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Why there’s zero reason to lose faith in Jeremy Pruitt and the Tennessee Vols –

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:59 pm

Saturdays loss to Georgia was a tough one to swallow for Tennessee Vols fans.

Tennessee recovered a fumble in the end-zone on Georgias opening drive. And the Vols led 21-17 at halftime.

For a couple of hours, it really felt like UT was going to pull off the upset in Athens and give Jeremy Pruitt the biggest win of his career.

But everything fell apart in the second half. The offensive line looked overmatched. Jarrett Guarantano looked like the JG weve all come to know over the last few years. And the defense was on the field way too much.

It was a disastrous second half that made it clear that Tennessee is not ready to compete for SEC championships.

But while its obvious the Vols still have a long way to go before theyre going to be a threat to win the SEC East, I still dont think theres any reason to doubt Pruitt and the job hes doing at Tennessee.

Pruitt is trying to build something sustainable in Knoxville. Hes not taking shortcuts (you know, like Butch Jones did).

Its kind of like a diet. You can crash diet and lose weight fast. Only to quickly regain the weight you lost and then some. Or you can change your lifestyle completely and achieve sustainable weight loss. It takes longer, but the results last.

Thats what Pruitt is doing at UT.

Its similar to what Dabo Swinney did at Clemson.

It took Swinney a while to get over the hump. In his third year, he went 6-7. Then for the next couple of years, Swinney averaged 10 or 11 wins a year. But he could never win the big one.

In 2013, for example, Clemson was cruising on their way to an undefeated season. They hosted No. 5 Florida State on a Saturday night and got absolutely dominated. The Tigers lost 51-14 in front of their home crowd, ending their national title hopes.

This was the narrative surrounding Swinney until 2015 when the Tigers finally reached the championship game. In 2016, Clemson finally won it all.

It took Swinney eight seasons to finally breakthrough. And since then, Clemson has been among the elite programs in college football.

And thats because Swinney didnt take shortcuts. He built a program that is going to have continued success because it was built the right way.

Thats what Pruitt is doing in Tennessee.

I think we saw last year after the losses to Georgia State and BYU that a Pruitt-led Vols team isnt going to lay down. Theyre not going to give up.

If anything, the loss to Georgia on Saturday will make Tennessee a better team.

I know its frustrating for fans to watch UT miss out on winning the big game. But would you rather see an upset win every now and then, or a program thats goes through some growing pains but ultimately has staying power in the SEC?

Be patient. Tennessee is still on the right path.

Featured image via Tennessee Athletic Communications

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Why there's zero reason to lose faith in Jeremy Pruitt and the Tennessee Vols -

Feeding America hosts drive-thru food distribution in Manitowoc –

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:59 pm

MANITOWOC, Wisc., (WFRV) Feeding America is helping folks who find themselves in a food emergency, many of them for the first time, because of the pandemic.

Local 5 News was there as they distributed food Monday with a drive-thru set up. The non-profit worked with the Department of Agriculture and Valley Cooperative Association to get the boxes of food handed out safely and with as little contact as possible. Volunteers weathered the rain to make sure those who waited for food drove away with a healthy supply of the staples for good nutrition.

Each box contained a variety of nutritious items from chicken to dairy to vegetables and cheese.

With the pandemic, with the loss of jobs, theres been a tremendous need in our community, explained volunteer Deena Larsen who works with Grow It Forward. Weve been serving anywhere from 800 to 1,000 households.

Feeding America has multiple drive up food distribution events scheduled for Northeast Wisconsin including a distribution scheduled for Wednesday at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Its all part of the Partnership for a Healthier America project.

As a hunger-relief organization, its important that we not only provide food to the community we serve, but that we also provide healthy food that allows for a well-balanced diet, says Patti Habeck, President of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. We are showing a commitment to the health of our communities by increasing our distribution of healthy foods and reducing the amount of unhealthy foods that come through our food bank.

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Feeding America hosts drive-thru food distribution in Manitowoc -

MassDOT announces more than $1 Million in final round of Shared Streets & Spaces Grant Program –

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:59 pm

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has awarded nearly $1.2 million in the final round of funding from the Baker-Polito Administration's Shared Streets & Spaces program. The program, which was launched on June 10, provided technical and funding assistance to help Massachusetts cities and towns conceive, design and implement tactical changes to curbs, streets, on-street parking spaces and off-street parking lots in support of public health, safe mobility and renewed commerce. With the award of this final round of funding, the program will have given out a total of $10.2 million to fund 124 projects in 103 municipalities across the commonwealth, of which 60 percent are Environmental Justice communities.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito and Secretary Stephanie Pollack visited Essex Street in Salem to highlight the implementation of two grant awards through the Shared Streets and Spaces Program. Salem has implemented expanded sidewalks and safety measures on Essex Street and shared streets and safe routes to school including the addition of protected bicycle lanes and new shared street signage.

"Many communities have demonstrated their creativity to create safe spaces for outdoor dining, safe connections to businesses and workplaces and expanded space for all transit optionsfrom buses to bikes through the Shared Streets and Spaces grant program," said Gov. Baker. "We are pleased that these grants can provide safe and responsible improvements while helping to stimulate our businesses and help people feel more comfortable moving about safely."

This new round will provide $1.18 million to projects in 17 municipalities, of which 65 percent are Environmental Justice communities.

"Now more than ever, it's important to continue to support small businesses and restaurants which make up the fabric of our communities by shopping and dining locally," said Lt. Gov. Polito. "We will continue to work with our partners at the local level and support the needs of all 351 of Massachusetts cities and towns."

A total of 304 applications were submitted by 279 municipalities, for a total of $34 million requested.

"The Baker-Polito Administration's Shared Streets and Spaces Emergency Grant Program has held an overwhelming response from cities and towns," said Transportation Secretary and CEO Pollack. "This program has really stretched our thinking about how all of us can work together to make our streets, sidewalks and parking areas serve as many diverse purposes as possible for as many different kinds of needs as possible."

The list of cities and towns awarded Shared Streets & Spaces grants in the final round of funding rounds are as follows:

Types of projects funded by the Shared Streets & Spaces program included

The Baker-Polito Administration launched the Shared Streets & Spaces program to support quick-build projects that can bring meaningful benefits to cities and towns. The program is modeled after the administration's Complete Streets Funding Program, created in February 2016, which, as of January 2020, has awarded a total $46 million to cities and towns for municipal projects improving infrastructure to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transportation customers. The administration included $20 million for the Complete Streets Program as part of the administration's $18 billion transportation bond bill which was filed in July 2019.

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MassDOT announces more than $1 Million in final round of Shared Streets & Spaces Grant Program -

Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape – The New York Times

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

It also helped that she was no longer able to go out for meals and had to cook at home, where she prepared healthy meals for herself, like chicken, fish and salads. Rather than vodka on the rocks, her previous cocktail of choice, she diluted her vodka with mineral water and a splash of cranberry juice. Quarantine gave me time to be creative with the meals I was eating, she said.

Another reason many people gained weight is that they stopped planning their meals in advance. Without planning ahead, they would just grab whatever was available.

Before shelter in place they would prep their meals and sort of had a plan, said Dr. Rami Bailony, the co-founder and chief executive of Enara Health, a digital membership weight loss clinic. Once Covid hit they thought they could cook something up that was healthy. But once youre thinking about eating in the moment you tend to go with whats expedient.

When the pandemic started, Mindy Bachrach, 58, a home health occupational therapist in Henderson, Nev., soothed herself with sugary and high fat foods. As an essential worker, she was working pretty much all of her waking hours. I have a weird job, I eat in my car all the time, she said. If I dont prepare very carefully, I end up getting fast food, which I dont even like.

After two weeks, her pants were tighter. As someone who had lost and regained dozens of pounds in her life, she panicked. I decided I had to do something, she said. If I didnt, things were going to get out of control.

She went on the Whole 30 plan, which eliminates processed foods, sugar and sugar substitutes, alcohol, grains, dairy and most legumes. She also stopped weighing herself. I wanted the focus to be on how foods made me feel and not weight loss itself, she said. Thirty days later, she stepped on the scale and was down 20 pounds.

Randy Garcia, 42, of Dallas, has lost 104 pounds since July, 2019, with the help of Enara, which connects members with a doctor, dietitian and exercise coach and costs $400 a month.

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Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape - The New York Times

Study finds that intermittent fasting is not effective for weight loss – Boing Boing

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

I've been skipping breakfast for the last six months or so. I've lost a lot of weight, but I've also been avoiding carbs so I don't really know why I lost weight.

I just came across this study published in JAMA Internal Medicine that found that intermittent fasting, on its own, doesn't help with weight loss.

In this prospective randomized clinical trial that included 116 adults with overweight or obesity, time-restricted eating was associated with a modest decrease (1.17%) in weight that was not significantly different from the decrease in the control group (0.75%).

Participants were randomized such that the consistent meal timing (CMT) group was instructed to eat 3 structured meals per day, and the time-restricted eating (TRE) group was instructed to eatad libitumfrom 12:00pmuntil 8:00pmand completely abstain from caloric intake from 8:00pmuntil 12:00pmthe following day

Time-restricted eating, in the absence of other interventions, is not more effective in weight loss than eating throughout the day.

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Study finds that intermittent fasting is not effective for weight loss - Boing Boing

Weight loss story: ‘I lost 21 kilos in just 4 months without hitting the gym!’ – Times of India

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

When 31-year-old Mahaveer realised that he had to get back in shape and shed all the excess kilos for the sake of his family, there was no looking back! Without the help of fad diets or gymming, he lost a massive 21 kilos in a span of just four months. Read on. Name: Mahaveer JainOccupation: EntrepreneurAge: 31 years Height: 5 feet 5 inches

City: Bengaluru

Highest weight recorded: 103 kg

Weight lost: 21 kgDuration it took me to lose weight: 4 months

The turning point: I had tried a lot of things over the years to lose weight and get back in shape, but nothing really worked for me. I was suffering from a variety of medical issues like high blood pressure, high sugar, high cholesterol levels and migraine. I also had weak immunity because of all the extra kilos. However, when in April 2020 my second child was born, I realised that I needed to live a long and healthy life to see my kids and wife happy. Hence, that was the day I decided to lose weight and get back in shape and with the support of my parents, my brothers and my wife, I was able to do it.

My breakfast: I choose anything from a bowl of sprouts, salad, a portion of fruits, poha, idli, dosa etc. I also have a cup of green tea.

My lunch: 2 chapattis with green vegetables

My dinner: I choose anything from curry and brown rice, vegetable sandwich, a bowl of soup etc.

Pre-workout meal: A cup of black coffee

Post-workout meal: My breakfast

I indulge in: I eat Idly Dosa Pulav from my favourite restaurant on my cheat days!My workout: I love trying new things, so my workout routine wasn't fixed. I do everything from walking, jogging, cycling to climbing the stairs. Low-calorie recipes I swear by: I did not go for any fad diets, rather stuck to homemade food. I drastically cut down on my sugar intake and used jaggery instead. I made sure not to skip meals to stay hungry to lose weight.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: I have realised that nothing matters more in life than staying healthy and fit. It took me 31 years for sure, but the realisation will stay with me for a lifetime. How do I stay motivated? Now, since all my medial parameters are under control (sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.), it keeps me motivated to stay healthy and fit.

How do you ensure you dont lose focus? A lot of people got inspired seeing me lose weight which is a great feeling in itself and keeps you focused.

Whats the most difficult part of being overweight? When you are overweight, every little thing is really difficult. While I never used to show it to anyone, but I faced several difficulties when I was unfit. For example, I used to get exhausted after playing with my kids for some time and climbing even two flights of stairs was a task for me.

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Weight loss story: 'I lost 21 kilos in just 4 months without hitting the gym!' - Times of India

UAE weight-loss: ‘How I lost 26kg in one year without going to a gym’ – Gulf News

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Veena before (left) and after Image Credit: Supplied

Its easy to fall into the well of self-deprecation when others validate your worst thoughts. I used to think others called me fat because I was fat, recalls Veena B.Nair. The mother-of-two found herself agreeing with body-shamers more and more as she hit 90kg.

Then when she decided to stop working in Dubai and focus on a being a homemaker in 2018, she also resolved to make a change. I was just trying my own thing. I was going through videos etc. and basically they all spoke about reducing carbs. I have purely focused on [food to lose weight], she says.

She explains that she can spilt her weight-loss journey into three stages. In the first and second stages the self-confessed foodie stopped eating from restaurants. She stopped eating non-vegetarian food and she cut down on her portion sizes. Instead of 4 chappatis [flat bread]that I was eating I would eat 1.5, she explains.

Every week Nair would check her weight. And every time there was a drop in numbers shed celebrate. The feeling that overtook her was So I can reduce [weight too].

She also began to drink more and more water. Once I started drinking water I could see the results. I was drinking 3 litres of water [every day] for 3 months, she explains. She drank water before meals to curb appetite, she drank water when she was bored; she drank water through the day.

She said goodbye to her favourite treats from the bakery or just hot off the wok.

As for exercise, she says laughing: Exercise I didnt do much - only housework. And sometimes I will do walking or something, but it was not a factor at all - I was lazy to do [any more exercise].

At the end of three months, she lost 15kg.

Early days

Nair has always loved her food, but the weight began to pile on soon after puberty. She has PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), a common hormonal issue, that can lead to weight gain. Her menstrual cycle was irregular it would come once every 45 days or so, she recalls. Doctors told her to lose weight and people used to make fun like, you are growing size wise not height wise, she says.

She had tried over the years to kill the kilos but nothing had worked and for each child she had, she gained 10kg.

So it was heartening for her to see the change from phase one It was very motivational for me to see my looks change, she says. And the reception this got was even more gratifying.

She happily headed into stage 2, where she increased her food intake, still boycotting all meat products and keeping away from food from outside.

Over the next three months, she lost 5 more kilos. Her menstrual cycle became regular and she began to see a change in herself.

Finally, in stage three she went back to eating non-vegetarian food. By now Nair had honed her skill keeping portion sizes small and limiting her intake of unhealthy goods. She was also determined to lose weight.

She lost, in another 6 months, another 6 kilos.

After this giant drop, she began to draw concern for being too thin and as a result began to let her hair down, ending 2019 4kg heavier. Shes maintained this new goal weight - 68- since.


Thats not to say there werent any hiccups. One problem I faced later on was I started feeling my skin is having some problem. Like that time I went to a dermatologist. She said its ok, because you have reduced so much of weight, maybe because of that. I was having hair fall and skin issues, she says. She hadnt been on supplements of any sort. But this has since balanced out.

Its easy to fall into the well of self-loathing when others give voice to your worst thoughts. But grit will always beat the nexus of negativity. And when it does, the butterfly will emerge.

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UAE weight-loss: 'How I lost 26kg in one year without going to a gym' - Gulf News

Walking At This Time Can Help You Lose More Weight – Yahoo Canada Shine On

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Getting your steps in each day provides many benefits, mentally and physically. While any movement throughout the day, walking or otherwise, can be helpful for weight loss, there is research that suggests walking after a meal may provide additional benefits. Let's take a look at how exercise can influence weight loss, how much you need to walk each day, how to maximize the benefits of exercise, and why this is ultimately the best time to walk to lose weight. And for more healthy tips, be sure to check out our list of 21 Best Healthy Cooking Hacks of All Time.

We each have a base amount of calories we burn in a day. This is often referred to as your resting metabolism, and while that number stays relatively stable, the amount of movement we do each day through walking around the house, running errands, and intentional exercise can significantly increase your total calorie burn.

Weight loss is not always a straightforward calorie equation, but energy in versus energy out plays a major role in weight loss. Adding more movement each day is likely to be helpful in that calorie equation and aid in a weight loss goal.

Additionally, exercise can help manage blood sugar levels, another benefit aiding in weight loss. A 2016 study found walking for 10 minutes after each meal helps to lower blood sugar levels in those with Type 2 diabetes more than walking for 30 consecutive minutes at any other time throughout the day. While this study focused on those with diabetes, it is reasonable to expect similar outcomes in those with prediabetes, according to this study from 2013.

What is the mechanism behind exercise helping manage blood sugar levels? It is pretty simple. As your heart rate increases during moderate-intensity exercise, your muscles start to prefer carbohydrate, or sugar, as a primary energy source. When you eat carbohydrates at a meal, your blood sugar naturally starts to rise and it is the job of insulin to help pull that sugar out of the blood and deliver it to the different tissues of the body. Walking increases the amount of sugar your muscles require and helps to make use of the excess sugar that may be in your bloodstream following a meal.

Managing blood sugar levels is extremely important for cardiovascular health and may also make weight loss easier. Post-meal exercise serves two major benefits for weight management: It increases calorie burn to encourage your body to use fat as an energy source, and it helps manage blood sugar levels that support overall health and alleviate the pancreas of additional work trying to manage blood sugar with insulin.

While there are many recommendations that exist for the amount and type of exercise you should be getting, the American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, like walking, each week. Walking just 21 minutes per day at a moderate speed may reduce the risk for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, which is especially important for the 34.5% all US adults who have prediabetes and can support better bone health and promote less weight gain.

Walking at any time during the day can be beneficial for physical and mental well-being, however, walking after meals may be particularly helpful for those with pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes as the increased movement is able to remove some of the excess sugar in the blood and put it to work in muscle tissue. For those without any health conditions who are aiming to lose weight or use exercise to prevent future health complications, walking can be a valuable component in your daily routine.

To get started today, here are30 Tips When You're Walking for Weight Loss.

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Walking At This Time Can Help You Lose More Weight - Yahoo Canada Shine On

Gemma Collins looks slimmer than ever in pyjamas after 3st weight loss in Happy Monday snap – The Sun

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

GEMMA Collins shows no signs of slowing down her weight loss journey as she dazzles in a pyjama set.

Theself-confessed diva, 39, looked slimmer than ever after dropping 3stone, as she tried to cheer up fans by wishing them a "magical Monday".


Lying on a cream striped chaise, Gemma beamed towards the camera as she leaned her head on her hand.

Her wavy blonde locks rested on the shoulders of her bright blue hoodie and matching pyjama trouser set.

The statement PJs are part of her Gemma Collection clothing collection which she launched to cater to plus-size women.

Gemma captioned the post: "Wishing you all a BEAUTIFUL MAGICAL MONDAY .





"Waiting till 6pm for announcements can make the day a little unsteady for us so sending lots of love !!!".

Gemma referred to the Prime Minster Boris Johnson's address to the nation today at 6pm announcing a new lockdown system that divides the country into different tiers.

The Essex lass has been on an impressive weight loss journey over the past year, which has seen her lose a whopping three stone.

Fans flocked to the comment section to praise Gemma on how well she's looking as one said:"You look amazing!"


Another added: "Keep up the good work Gems"

And a third said: "You look absolutely amazing ."

The GC's weight loss journeyhas been credited to her following a range of hardcore diets and by using weight loss jabs.

The 250 shots act as an appetite suppressant and help the body turn stored fat into energy.


Speaking on Instagram, the star opened up about her controversial way of losing weight and told fans: "They have transformed my whole life with regards to dieting."

But despite praising the product on her platform, Gemma was recentlyrapped for breaching ad rules by promoting the weight loss jab, after she didn't make it clear she was advertising it on her platform.

Gemma has treated herself to various other procedures since shedding the pounds, including ahydro oxygen facialback in August.



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Last week she got apainful "jawline tightening" treatment to make herself look permanently contoured.

She filmed herself getting the procedure and told fans: "Girls, if any of you are trying to contour your face, this is the best girl to do it. Ive got no filter, I've got nothing on my face."

The beautician explained: "Basically we are doing a jawline contouring and tightening treatment. There's no needles, it's literally done with a machine."

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Gemma Collins looks slimmer than ever in pyjamas after 3st weight loss in Happy Monday snap - The Sun

Weight loss: Signs your workout is actually making you gain more weight – Times of India

Posted: October 13, 2020 at 6:57 pm

Exercise plays a crucial role in aiding weight loss. Choosing the right regime that actually helps you meet your goal and matches your requirement is imperative to losing weight and maintaining it in the long run. However, it can just so happen that you do everything right but still don't see the number on the weighing scale budge. Or even worse, you start to feel heavier than usual.

The 'wrong' kind of exercise, if not well-suited for your needs might just go against your goals and actually make you prone to putting on more weight. It could also be one of the reasons you are not seeing the results you imagined in the first place.

If you have been training for a while and not getting to the goal you wanted to be at, here are some signs your workout may not be the best for weight loss. Watch out for these:

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Weight loss: Signs your workout is actually making you gain more weight - Times of India

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