or nothing way of eating, adds Rumsey. It can really hold them back in life I know of so many people who wont do things because of their bodies, theyll say When I lose the weight, then I'll start dating or go on vacation or get my master's degree! Imagine if you decided to go ahead and just do those things, no matter what the numbers on the scale said.

After 40 years of dieting, Perlman says she still puts a lot of thought into her food choices, and thinks she always will, but shes focusing these days on eating for energy and health, rather than weight loss. I know now that you can be attractive, stylish and beautiful at any size, she says. I wish someone had told me that when I was younger. If I could go back, I would tell myself to learn what my strengths were and what made me wonderful and focus on that rather than the things I couldnt change.

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The Hidden Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting and How It Affects Your Body -

Easy Indian Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss: Too Scared To Start Dieting? Try This Meal Plan – NDTV Food

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Dieting is not easy, it could get very overwhelming if you try to pack in a lot in a day. This is why many people develop cold feet just before taking the plunge. Even nutritionists often say that it is not a wise idea to try something completely alien and absurd. You could try with gradual changes and incorporate all things seasonal and local in your diet. This way, you do not shock your body and are also able to lose weight in a much more effective and sustainable manner. Indians are no stranger to vegetarian food. The country houses millions of vegetarians, vegans and plant-based diet followers. While it is tough to yield protein from the limited sources available, it is, of course, not impossible. In fact, many of these vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses bring a gamut of nutrients to the board.

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Clinical nutritionist Rupali Datta says, "vegetarian food is extremely nutritious,number of studies have proved that all the things that help protect us against disease, be it antioxidants, fibre, minerals and vitamins are available to us through plant-based foods. Even the proteins we get from plant-based foods are very low in saturated fats. These diets are protective against heart diseases, diabetes and also various types of cancers."

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So, if you are a vegetarian or are trying to cut back on meat and eggs, here's an easy meal plan you can try to manage your weight. It must be understood that all bodies have separate requirements depending upon their weight, height and underlying conditions. This meal plan should be used as a reference only, and expert advice should be sought before any major alterations to the diet.

Easy Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss

BreakfastYou can have a simple moong dal chilawith dahi, or a whole-grain veg sandwich made with veggies. Instead of jams and spreads loaded with preservatives, you can use chutneys.

Moong dal chila is a crepe-like dish made with moong dal

Morning SnackAround 11 a.m-12 p.m when you are slightly hungry, you can tuck into some fresh fruits or nuts.

LunchRemember to take your roti, dal, sabzi, dahi in moderation. Choose whole grains, whole dals over split dals, and a good amount of vegetables. "It is a good idea to fill one-fourth of your plate with grains, one fourth with dal protein, half with vegetables, dahi or milk on the side, finish it off with a fruit", says Rupali Datta.

Dal fry is one of North India's favourite veg preparations (Photo Credit: Istock)

Evening SnackSome roasted makhanas or a delicious fruit chaat could curb those untimely cravings.

DinnerYou can keep the dinner comparatively light. Home-made khichdi is an option, you can add a whole lot of veggies to your khichdi and even replace rice with something rich in fibre like bajra, Here is a bajra khichdi, you may like.

Here are some of our best vegetarian recipes. Try it soon and let us know how you liked them.

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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Easy Indian Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss: Too Scared To Start Dieting? Try This Meal Plan - NDTV Food

Health Benefits of Legumes – The Healthiest Beans for Your Diet –

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

"Beans, beans, the magical fruit "

Yeah, yeah, yeahweve all heard this little ditty (which has certainly stood the test of time since my kids now sing it themselves).

As a registered dietitian I know that beans deserve more respectand should notbe relegated as the butt of jokes.

Yes, beans give you gasbut they do so much more for you health-wise.

And, while we're rectifying the reputation of beans, let's get something else straight: The overall category of beans is actually called "pulses." Though the words pulses and beans are used interchangeably, they do have distinct meaning.

Men's Health

A pulse is the edible seed from a legume plant, including beans, lentils, and peas. They're a good source of plant-based protein, fiber, and essential nutrients.

People who regularly pulses in their diet can lower blood cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and help promote a healthy body weight.

And they're cheap!

Truth be told pulses just very well might be the most important food for your health, longevity, and wallet. Yet in some circles, theyve been poo pooed as having something called lectins, which are anti-nutrients said to block the absorption of certain minerals and cause GI discomfort.

The truth is, these naysayers are using nothing more than fear and scare tactics to promote their way of eating. Are there some people who have a tough time digesting beans? Sure. Are there many, many more whose health would benefit greatly from adding pulses to your diet? One hundred percent.

Why are they so magical? Where do I begin?

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To start, the USDA counts pulses as a subgroup of the vegetable group and as part of the protein foods group, as well, so they deliver two times the nutritional punch.

"Beans have a high nutrition content, as they provide antioxidants, fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc," says Patricia Bannan, M.S., R.D.N.

And then there's the fiber.

Men's Health

One study published in The Lancet found that for every 8 grams of fiber eaten daily, total deaths and incidence of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer decreased by five to 27 percent.

To put that into real food perspective, cup of most pulses offers at least 8 grams of fiber. In other words, a simple scoop of black beans, lentils or chickpeas to your salad or tacos, for example, might just save your life.

Research has shown people in Blue Zonesareas of the world where people live long, healthy liveseat pulses daily.

Its surely not the only secret, but one that cant be discounted.

The truth is, beans are the one food you should be eating more of for a variety of other reasons as well, in addition to their fiber and nutrient power, with sustainability for your body and the planet atop that list.

Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman

"Pulses are considered sustainable, eco-friendly crops because they have a low carbon footprint and support soil health, and use less water than animal protein," Bannan says.

In other words, by adding pulses to your diet, or swapping pulses with a portion of less-sustainable ingredients, you are supporting a healthy and diverse farm and food system.

You don't have to give up animal protein completely, unless you want to.

Daniel Grill/Tetra Images

Instead, you could take a beautiful filet of salmon and complement it with a side of lentils or other beans. Or maybe your steak salad could also include a cup of beans or a scoop of hummus, which is made from chickpeas, in addition to a variety of colorful veggies.

Even consider taking a seafood-and-vegetable pasta dish and add cannellini beans (a favorite in our house).

While Im certainly a fan of a simple cup of beans added to a salad, tacos, or even pasta, cookbook author and registered dietitian, Michelle Dudash, suggested this simple idea to for an easy to make, delish Slow Cooker White Bean Stew with Tomatoes and Swiss Chard from her upcoming book out in June, The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook.

In a slow cooker, combine 1 can drained cannellini beans, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 bunch chopped Swiss card, 2 cups vegetable broth, and 1/2 diced onion. Sprinkle in your favorite seasonings, like Italian seasoning, garlic, liquid amino acids, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Cover and cook on low for 2 to 3 hours.

A generous and hearty 1 1/2 cup serving of this vegan stew is only 182 calories, yet provides 9 g fiber, 11 g protein, and just a gram of fat. This nutritional profile leaves you with some room to drizzle on some rich-tasting, extra-virgin olive oil for added satisfaction, or pair with a glass of wine or kombucha, or square of dark chocolate.

Or more beans?

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Health Benefits of Legumes - The Healthiest Beans for Your Diet -

This Diet and Exercise Combo Is the Key to Long-Term Weight Loss, New Study Says | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Worldwide, the prevalence of obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. Today, there are 650 million people who qualify as obese, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Obesity can lead to serious health conditions, like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and treating obesitythat is, losing weight and keeping it offis not easy.

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine endeavored to find the most effective way to maintain healthy weight loss. In a randomized clinical trial, the researchers looked at 215 participants with obesity and found that the most effective way to lose and maintain weight may be to initially control one's diet and then combine moderate-to-vigorous exercise with appetite-reducing obesity medication.

The medication in question, an appetite-suppressing hormone called liraglutide, is prescribed in the U.S. under names like Saxenda and Trulicity. Liraglutide is an analog to a natural appetite-inhibiting hormone GLP-1, which is secreted by the intestines when we eat.

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"Common side effects [of liraglutide] include nausea," Professor Signe Srensen Torekov, the lead researcher on the new study, tells Eat This, Not That! However, starting with a low dosage and increasing dosage slowly should help, she says.

Study participants were divided into four groups: two received placebo medication, and two received liraglutide. One of the groups receiving medication either performed vigorous exercise for 75 minutes a week or moderate activity for 150 minutes a week (or some combination of the two), while the other group did not have an exercise program. The same was true for the two placebo groups.

After a year, while participants in the placebo group with no exercise gained half their weight back, the participants who had exercise alone and medication alone both managed to maintain their weight loss. However, researchers found that the combination of exercise and liraglutide witnessed the most dramatic improvements. These participants lost more fat mass while retaining muscle mass. They also reported higher fitness ratings, reduced blood sugar levels, and improved quality of life.

While these results are promising, liraglutide is a prescription medication, and therefore not available to everyone. In fact, some registered dietitians, like Dr. Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, CDN may even advise against such appetite suppressants.

"I do not recommend appetite suppressants as your body gets used to them and you do not learn healthy behaviors," she says.

As the study shows, even without liraglutide, participants who followed a moderate-to-vigorous exercise regimen were able to maintain their weight loss even without the appetite suppressant. Focusing on diet, as all the participants did during the first part of the study, is crucial.

"I recommend behavior modification, portion control, creating healthy habits, and choosing healthy foods which are not too calorie-dense. And of course, exercise is key too," explains Young. "It's important to create a lifestyle program you can sustain."

For exercise tips, be sure to check out3 Workouts Proven to Change Your Body Shape, Says Exercise Expert.

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This Diet and Exercise Combo Is the Key to Long-Term Weight Loss, New Study Says | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

Bim Adewunmi Runs on Tea and Biscuits – Grub Street

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Illustration: Ryan Inzana

Since moving to the U.S. from London in 2016, This American Life producer Bim Adewunmi has been dismayed to find certain aspects of American culinary culture lacking. This is probably sacrilegious to an American magazine I dont want to make enemies! but I think the sweets are better in the U.K., she says. The radio producer and playwright (her debut, Hoard, premiered in London in 2019) has a bunch of new projects in the works, most of which shed rather not discuss yet. This week, she investigates the comparative oat lattes of Bed-Stuy, considers whether she can justify the price of an airport Kind bar, and tries to make do with Welchs fruit snacks.

Thursday, May 13I just moved back to Bed-Stuy after four years in Crown Heights. It came down to the pandemic. Suddenly you discovered the habits of your neighbors that you wouldnt normally knowbecause you were at work, but then work became home and home became work, and my downstairs neighbor, it turned out, loved nothing more than playing incredibly loud gospel music and also frying fish. The fish smell would waft up and the ground would be vibrating from the music he was playing downstairs the combination was heady. After a year of that, I was like, You know what, I work in audio! It doesnt make sense to be living in what is essentially a rave, cheap as it is. And it was a steal. But I couldnt keep doing it. It had been four years of really cheap rent maybe that was my gift. It was time to go elsewhere.

I never knew how long I was going to be living here, but one of my goals, before I leave the city, was to live in a brownstone, and now I am. Its a lovely apartment and its quiet and I love that.

Around 9:30, I walked down to Nagles Bagels on Tompkins, and ordered the Veggie Nagle: eggs, baby arugula, feta, and chili jam on a salt bagel and then punched in my reward card. Their bagels are good, theyre filling, theyre all that stuff, but I was really coming for the chili jam. The chili jam is fantastic. Im very slowly eating my way across Bed-Stuy, so that I get my bagel here, but Ill get the coffee elsewhere this is part of me trying to re-acclimatize to the neighborhood so I crossed the street to Brooklyn Kettle and got an oat latte. One Dance by Drake is playing in the store, and I am instantly taken back to the summer of 2016. That was my first summer in New York. Id come to report the election for BuzzFeed. I remember just dancing a lot to Drake that summer. I look back at it like, Oh God, were we ever so young? Because I am always charmed by the squat shape of the bottles, I also get a bottle of Martinellis apple juice.

The sandwich filled me all the way up, even though I ended up discarding about a quarter of the bagel. Im fresh out of Ramadan, and it still feels like my stomach has shrunk in the last four weeks. It takes a while to re-adjust to three square meals. Im not the most observant Muslim in the world, but one of the things I really, really, really love to do is Ramadan. There is something that I find very soothing and unifying to know that across the world, during this one particular period of the year, all Muslims of a certain age and disposition are doing exactly the same thing.

Then I get to work. I was flying to Minneapolis for a story the next day, so it was a lot of logistics. All through the day, I drank from a bottle of Polar seltzer, a habit I picked up when I moved to the U.S. I am a huge fan of Polar like, huge because I mean, its everywhere, and they have a fantastic range. Every summer they have limited-edition flavors, which Im very into. Todays flavor is blueberry lemon.

Lunch is a not really affair: I have a slice of toast from a semi-disastrous attempt at a Nigella sandwich loaf I dont know how I messed it up! toasted and buttered, plus a heavy-handed serving of Bonne Maman raspberry jam. Back in the early days of the pandemic, I attempted sourdough starter like every other Brooklyn media person, but the starters would just not take, and many frustrations later, I moved on to making regular bread. Mostly, I use the no-knead recipe from The Kitchn, and now, every couple of weeks, I think, oh, yeah, I need some bread, and I bake it. This loaf, though, landed on my counter like a brick. I thought, this is a weapon. But is it edible? Yes, it is edible. I dont believe in throwing food out, not usually, so I was like, You know what? Godspeed. Were just gonna go with this. I also crunched a couple of handfuls of Trader Joes maple pecan granola while Im waiting for the toast, and I made a cup of Yorkshire tea to go with. And water! The week after Ramadan is always spent telling yourself to drink more now that its allowed again.

For dinner, I debated cooking the chicken thighs I had in the fridge, but laziness won out and I ordered from Skips, as influenced by my friend Erin Evans, whod posted about it on Instagram a few months ago. I ordered some shrimp and fries, plus fried okra. I love okra. All forms of it. A lot.

Unfortunately, I was delivered somebody elses dinner rice and peas and chicken and mac and cheese of unknown provenance. I felt bad for throwing the meal out but I didnt know where it came from! I was profoundly disappointed and starving. It felt like a message from the universe, but in my mums voice: You have to cook the food you buy! So I did a slightly modified version of Melissa Clarks famous lemony garlicky chicken, with bone-in, skin-on thighs. Its perhaps the most perfect chicken recipe in the world.I just re-seasoned my Lodge cast-iron skillet so that was a nice test to see if it had worked. It worked! I ended the day just after 2 a.m. with a cup of tea. Yorkshire, with a splash of Lactaid 2 percent.

Friday, May 14I was up again at 3:20 a.m. The day before travel or a big interview or whatever, I tend not to sleep anyway, especially if theres travel involved. I get very stressed out about missing a plane or a train. I have a tweet that I return to a lot, which is, My personal kink is arriving at the airport two hours early. I love that shit. I refuse to be stressed out at an airport.

I smashed some avocado with Everything But the Bagel seasoning, chili flakes, onion salt, pepper and the juice from the half-lemon I didnt use in my chicken dinner, and spooned it onto two slices of lightly buttered toast. On one, I also put a little dab of the Fly by Jing Sichuan chili crisp. I ate one slice of the avocado toast as I walked down the stairs to the Uber and ate the other one outside Terminal 4 at JFK. Its my first flight anywhere since January 2020. I know for a fact theres no way I would have done it if I didnt have the Moderna coursing through my body. At the airport, I contemplated getting a coconut and almond Kind bar but $3.69. So thats a no on principle.

In the air, we were served almonds and Biscoff from the cart I ate the almonds and saved the biscuits for later, in case I got peckish. Once we landed in Minneapolis, my co-producer at TAL Aviva DeKornfeld and I walked to Hen House Eatery on the recommendation of our hotel desk staff and ordered the Two Eggs and Hen Potatoes with multigrain toast and chicken sausage and just kept asking for coffee refills. Then we had a full day of reporting.

All my reporting for the last year has been done on the phone or via email, so this was the first time I was like, out in the world, and by the end, I was knackered. I dont know how I used to commute and go places and then sometimes go out after work! It is exhausting to be alive and moving.

We got dinner at Tavola, the restaurant in the hotel. We each had the Brussels cacio e pepe, and the fettuccine with burrata, artichoke, tomato, and pesto, and I got a Parts Unknown cocktail, which is Aperol, Cynar amaro, and Galliano lautentico. It tasted a bit like grown up cough syrup. I ate dinner in my room, mostly prone, in a hotel robe, and got fettuccine on the sheets.

Saturday, April 15I almost missed my flight back to New York. I was so stressed out. The Ubers were so slow in Minnesota! I realize that Im a coastal elite idiot I know this. And then when we got to the airport, the handle on my suitcase broke, so I had to carry it like a baby. I was running through the airport, texting Aviva frantically shed already boarded, no problems and when I got to the gate, the gate agent was like, Oh, youre the co-worker, shes told us all about you! At this point, theres sweat dripping down my temple. My entire hoodie is wet at the back. But I made it. I finally got to my seat and proceeded to sweat gently for the next few hours.

Aviva got me a bag of Supernola banana nut crunch because shed gotten to the gate first, so I ate that very slowly while watching The Assistant (which is quiet and excellent) and also the first 30 minutes of Promising Young Woman, which I could tell was gonna veer left in a way I would not like. I read the Wiki summary as I got off the plane I was right.

I got home around three, and made a cup of tea with Chobani oat milk. I have tried them ALL, and Chobani oat might be the best milk on the market. Its the mouthfeel. Mouthfeel is a terrible word, but its just the facts: It feels good in your mouth. It tastes good. There are terrible out milks out there one in particular. I dont want to slander the wrong people, but its in an orange box. It is trash, I cant stress this enough.

There was no food in my house, so I ordered from Popeyes: a chicken sandwich and Cajun fries, plus a strawberry Fanta that I didnt drink immediately. Around six, I walked with my friend Neena to another friends house because she was having friends over in her backyard for her birthday. I nibbled on chips and guacamole I was still full from the sandwich. Mostly, I chatted a lot and hugged people. In a weird way, were in a glorious age of consent. Everyones checking in and checking again, Can we ? Is this okay? Is this okay with you? Thats what Im comfortable with, are you comfortable? I hope thats the one takeaway from this is that we all get so much better at enthusiastic consent. I missed the birthday carrot cake, though. Gutting.

I walked home, sipping more water, and then lazed around on my phone for a few hours doing nothing of consequence. I will tell you this: I dont know how it works out what you like, but the TikTok algorithm has got me down pat. Im just like, yeah, this is perfect. This is 100 percent the content Im here for. At the moment, that is a mix of dogs, babies, Black girls being amazing, lots of British comedy, lots of Black British content the bulk of it is babies and dogs, though, which are two of my prime interests in the world. I mean, fuck Skynet, but I see how Skynet got to where it got to.

Before bed, I took my vitamins and antihistamine with the strawberry Fanta. I also made a cup of peppermint tea, and I ate a couple of biscuits with itTates Coconut Crisp. A top-three biscuit.

Sunday, May 16My secret shame is I dont care about coffee it legit all tastes the same to me, or close enough. For the most part? I think its because Im not an addict. I just drink it when I feel like I need it. This one is a TJ Maxx or Marshalls buy, maple-nut-crunch-something I threw out the bag when I decanted it into an amber mason jar. I have no purity sensor whatsoever. I want coffee that tastes like it could be a little milkshake.

I had that with a slice of buttered toast, plus a boiled egg and some ketchup. The bread is from a sandwich loaf I made from a recipe in Real Simple easy and delicious and no kneading! After that, I ate a tiny bowl of Crunchy Nut cereal, which is unavailable in the U.S., so I have to get it sent from the U.K., and then I went back to bed with a cup of tea.

Generally speaking, I do very little on a Sunday. Im a big fan of sleeping. Its one of my hobbies, so I tried my best to partake in the hobby and had a lie in. I wasnt very hungry, but I had some leftover ila asepo (Nigerian okra stew with seafood) in the fridge from Divine Flavored Catering, so I grazed on that.

I did eventually go grocery shopping at the huge Foodtown in Bed-Stuy to stock up, and because I was peckish, I got some Welchs Fruit Snacks, even if they are inferior to Percy Pigs and Maynards Wine Gums, which are my top choices. Welchs taste like theyve been on a shelf, but Percys dont. Percys are fresh. Theyre zingy. They leave a cleaner feel on your tongue, they taste more fruity, more gummy I dont know, theres a richness to them. I sound like such a wanker, Im sorry. I truly love Percy Pigs.

I munched on fruit snacks while I cooked the ~problematic~ shallot pasta. (A. Roman.) It came out perfect, as it always does. As I like to say: The shallots are blameless and delicious! I made spaghetti, not bucatini, because its always sold out and I have only one bag left, which I am rationing until I can buy more bucatini again. To drink: limited-edition grapefruit- and melon-flavored seltzer.

Later, before bed, I ate a slice of pecan pie from Foodtown they do a half pie, which is like a regular-size pie, but cut in half. I was like, what a good idea! Somebody finally is thinking of single people! I had that with a cup of Yorkshire tea.

Monday, May 17For breakfast, I got an oat latte from Odd Fox Coffee on Throop, but I decided not to get a pastry because I knew I had my Real Simple bread at home. I toasted a couple slices with butter and jam.

On Mondays, I work on my own projects its my day to write scripts, to work on my plays, and to sometimes do a bit of life admin. Im working on a couple of plays very, very slowly, and I have a couple of scripts that Im working on for TV comedies. This Monday was about revising. Also, it was tax day. I understand: Taxes happen every year! I know this. Im happy to pay taxes I love paying taxes! But also, theyre so much work, especially because you think to yourself, you know how much I owe, just tell me and Ill pay it!

For a mid-morning snack, I had pecan pie and a cup of tea with oat milk, and then I treated myself to some watermelon cubes from the fridge. Watermelon is my favorite summer fruit. I can eat a whole one in a single sitting.

Around 4:30, before the tax panic fully set in, I took a break and made some sabaayad Somali flatbread that Id seen on TikTok. Of the four that the recipe made, I think one was perfect, flaky, delicious. Twenty-five percent is not a bad return on a first time recipe, from TikTok, that Id never attempted before! I ate that with the leftover Melissa Clark chicken.

I had another cup of tea before bed, and a couple of biscuits, McVities caramel digestives sent to me in a U.K. care package from my friends Clara and Kirby in London. Its just a perfect biscuit. It does everything you need it to do. Its crunchy. Its salty. Its sweet. Its crumbly, but not too crumbly. You get introduced to digestive biscuits as a child and then they never leave your repertoire.

Theres some really lovely things American do with food. I just dont think biscuits and sweets are their strong suit. That could also just be a symptom of Little England mentality in my own head, but I feel like if I found a perfect thing, theres no need to go looking to improve on perfection. Why give yourself the work? Theres no need.

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Bim Adewunmi Runs on Tea and Biscuits - Grub Street

Elle Fanning and Journalist Jessica Wapner Investigate the Dangers of Diet Culture With the Podcast One Click – Vanity Fair

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Even with the second season of her Hulu series, The Great, in production, Elle Fanning has been finding herself busy in her rare moments of downtimeclimbing into a closet, armed with a microphone, in order to record narration for One Click, a new C13Originals podcast franchise. Im excited to get into the podcast world, Fanning told Vanity Fair. I hope it grips people.

One Click is an adaptation of journalist Jessica Wapners article The Deadly Internet Diet Drug That Cooks People Alive, which was published in the Daily Beast in January 2020. The very first thing that stood out to me when I first learned about DNP was the heat, said Wapner, former science editor of Newsweek. When she began investigating 2,4-dinitrophenol, or DNPa chemical once used in WW Iera explosives that can now be found online sold as a diet drugshe learned that ingesting DNP essentially turned peoples bodies into furnaces. As victims heated up to dangerously high internal temperatures, they would lose weight before dying, having been more or less boiled from the inside. Wapners investigation traced the history of DNP, marketed as a miracle weight-loss drug since the early 20th century, through its recent resurgence and a related increase in gruesome deaths amongst young people in the United States and United Kingdom.

The article caught Fannings attention, and she reached out to see if Wapner would be interested in adapting it into a podcast. Wapner agreedWe were so aligned in our thinking and what we wanted to get out of this podcast and convey, said Fanningand the pair began pitching what would become One Click, a docuseries that explores how a single click on the internet can change a life forever.

The first season, which premieres on May 20, is a riveting look at the destructive consequences of DNPs second life as a fat-burning pill, and an exploration of the myriad societal reasons a dangerous chemical that has never been approved by the FDA for use as a drug still remains so enticing and easy to access. Over eight episodes, Wapner and Fanning weave together elements of science journalism, true-crime investigations, and history lessons, with a particular emphasis on sharing the stories of families who lost loved ones to DNP. Many families chose to speak to Wapner, who is writing the podcast, in the hope that sharing stories of their losses will result in a more severe crackdown on DNP sales online. The honesty and openness and time that theyve given to us has been incredible, said Wapner. And obviously, the podcast wouldnt be what it is without them.

Listen to an exclusive trailer for One Click below.

Fanning, who is 23, was moved by how many young people fell victim to DNP, struggling with insecurities about their bodies and weight. She was disturbed not only by the sheer accessibility of the drug online, but how its success hinged on a societal obsession with weight loss and achieving a perfect body at all costsa narrative that she saw becoming even more pervasive as the world entered lockdown, around the same time she and Wapner began collaborating on One Click.

So many more workout ads were appearing on my Instagram or just popping up, like, Get your revenge body back or Lets come out of quarantine looking good and having lost all this weight. Its just like, really? said Fanning. Sadly, its like they want to keep people insecure because that keeps these industries in businesswhich is what, to me, needs to be taken down.

Indeed, One Clicks release feels eerily well-timed to our current moment, as the world leaves lockdown and heads straight into swimsuit season. As author Jennifer Weiner noted in her recent New York Times op-ed, The Weight-Loss Industry Is Coming for Our Post-Lockdown Bodies, social media feeds have recently been flooded with weight-loss adsfor Keto diets, intermittent fasting, fat-shredding supplements.

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Elle Fanning and Journalist Jessica Wapner Investigate the Dangers of Diet Culture With the Podcast One Click - Vanity Fair

The #1 Best Diet for IBS, According to a Dietitian | Eat This Not That – Eat This, Not That

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Have you ever felt bloated out of nowhere or had periods of time where going to the bathroom was either a struggle or a bit excessive? It's possible that you have IBS.

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome, affecting about 10 to 15% of people globally. However, the condition is more prevalent in Western cultures with an estimated 10 to 20% of people having the disorder, says Chelsea McCallum registered dietitian, IBS nutritionist, and advisor at BelliWelli, a company that makes IBS-friendly snack bars.

"IBS is a functional gut disorder which means the structure of the bowel is not affected, however, the bowel may move too quickly or too slowly resulting in very uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas," says McCallum.

Either your primary doctor or gastroenterologist will diagnose you with IBS after a series of tests such as samples of stool and blood as well as procedures including colonoscopies, endoscopies, and gastroscopies.

"IBS is diagnosed by excluding other conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and colon cancer," she adds.

RELATED:What's the Difference Between Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease?

McCallum says that if you have IBS, you may be suggested to follow a low-FODMAP diet. For context, this acronym stands for Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols.

"This is a diet designed to temporarily reduce your intake of highly fermentable carbohydrates," she explains.

Foods that are considered high in FODMAPs include onion, garlic, wheat, legumes, apples, asparagus, watermelon, mushrooms, cow's milk, ice cream, dairy-based yogurt, artichokes, cherries, and mango, just to name a few. By removing these high-FODMAP foods, you may be able to alleviate IBS symptoms.

"After you have completed the elimination phase of the low FODMAP diet, it is important to reintroduce FODMAPs systematically under the guidance of a specialist IBS dietitian," says McCallum.

For example, if you eliminate all high-FODMAP foods for six or eight weeks and then slowly reintegrate one food back into your diet each time, you'll soon be able to find which foods are triggering symptoms the most.

However, one downside of cutting these foods out of your diet (even if it's just temporary) is that you're also missing out on high-fiber foods, so you'll want to make sure you're eating plenty of low-FODMAP foods that provide ample fiber to avoid constipation. These include brown rice, potatoes, berries, bananas, bell peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, oatmeal, and quinoa.

"The low FODMAP diet may be implemented for a short period of time, however, it is unhealthy to follow long term," says McCallum. "Working with a specialist IBS dietitian will help you find the balance."

Another factor that helps to quell IBS symptoms? Keeping your stress levels low. For more insight on how to reduce stress through diet choices, check out Eating This One Type of Food May Lower Your Stress, New Study Says.

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The #1 Best Diet for IBS, According to a Dietitian | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

John Daly hit the range for a major as only he can with a McDonald’s diet soda –

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

The 2021 PGA Championship kicked off Thursday at the legendary Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, and for a very short time, a previous winner put his name atop the leaderboard.

John Daly, who won the event back in 1991 at Crooked Stick Golf Club, is making his annual appearance at the PGA Championship, wheeling a cart around the grounds. He was given permission to play with a cart before the 2019 tournament due to osteoarthritis in his right knee.

Daly, who is 55 years old and spends most of his time on the PGA Tour Champions, started his day on the range in typical JD style rocking a McDonalds diet soda.

Daly opened his round with a birdie, temporarily taking the lead, but then added doubles on Nos. 3, 11, 13 and 17.

He finished the day with an 85.

Excerpt from:
John Daly hit the range for a major as only he can with a McDonald's diet soda -

Greta Thunberg says ‘our relationship with food is broken’, plant-based diet could save 8 billion tonnes of CO2 each year – Newshub

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

"The climate crisis, ecological crisis, and health crisis, they are all interlinked," she said.

Thunberg said the spillover of diseases from animals to humans was caused by farming methods, adding that a move to a plant-based diet could save up to 8 billion tonnes of CO2 each year.

The World Health Organization has said the coronavirus was probably transmitted from bats to humans through another animal, while scientists say 60 percent of the infectious human diseases that emerged from 1990 to 2004 came from animals.

Meanwhile, demand for alternatives to regular meat is surging worldwide due to concerns about health, animal welfare, and the environment.

More than two dozen firms are testing lab-grown fish, beef, and chicken, hoping to break into an unproven segment of the alternative meat market, which Barclays estimates could be worth $140 billion by 2029.

The Global Center on Adaptation, which works to accelerate climate resilience, said in January climate change could depress global food production by up to 30 percent, while rising seas and more intense storms could force hundreds of millions of people in coastal cities out of their homes.

Greta Thunberg says 'our relationship with food is broken', plant-based diet could save 8 billion tonnes of CO2 each year - Newshub

The surfer’s diet: a healthy nutrition and hydration plan – SurferToday

Posted: May 23, 2021 at 1:50 am

Water sports enthusiasts, in general, need lots of stamina to keep up, and it's important to know what your body needs.

Being an athlete requires good nutrition to keep your energy levels optimal - especially when training and performing in a competition.

The following guide features healthy food recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and ideas and tips to keep surfing all day and healthy all week.

Drinking water is a crucial aspect of physical fitness, and no section on nutrition would be complete without an honorable mention.

When you're dehydrated, you don't perform well - you get tired faster, and the risk of heat stroke increases.

So how much fluid is enough?


Here's a basic water intake guideline. It varies from surfer to surfer:

4 hours before training: drink 300-500 ml of water; 2 hours before training: drink 150-350 ml of water; 20 mins while training: drink 130-250 ml of water; If you train again within 12 hours: drink at least 1.5 liters of water;

Adding sodium to foods or fluids can help you retain fluid and maintain plasma electrolyte balance.

That's not hard, right? As you can see, it doesn't take much.

So how do you know if you have had enough? Here's a simple way of monitoring your hydration levels - check your urine:

If your pee is light-colored, you're well-hydrated; If you can only squeeze out a little, and it's darkish color - drink up;

Are you surfing in the heat? This probably applies to 80 percent of surfers, but you will dehydrate faster if you're not used to it.

If you are going to a competition in a temperature you're not used to, acclimatize yourself before competing:

Train in a similar environment before competing; Go to the site at least a week before game day and practice;

Easy access to water will also increase consumption:

Keep fluids close and accessible; Keep water chilled; Add a little flavor; Sodium can enhance taste and encourage the desire to drink;

Are you tired of drinking water? Make your own sports drink. You can quickly make a fluid replacement drink by mixing:

500 ml of unsweetened orange juice; 500 ml of water; 1.25-1.75 ml of salt;


Smoothies are probably the best way to get all the nutrients your body needs before and after physical exercise or training.

The benefits include:

Quickly and easily digestible, meaning fast energy and quick recovery; Do not have to be broken down, like solid foods; Hydration; Simple and convenient; Easily consumable even if you're not hungry; One smoothie can contain all the essential nutrients your body needs for training, before and/or after;

The best smoothies will be fluid blends that are:

High in carbs; Moderate in protein; Low in fat and fiber; Have just a dash of electrolytes (sodium and potassium);

Here's a super easy smoothie recipe:

One 355 ml can of frozen orange juice (not thawed); Two 355 ml cans of 1 percent milk or skim milk (use empty juice can for measuring); One pinch of salt;

Blend everything in a blender, and it'll make four servings.


The effects of caffeine are still not completely understood. However, consensus says that the benefits of caffeine are:

Stimulation of the central nervous system; Reduces perceived effort of exercise; Enhances muscle fiber contraction;

If taken an hour before exercise, just a small amount of caffeine (70-150 mg) can enhance reaction time, concentration, and alertness and improve performance for both endurance and short, high-intensity actions.

Several beverages containing caffeine. Drip coffee, brewed coffee, instant coffee, espresso, brewed tea, cola, etc., are examples.

Other good and natural sources of caffeine are:

Guarana seeds; Kola nut; Yerba mate;

The possible adverse side effects of caffeine are as follows:

Insomnia; Headache; Nervousness; Anxiety; Inability to focus; Arrhythmia; Tachycardia; Hypertension; Lightheadedness; Irritability; Nausea; Gastrointestinal distress;

You are always the best judge of your body and your comfort intake levels.

Caffeine takes time to work through your system. Take it sparingly and in small doses. Give it about 30 to 60 for effects before having more.

Know which to food to ingest before, during, and after surfing.


Contrary to popular belief, carbs are good for you, and you will need them when training and performing.

Carbohydrates are stored in your muscles - where you need the energy - so you can go harder, longer.

People often get confused about carbohydrates.

Some are not so good, such as simple carbs found in lots of processed foods, and then there are the good ones, the ones you need, found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.

The other misconception is how many carbs to consume, which varieties, and when.

Because surfing is such an endurance watersport, loading up on carbs while riding waves for long periods of time will significantly increase your performance.

It's great to load up while training.

Come competition day, though, and it is better to decrease the percentage of carbohydrates from fiber and stick to lighter, easily absorbed ones like fruits and veggies.

Due to the nature of competitions, with all the stop-and-go activities, if you load up with too much protein and fiber, you may find yourself feeling bloated and heavy.

Too many carbs, like anything, of course, is not good. It's best to load up 1-4 days while training before a competition.

Otherwise, you'll just be putting on extra weight that's not going anywhere if you're not training.

Here are a few examples of sources of good carbohydrates:

1 large bagel = 60 g1 small banana = 15 g1 cup/250 ml cooked pasta = 30 g cup/175 ml cooked oatmeal = 15 g1 cup/250 ml flaky unsweetened cereal = 30 g1 cup/250 ml cooked rice = 45 g1 medium potato = 30 g1 cup/250 ml milk = 15 g1 cup/250 ml cooked corn = 30 g1 cup/250 ml fruit yogurt = 30-40 g2 cups/500 ml sport drink = 30 g

Now, memorize the following tips:

Your body needs carbs to burn for energy, or you'll get tired fast; Load up 1-4 days while training before a competition, so you have lots stored; Come game day, stick to lighter foods, so you don't feel heavy or bloated; Don't load up on carbs when you're not training - you need to burn off those consumed carbs, or you'll put on extra weight;


Chances are, if you're eating enough quantity from a wide variety of food sources, you are getting enough minerals.

Minerals are also uber important for sports nutrition and energy.

So if you're not sure if you're getting enough or if you're feeling tired or exhausted, here's a list of excellent mineral sources:

Iron: green leafy vegetables, beans, tofu, cabbage, millet; Calcium: almonds, soya milk, broccoli, spinach, watercress; Zinc: lentils, whole grains, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds; Iodine: asparagus, kelp; Magnesium: soya beans, avocado, bananas, apples, nuts; Selenium, phosphorous and potassium: strawberries, tomatoes, chickpeas, and yeast extract;

Are you entering a surf contest? Prior to competing, generally allow:

3-4 hours to partially digest a big meal; 2-3 hours for a moderate-sized meal; Less than 2 hours for a pre-event snack;

Where it comes to hydration, remember the following:

Drink 500 ml of fluid 2 hours before your event; Drink 250-500 ml 45 to 30 minutes before your event; Drink 150-350 ml every 15 to 20 minutes during your event;

Less than 90 minutes between events or heats, choose mostly carbohydrates with ample fluids.

For example, water, sports drinks, sports nutrition bars, fruit, unsweetened juices, bagels, low-fat muffins, cereal bars, granola bars, trail mix, fruit leather, or nuts.

Ifyou've got more than 90 minutes between events or heats, have a mini-mealwith ample fluids like water, juice, or milk.

For instance, a half-to-full sandwich, peanut butter and crackers, or low-fat muffin and cheese.

Spend energy to get energy - very true.

But you need to re-pay that spent energy back to your body, and the body isn't a very patient loan shark.

The sooner you replenish with the right nutrients, the better your body will respond and recover.

Exercise is hard on the body, and within just two hours, you may have used up all stored carbohydrate energy, start breaking down various muscle and red blood cells and lost over two liters of water (sweat).

The body's cells are most receptive to re-nourishment in the first 30 minutes after intense activity - this is stage 1. Within 1-2 hours after, it is considered stage 2.

There are four main nutrients necessary for these critical recovery stages:

Carbohydrates; Protein; Fluid/Sodium; Antioxidants (especially vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene);

So, what's a good example of a post-exercise, sports nutrition recovery meal plan?

Stage 1

For stage 1, within 30 minutes after exercise, your body will need:

Banana, yogurt, or juice; Peanut butter sandwich, strawberries, milk, or juice; Flavored milk, granola bar, apple, and water; Sports drink, cheese strings, grapes, juice, or water; Low-fat muffin or bagel, homemade smoothie (blend milk, yogurt, fruit, juice, and ice); Protein bar, orange, pretzels, and juice or water; Meal replacement drink, carbohydrate sports bar, apple, or water;

Stage 2

For stage 2, 1-2 hours after exercise, your body should get:

Meat or cheese sandwich loaded with veggies and milk or juice; Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with brown rice, and milk, juice, or water; Whole wheat pasta with meatballs, vegetable salad, and milk, juice, or water; Grilled salmon, quinoa or whole wheat couscous, raw veggies with light dip, and milk, juice, or water; Bowl of cereal with yogurt or milk, fresh fruit, and water or juice; Scrambled eggs with cheese and diced peppers, whole wheat bagel, and milk, juice, or water; Lentil soup, whole wheat bun, Greek yogurt/regular yogurt, fruit salad, and water, soy beverage, or milk; Pasta salad tossed with chopped vegetables, canned tuna or chicken breast, and milk, juice, or water; Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, fruit salad, low-fat muffin, and milk, juice, or water;

While you're out of the water, it's also essential to have healthy eat and drink habits.

Fruits and Veggies

We've all been told to eat our veggies and that they're good for us.

But in case you need more examples, here are three extra good reasons fruits and veggies are great for sports nutrition:

Fruit and veggies help maintain a stronger immune system; Fruit and veggies prevent cell damage; Fruit and veggies provide lasting energy;

Remember that it is especially important to get enough fruit, including superfruits, and veggie nutrients when training, competing or traveling because of the extra stress put on your body.

The Reds

Contain nutrients such as vitamins A and C.

Vegetables like tomatoes also contain lycopene, which is one of the phytonutrients responsible for the color red.

Vitamins A and C are essential for building strong bones.

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The surfer's diet: a healthy nutrition and hydration plan - SurferToday

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