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Billboards, beef, beans, and one rancher’s 125-pound weight loss – Fence Post

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:58 am

In Nebraskas capital city, two illuminated billboards will soon be in place, asking Gov. Pete Ricketts to choose a plant-based diet for the residents of his state. The billboards, paid for by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine read, Governor Ricketts: Can Nebraska Switch to a Safer Food Supply Like Beans Over Beef? Ricketts said hes not swayed.

This is PETA masquerading as respectable doctors to push their anti-animal agriculture agenda, Ricketts said. Its ridiculous if you look at the value of beef. For example, 3 ounces of beef is the same amount of protein as three cups of quinoa. I dont know how many people are going to eat three cups of quinoa versus three ounces of beef to get the amount of protein they need in their diet.

Beef is one of the most nutritionally dense foods we have and is a great part of a healthy diet and to suggest that we should get rid of it is inexplicable, he said. In Nebraska, in particular, it is a huge part of our economy.

In a complaint that was sent to Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services the group requested that the state support the transition of meatpacking facilities to cleaner, safer facilities that produce plant-based protein and that the state report new cases of COVID-19 at meatpacking facilities.

Ricketts said the groups request for subsidies for plant-based protein production, something he said is akin to the government picking winners and losers, is fundamentally wrong.

These people are Socialists, he said. They want big government intervention to tell private companies what to do and thats a Socialist mentality. If the market rises and shows increased demand for plant-based food then thats consumers asking for it and thats where we as a state and as beef producers need to educate people. Beef is our biggest single industry in Nebraska and we think we have the best beef in the world right here. We need to promote it and were willing to do that.

Ricketts said hes not planning to respond to the group but did tout beefs nutritional value during a press conference this week.


On a cattle ranch on the West Coast, Kiah Twisselman is 125 pounds lighter than she was late in 2018, and said beef remains her favorite healthy food. A sixth generation cattle rancher, she said having the opportunity to promote beef is an opportunity she doesnt take for granted.

In 2018, Twisselman was working as the director of consumer affairs for the Kentucky Beef Council, on behalf of the checkoff. Her role put her on the consumer-facing side of the industry, representing the states producers in media interviews and working with influencers. One of the programs she led was the nutrition program and she spoke to dietetics groups, hosted farm tours, and spoke to various groups about beefs role in a healthy diet.

I knew what I was saying was truth, was factual, was backed up by science, I believed in beefs nutrition but I felt like such a hypocrite, she said. I felt like I was doing a disservice to the beef industry at the time because I personally wasnt a vision of health.

She said she remembers looking out at a group of registered dieticians and wondering who among them would listen to her, a woman without credentials who didnt look healthy.

Later that year, she caught a flight and couldnt buckle her seatbelt, something that had happened before. The flight attendant asked whether she needed an extender and she took it, embarrassed and ashamed. She had picked up a copy of Rachel Hollis book, Girl, Wash Your Face, and said she buried her face in it for the flight.

The book encouraged her to make five changes drink more water, move for 30 minutes daily, wake up one hour earlier, give up one food, and write down things youre grateful for. Incorporating beef in her diet, though, is one thing that remained. Despite how much she enjoyed her job, she returned to California to be closer to her family ranch and continued her health journey there.

When people talk about whats the best diet or the healthiest diet, the best diet for anybody is one they can stick with, she said. I dont think telling anybody to fear foods or to reduce certain foods or to eliminate certain foods. It isnt helpful. I dont think we should tell anybody there are good foods and bad foods, I think its more about how to honor your body with food choices that make you feel good and that are foods that taste good.

Beefs nutrition speaks for itself, she said. Theres research out there that touts beefs benefits. Its the most complete protein out there, you get half your daily protein in one 3-ounce serving of beef. Its big nutrition in a small package, youre getting zinc, iron, protein, B vitamins, and 10 essential vitamins and nutrients in less than 200 calories per serving. Its great nutrition that you cant beat and it doesnt compare to anything else.

Shaming someone for their food choices, she said, isnt helpful and if someone is going to make a change to improve their health, it has to be something they enjoy. She said people should have permission to enjoy beef for all of its nutritional value.

Rather than replacing beef, oftentimes with a food that has more calories for the same nutritional benefit, she said she pairs beef with other healthy choices. Twisselman said she learned how to process her emotions in other ways rather than depending on food as an emotional crutch.

This restriction piece is really harmful and perpetuates this diet culture and this cycle of temporary diet fix and diet elimination in order to get a certain result and then falling off the wagon, she said. Its a constant cycle of restrict, overeat.

She said there are no beef dishes or cuts she eliminated during her weight loss journey or now that shes maintaining her loss.

I dont plan to give up cheeseburgers for the rest of my life, so I learned how to eat a cheeseburger in a healthy way that fits into my healthy diet and lifestyle, she said. Now, that being said, I feel like the biggest change for me for all foods, including beef, was just being more mindful of my own hunger cues and portions. So making sure when I eat a meal that includes beef, that Im also pairing it with other healthy foods. Sometimes the No. 1 thing you can do is add more nutritious things in.

She said she loves steak and pairs it with salad and vegetables. Other choices she made include wrapping a burger in lettuce rather than a bun but giving up beef was never part of the healthy plan.

The beautiful thing about beef is that its one of the most versatile foods out there, regardless of the cut, she said. Beef was never the part of the meal that I substituted out for something else.

Twisselman said she knows and understands how personal food choices are. Being a cattle rancher and working in the beef industry, she believes in and loves beef.

We live in a world where people can make different food choices based on their preferred production practices, she said. I dont ever want to shame someone for their food choices, whether its because of their preferred production practices, whether its their taste preferences, or if its how foods make them feel. We are so fortunate to live in a time and a place where we have so many options.

Over the course of a year, she said she lost 103 pounds, and is currently maintaining a 125-pound loss. That being said, she focuses on being healthy rather than being wrapped up in a number on a scale.

She said she always thought her struggle with obesity was a curse but now sees that having a platform to speak to consumers through her work as a life coach and health coach, and through appearances in People Magazine, Womens Health, Access Hollywood, and Good Morning America makes it her greatest blessing. On one of her national television appearances, in fact, the ribbon below her interview proclaimed that beef is her favorite diet food.

I know I can be an example of whats possible, she said. I lost over 125 pounds. Its not about eliminating beef to be healthy.

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Billboards, beef, beans, and one rancher's 125-pound weight loss - Fence Post

3 Important Things to Lower Weight Loss Surgery Risks – TheHealthMania

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:58 am

Weight is normal. Yes, you have read it right. Gaining weight is a normal part of life, like anything else in fact it is a sign of a healthy functioning body. The human body tends to gain weight when it is fed with high-calorie food with little or no activity level involved. Sometimes the weight gain is due to underlying medical conditions. but whatever the reason is, losing weight is extremely difficult for everyone. Just to dodge the whole meal planning, dieting, and exercising, people prefer getting weight loss surgery without evaluating its risks and complications.

Also read- WHO Exercise Guidelines: How Much Exercise Do You Need

It is also common for people to gain weight during holidays or staying at home. Ever since this year has started, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the normal ideas of life. the lockdowns imposed to spread the coronavirus have made a majority of people gain weight and now after spending months in this pandemic, they are trying everything to get rid of this extra weight and failing. Many of them have already considered a weight loss surgery but without going through its risks, it could be a really bad idea.

Losing 5-10 pounds is easy with diet and exercise alone but people who wish to lose more than 10 pounds are likely to look for easy ways and tricks to lose weight without effort.

Diet and exercise are necessary for a healthy life. for weight management, their role cant be ignored as an active life and healthy dietary habits determine the bodys fat accumulation and burning for it.

Weight loss surgery is not one but a number of processes out of which a person is suggested any or a few, by his doctor. The most common of these weight loss processes is a gastric bypass which makes a small pouch next to the stomach helping the body not to absorb a high amount of calories.

The smaller stomach also reduces hunger so a person tends to eat less. Some people also go for a gastric band surgery where the doctor puts an adjustable band on the patients stomach, making him feel fuller while eating less. All these surgeries lead to the same outcome that is weight loss. But which one is suitable for a person requires a careful examination and evaluation of a person before suggesting his surgery.

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There are three big questions attached to these surgical weight loss procedures which include;

If a person is overweight it doesnt mean he is entitled to weight loss surgery. In fact, if he is slightly over a normal BMI, he should never op for surgery. Normally people with BMI of 25 or higher are considered overweight but for considering weight loss surgery, one has to be over BMI 40 for making him a suitable candidate. People who are at risk of any disease but have a BMI lesser than 40 are also suitable for surgery. But all this needs careful evaluation made by a doctor.

If there are other alternatives available, surgery is never a recommended idea. after a person goes through the surgery, the risks dont end. Although the extra weight is shed right away but maintaining weight is no less than a hectic thing. Most people fail to maintain their weight even after surgery and end up gaining all the weight which they have shed.

3 Important Things to Lower Weight Loss Surgery Risks - TheHealthMania

Gemma Collins shows off her 3st weight loss in skin-tight leather trousers – The Sun

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:58 am

GEMMA Collins has urged fans to "treat themselves" while showing off her sexy slimmed down legs in a pair of skintight leather trousers.

The GC, who has dropped an incredible three stone in recent months, slipped into the clingy black skinnies before posing up a storm.




Teaming the trousers with a pair of trainers and a hoodie from her own collection, the 39-year-old star recorded a quick video for her army of fans.

Smiling and with her hair styled into a glamorous bouncy blow dry, Gemma said: "Guys, as you know, I'm bored of saying it, but it is the season to be jolly careful.

"Well what I'm saying is, it is the season to treat yourself like you are pure luxury."

Earlier this week, Gemma exclusively told The Sun Online that she has slightly fallen off the healthy eating wagon during lockdown.


Having moved into London's Corinthia hotel while waiting for her new home to be finished, she admitted to ordering platters of posh cheese and expensive booze to her room.

Gemma said: "Well they have all my requirements of what I like, but I have to say I have been hammering the cheese and red wine in the evening.

"You know what its like, you get a taste of all the different cheeses and you think 'oh Ive got to stop this' but you just cant."

Gemma isn't making herself feel bad, however, as she has taken up cycling to counteract her new midnight snacking habit.


"I get on the bike the next day and it keeps me at bay ... you don't feel so guilty about it," she added.

Meanwhile, Gemma has this week been busy recording her Christmas charity single with Darren Day.

The pair starred in Celebrity Big Brother together and are hoping to secure the festive No1 in the charts with their tune.



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After a busy day in the studio, Gemma enjoyed a glass of wine in the back of a car as she returned to her hotel on Wednesday night.

She told her Instagram followers: "I'm having a well deserved drink tonight because, not only have I made my music video, I've directed it, I've starred in it, I've sung in it and I'm loving life."

Referencing next week's end to the current national lockdown, Gemma added: "Roll on the 3rd December. Boris, no one is going to see me for dust."

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Gemma Collins shows off her 3st weight loss in skin-tight leather trousers - The Sun

Students navigate dietary restrictions during the Thanksgiving holiday – K-State Collegian

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:56 am

For those that celebrate the holiday, Thanksgiving dinner is a meal unlike any other. From the stuffing to the turkey, for many its hard to imagine the holiday without its variety of traditional dishes.

For students that have dietary restrictions though, the holiday presents more challenges to navigate.

Morgan Boyer, sophomore in theatre, has been gluten-free since January, meaning she consumes no wheat, grains or bread products.

This is my first Thanksgiving so Ive been trying to figure it out, Boyer said.

Boyer said her dermatologist recommended she cut gluten out of her diet to help with her psoriasis, and she eventually became intolerant to it.

Were not a dry stuffing family so Im solid for the turkey and a decent number of sides, but the rolls, that cuts deep, Boyer said.

Anna Cochenour, sophomore in medical laboratory sciences, is vegan and more restrictions than Boyer.

Read Now

I chose to be vegan because I believe your body inherits the energy of food after you consume it, Cochenour said. You literally are what you eat.

Cochenour said she decided to stop eating meat due to concerns with environmental impacts.

I have found my dietary switch to be both beneficial to my mind and body, Cochenour said.

When it comes to sides, vegetables dishes, such as vegan mashed potatoes or soups, are Cochenours go-to. She said it can be hard to keep herself to the strict diet sometimes, but she plans to use tofu to substitute for traditional Thanksgiving meats.

Tofu has also really helped when trying to replace the meats like the turkey or ham, Cochenour said. Tofu turkey is pretty easy to make or a tofu loaf, theyre pretty flavorful.

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Students navigate dietary restrictions during the Thanksgiving holiday - K-State Collegian

A turkeyless Thanksgiving: Celebrating the holidays on a plant-based diet – Red and Black

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:56 am

Americans ate 45 million turkeys for Thanksgiving in 2017, according to an article from CNBC. Those who practice vegetarianism, veganism or other plant-based diets, however, forgo the classic main dish.

Plant-based eating is nothing new. People have practiced vegetarian diets, or abstained from certain kinds of meat, for thousands of years based on cultural and religious reasons. In the last few decades, however, the number of people transitioning to plant-based diets has been on the rise. More and more people are giving up meat not for cultural or religious reasons, but because of concern for animal welfare and the environment.

In 2018, Izy Dobbins became a vegetarian after cutting down on meat when she started college, she said. Dobbins, a senior advertising major from Savannah, said the primary reason she made the switch was the impact eating meat has on the environment.

My first semester of freshman year I took a class where we had a unit on sustainability and we talked a lot about the impact of our diets on sustainability and how meat is such a great personal contributor to climate change, Dobbins said. And I thought, well, I don't eat that much meat anyway I might as well just not eat it at all.

Abby Winograd, a junior international affairs major from Miami, Florida, decided to become a vegetarian when she was 10 because of her love for animals. Then, when she was 18, she decided to make the switch to veganism out of environmental concerns involving the meat and dairy industries. Her family has also made the switch to a more plant-based diet over the last decade, now only occasionally having eggs or dairy, she said.

After making big lifestyle changes, the holidays can be difficult. Diana Richtman, a senior womens studies and English double major, has been a vegetarian for almost five years, she said. During her first holiday season after going vegetarian, she missed some of the foods she used to enjoy, like her familys stuffing, she said. In addition to missing some of her favorite foods, some of her family members didnt understand her new diet.

I have tofurkey every year and I don't go a year without [my immediate family] commenting on that, Richtman said. I think my extended family because they see me lessthey're very curious about what I'm eating, not necessarily in a bad way but when you're just trying to have a meal it could be a little frustrating to have someone asking you what you're eating.

Dobbins has experienced similar sentiments from her family, she said, not necessarily during Thanksgiving, but during other holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. Her grandparents will still sometimes ask her if shes eating meat again, she said. Even though Winograds family is mostly plant-based, shes faced challenges when it comes to her diet as well. When shed go to a friends house for Shabbat or other Jewish holidays, there wasnt always food she was able to eat there, she said.

While the holidays can pose some problems for vegans and vegetarians, the season can bring joy as well. Richtmans sister recently went vegan, and the two have been sharing recipes theyre excited to try together. Last year, Winograd got to host her family for a vegan Thanksgiving at her apartment in Athens, she said.

For the first time, my family came to Athens and I hosted them in my apartment, and we all did a big vegan Thanksgiving, Winograd said. That rocked and it brought a lot more meaning to it for me, because I wasn't just miserable.

Even though lots of holiday foods include meat or animal-based ingredients, there are many holiday foods vegans and vegetarians get to enjoy. Dobbins said she enjoys making stews, soups and chilis. She said these recipes can easily be made into vegetarian dishes, while still including protein and fiber. For her familys vegan Thanksgiving, Winograd made vegan mac and cheese using ingredients like cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast and Panko breadcrumbs, she said. Even though Richtman misses her familys stuffing, she said she still gets to enjoy her moms brown sugar and cinnamon sweet potatoes.

Entering into your first holiday season after going vegan, vegetarian or plant-based can be intimidating. Richtmans advice? Dont take things too seriously. If youre planning on bringing a dish to a gathering, aim to make it something everyone will enjoy even if it is vegetarian or vegan, she said. Dobbins said going easy on yourself during the holidays can also be helpful. If youre new to your plant-based diet, allowing yourself to have a few animal products will make the transition easier, she said.

During the holidays I would say if you're someone who's trying to cut down on meat, only eat the best meat, Dobbins said. Instead of eating meat for every meal, like when you're at home making a turkey sandwich, make that lunch something vegetarian. And then when it's fancy dinner time and you're getting a steak or ribs, or you're getting the juicy ham, enjoy that because that's the good stuff.

Winograd also shared Dobbins sentiment that when transitioning to a plant-based diet, it doesnt have to be all or nothing. Everyone is at a different step in the process of having a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based lifestyle, she said.

You can't make fun of or look down on other people that are in the process of becoming vegan and might be breaking it sometimes or enjoying the food they grew up eating, Winograd said. We're all on this journey of making the world better.

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A turkeyless Thanksgiving: Celebrating the holidays on a plant-based diet - Red and Black

WATCH: Pro Bodybuilder Tries To Follow The Insane Diet of WWE Superstar John Cena – Essentially Sports

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:56 am

YouTuber and Pro Body Builder, Aseel Soueid, is well known for his ate like challenges. After trying the diets of Lionel Messi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and many more, Soueid tried to eat like WWE icon John Cena.

The former WWE Championsdiet mantra is simple, Stay away from the junk. If its breathes or its green, eat it and overall make good decisions.

Soueid tried following his diet for one day. Cenas daily diet consists of approx 3,613 calories from seven clean meals and 290g of protein.

Before having the first meal, Soueid confessed, Id be lying if I say Im not scared. He started with a breakfast of six egg whites, two whole eggs, 100g of oatmeal with raisins on top, and one apple sauce cup. There were no condiments, and he cooked the oats in water instead of milk. Soueid mixed all of these as he got to meal number 2.

For this, he ate a protein bar before the third meal. Then, he enjoyed lunch with chicken breast, a cup of brown rice, and a cup of mixed vegetables.

The fourth meal was the post-workout meal. Soueid joked he had had some depressing post-workout meals, but Cenas was the worse of them. He ate gluten-free Pita bread with a can of Tuna due to his physical condition.

Not only did the apartment stank, but also Soueid could not finish the meal by itself. To gulp down the nasty taste of Tuna, he added some honey mustard to it.

For meal number five, he had the John Cena protein smoothie. It consisted of one banana, ice cubes, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, and one scoop of vanilla-flavored whey protein powder. This smoothie made up for the tuna disaster, according to the YouTuber.

With only two meals to go, we moved to the wholesome dinner. The dinner had cooked chicken breasts, a cup of brown rice, half a cup of pasta, and one cup of mixed vegetables. This meal was also gluten-free, high carb, and with lots of protein.

He still had one more meal left before the challenge was over. The last meal consisted of half cup of low-fat cottage cheese with vanilla-flavored casein protein powder.

After the challenge was over, Aseel revealed he was very full. He clarified the video was for entertainment purposes, and he is not trying to look like John Cena. The experience was definitely fun.

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WATCH: Pro Bodybuilder Tries To Follow The Insane Diet of WWE Superstar John Cena - Essentially Sports

The proatherogenic effect of high salt diet combined with focal hypoperfusion on spontaneous hypertension rat – DocWire News

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:56 am

This article was originally published here

Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2020 Nov 24;100(43):3407-3413. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.cn112137-20200806-02292.


Objective: To explore the histopathology, monocytes phenotypes and brain mRNA transcription of angiogenic and atherogenic factors preliminarily in spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHRs) fed with high salt diet and subjected to chronic focal hypoperfusion. Methods: A total of 21 SHRs were randomly assigned into SHR with normal diet (SHR-ND group, n=7), SHR fed with high salt (8%) chows (SHR-HSD group, n=14) groups. After induction of high salt diet for 20 weeks, unilateral carotid artery occlusion was applied to one half of SHR-HSD (SHR-HSD-UCAO, n=7) group for 10 weeks to mimic chronic focal cerebral hypoperfusion. The neuropathology, monocytes phenotypes and brain transcription of fibroblast growth factor (FGF-b), platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor (PD-ECGF), angiogenin (ANG), transforming growth factor- (TGF-) and vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) among three groups were compared. Results: The systolic blood pressure ((24612) mmHg vs (22016) mmHg, P=0.0291, 1 mmHg=0.133 kPa) and diastolic blood pressure ((18915) mmHg vs (16412) mmHg, P=0.0143) of SHR-HSD group were elevated significantly compared with those of SHR-ND group. Compared with normotensive Wistar-Kyoto (WKY), SHR-ND, SHR-HSD and SHR-HSD-UCAO groups demonstrated lipohyalinosis, vessel wall thickening, lumen narrowing and multiple enlarged perivascular space and diffuse disarrangement of nerve fiber and myelin vacuolation in corpus callosum pathologically. The ratio of CD11b(+) CD68(+) monocytes in peripheral blood of SHR-HSD group was higher compared with both SHR-ND and SHR-HSD-UCAO groups (P=0.000 8). The mean inflorescence index (MFI) of CD86 and CD206 showd considerable decline in SHR-HSD-UCAO group compared with those of SHR-HSD group (P=0.018 7 and 0.016 8, respectively). The CD86 MFI of CD11b+CD68+ monocytes in SHR-HSD-UCAO group was remarkably higher than that of SHR-ND and SHR-HSD groups (P=0.000 5). Compared with SHR-ND and SHR-HSD groups, the brain mRNA transcription of angiogenic factors including PD-ECGF and ANG were down-regulated (P=0.004 6 and 0.000 2, respectively), while the atherogenic factors including TGF- and VEGF-A were up-regulated in SHR-HSD-UCAO group (P<0.000 1 and P=0.045, respectively). Conclusion: SHR-HSD-UCAO group shares the pathophysiological characteristics with advanced stage arteriosclerotic cerebral small vessel disease (aCSVD), including neuropathology, imbalanced circulating monocytes phenotypes and down-regulated angiogenic factors.

PMID:33238670 | DOI:10.3760/cma.j.cn112137-20200806-02292

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The proatherogenic effect of high salt diet combined with focal hypoperfusion on spontaneous hypertension rat - DocWire News

Winter Immunity Diet: Have Spicy Almond Soup ‘Subz Badam Ka Shorba’ To Warm Up From Within – NDTV Food

Posted: November 27, 2020 at 12:56 am

This almond soup recipe is perfect for immunity diet.


Nothing feels better right now than tucking in the couch or bed, wrapped in a cosy blanket and enjoying some really warming foods. And when we think of soul-warming winter meals, soup always elicits a 'yes' from us. Soup is healthy, tasty and instantly soothes our senses and body. Be it for weight loss, for easy digestion, for cold and cough, or just for pleasure, a delicious soup is the best thing we can ask for in winters. Don't deny it!

A close cousin of soup - shorba - also tops our winter favourites. Shorba is just like a soup, except it is thicker and infused with strong herbs and curry spices. Shorba is more popular in Middle-Eastern countries but has many fans in India too. If you want to try having a decadent shorba this winter, we suggest you try subz badam ka shorba. This spiced almond soup with the goodness of almonds is just what you need to give a quick boost to your immunity.

Almonds are a powerhouse of various nutrients and healthy fats that works together to strengthen our body's layer of defence against seasonal illnesses. When combined with a range of other nutrient-rich veggies, and simmered with some powerful spices, this shorba is just undeniable.

(Also Read:5 Almond Soup Recipes You Must Try For A High Nutritive Meal)

Almonds are loaded with essential nutrients that can help boost immunity.Photo Credit: iStock


This healthful soup can be made in around 30 minutes, which is nothing for a hearty meal that you're going to love.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of subz badam ka shorba.

The spicy almonds soup is a dense broth made by simmering almonds along with nutritious vegetables of onion, carrots, green peas, beans and cauliflower. The shorba is imbued with loads of aromatic spices like cumin, ginger, garlic and khada masala (a mixture of whole spices in powdered form).

The recipe is very easy to follow and we are sure you'll end up making this immunity-boosting soup again and again, all through the winter.

About Neha GroverLove for reading roused her writing instincts. Neha is guilty of having a deep-set fixation with anything caffeinated. When she is not pouring out her nest of thoughts onto the screen, you can see her reading while sipping on coffee.

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Winter Immunity Diet: Have Spicy Almond Soup 'Subz Badam Ka Shorba' To Warm Up From Within - NDTV Food

7 Ways to Help a Loved One with Eating and Swallowing Difficulties – Being Patient

Posted: November 26, 2020 at 5:00 am

Trouble swallowing can be a slippery slope to a number of other health issues. Being Patient spoke to two experts in speech, language, eating and swallowing about ways caregivers identify, manage and treat swallowing-related conditions known as dysphagia.

As many as half of people living with Alzheimers maylose the ability to feed themselves as the disease progresses. Declining motor, sensory and cognitive skills may lead to trouble eating, or to difficulty swallowing, due to any of a number of swallowing-related conditions called dysphagia. Trouble swallowing can in turn lead to more serious health issues, from dehydration and malnutrition to pneumonia.

Rinki Varindani Desai, a speech-language pathologist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said caregivers of people living with dementia should consult with a doctor as well as aspeech-language pathologist on the best and safest ways to manage dysphagia, nutrition and hydration options, keeping in mind the persons advance directives and wishes.

Caring for a person with dysphagia and dementia presents a set of unique and difficult challenges, Desaiwrote in an article for the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders.With the right training, knowledge, and support, caregivers can enhance the quality of life of their loved ones with dementia. Regardless of a diagnosis, every individual deserves to dine with dignity.

Being Patient spoke to two speech-language pathologists about treatments and strategies for caregivers that may help manage and treat dysphagia.

Posture can be a major player when it comes to safety and swallowing.Caregivers should ensure that their loved ones with dementia and dysphagia are in a comfortable and upright position during meals, Desai wrote, and keeping them upright for 30 minutes after eating can help with digestion.

Meanwhile, a speech-language pathologist may recommend adjustments to a patients postures.According to Nicole Rogus-Pulia, a speech-language pathologist and an assistant professor of medicineat the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one adjustment includes the chin tuck, which moves the base of tongue further back to the throat and narrows the entrance to the airway to reduce the risk of aspiration. Another is the head rotation, which involves turning the head to the side while swallowing. It can be helpful for people with weakness on one side of the throat, redirecting material to the stronger side.

It really depends on the patient whether or not these postures are effective, Rogus-Pulia told Being Patient. For some patients, it can actually have the opposite effect where it causes more material to go down the wrong way.

Some people conduct these postural adjustments without consulting a speech-language pathologist, and she urges people to see a one before attempting these postural adjustments on their own.

Eating safely requires focus even for people in peak cognitive and physical health. For older adults grappling with dementias impacts on cognitive, motor and sensory skills, its all the more important.

To reduce distractions, Rogus-Pulia said, limiting the number of people eating with the patient can help while ensuring that dining remains a social event.

We use the same mechanism in our throat to breathe, cough, swallow [and talk], Rogus-Pulia said. If were trying to do too many things at once and were not paying close attention, the precise coordination that says its now time to stop breathing, and swallow can be disrupted.

Serving meals in a quiet environment, Desai added, using basic utensils required for a meal and avoiding placing unnecessary items on the table that can be distracting or confusing can also help.

Rogus-Pulia noted that caregivers should encourage loved ones to feed themselves, helping to the extent necessary so they can remain independent while dining. One approach that is effective is known as the hand-under-hand technique, where caregivers place their hands under the hand of the person they are looking after to help guide the hand to their mouths.

Caregivers should encourage their loved ones to eat slowly as people with dementia may require longer to complete their meals, Desai said. Smaller, more frequent meals or snacks throughout the day may help.

To ensure swallowing safety, she reminded caregivers to ensure that all food and liquid are swallowed before feeding the next bite. Frequently checking their mouths to make sure there is no accumulation of food is also important. And maintaining oral hygiene is crucial as it is one of the leading risk factors of aspiration pneumonia for those with dysphagia.

Selecting dish ware that makes it easy to see the food because of its color or lack of patterns is another helpful way to guide a person through a safe meal.

Desai added that verbal prompts can help, too: Depending on the persons language ability, this may mean giving very specific directions such as open your mouth, chew, swallow, offering simple choices such as Do you want soup or a sandwich?, or asking simple yes/no questions rather than open-ended ones.

Making food easier to see may not be quite a big enough change. Changing the food altogether, so that it is easier to manage, could be needed. Desai writes:

For some people with dysphagia, the texture of a normal diet can simply present too many risks, in which case, specific recommendations may be given by the [speech-language pathologist] about making changes to the texture or consistency of food/liquids, to reduce the risk of choking and other dysphagia-related complications Though it will sometimes be necessary to make these changes to food texture or to thicken liquids, it is important to still try to maintain the look of a normal diet, as this can preserve your loved ones enjoyment of food and help people with perceptual or memory difficulties recognize what they are eating.

A feeding tube is a medical device designed to provides nutrition to people who cannot eat or swallow safely, or who need supplemental nutrition. For caregivers to people in advanced stages of dementia, its a complex decision.Some physicians may recommend tube feeding when peoples dementia progresses to advanced stages and dysphagia becomes severe. However, studies have shown that the tube-feeding does not improve the quality of life for people with advanced dementia nor prolong duration of life.

According to Desai, tube-feeding may also increase a patients risk for additional health problems. In advanced stages, we have overwhelming evidence to show that its not going to prevent aspiration pneumonia, she said. Its not going to prolong their survival rate. And its actually another source of infection when you have a feeding tube in the stomach. The burden of having it doesnt outweigh the benefits.

Rogus-Pulia added: Sometimes, a speech-language pathologist isnt included in the end-of-life feeding discussion. And we really should be, because theres so much we can do to recommend safe swallowing that also aligns with the patient and [their familys] goals of care. There are ways that we can modify what youre swallowing that still are enjoyable. She said it is critical for people with a dementia diagnosis and their caregivers to discuss feeding options with their clinicians early, to make an informed decision.

However, both experts noted that tube feeding can help if patients with swallowing problems are admitted to the hospital temporarily due to acute illnesses or choking incidents. According to Desai, patients should work with a speech-language pathologist for rehabilitation.

Some studies have found that certaintongue-strengthening exercises and other rehabilitative therapies for dysphagia have shown promise in helping people improve sensory function, chewing abilities, and their safety and efficiency in swallowing.

Butaccording to Rogus-Pulia, there is still a dearth of research on effective therapies for swallowing for those living with dementia:Traditionally, its just been expected that individuals who have cognitive impairment cant participate in more of a rehabilitative approach, she said. We know from other studies focused on individuals with Alzheimers disease and other dementias that certainly they can participate in rehabilitative interventions.

General exercise has been shown to be really effective and lots of studies [show it can reduce] fall risk, she added. We really need to think about how we can apply that same type of intervention to swallowing.

Rogus-Pulia and colleagues are currently conducting a clinical trial to study the effectiveness of two interventions. One includes placing a small pressure bulb on the tongue which patients can push against the roof of their mouths repeatedly. With the device, clinicians can examine the pressure exerted by the patient and create targets for patients to work toward. Another intervention is a saliva substitute gel, which may increase lubrication in the mouth, reduce the effort needed while swallowing, and potentially improve oral health.

She hopes that such interventions may help slow down the decline of peoples swallowing abilities and build their muscle reserves, thus staving off the potential impacts of dysphagia for as long as possible and improving their quality of life.

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7 Ways to Help a Loved One with Eating and Swallowing Difficulties - Being Patient

The lights are on for Emma. Neighborhood glows teal as Stillwater teen battles cancer. – Press

Posted: November 26, 2020 at 5:00 am

The pain started in Emma Smrekars back, last spring. Then it spread to her side. Next came extreme fatigue.

Eating was the worst; it gave the Stillwater teen a horrible stomachache. A change in diet didnt help, and tests for gastrointestinal issues came back negative. She kept losing weight and getting weaker and weaker.

By the end of August, Emma had lost 30 pounds, could barely take a bite and couldnt sleep through the night without medication.

On the night of Sept. 1, Emmas parents, Scott and Lindsey, raced her to the emergency room at Childrens Hospital in St. Paul. A CT scan showed the cause of her unbearable pain: a tumor the size of a cantaloupe in her abdomen.

Within hours, Emma, 17, was transferred to Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis. Two days later, she was diagnosed with cancer. She spent the next 11 days in the hospital, where she underwent three surgeries, including the placement of a port for chemotherapy.

She has been in and out of the hospital ever since. Next month, she will start five weeks of intensive proton radiation therapy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Through it all, the residents of Stillwaters Oak Glen neighborhood have rallied to help. Theyve installed teal lights Emmas favorite color outside each house. Theyve brought meals, donated money and stepped up in every way possible, Lindsey Smrekar said.

I cant even talk about it without crying, she said. Its so hard to go through something like this. Everyone is so lovely, and theyve been so supportive. I wasnt expecting anything. Im just trying to figure out how to survive day-to-day and get my daughter through this. Its just this wonderful gift and support and love from everyone.

Emma is a senior at St. Croix Preparatory Academy in Baytown Township. Last year, she served as the school photographer and worked on the yearbook. She has not had the strength to attend school this fall, but she expects to graduate on time. She needs only three credits to graduate.

Emma loves taking pictures, drawing and painting. Her favorite artist is Van Gogh. At the top of her bucket list is seeing The Starry Night at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Shes the type of teen who tutors young neighbors in math and volunteers as a dog walker at the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury.

Emma is determined and persistent, Lindsey Smrekar said. If she doesnt get something right away, she just keeps doing it until she gets it.

Emma took her own senior photos. She set up a tripod near Lake McKusick in Stillwater, connected her Canon Rebel T6 camera with her phone and set up the angle and everything how she wanted it, Lindsey Smrekar said. When she told me to hit the button on the phone, I did. It was all her.

Her favorite TV show is The Office. Shes seen every episode at least 14 times thats a guess, but probably not embellishing, Scott Smrekar said. She loves Jim and the pranks that he pulls on Dwight. She has the Office Lego set, an Office pillow case, COVID masks, t shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, even a painted sign in her bedroom.

Many of the Dunder-Mifflin treasures were gifts from friends and family after learning of her diagnosis, he said.

The diagnosis has been hard on Emma, Lindsey Smrekar said. She is such a strong girl. I cant even imagine. I would have been doubled over and crying. Eventually, when she got into the hospital bed, she was puking from the pain.

Emma can still eat, but she receives most of her nourishment through a feeding tube. Her goal is around 1,000 calories a day. At first, she was into a lot of bakery products donuts and a lot of toast, Lindsey Smrekar said. But her taste buds are changing. Even foods she used to love like Dr. Pepper sodas, Twix and Kit Kat chocolate bars she doesnt now.

Emma loves the color teal because it reminds her of the ocean. Her favorite photo is one she took during a family vacation to Key West, Fla., last year. Her Make-A-Wish request is to go to Maui.

Chemotherapy has shrunk her tumor to the size of a baseball. Doctors at Mayo plan to treat her with 33 rounds of proton therapy, which has shown promise in treating several kinds of cancer. It can cause fewer side effects than traditional radiation, because doctors can better control where the proton beams deposit their energy.

They can stop it at a certain point, so it doesnt hurt any of her important organs that they are trying to keep safe, Lindsey Smrekar said. They want to safely get her better so she doesnt have a ton of side effects afterwards or problems later in life.

Hopefully, it just doesnt come back, her mother said. She can go to college and live a normal life.

Emma wants to study neuropathology at Bethel University in Arden Hills and specialize in cancer research because she just wants to make life better for other kiddos with cancer, Lindsey Smrekar said.

The Smrekars moved to their house on Swenson Street in Oak Glen from the citys North Hill neighborhood in 2018.

The first neighbors to introduce themselves were Dan and Amy Stoffer, who live across the street. They brought a pizza and a 2-liter bottle of soda.

After learning of Emmas diagnosis, Dan Stoffer came up with the idea of illuminating the neighborhood with teal lights. Many of the houses still have the original matching globe lamp posts that were installed when Oak Glen was developed. The lights stretch the length of Swenson Street and extend around the corners to Oak Glen Drive and Oak Glen Trail. Every household in the immediate vicinity 23 in all is participating.

No matter what, she can see those lights, Amy Stoffer said. Her neighbors know that shes going through a struggle, and we wanted her to know that we stand by her and her family.

It turns out finding the perfect shade of teal in a LED light bulb isnt easy.

The couple ordered multiple bulbs from different online shopping sites before settling on an 85-watt color-changing LED light bulb with a remote control they found on They ordered enough for the neighborhood.

The Stoffers, who have lived in Oak Glen since 2005, wheeled around a wagon with brown paper bags, which included the teal light bulb, a flier describing Emmas situation and an ask for an Emma Fun Fund. We were thinking theyd get her a nice Lego set or something, Scott Smrekar said.

Instead, the Stoffers returned with a gift box filled with cash, checks, a robe, cards and messages. The neighbors raised $1,170, enough for Emma to buy the new Canon EOS 90D camera she had been wanting.

Everybody gave money, even during this time, when theres a little bit of uncertainty That says a lot about our neighborhood, Dan Stoffer said.

Jon and Shelly Hill, for example, started a Meal Train online account for neighbors to take the Smrekars meals on Wednesday night. The Hills brought pulled pork and gluten-free apple crisp one week; next-door neighbor Josh Mogren brought over a full rack of very tasty ribs on another.

The Stoffers, who have two sons, Ben, 13 and Henry, 11, signed up to take chicken tortilla soup to the Smrekars.

We just know as parents how terrifying that must be for them and their whole family, and we just want to be there for them, Amy Stoffer said. I was really thankful for the opportunity to show our kids how important it is to care about other people, to take action when they see something that needs doing and to step up for other people.

The teal lights are expected to stay lit for as long as Emma is working to overcome her cancer, Amy Stoffer said. The couple bought extra bulbs in case replacements are needed.

The show of support has lifted the family through this hard year, Scott Smrekar said.

It means so much, he said. There is a lot of division right now in the country. We have Biden supporters and Trump supporters out here. Youll see Black Lives Matter signs, Blue Lives Matter signs. But none of this seemed to factor in whatsoever when the neighborhood learned of Emmas diagnosis. Everyone was so gracious and helpful. All they wanted to know was: How is she doing? What do you need? What can I do to help? We are so grateful.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help offset the cost of Emma Smrekars medical bills. To donate, go to

The lights are on for Emma. Neighborhood glows teal as Stillwater teen battles cancer. - Press

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