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The ‘Dirty, Lazy, Keto Cookbook’ Lets You Break Your Keto Rules And *Still* Lose Weight – Women’s Health

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

Photos by James Stefiuk for Adams Media

So you want to start (or find the motivation to continue) the keto diet. also really like chocolate. And you want a beer once in a while. And you miss your a.m. Starbucks run. Well, bestselling keto author Stephanie Laska just released a cookbook that will fix all of those keto problems.

In her new book, The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Cookbook: Bend the Rules to Lose the Weight, Stephanie gives detailed instructions and recipes for you to kinda-sorta follow the keto diet but still live your life and enjoy the foods you loveall while making weight loss a very real possibility if that's the goal you have in mind.

Adams Media

The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Cookbook: Bend the Rules to Lose the Weight!

The cookbook: The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Cookbook: Bend the Rules to Lose the Weight! (Adams Media), out now.

The author: Stephanie Laska. Stephanie is behind the Dirty, Lazy, Keto blog. She has an inspiring weight-loss journey of her own, which she detailed in her first book, DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Getting Started: How I Lost 140 Pounds. In a nutshell, Stephanie heard all the keto buzz and wanted to try it for herself, but she could only stick to it if she did it her waymeaning still enjoying her favorite foods, and things like Starbucks, too. Stephanie also leads a keto support group on Facebook that's open only to women (you can try it for free for a period, then you pay a fee).

What you'll get: Stephanie provides 100 recipes in the book, and they will appeal to a ton of different people. Whether you need a fancy-looking meal for when you're having people over, a meatless dish, or something that a picky eater will eat, you're in the pages of the right cookbook. P.S., you don't need to have any cooking experience to succeed with this book.

Stuffed Chicken for Suppah

James Stefiuk for Adams Media

Serves 4 | Prep time: 10 minutes | Cook time: 24 minutes



Cooking tips:

Per serving: 364 calories, 19 g fat, 7 g carbs (5 g net carbs), 4 g sugar, 40 g protein.

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The 'Dirty, Lazy, Keto Cookbook' Lets You Break Your Keto Rules And *Still* Lose Weight - Women's Health

Halo Top introduces 7 flavors of keto-friendly ice cream – USA TODAY

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

Keto dieters have another dessert option without breaking their regime:Halo Top announced the introduction of its new seriesof keto ice cream.

Keto followers can choose from seven flavors:Peanut Butter Chocolate, Berry Swirl, Jelly Donut, Chocolate Cheesecake, Caramel Butter Pecan, Banana Pie andWhite Chocolaty Macadamia Nut.

The dessert company says the Keto Series is lower in calories than regular ice cream without sacrificing flavor. Which is good news for those looking to ditch the extra carbs and calories.

The ice cream includes ultra-filtered skim milk and the pints have net carbs ranging from 5 to 10 grams, calories from 410 to 630 and protein from 17 to 22 grams. The serving size of the keto-friendly ice cream is two-thirds of a cup and calories range from 134 to 210 per serving.

Our brand is focused on making delicious dessert that everyone can feel good about eating, and these new flavors allow us to do that for our fans looking to limit their sugar intake, Meg Graeff, senior brand manager of Halo Top, said in a news release.

Experts say: Keto diet isnt the answer for weight loss. Heres what is

Who inspires you?: USA TODAY seeks your Women of the Century to commemorate 19th Amendment

Halo Top announced its Keto series line-up of seven new flavors including Peanut Butter Chocolate, Jelly Donut and Caramel Butter Pecan.(Photo: Halo Top)

Rebel Creamery, another ice cream company, was one of the first to roll out a keto ice cream line. The brand launched on Kickstarter in November 2017 andamassed over 1,400 people who pledged $80,400 toward developing the ice cream.

A half-cup servingincludes 120to 200 calories, 2 or less grams of net carbs per serving and 2 to 3 grams ofproteindepending on the flavor.

Other brands like Enlightened have also launched keto diet-friendly lines.

Enlightened introduced its keto line of 11-flavored ice cream pints and barsin 2019and each serving has less than 1 gram of sugar and 1 net carb.

Last year, the Ketogenic diet quickly picked up steam as a way to lose weight even ranking on the top 10 list of health-related Google searches of 2019 with what is keto?The prevalence and popularity have led to recent mainstream offerings at places like Chipotle.

The low-carb, high-fat diet has even got celebrity co-signs from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry and LeBron James. Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino even creditedthe diet to his 50-poundweight loss in 2018.

Halo Tops seven new flavors join a collection of 40-plus flavors from the brand including dairy and dairy-free pints and popsicles.

The Keto Series is now available at grocery stores nationwideand the suggested retail price is $5.99 for a 16-ouncepint.

Follow Jazmin Goodwin on Twitter: @jazminkgoodwin.

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Halo Top introduces 7 flavors of keto-friendly ice cream - USA TODAY

It’s never too late to get in shape –

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

When Jack Travis signed up for our 12-week body transformation, I knew it was going to be an experiment that would prove that weight training benefits everyone despite their age. But I could not have predicted how dramatic his results would be. This was because Jack started our program at the age of 79, and although he had a great attitude and was willing to make major lifestyle changes, it was hard to know how his body would respond. After three months of hard work and commitment, however, the results are in, and Jack has proved that its never too late to take control of your life and get in great shape.

Jack came to us in the fall because he wanted to lose weight and tone up. He had several physical issues I needed to research before we could begin an exercise program. Jack had recently undergone triple bypass surgery and had a new hip installed, so it took some time to contact the doctors and make sure we had approval. Finally, after a couple weeks, he received an endorsement from his doctor to join the program and we started by designing him a specific weight training program that included cardiovascular training and diet basics to help him reach his goals.

Jack began with a 60-minute workout that included a combination of weight training and body weight movements followed by a four-minute cardio session on the bike. We slowly worked him up by adding more weight to his exercises and time to his cardiovascular training, but we made sure his form was perfect and the workout was appropriate for his level. He worked out with us three times a week and quickly began to see results.

I had a lot of doubts of whether I could accomplish my goals at my age, but as I began working out and seeing the weight loss and began to tone up, I said, Wow, this is working, he said.

His results and energy level increased with each passing week.

Halfway through the transformation, an amazing thing happened. Jack previously had high blood pressure, but when he went to his doctor for a checkup, his blood pressure had dropped dramatically and was now completely normal. It used to be 150/90 or higher, but it was now 118/80. In addition, his weight continued to drop weekly at a very consistent rate, and his body began to take a whole new shape.

When Jack finally finished the program, he transformed his body from the inside out. He lost a total of 45 pounds, completely toned up, had much better stamina and blood pressure, and looked like a completely different person. He could now do a 60-minute weight training workout followed by 38 minutes of cardiovascular training and make it look easy.

When asked what advice he would give to others who feel like they are too old or too injured to get in shape, Jack said, I used to have this attitude that its OK to back off and not do things. I was getting older and didnt need exercise, but now I realize its never too late to get started no matter what your situation is or how old you are, and the results prove that.

Over the years, Ive trained people of all ages with injuries, medical conditions and other obstacles that needed to be overcome, but Jack Travis will go down in history as one of the most positive, inspirational fitness role models I have ever had the privilege to train. He decided to take control of his life and get in shape a few months short of his 80th birthday, and he more than accomplished his goals. He showed up every day with a smile on his face and a contagious positive attitude. He is a true example of what we should all strive for as we retire to try to live our best lives by preserving our bodies and health while enjoying life.

Congratulations, Jack! Your story will inspire many people to take control of their situations and transform their bodies. You are truly an example that its never too late to make a change.

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It's never too late to get in shape -

5 Fast Ways To Get Back On Track After Holiday Indulging –

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

First things first, the goal of losing weight is something personal to everybody.

Sure, there are plenty of health and wellbeing benefits if you do decide to lose weight. But if you choose not to, that is just fine too!

However, if you do wish to do something about those extra pounds this year and have no clue where you should start, you are not alone.

Youd be surprised to know that a quarter of people in the US who resolve to change different aspects of their lives for the better this New Year will also be hoping to lose weight. And that means they are also going to hope for cookie-cutter solutions fast weight loss alternatives, fad diets, quick fat burn exercises, etc.

You see, the thing is, losing weight successfully and without suffering any adverse side effects is something frightfully complicated.

There is a lot of dedication, will power and commitment attached to losing weight, not just following a strict diet. Anybody can go on a diet; a few can stick to it. Remember, this is something long-term that is you want to bring about a positive change in your life truly.

It is good to be determined and committed to attaining a goal, such as weight loss. However, what is equally vital to achieving that goal is being realistic.

The ability to effectively lose weight is directly proportional to personal honesty. Always make sure that your weight loss goals are realistic and in tandem to your lifestyle.

What that means is you will never have the time to cook a diet-conscious meal every night. And that is especially a truism if you dont like spending the on standing in front of your stove.

As per a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was identified that many diet relapsers did lose weight by going on fast or by taking fat loss supplements. However, the same study also discovered that those relapsers were able to maintain their weight loss in the long term.

A good workaround to staying committed yet comfortable is to cook for two nights any day of the week and ordering healthy options for the rest of the week.

Moreover, it is also crucial that you stay honest when it comes to your food preferences. If you dont like to eat quinoa to lose weight, dont. Go for something that suites your taste buds.

It is one thing to jump on a weight-loss bandwagon with a free gym pass and then quitting a week into your routine. To stay consistent, you have to first intrinsically realize why it is that you want to lose weight.

Knowing why you are setting a goal will help you stick to the pathways that lead towards a positive outcome.

Ask yourself questions like:

Jot down your answers in a notebook and keep reminding yourself!

Dont get sucked into new diet fads those so-called magical tips and ingredients to melt fat. There is no such thing as a secret to lose weight. The only secret is to understand what suits you.

The best diet is one that you can comfortably accommodate in your lifestyle while giving you all the nourishment you need to function normally.

Dont look at food as just means to curb your calories encourage yourself to eat healthier foods overall. Go for more wholesome foods, minimize your daily sugar intake, balance your calories, etc.

Practicing moderation is a heck of a way to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time rather than trying and forcing yourself to stick to a strict meal plan each day.

Sure, you may experience rapid weight loss. However, keep in mind that this is very short-term and is challenging to sustain. Slow and gradual weight loss far outweighs melting your fat as fast as you can.

That is because taking things slowly will enable you to get used to your routine. Losing half to two pounds every week is normal. But dont get too worked up about numbers practice moderation and consistency.

Gradually change your habits, start making time to go to the gym you dont have to go every day, every alternate day is fine.

It is effortless to concentrate on what just what you are consuming day in and day out. However, losing weight more sustainably requires a couple of other elements as well.

For example, hire a personal health coach if you can join a supportive community, etc. You see, without good moral support, you will never be able to get the knowledge that is vital to designing a long-term eating plan you can sustain.

It is essential to understand that your weight loss journey can be exciting, and at the same time, it can also be a total letdown.

When you slowly lose the motivation to attaining a goal, it can knock the socks off you. This is one of the most challenging parts of losing weight.

To maintain and sustain your weight loss, you are going to have fuel your resolve and keep moving forward!

Just keep on eating healthy, you can have a cheat day once or twice a month but be sure never to quite your physical training sessions.

As you take the first steps in your weight loss journey, endeavor and fight your desires, never forget to be your cheerleader. Dont neglect self-care! Remember to reward yourself in full when you achieve a goal. But more importantly, never compare yourself to anyone else!

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5 Fast Ways To Get Back On Track After Holiday Indulging -

TASTY TIDBITS – The Hudson Reporter

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

The first-ever Hoboken wrestling team trains regularly at The Edge in Hoboken. From left are James Davis, Rocco Riccardi, head coach Shane Stanek, Christopher Riccardi and Michael DAntonio.

The first-ever Hoboken wrestling team trains regularly at The Edge in Hoboken. From left are James Davis, Rocco Riccardi, head coach Shane Stanek, Christopher Riccardi and Michael DAntonio.

It all began as a simple discussion between concerned parents of Hoboken High School students, the students themselves, Hoboken athletic director Derek England and Hoboken Superintendent of Schools Christine Johnson.

The topic of that discussion: the possibility of Hoboken offering wrestling as a varsity sport.

At that point, England addressed the issue with Shane Stanek, a member of the Hoboken coaching staff in football and softball.

England knew that Stanek was a wrestler during his high school days at Bogota (Class of 2008) and asked Stanek if he would like to start the wrestling program at Hoboken.

Derek brought the idea up to me and I have to admit that at first, I was a little on the fence, Stanek said. I was already coaching two sports and didnt know if I would have the time. But some parents pushed for it and there were even more kids that wanted it. So I said that I would gladly do it.

With that, the advent of Hoboken wrestling was born.

I was for it right away, Stanek said. I was optimistic about it.

Stanek said that he received guidance from Pat Clark, who coached Stanek at Bogota and remains the schools head coach today.

He also happens to be my neighbor, Stanek said of Clark. He offered me a helping hand.

Stanek had a meeting with interested student/athletes who might consider becoming wrestlers.

We had 22 kids show up, Stanek said. I dont think our kids realized how much of a commitment wrestling takes. Its a major commitment. You have to watch what you eat. You have to train every day.

And of course, theres the weight loss aspect to the sport. Most high school wrestlers have to cut weight to make their certain weight class.

Once that happened, the numbers went down, said Stanek, who lost more than half of the original team. We only have 10 left.

There was yet another obstacle that came with being part of a fledgling program.

We werent going to have a place to practice, Stanek said. And we werent going to be able to have a home match.

But Dave Esposito, the renowned instructor of wrestling, Muay Thai, Ju-Jitsu and mixed martial arts at The Edge in Hoboken, was hopeful to see wrestling get off the ground on the high school level. Esposito was a three-time state medalist while wrestling at JFK-Iselin and was a two-time NCAA All-American at Lehigh. Esposito has been instrumental in introducing wrestling to children at Hoboken Recreation.

So Esposito offered his facility to the high school in order to practice.

I was very surprised, Stanek said. Its a big commitment from him.

The Redwings took to the mat for the first time last month. And the Redwing wrestlers have already seen a level of success.

For example, junior football standout Anthony Henriquez, wrestling at 195 pounds, earned the programs first-ever victory.

Hes pretty much just tackling kids, Stanek said, as Henriquez has brought his football talents to the mats. People dont expect much from him, because hes so short. But no one outworks him. Hes become very good at wrestling.

And because Henriquez has enjoyed a few victories, hes been encouraging other football players to join.

Hes already said, Coach, Im getting in much better shape for football, Stanek said. And eating healthy has given me more energy.

Freshman Michael DAntonio is the teams 106-pounder. DAntonio collected the first pin in school history last week. DAntonio has two wins thus far.

There are the Riccardi twins, sophomores Christopher (145 pounds) and Rocco (182 pounds).

Wait a minute. How can identical twins weigh nearly 40 pounds difference?

Theyre obviously not identical, Stanek laughed. They both have grown since the beginning of the year. Some have had immense growth.

Junior Ezire King is another football player who has joined the wrestling team. King has also won two matches thus far.

Hes been producing the best matches, Stanek said. Theyve been really exciting. Hes picking up the sport quickly.

Steven Hampton is the Redwings 220-pounder. Hampton is also a junior.

Hes shown a lot of promise for next year, Stanek said.

Senior James Davis is the teams 170-pounder. Davis had some experience wrestling before in Hoboken Recreation. Davis recently went undefeated in the Redwings tri-meet with Cresskill, Elmwood Park and Palisades Park/Leonia. Davis three wins leads the team right now.

Hes wrestled tough his entire life, Stanek said of Davis.

Needless to say, Stanek is excited about being part of a fledgling program.

I truly feel great about it, Stanek said. Wrestling is more difficult than anything theyve ever done. Im still happy with the kids we have. Theyre willing to finish this out. Im very proud of my wrestlers.

Staneks Redwings will battle Weehawken, Dwight Morrow and interestingly Bogota (Staneks alma mater coached by his mentor Clark) this weekend.

The Redwings will compete in the upcoming Hudson County Duals at Union City High School February 8.

Its not about going there to win, Stanek said. We want them to get the matches and more importantly, get the experience.

And then the Redwings will head to the NJSIAA District 9 tournament at Randolph High School later in February. Yes, wrestling is real in the Mile Square City

The Hudson Catholic boys basketball team has won seven straight games, but their biggest victory might have come last week at the Dan Finn Classic, when the Hawks defeated state-ranked Linden, 45-43.

Organizers of the Dan Finn Classic decided to honor would-be sophomore Antonio Sellers with the Player of the Game Award. For those who do not know, Sellers is battling brain cancer and is still recovering, but has been confined to a wheelchair. Sellers, the son of former St. Peters College hoop standouts Keith Sellers and Felicia Harris Sellers, has undergone two cancer surgeries on his brain since last March

North Bergens boys have also won three in a row, including a huge 61-40 win over Memorial. In that win, Esteban Dotel scored 23 points, two shy of what teammate DeAvion Ellis scored last week against American History

The Marist girls have reeled off seven in a row, thanks to the play of senior Kailyce Hanna, who has reached double figures in points in 11 of the last 12 games, including 17 points against St. Dominic Academy and 18 against a very good Teaneck squad

Secaucus Damaris Rodriguez had 24 points, five assists and seven steals against Lyndhurst and 22 points, five assists and two steals in a loss to Bayonne.

Bayonnes Makoye Diawara has been on an absolute tear. She had 33 points and 19 rebounds in a loss to University of Newark, had 19 points and 19 rebounds in a win over Kearny, had 20 points and 20 rebounds in a loss to Hudson Catholic, 12 points and 15 rebounds in a win over Secaucus and 19 points and 13 rebounds in a win against Lincoln.

And Hudson Catholics Zanai Jones? She had 19 points, five rebounds, five assists and four steals in the win over Bayonne, 19 points, five assists and four steals in a loss to Mount St. Dominic and 14 points, three assists and four steals in a win over Dickinson. Thats some production from the areas top females

Hudson Reporter Boys High School Basketball Top Five: 1. Hudson Catholic (10-4). 2. St. Peters Prep (11-2). 3. Marist (11-2). 4. Snyder (10-4). 5. Lincoln (8-3)

Hudson Reporter Girls High School Basketball Top Five: 1. Hudson Catholic (11-2) 2. Bayonne (13-2) 3. Marist (9-3) 4. Secaucus (11-2). 5. Lincoln (7-3). Jim Hague

Jim Hague can be reached via e-mail at

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TASTY TIDBITS - The Hudson Reporter

Malnutrition is on the rise in older adults how to spot the signs – The Conversation UK

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

While the obesity crisis is still considered the foremost public health epidemic in the west, one often overlooked condition is quickly becoming a growing concern. Malnutrition, sometimes referred to as under-nutrition, affects an estimated 3 million people in the UK alone. Globally, around 462 million adults are malnourished.

Malnutrition is a condition where a person is deficient in nutrients, such as protein, vitamins and minerals, or not getting enough calories. This has many effects on health and body function, including increased frailty, delayed wound healing, and higher mortality.

Not only that, malnutrition will cost UK health services 13 billion this year alone and is predicted to cost 15 billion in ten years. Reports also show that its also two to three times more expensive to treat someone who is malnourished, compared with someone who is well-nourished. This is because they need more resources to treat them, and a range of health conditions may develop as a result of malnutrition.

But data shows that people aged 65 years and over are more likely to be malnourished compared with any other age group. And this number is on the rise. In the UK, adults over 60 admitted to hospital with malnutrition increased from 1,405 in 2008 to almost 5,000 in 2018.

Several things might contribute to malnutrition in the elderly, including swallowing difficulties, poor dentition (such as having missing teeth), mobility issues, acute and chronic illnesses, and not meeting changing nutrient demands such as not getting enough protein. Another reason might be because almost 93% of people who are malnourished live at home, which means their nutritional health is often not monitored. Loneliness, depression, being unable to cook for themselves, having trouble accessing shops, and low income also contribute to poor nutrition in this age group.

A person is considered malnourished if they have a body mass index (BMI) under 18.5, or have unintentionally lost greater than 10% of their weight in the last three to six months. People with a BMI of less than 20 with an unintentional weight loss greater than 5% within the last three to six months might also be considered malnourished.

But its not always easy to spot the signs of malnutrition. Part of this is because it can happen gradually over a long period of time or signs often being considered as a natural part of ageing. But some common signs of malnutrition in older people may include their clothing, jewellery and dentures becoming loose, having a reduced appetite, lack of interest in food and drink, tiredness, altered mood, and weakness.

Healthcare providers in primary care or care homes will use screening tools to identify those at risk of malnutrition, or needing further assessment. These tools look at a persons BMI, alongside the amount of unplanned weight loss theyve experienced in the last six months to determine their risk. But for those living on their own, their nutritional status could still be overlooked. As malnutrition numbers continue to grow, friends and family members of older people are being urged to look for possible signs of malnutrition.

The first step in preventing and managing malnutrition is to focus on increasing calories and protein intake using a food-first approach, which aims to improve a persons nutrition through diet alone. This includes:

But improving nutrition alone might not be the only solution to malnutrition. People might need help with eating and drinking, they may need better fitting dentures, or they might need foods that are easier to chew and swallow. For those that are lonely, eating in a pleasant environment might also be key to building their appetite. And for those with financial difficulties, they might need help accessing food items.

In some cases, people with disease-related malnutrition might need oral nutrition supplements, which will provide them with energy, protein, and other essential nutrients and mineral. But evidence shows that providing dietary advice, support and guidance with or without an oral nutrient supplement, is effective in increasing nutritional intake and weight. In severe cases, nutrition can also be provided by tube feeding, which is usually done in a hospital or supervised by healthcare professionals.

Identifying those at risk of malnutrition early, understanding how to manage dietary needs and overcoming potential barriers to adequate food intake, is essential, given the serious health and financial consequences linked to malnutrition.

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Malnutrition is on the rise in older adults how to spot the signs - The Conversation UK

Entertainment Little Britain Will Return To Our TV Screens For The First Time In 12 Years – WSFM

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

British comedian and actor David Walliams has confirmed that hit comedy sketch show Little Britain will be making a comeback to our TV screens for the first time in 12 years.

The series started on BBC Radio 4 back in 2000 before morphing into a TV series three years later and starred Walliams and co-creator Matt Lucas playing multiple roles.

The pair brought the show back for a one-off radio special about Brexit, but now Walliams has said that a full television series is definitely on the cards.

I would say there will definitely be some more Little Britain coming, he told The Sun. I cant say when exactly but at the right time and place. It was fun coming back for radio because thats where we started.

We had to put it together quite quickly as it was about Brexit, Walliams continued. Plus no one expected us to come back on the radio. You would have expected Comic Reilef or a big live tour. Thee reaction was great, which was encouraging.

While we can still expect to have the same big laughs with the new series, Walliams did say that a new series would see changes made to some of the more inappropriate characters in todays cultural landscape.

Youd definitely do it differently because its a different time. Theres all kinds of tolerances that change.

No word yet on when the series could head to the small screen but were sure it will be worth the wait when it does!

Entertainment Little Britain Will Return To Our TV Screens For The First Time In 12 Years - WSFM

Find out how 21st Portsmouth mum Vicky lost nearly EIGHT STONE with Slimming World and changed her life – Portsmouth News

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

Now Vicky has become a Slimming World consultant

Online shopping was her friend and she hated taking her son Regan to the park because she couldn't keep up with him - just walking made her out of breath.

Weighing more than 21 stone, she was at the lowest point of her life and felt ashamed of what she had become.

In December 2018 Vicky went on a family holiday and couldn't bear to look at the photos that were taken of her. She was miserable and did her best to fade into the background in a men's XXL hoodie.

When her sister Hannah put photos of her on Facebook, Vicky removed tags or asked for the photos to be deleted. At that point, she hadnt put any photos of herself on social media for two years. A whole two years of memories with her three-year-old son missed.

At Christmas she knew something needed to change and made a promise with her mum Lesley and sister that they would all commit to joining Slimming World at the start of 2019.

They found a group that they could all attend at 9.30am on a Monday morning in Hilsea and on January 14 they joined.

That morning Vicky, who lives in Fratton, was dreading stepping on the scales - she knew it was probably the heaviest she had ever been. But walking into the group they were greeted with a warm, enthusiastic welcome from the consultant and Vicky could see on her sisters face that they had found the right place. The group were so supportive - it felt like walking into a family.

Being able to choose her own Personal Achievement Target meant Vicky could set herself smaller interim targets at first if she wanted to. It was tempting, but deep down Vicky knew the weight she wanted to get to and the consultant encouraged her to set it and that it was possible to achieve.

At the first weigh-in the following week, Vicky had lost 4lbs and she was disappointed - not with the loss, but with herself because she knew she hadn't food optimised 100 per cent.

By taking a seat in the group they were all committing just one hour a week to themselves and that rang true with Vicky, as she had spent such a long time not committing to herself and her diet.

She promised herself that she would commit to staying each week with IMAGE therapy and quite quickly she recognised the weeks she was disappointed with her loss, or weeks that were going to have challenges, were the weeks she needed to stay - the group motivated her to keep going and helped her to re-focus.

They are a friendly, fun and supportive group who make everyone feel welcome, respected and valued. At group you are never humiliated or judged and your weight is never disclosed. For Vicky, those weeks where you feel like giving up are the weeks it is most important you stay.

Vicky loves that with Slimming World she never has to feel hungry and has the freedom to enjoy real food - she's still having roast dinner, chilli, spaghetti Bolognese, chicken balti and a cooked breakfast! But now she makes it from scratch and it tastes so much better.

Most importantly for her, she is teaching her son how to eat healthily, getting him involved with cooking. He loves mixing up seasoning.

Before, Vicky would have huge plates of food, cream-topped frappucinos and sneakily eat sharing-sized bags of Maltesers whilst sat at her desk at work.

Now she plans and prepares what she is eating the day before and puts in treats for the times she might struggle. Vicky uses her syns to eat what she really wants and most days still manages a frappucino from Starbucks (but she now has the light version - safely within her syn allowance).

She also loves a Slimming World mint HiFi bar and was VERY happy when they made a return earlier this year!

As well as the diet, Body Magic encourages small, easy steps to increase activity and Vicky started this by cutting out using the lift at work - and making her colleagues do the same in the process.

Then in the summer she started walking to and from work. When Vicky first started she was a hot, sweaty mess by the time she arrived at work (and then had to climb three flights of stairs), but now she finds it is her 'me' time each day and feels it has had a huge impact on her mental health as well as her physical ability.

Last October Vicky went to Florida on another family holiday, but this time six-and-a-half stone lighter. She started each day with an hour in the gym - something she would never have dared to do before.

This time she didn't need to worry about fitting into her seat on the plane or whether the rollercoaster barriers would hold her in place. On her first weigh-in back after her holiday, she had even lost another 2.5 lbs.

This week Vicky, the week before she relaunches her Slimming World group, hit her target with a total weight loss of 7st 12lbs. She walks for 40 minutes a day now and enjoys exercising. That's something she never would have thought possible just a year ago.

Her journey with Slimming World has been truly life-changing and now she hopes she can help other people experience that same fantastic feeling. Join Vicky at St Francis Church, Hilsea on Mondays at 9.30am and 11.30am

Find out how 21st Portsmouth mum Vicky lost nearly EIGHT STONE with Slimming World and changed her life - Portsmouth News

Dear David Attenborough: The bears are at the door – GreenBiz

Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:44 am

Funny scene from a movie whose name I have long since forgotten:The Saturn V rocket is about to lift off, taking three astronauts to the moon. The NASA announcer does the 10-nine-eight countdown and says, "Blast off!" Nothing happens. The massive crowd gathered to watch the rocket shouts at the rocket with one voice, "Blast off!" Nothing happens. Then finally Walter Cronkite the most popular evening news anchor of his era, considered "the most trusted man in America" says in his most stentorian voice, "Blast off!"

On Cronkites command, the engines light up and the rocket lifts gracefully into space.

I was reminded of that scene when I read that David Attenborough, the most trusted man in nature broadcasting, said in a recent interview that "the moment of crisis has come" with regard to climate change.

I beg to differ, Sir David, although I understand why your statement was immediately tweeted around the planet. You held yourself back from such pronouncements for a long time, which means that now, when even you have overcome your reluctance to point out problems, they seem to have extra weight.

The climate crisis that humanity is facing is not a moment. It is a process that has been building up for decades and will unfold for decades.

But I have two concerns about Attenboroughs statement, welcome though it may be by all of us hoping for faster action on climate. First, the climate crisis that humanity is facing is not a moment. It is a process that has been building up for decades and will unfold for decades. There is no single threshold that we have just crossed, or will cross. Dozens of thresholds are being passed all the time, different aspects of a century-long crisis, and they are accumulating relentlessly.

Perhaps the sense of crisis has reached more people now, thanks to voices such as Attenboroughs and Greta Thunbergs. But even this fast-growing sense-of-crisis minority is far from a critical mass calling for transformative action. In Paris last year, the critical mass actually was protesting against actions being taken on climate change. (The city of Barcelonas recent declaration of climate emergency could prove to be an actual critical mass, in a very special and beautiful city, but only time will tell.)

Second, the crisis is not yet here. It is still, for most of us, there. To the extent that Australias bush fires were enflamed by global warming and they almost certainly were they happened "down under," to a specific piece of that continent. The rising sea levels are taking their first victims, but they are as far away from the BBC studios as they can be, on small islands in the South Pacific. The disappearing sea ice in the Arctic directly affects Inuit and other indigenous hunters, as well as iconic polar bears. People in these places really are in crisis.

But not London, nor most of the rest of the developed world. At least not much, and not yet.

Where the Crisis of the Century is most being felt is, of course, among the poorest of the poor.

Of course, the appearance of this more widely shared sense of crisis is meaningful. Companies are genuinely worried about their value chains and business models. Financial houses are seriously concerned about risk and even more interested in the new investment opportunities that have been revealed in the need to build out global infrastructure and industry very differently. Investors are talking about crisis in new ways and their voices carry nearly Attenborough-levels of weight. But they are not yet in crisis.

Where the Crisis of the Century is most being felt is, of course, among the poorest of the poor. Around 25 million people are already displaced by climate-related events each year. Drought, natural disaster, loss of agricultural land and conflicts made worse by displacement are driving even more into refugee status. These "side effects" of a warmer planet are already claiming thousands of peoples lives and will take many more in the coming decades. And almost all of those people will be poor.

Over 30 years ago, when I was editing a magazine on sustainability, I engaged in a friendly debate with a fellow magazine staffer who worried that humans were not wired up, neurologically, to respond to long, slow, abstract threats such as climate change. Our brains had evolved to respond to immediate problems, such as a bear showing up at the family cave. My colleague was quite pessimistic. Given the built-in short-term perspective given to us by evolution, our goose probably was cooked.

Back then, I also begged to differ in my first published essay, "The Bear at the Door." Education, different indicators, nightly news reports, tax incentives: link enough of these together, I said, and we could condition ourselves to react appropriately. We could learn to perceive the threat of climate change as real, despite its seeming so far in the future and abstract, just as we had conditioned ourselves to respond to stock market indices and other numbers. Indicators made these large abstractions real to us.

Today, Im not so sure. Decades of squiggly lines on graphs and scientific reports on risk have not yet turned the tide. Even fire and flood are not enough to convince large numbers of people that the climate crisis is real. And now I see regular news reports of actual bears displaced polar bears, hungry and searching for food, which is increasingly hard to find in a fast-warming Arctic showing up at actual doors. Still the world is not reacting quickly enough, when it reacts at all.

Even fire and flood are not enough to convince large numbers of people that the climate crisis is real.

Clearly I was wrong, back in the summer of 1989, to believe that timely information on the threat of climate change would be sufficient to turn the global tide in time to avoid a crisis. Attenborough is right. Impacts worthy of a sense of crisis are already here. The bears are crowding at our doors.

But at least the sense of crisis is growing, along with the actual crisis. And crisis does seem to get us humans moving. In some ways, we are already too late. But there is still a chance in other ways some very important other ways we will be just in time.

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Oshkosh man hopes to inspire others through amazing weight loss – WMTV

Posted: January 23, 2020 at 10:45 am

OSHKOSH, Wis (WBAY) -- An Oshkosh man is hoping to inspire others who are trying to keep their New Year's resolution to lose weight on track.

Justin Sosnoski is a regular inside the Oshkosh YMCA, and it's been that way for years.

He's come a long way from a childhood filled with bad eating habits, inactivity and video games.

"I was always the fat kid from probably age 6 all the way through high school. My peak was 352 pounds when I was 18 years old," says Sosnoski.

After graduation, Justin decided it was time for change.

"I never had that vision where I was going to be obese as an adult. I wasn't going to live that life, so I always had that dream," recalls Sosnoski.

Justin started with just a few simple goals: eat healthier and become more active.

"Riding my bike around the neighborhood one time, that was a huge achievement, and then the next step was riding my bike across town to my parents' restaurant. And I just started walking around the neighborhood. I'd do one lap and then I'd push myself, well, let's do two laps. I got to the point where I was walking in the early going 15 miles a week, and at my peak I was walking 40-something miles a week," says Sosnoski.

A year-and-a-half after tipping the scale at 352 pounds, Justin weighed in at 170, a weight loss of 182 pounds.

He had surgery to remove the excess skin and started lifting weights to tone up.

Now 29, Justin has maintained his weight through basic exercise and healthy eating.

Through Instagram and Facebook, he's hoping to inspire others.

"Any kid that maybe was in my shoes, 18 years old, you're obese your whole life, doesn't have to be like that, but also if you're 50 years old, you don't have to see 60 at the same weight; it's never too late to change. Number one thing with fitness is, you never have the body. It's always your rent is due every day, so you can get in crazy shape and in three months that could be a past memory, so every day rent is due," says Sosnoski with a smile.

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Oshkosh man hopes to inspire others through amazing weight loss - WMTV

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