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The 5:2 diet: it requires willpower but can be powerfully effective – T3

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:43 am

The 5:2 diet is a popular intermittent fasting plan that focuses on fasting for two days a week, while eating a normal diet for five days a week. It's a very handy way to avoid weight gain at home, during lockdown. As with all diets, there are a few variations of the 5:2 diet, particularly when it comes to how many calories you eat on your fast days, and what foods you should or shouldnt eat on your days off. It's a good way to Get fit in 2020.

The term intermittent fasting refers to meal plans that revolve around regulated, periods of eating and then not eating, and there are several ways you can use intermittent fasting for weight loss. The most popular variations of intermittent fasting are the 5:2 and the 16:8 diets. On the 16:8 diet you only eat during an eight hour period, and therefore fast for 16 hours a day (obviously, the period when you are asleep is included in this, which helps a tad.)

The 5:2 diet applies the principle of intermittent fasting to days, rather than hours, and so you fast for two out of every seven days. It works by significantly restricting your calorie intake on those days, which means your overall calorie intake is lower, providing that you dont compensate and eat more than usual on your off days.

The original 5:2 diet plan, popularised by the Doctor and journalist Michael Mosley, recommends that on fast days women should consume 500 calories and men should consume 600 calories, which equates to roughly 25% of their normal recommended daily intake.

Since the publication of Mosley's first 5:2 diet plan, The Fast Diet, in 2013, variations have arisen, including from Moseley himself. His most recently-revised plan, published as the blood sugar diet because of the benefits of intermittent fasting on blood sugar levels well touch on this later recommends eating no more than 800 calories on fast days.

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One thing that makes the 5:2 diet so popular is that in theory you can eat whatever you want on your 'off' days. It's true that no food is off limits and you don't have to totally deny yourself the foods you love. However, its important to be aware that what you eat on your 'off' days will impact your weight loss.

While the 5:2 diet only requires you to restrict and count calories for two days a week, naturally the better you eat on your 'off' days, the more likely you are to a significant amount of weight. If youre looking to lose weight fast youll need to be reasonably strict on your 'off' days and follow a Mediterranean diet on the non-fasting days.

If, however, youre looking for a sustainable diet that will help you lose weight and keep it off long term, then you can expect to lose around 1lb a week by fasting for two days and eating normally for five.

So what should you eat on your fast days? Its important to choose nutrient-dense foods that will fill you up more, making the calories you consume work harder for you. Vegetables, eggs, fish, lean meat and natural, unsweetened yogurt and are all good choices.

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The most obvious benefit of intermittent fasting is weight loss, because of the restriction on calorie intake. Whatever you eat, weight loss essentially comes down to calories in versus calories out: also known as your calorie deficit. In short, if you consume more calories than you burn in a day, the excess energy will be stored as fat. If, however, you burn more calories than you consume, your body will start to take energy from your stored fat, resulting in weight loss.

As well as this, intermittent fasting also benefits our blood sugar levels. When we fast whether thats not eating or eating less the insulin levels in our blood drops. Insulin is used by our cells to absorb sugar from the food we eat, so without insulin the cells are less able to use sugar for energy and so the rate of fat oxidation increases. Fat oxidation simply means when fat molecules are combined with oxygen to provide energy its what you or I would call burning.

What's more, some studies have shown that intermittent fasting helps you to lose fat without losing muscle, because fasting increases the level of human growth hormone in your body which in turn helps build muscle mass.

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The main difference between the 5:2 and 16:8 diets is the period of time for which you fast. On the 5:2 you fast for two days out of seven, but fasting is defined as consuming 500 - 600 calories. On the 16:8 you fast for just 16 hours at a time, but this means you consume nothing but water during the fast period.

Importantly, the weight loss principle is the same for both diets. By restricting your calorie intake for an extending period of time 16 hours or 24 hours your body runs out of carbohydrate to burn and instead begins to burn fat for energy.

Because neither diet restricts what you can eat, which one will work better for you comes down to lifestyle more than the diet itself. For people who have a regular routine around which they can plan meals, or who prefer not to eat early in the morning or late in the evening, the 16:8 diet is arguably easier to follow than the 5:2. On the other hand, the 16:8 requires you to fast every day, whereas the 5:2 only requires it two days a week.

What's more, the 5:2 is more likely to have a positive impact on your overall eating habits. People who normally skip breakfast and eat dinner around 7pm may find themselves accidentally following the 16:8 diet (providing they don't snack after their last meal). This could mean they don't make any conscious changes to what they eat. It's very unlikely that anyone's normal diet limits them to 500 - 600 calories, and so with the 5:2 there has to be a conscious effort to adapt your diet and make healthier choices. We think that's a good thing if you're serious about losing weight well and keeping it off.

Some users have found that it takes a little while for the weight loss to kick start, but nevertheless, the 5:2 diet works: "Initially there were two weeks when nothing happened, but after four weeks I started to lose weight," says Jackie, who began the 5:2 diet in January 2018.

Before starting the 5:2 diet Jackie weighed 9 stone 6 lbs, which put her towards the top end of the healthy weight range for her height and age. She wanted to lose half a stone on the diet, but ended up losing 1 stone 3 lbs in around five months.

"The 5:2 diet made methink more about what I was eating and how much I was eating on my 'off' days. While I didnt give anything up, I did reduce my portion sizes, particularly when it came to treats like cheese and cake. I found that fairly easy to do," says Jackie.So eating cheese and cake is compatible with losing weight? It seems so.

What Jackie found hardest was getting into the routine of cooking the lunchtime meals suggested in Mosley's book, and instead she found herself eating easier to prepare but less satisfying lunches like a sandwich made from one piece of bread. "I was always relieved to get to the end of the second fast day. Not so much because I was hungry, but because of the thought that the next day I could have things I really wanted - just not in great portions," she says.

As well as the necessity of good meal prep, users not surprisingly note that following the 5:2 diet requires willpower in order to overcome hunger on fast days. Other side effects include tiredness and low energy levels, and so its vital that you speak to a healthcare professional before starting the 5:2 diet if you are at all concerned about your health, are pregnant or have previously suffered from an eating disorder.

Want to keep track of your progress?

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The 5:2 diet: it requires willpower but can be powerfully effective - T3

The Vegan Diet for Weight Loss is Trending. Here’s How to Do It – The Beet

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

Right now everyone wants a piece ofhealthy weight-loss success, and more and more people are tryingthe Vegan Diet, also known as the Plant-Based Diet. Unlike keto diets, which are both hard to sustain and not heart-healthy over the long term, the Vegan Diet is a whole-food plant-based way of eating that is healthy, sustainable and offers immunity-boosting foods to keep your energy up and your defenses strong against getting sick, as you shed pounds.

There are several diets flying around the internet that include the Adele Diet, which is also known as the Sirtfood Diet. (We tried it and here's what happened.) Then there is Intermittent Fasting. (Which also works, aslong asyou eat healthy during the "on eating hours.")

More people are trying to eat plant-based than ever, right now:23 percent of consumersare incorporating plant-based or vegan foods into their diet: Sales of plant-based meats are up 35 percent, while overall sales of all vegan foods are up 90 percentsincethe height of the COVID-19 crisis. It's only growing, as people want a diet that lets them lose weight and be healthy, and a vegan or plant-based "clean-eating" diet promises both: Healthy immunity, plus steady weight loss.

The Vegan Diet and Plant-Based Diet is winning now because it's healthier than other diets. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. You stay away from inflammation-boosting animal products and fill your plate with plant-based whole foods that are low in oil, minimally cooked, and full of fiber. And guess what? It works.

But the reason that the Vegan Diet is catching on right now is two-fold: One is that people are staying away from meat during the time of COVID-19, and the other is that the Vegan Diet helps you lose weight and build your immunity. It's also sustainable, healthy and natural. There is nothing more natural than eating a whole-food plant-based diet low in oils and fats.

The Vegan Dietis exactly what it sounds like: You eat tons of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. There's no point system or counting carbs, calories or net-carbs. You fill your plate with plant-based whole foods that are low in oil, minimally cooked, and full of fiber. If you can grow it, it's a "Go!" If you have to look for ingredients on a label and there are many, it's a "No-Go!" This simple way of losing weight is natural, intuitive, and sustainable. If you lose 2 pounds a week (which is a healthy rate) you can lose 12 pounds by 4th of July.

Why is the Vegan Diet having a moment? First of all meat processing plants are still rife with COVID-19 andjust this week, Tyson was forced to shut down its biggest pork plant as one-fifth of the workforce, or 555 of the workers) tested positive for the virus. This means that supply chain interruptions promise to drive up the cost of meats and consumers arenervous that meat could spread the virus,although there is no evidencethat this has happened yet.

Meanwhile, on the upside, the Vegan Diet is natural, allowing the dieter to fill up on vegetables and legumes, grains and nuts and seed, plus fruit -- all foods that are full of fiber, satisfyingly filling and offer plenty of dietary protein. In fact for the foods that offer the most protein, see this list. For most dieters, getting enough protein on a vegan diet starts with a bowl of oatmeal and plant-based milk, which gets you about one-quarter of the way there in an easy, low calory meal. For the Beginner's Guide to Going Plant-Based, which is a one-week Vegan Diet, click here.

To fill up on healthy foods, the higher the fiber content the better. Fiber has been given a bad rap as a "regulator" for anyone who has trouble going to the bathroom, but in fact it's the "anti-carb" when it comes to eating healthy foods that spur weight loss. When diabetics are put on a strict low-carb diet they are coached to look for fiber since the fiber-to-carb ratio is more important than carbs alone. This is why fruit, though higher in carbs than vegetables, does not make you fat.

The fiber in the food you eat allows the body to access healthy nutrients while keeping blood sugar low andyourinsulin response in check. The lower your blood sugar, the lower your insulin response, and the less your body getsthe signal to store the extra energyas fat.

The high-fiber content of fruits and vegetables means that the "net carb" effect offers all the nutrients at less of the calories, carbs, and unhealthy fat that animal products or highly processed foods deliver. So the key to losing weight on the Vegan Diet is choosing foods that are as close to nature grows them as possible. Whole foods that are plant-based, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains, make up a healthy assortment of vitamins and minerals proteins and complex carbs to make the person eating this way feel satisfied and full, never hungry and deprived, and still lose weight.

When your fat intake is low -- meaning no animal fat and minimal oils -- your body will mobilize ready energy from what is stored in the body. You use up your glycogen first, and as anyone knows who has taken a 45-minute spin class or run, you switch over your energy system when you run out of available stored energy in the muscles and the liver, and then start to burn off fat stores and pull energy out of storage. The Vegan Diet low in oilsis a natural way to promptyour body to find energy from within, essentially revving your engines to burn fat faster.

TheVegan Diet is full of vegetables and fruits offer immunity-boosting properties All the foods known to help boost your natural immunity are "on the list" for the Vegan Diet. Broccoli, mushrooms, peppers and citrus are among the 13 foods that offer the most immunity per bite.

The Vegan Diet can help you lose weight that is sustainable, by minimizing eating processed foods that are likely to be high in added sugar and fat, low in fiber, and full of additives. So while potato chips are mostly vegan, they don't make the cut because they are processed. The same goes for Twizzlers and other packaged foods that are only vegan because they don't contain animal products. To lose weight you have to think "if I can grow it, I can eat it." You have never seen a PopTart in a garden.

When you eat the Vegan Diet,you lose weight because you stay away from inflammation-boosting animal products and fill your plate with plant-based whole foods that are low in oil, plainly cooked, and full of fiber. And guess what? It works. You can lose up to 2 to 3 pounds a week and keep it off it you stick to a whole food plant-based or vegan diet.

For what foods are "on the list" and how much is recommended of each, check out the Vegan Food Pyramid. The basic idea on the Vegan Diet is to allow55-60% of your calories from carbs, 20-25% from (plant-based) protein, and 15-25% from fat. For more on how to eat to lose weight on a nutrient-dense Vegan Diet, check out Eat for Lifeby Dr. Joel Fuhrman or The Plant-Based Solution by Dr. Joel Kahn, or How Not to Diet by Dr. Michael Greger.

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The Vegan Diet for Weight Loss is Trending. Here's How to Do It - The Beet

Unemployed? Put Yourself On A Well-Planned Financial ‘Diet’ by Alyce Phillips | Sponsored Insights – Greater Wilmington Business Journal

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

Unemployment is on everyones mind, with millions suddenly out of a job in the fallout of the global coronavirus pandemic. If you are among those who are having to cope with an abrupt loss of income, you know its time for tough choices. Some guidance may be helpful in deciding what to do firstand what not to do if you can help it.A useful concept is to think about putting yourself on a financial diet. Just as you would follow a specific plan while trying to lose weight, having a plan to manage both expenses and income will help you maintain the necessary discipline to get through tough times and get back on the job.Even in normal times, you might easily spend several months between jobs. Now, with so many industries shut down or forced to cut back, it may not be realistic to expect to find a new job soon. That financial diet should assume youll be out of work at least six months. If you get lucky, you wont need the plan anymore. But its always wise, while hoping for the best, to plan for the worst.Before getting into the particulars, it should go without saying: a plan is only as good as how well you follow it. If you cheat on a diet, you wont lose weight. If you cheat on your financial diet, you may find yourself in a bind. Thats not to say the plan cant be adjusted as circumstances change. But hard times call for discipline.One vital aspect of an unemployment diet is a systematic search for work. But under current circumstances, thats likely to be far more challenging than the other side of the ledger, controlling your expenses. So lets address that first.A first step is to face the reality that your lifestyle likely will have to change. (Not that it hasnt already, what with quarantines, social distancing and the shutdowns of sports, entertainment and dining out.) Take an honest look on how youre accustomed to spend your money. Distinguish the true essentialsfood, utilities, mortgage or rent, insurance premiumsfrom the optional luxuries or even nice to have categories.You may be able to trim down enough in the fat category that you dont have to cut muscle or bone. Examples: simpler grocery lists, household energy saving, cutting out some memberships or subscriptions. Lots of people are planting gardens or tending backyard chickens to help stretch food dollars. Much of this, of course, is made easier by the realities of Covid-19. If you cant go to the movies or a nightclub, you dont have to worry about spending money for tickets or drinks. Time on your hands makes economical do-it-yourself alternatives feasible. Skipping a vacation is easier when cruise lines and resorts are shut down.But what if eliminating optional spending isnt enough? Some hard choices may appear easier as time goes by. Maybe selling that nice new car will free you from a monthly obligation and give you some ready cash for other needs.

On the other hand, consider whether a short-term quick fix might actually cost you more in the long run. Ive heard the example of a man who sold his lawn mower at a yard sale for $75. When he got a job a few months later, his property was a mess and he had to pay $350 for a new mower. Maybe he should have held on to the old machine and used it to do some neighbors lawns, earning that same $75.That gets us to some possibilities for bringing in new income.First, of course, is unemployment compensation. While the details vary from state to state (and North Carolina offers some of the nations worst jobless benefits) its still an essential safety net. On top of whats available in normal times, you may have qualified for extra emergency help under recent federal legislation.Hard as things are now, you might still find opportunities for new work. For example, North Carolina is hiring contact tracers to help control the pandemic. Grocery stores and some other retailers have been hiring. Even if they arent in your preferred career path, unexpected job opportunities may present themselves. And dont overlook possible side hustles, too. And not just mowing lawns. A good number of home-bound hobbyists have been putting their sewing machines to work, crafting face masks and selling them online and to friends and neighbors. You may have similar opportunities to put a skill or interest to work and fill a useful niche.Back to the lawn mower example: while it may be counterproductive to get rid of something you actually need, most of us have houses and garages full of stuff that we can easily do without. So dont be afraid to put in the time to organize and conduct a yard sale, or advertise surplus items through local media like Craigslist.You may have to consider drawing from, or borrowing against, your retirement plan. Thats something to do only with great caution, because of the risks to your future security. But if you must, youll catch a break from recent legislation that relaxed the federal governments rules. I discussed that in detail in my May 2020 article: Click here to read the article.Because unemployment is so widespread in the current emergency, many other institutions are relaxing their rules, too, helping out their customers. By all means, ask your creditors for help. Some are granting payment holidays. Others are waiving late fees, penalties and even interest for people who are struggling. Utilities may be willing to stretch out payments, and many have been barred from cutting off electricity or water for non-payment.Now back to the search for a new job. For many people, of course, their first recourse will be to go back to their old job, whenever their employers are ready to start opening up or expanding again. So naturally you should stay in touch and stay in your former bosses good graces.The conventional wisdom for normal times is that searching for a job is itself a full-time job. With so many more competitors vying for so few remaining openings, the conventional wisdom may not be very helpful for now. But its never a bad idea to remember some of these time-tested tactics:

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This diet helped Adele lost weight; heres how it works – The Indian Express

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 31, 2020 11:38:02 am Adele followed a strict eating plan to lose weight. (Source: adele/Instagram)

Recently, International singing sensation Adele made headlines when she posted a picture of herself on Instagram to show her remarkable transformation after losing weight.

The Hello singer posted the picture to thank her fans for their birthday wishes as she turned 32.

According to reports, the singer is known to have lost about seven stone (44 kg). Her one-time Pilates instructor Camila Goodis recently revealed that 50 per cent of her remarkable transformation was due to the diet she followed sirtfood diet.

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Sirtfood diet became popular after a book on the same was released by pharmacist Aidan Goggins and nutritionist Glen Matten, in 2016. It involves eating foods high in protein called sirtuin, which can induce weight loss. These foods include strawberries, blueberries, red wine, dark chocolate, green tea, onions, kale, walnuts, turmeric, buckwheat and citrus fruits, among others.

Sirtuins are believed to protect cells from dying when they are under stress. They are known to regulate inflammation, metabolism and thereby promoting weight loss, and ageing, according to

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This diet is divided into two phases. In the initial phase that lasts one week, one is required to restrict calories to 1000kcal for three days by consuming three sirtfood green juices, like kale, green tea and lemon, celery or parsley, and one meal rich in sirtfoods, each day. From day 4 to 7, the energy intake is to be increased to 1500 kcal. For this, one can have two sirtfood green juices and two sirtfood-rich meals a day.

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The second phase, called the maintenance phase, lasts 14 days. And it is in this phase that weight loss is likely to occur.

The authors of the above mentioned book claim the diet is sustainable. Experts have also cited that many of the sirtfoods are commonly eaten in areas where people tend to live the longest or what are known as blue zones, according to Business Insider. These places include Greece, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and California.

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This diet helped Adele lost weight; heres how it works - The Indian Express

Food for Thought: Whats the best nutritional diet? –

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

by: Nancy Dell, Registered Dietitian

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) When you see diet advice on social media, research the source of the information to be sure that it has scientific backing. Here are 3 of the worst diet tips you will see.

In reality, eating too many calories leads to weight gain and most people dont binge on bananas.

Lemons are high in Vitamin C, which in high doses has been studied as an anti-cancer treatment. But certainly do not drop your chemotherapy and eat lemons.

While processed meat like hot dogs, bacon and sausage have been associated with heart disease and some cancers, lean unprocessed meats are OK in moderation. Experts recommend up to 3 to 4 ounces three times a week.

One other claim I see all the time is about the health benefits of coconut oil. Not true. It is a saturated fat and can raise your bad cholesterol. Use coconut oil on your skin but limit how much you put into your mouth.

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Food for Thought: Whats the best nutritional diet? -

There Is More Than One Way to Be a Dirty Vegan – Men’s Health

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

People continue to find ways to create new versions of already-existing diets. For example, the high-fat keto diet includes Dirty Keto, Lazy Keto, and Clean Ketojust to name a few. And now, there's a plant-based vegan diet called Dirty Vegan.

The vegan diet excludes all animal products from your diet: seafood, eggs, dairy, meat, and poultry. However, some vegans also refrain from table sugar, which is sometimes processed with bone char.

The vegan diet is fairly restrictive and is considered a lifestyle for many followers, says Melanie Boehmer, R.D. at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The term refers to two variations of the plant-based diet, according to Boehmer. The first refers to mainly processed foods that mimic animal-based meals. For example, pepperoni and cheese pizza, buffalo wings, and fried chicken could be deemed "dirty vegan" foods.

The phrase is also used as a name for people who sometimes eat animal products. Actress Lisa Rinna popularized this term during an interview with People magazine.

I tend to call myself a dirty vegan. Im mostly plant-based but if I do need to eat some meat, Ill have it," Rinna told the outlet.

Probably notif we're talking about a diet high in vegan cookies, fried foods, and fake meats.

"I wouldnt advise having heavily processed foodperiod," says Boehmer.

She recommends asking yourselfwithout judgementwhy you prefer vegan products dressed up as animal-based dishes. This can help you uncover your true desires for adopting the approach, she says. For example, maybe you love steak but want to eat less animal products for environmental reasons. If that's you, be sure to eat a wide variety of whole foods to make sure you're getting enough nutrients.

Or maybe you're following a vegan diet because you think it helps with weight loss. If that's the case, it's possible to reach your goals without restricting any foods.

Before switching up your diet, Boehmer suggests thinking about why you want to go vegan.

"You have the ability to make this beautiful plate full of flavors and colors [on the vegan diet]. It can be a nutrition bomb in the best way," she says.

That said, occasionally foregoing animal products can be a good option if you're not replacing well-balanced meals with less nutritious options.

For example, a grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat is perfectly healthy. Replacing that with a plate of deep fried faux cheese may not be the best idea.

People who live for steak and burgers may want to start by eating one plant-based meal a week, says Boehmer.

Think about your favorite recipes and how to make simple swaps. If your typical dinner includes steak, potatoes, and asparagus, simply replace the beef. Boehmer suggests adding a side salad that includes seasonal vegetables and a healthy fat. Or, try a bean-based pasta for a boost of protein.

She recommends avoiding complicated recipes, which provide a barrier to success.

"If you make this easy for yourself, then its going to be easy," says Boehmer.

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There Is More Than One Way to Be a Dirty Vegan - Men's Health

Tom Schwartz: The Real-Life Diet of the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Who Is Making Questionable Smoothie Decisions in Quarantine – GQ

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

I've been trying to read more. I just started reading The Alchemist. It's a classic. Eminem's memoirdid you know he wrote a memoir? And Setting the Table. Its a great book about business and the customer-service industry. Every time I read that, I get sad and yearn for TomTom. I miss going in there and seeing everybody.

How often are you working out? Are you mostly doing cardio?

I'm somewhat regimented. I'm probably working out five days a week. Maybe I'm doing too much cardio and not enough strength training, but [with regard to] my cardiovascular health, I feel like I'm in great shape. But I'm getting a little soft around the edges. I've been eating a lot, trying to do our part and order from local restaurants. We've been cooking a lot too. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I do this thing in the morning where I take every single fruit and vegetable and supplement I haveI call it the kitchen-sink smoothieand blend it up. I like to start my day with that. Keep the immune system strong and fortified.

Does that taste good?

Katie jokingly calls them my shit smoothies. But I stand by my smoothies. I like to put celery, carrots, raspberries, blueberries, and a little bit of orange juice in them. I also add green supplements, chaga mushrooms, mulberries, matcha powder, goji berries, Blue MajikI don't even know what Blue Majik does. I don't even know what half this stuff does.

Has your diet changed at all in quarantine?

Too much takeout probably. But overall, we're pretty disciplined about our diets. Every once in a while, it's fun to eat a whole pizza. For the most part it's pretty well-balanced. I love cooking breakfastomelets and breakfast sandwiches. Oh, and breakfast burritos. Those are my jam.

Whats your breakfast burrito recipe?

I like to do two eggs with one egg white, jalapeos, spinach or broccoli, and lots of hot sauce. I have 10 different hot sauces. I've also been on a lifelong quest to create the perfect salsa, but I've never achieved perfection or anything near it.

What do you think makes the perfect salsa?

I like restaurant style. It's all about consistency for me. It's got to be perfectly spicy but not eyes-watering, nose-dripping spicy. My favorite package store salsa is Trader Joe's Salsa Especial. I'll easily eat a whole tub in a sitting. I'm somewhat of a salsa connoisseur.

Do you follow any particular diets?

I follow a mostly vegetarian diet. Although, I'll eat red meat occasionally. Definitely love a good cheeseburger. I love grilling chicken. But I'm on a veggie kick. Being in California, there are so many great vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

What's your favorite vegetarian spot in L.A.?

I really, really like Gracias Madre. They have this coconut ceviche thats so good. And Crossroads on Melrose. Their rigatoni. They use the Impossible meat or Beyond meat, and you cannot tell the difference between that and real meat. It's got so much flavorBeyond meat is the future, big fan. Have you been to Crossroads?

No, I havent. Im out in New York.

New York's my favorite city in the world. My heart goes out to New York right now. I love the food scene there. I feel special when I'm in New York. I don't feel special when I'm in L.A.

Did the vegetarian-heavy lifestyle start when you were modeling?

No, when I was modeling I didn't have any money, so I was really lean. But overall, now, Im just trying to eat a cleaner, healthier diet. Less red meat, less sugar. I used to be a candy junkie. I love Haribo sugar gummies. I would binge-eat candy until I'd get sick, and I loved it. But it had to come to an end. So now lots of fresh vegetablesI can't believe how far I've come with vegetables. It used to be torture for me to eat them as a young man. But I love broccoli now. I'm obsessed with cabbage. Am I being boring?

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Tom Schwartz: The Real-Life Diet of the 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Who Is Making Questionable Smoothie Decisions in Quarantine - GQ

Maintaining a healthy diet in the midst of COVID-19 –

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)Keeping a healthy diet can be a challenge on its own, and with COVID-19 disrupting routines, it could be even harder.

Even as the state inches towards reopening its still not a full return to regular life for families. Nutrition expert, Dr. Amanda Newell says its a good time to get into healthier eating habits.

Newell says families should try to stay on a regular eating pattern as much as possible and incorporate fruits and vegetables as much as possible. She says you can make a game of it for the whole family, especially little ones.

Making it fun for kids, getting them involved where its not just this is what youre eating and deal with it, letting them have a little bit of say-so and picking some items, Newell said.

She says when shopping for healthier food options to consider buying from local farmers or stores to help yourself and the community. Newell also says you can always treat yourself to snack food, its important to remember portion control.

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Maintaining a healthy diet in the midst of COVID-19 -

3 Reasons To Add Turmeric To Your Diet – Tatler Thailand

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

Courtesy to Marco Verch

Unlock your health by adding just one yellow ingredient to your regimen

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Each spice has a special day to it. For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-coloured into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Mistress of Spices

As we wait around for a vaccine to solve our pandemic, the best thing we can do individually right now is wash our hands, interact cautiously and boost our immunity through good exercise and diet. One small ingredient that we can almost surreptitiously add to our diet is a bright yellow coloured one known as turmeric. Recommended by both Western medicine and Ayurvedic practices, this yellow spice has many therapeutic and healing purposes. Here are three main health benefits of turmeric to consider, followed by how to incorporate them into your diet.

Dry Turmeric contains curcuminiods, compounds which have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect to help the body fight bacteria and viruses. Curcumin is often used as a medical herb for this reason, in addition to its antioxidant, antimutagenic, antimicrobial and anticancer properties. Several ailments can be alleviated through turmeric's anti-inflammation benefit, and that includes various chronic pains, infections and degenerative eye conditions.

Turmeric also contains compounds that generate antioxidants activities that can protect your body from free radicals. Free radicals, in excess, can cause oxidative stress, which damages cells, contributing to ageing. Compounds in turmeric can effectively block out free radicals and stimulate the bodys antioxidant enzymes.

Back to that compound, curcumincurcumin is so powerful that it can increase the brains level of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Brain disorders, such as depression and Alzheimer's, are linked to the decrease in the hormone. Turmeric is therefore effective in delaying and reversing many brain diseases, especially those that are age-related.

These are just some of the benefits which you can gain from Turmeric. With its extraordinary ingredients, people often add it to their daily cooking. Here are some ways you can use turmeric as an ingredient for cooking. For those who love drinking smoothies, you could blend turmeric into it to spice up your smoothie. Or you can also simmer it with coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon, and honey, AKA whats known as a turmeric latte. For rice lovers, just add this bright yellow powder into your rice to fancy up your ordinary dish. One of the common ways to use this majestic herb is by using it in soup for boosting vitamins and nutritions. Turmeric can also be roasted with vegetables or add into the scrambled egg, or tofu for a vegan scramble option.

Tatler Tip: Pepper improves the bioavailability of turmeric, making it more effective.

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Summer Diet: Beat The Heat With This Quick Watermelon-Mint Drink (Recipe Inside) – NDTV Food

Posted: May 31, 2020 at 4:42 am

Watermelon mint slush can be prepared at home in a jiffy.


Summers are here and it is time to indulge in some cool and juicy seasonal fruits. From mangoes to pineapples, the fruit carts are filled with several yummy summer treats one of them is watermelon. You all can surely relate to the satisfaction of having a wedge of cool watermelon in a scorching hot day! Other than having it as is, watermelon can also be used to make several appetising coolers and desserts. On that note,watermelon-based drinks are ideal to bring respite during this season.

Here is an easy summer coolerrecipe watermelon-mint slush that can be prepared in a jiffy. Other than its soothing taste, this drink can also be beneficial for us during the summers.

Watermelons have 92 percent water by weight, which helps us to keep hydrated during this season. It is also packed with vitamin A and C, with a modest amount of potassium. The vitamin C-content in the fruit helps to strengthen the immunity. Watermelon is rich in lycopene (that gives the red colour to the fruit) and is good for eye and heart health.

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Mint, which is used in the drink, is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help to flush out the toxins from our body. Summer season brings several digestion-related issues along. Mint is known for breaking down food faster and is great for smooth digestion.


Watermelon- 2 cups (cubes)

Mint leaves- 5-6

Lemon- 1

Crushed ice- a little less than half cup

Sugar- if needed


Step 1. Deseed the watermelon and put it in a juicer.

Step 2. Wash the mint leaves and add to it. Now blend the two together.

Step 3. Add crushed ice and lemon juice. Make sure there's no seed in the blend. Add sugar in this step, if needed. Blend again.

Step 4. Pour the slush in a margarita glass and garnish with a few finely chopped watermelon slices, a mint lead and a lemon wedge.

Watermelon-mint slush also works as a perfect welcome drink for guests during the summers. Prepare it at home today and relish!

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