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No, Walnuts Aren’t the Key to Weight Loss – Lifehacker

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Walnuts already have an image as a healthyish food, but the California Walnut Commission wanted to know more. A new study asked if walnutsalready associated with lower risks of heart disease and Type 2 diabetesmight deliver some of their health benefits by changing our brains reactions to food.

The Headline: Walnuts for Weight Loss? (New York Times)

The Story: First of all, this study tested absolutely nothing about weight loss. Its also worth noting up front that it was partly funded by the California Walnut Commission, but the CWC had nothing to do with the design, execution, or publication of the research; the researchers came up with the study themselves and applied to the CWC for funding.

So if this wasnt about weight loss, what was it about?

This was a small but tight studydouble-blind and placebo-controlled. Nine obese participants were given either a walnut shake or a placebo (walnut-flavored and identical in calories and macronutrient breakdown) as part of their weight-maintenance diet for five days. This was repeated twice, with a month cool-down between, with those who got the placebo in round one given walnuts in round two and vice versa. At the end of the five days, subjects were asked about their hunger levels, and their brains reactions to images of food were recorded in an MRI.

In the surveys, walnut-drinkers reported feeling less hungry than the placebo group (matching previous findings from this research lab). The brain scan results were the new part, revealing that when shown images of high-reward food (compared to low-reward food like vegetables, or non-food like rocks), walnut-drinkers showed more activity in an area of the brain called the insula, which is thought to be involved in appetite and impulse control. This functional MRI analysis, or fMRI, offers researchers exciting insights into brain activity, but flaws have been found in its complex methodology, and the interpretation of fMRI findings is still controversial.

Does that activity mean that walnuts give you more will power when faced with junk food? Not necessarily. Would these results apply in lean patients, beyond the obese test subjects? No clue. Are walnuts special or would other nuts work? Idk.

Okay, but how did walnuts have an effect on these participants brains? I would love to know, as would the researchers behind this study. This is a baby step in the long march toward figuring out the mechanisms behindand extent ofthe apparent health benefits of one of the many, many foods that people eat.

The Takeaway: Walnuts might help you feel more satisfied, and they might stimulate a part of your brain that might boost your impulse control. We can draw our own conclusions about how satiety and impulse control affect our ability to eat less, but this study says absolutely bupkis about weight loss.

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No, Walnuts Aren’t the Key to Weight Loss – Lifehacker

Walnuts for weight loss? Times makes huge leap based on brain scans of 9 people –

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Kevin Lomangino is the managing editor of He tweets as @KLomangino.

Stories in the New York Times Well blog have been known to drive us nuts never more so than when they blithely tout the health benefits of walnutsbased on research thats too preliminary to support such claims.

The latest example came on Friday in a very short and exceptionally incomplete piece headlined: Walnuts for Weight Loss?

Lets start with the fact that this study had just nine participants.

Nine people who were studied for a grand total of 10 days.

Thats far too small a group, studied for too short a time, to claim: A handful of walnuts may be an effective weight loss tool.

And yet thats how the Times chose to frame the findings in its lead sentence. The rest of the story made no attempt to walk back the claim or rein it in not in the slightest.

Weve written extensively on the dangers of drawing any firm conclusions from tiny studies like this one.

The coverage becomes even more suspect when we learn that the reported results had almost nothing to do with weight loss.

As the Times eventually gets around to explaining, the subjects in the study consumed smoothies one with real walnuts and a control smoothie with walnut flavoring. The researchers then performed MRI brain scans while the participants looked at pictures of high-fat foods, low-fat foods, and pictures of rocks and trees. They found:

when people looked at pictures of high-fat food, activation in the insula, a part of the brain involved in appetite and impulse control, increased among those who drank the walnut smoothie, but not among placebo drinkers.

Maybe its interesting for academic researchers to know that a particular part of the brain lights up in response to pictures of chocolate cake over the course of a few days. But that may have little bearing on what will actually happen when people are confronted with real pieces of cake over the course of months or years.

The MRI brain scan in this case is a so-called surrogate for what researchers think might happen in the real world. Weve written extensively on why surrogate markers often dont tell the whole story.

Youd think that the Times skeptical antennae would be on high alert given this studys funding from the California Walnut Commission. But theres nary a note of caution anywhere to be found. Nor does the story raise the plausible idea that other nuts would produce the same effects although that possibility is acknowledged by the researchers themselves in the published study.

I guess the macadamia people will have to fund their own study if they want to draw the Times attention.

Kevin C. Klatt, a PhD nutrition student at Cornell University who blogs at Nutrevolve, told me that hismajor concern about this study is that it provides little practical information.

Participants consumed fruit smoothies containing either walnuts or safflower oil with a walnut flavoring. The effects of walnuts in this study are relevant only to this control, which lacks real world application. Im not aware of any smoothie recipes that call for the inclusion of safflower oil.

In addition to this real world issue, from a scientific perspective, its unclear to me what hypothesis is being tested in this study (I looked briefly and couldnt find a clinical trial registration or a primary outcome that was pre-registered). Walnuts differ in a substantial number of ways from safflower oil. As is, the study tests whether changing numerous nutritional factors at once impact their outcomes; given that many of these nutritional factors are common to other foods (i.e. omega 3 fatty acids, fiber), this leaves us unable to claim the outcomes are due to something uniquely special about walnuts.

I didnt bother to read any of the 95 comments (and counting) that Times readers left in response to this story, because I know many of them will echo the criticisms that readers have repeatedly made before in response to the Times incomplete Well Blog reporting.

We join those readers (again) in calling for an end to such incomplete and imbalanced journalism.

Update: This post originally stated that Kevin C. Klatts lab at Cornell has received funding from the California Walnut Commission. That was incorrect and the disclosure statement has been removed.

Most people I know don’t need seven reasons to drink beer. But when those reasons

Rarely a week passes for us at that we don’t come across surrogate markers

Step back. Breathe deeply. Join usin sucking insomerecent research news coverage. Coughing on cacophony of

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Walnuts for weight loss? Times makes huge leap based on brain scans of 9 people –

Two businesses cut ribbon on new medical and weight loss facilities – KATC Lafayette News

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm


Two businesses cut the ribbon on their new surgery center and weight loss clinic.

Acadia Women’s Health and Healthy Solutions Weight Loss Clinic officially open their new two-story, 11,830 sq. foot building located on Fellows Road in Crowley.

The buildinghouses a state of the art facility including two surgery suites, 14 exam rooms, four patient consultation rooms, an in-house lab, and ultrasound room for use by Acadia Women’s Health. Healthy Solutions has five patient rooms and warehouse for products.

The two businesses are just next door to each other.

Acadia Women’s Health has been providing healthcare to women since 1999. Healthy Solutions Clinic has been serving the Crowley community since 2011.

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Two businesses cut ribbon on new medical and weight loss facilities – KATC Lafayette News

Weight Loss Tip: Take Responsibility! – HuffPost

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Its a hot, muggy day here on Long Island, and I write this to you from my parents home. Every Tuesday and Friday, I visit my hometown of Port Washington, and work with my grandmother on rehab from hip replacement surgery last summer, and my dad on improving his strength, tone and overall cardiovascular health.

Today, Im going to piggyback on what I wrote to you yesterday. Yesterday, we discussed where to get inspiration from to take that first step on your health and weight loss journey. That place, in case you missed it, is none other than YOURSELF!

You can be pushed by your friends, your family members or even your significant other to get started, but if YOU truly dont want to do whats necessary to reach your goals, then they can try to coax you until the cows come homeNothings going to change! Starting this journey for the RIGHT reasons, AKA to better your body, your health and your fitness in order to leave a greater impact on your world, takes a lot of chutzpah believe it or not

A lot of folks today have a sort of Martyr Syndrome, where basically EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in their lives is more important than they are (in their minds), and thus, these people and these things should come before themselves! Its not uncommon for these folks to blame the people and the things that theyre focusing all of their attention and energy on as their primary reasons for NOT taking care of themselves.

And lookI get it! If you have a high-stress job where you work long hours, and/or you have kids, and/or you have a significant other you need to tend to at home, we all have a plethora of responsibilities on our plates each and every day.

That being said, this is YOUR life! Its not your husbands or wifes, its not your kids, its not your bosss or your coworkersIts YOURS!! It may seem chivalrous or noble to excel with all these different people and in all these different tasks, but if you dont take care of yourself, than sooner or later, your ability to serve them is going to go wayyyy down

Some of my best clients have been parents. They got to a point where they were so inflexible and so out of shape, that they were having trouble bending down to pick up their kids, they were having trouble helping their kids tie their shoes, and they were having trouble just functioning in their daily lives. They felt a sense of guilt in not being able to be there for their kids, and were scared about not being there to see them graduate high school, or college, or to get married, or to even have children of their own!

And while many of these parents were able to reach their short-term goals and drastically improve their relationships with their children as a result of their improved health and fitness, I know some have fallen off the wagon since we stopped working together. Its not because they forgot what they needed to doIts because they didnt do this for themselves! They didnt believe they were worthy of continuing to take that extra time to prep healthy meals or to work out.

If youre reading this, then Id like to fill you in on a little secret: You ARE worth it! I may not know you from a hole in the wall, but I truly believe that were all here to leave a significant impact on the world. You have a gift, a superpower and a talent that makes you unique and useful, and you deserve to be recognized!

However, if youre not taking care of yourself, youll certainly gain recognition, but for all the wrong reasons

Instead of blaming others and your other priorities for your lack of self care, do me a favor, step up, and take responsibility! You may not be where you want to be right now, but this much is true: If you want this bad enough, you can have it!! You just have to reach out there and grab it;-)

P.S. If youre READY to take that first step on your health and weight loss journey, then youre REALLY going to want to download my FREE report!

With 10 years of experience, SEVEN different fitness and nutrition certifications, and a sustained weight loss of 100 lbs., I think I know a thing or two about this Permanent Weight Loss thing;-)

This report will provide you with the five strategies I personally used to lose 100 lbs., and KEEP THEM OFF! These are the same five strategies I teach my Permanent Weight Loss clients, and are the basis to losing weight and getting healthy once and for all!

To get your FREE copy, please go to

The Morning Email

Wake up to the day’s most important news.

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Weight Loss Tip: Take Responsibility! – HuffPost

Weight loss: Man lost over 18 stone with new diet plan and THIS small change –

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Sharing his story to Reddit as user MikeMarx153, the man explained how he started out at 31 stone and four pounds before losing more than 18 stone over two years.

Explaining what he thought was the most important factor in his weight loss apart from diet and exercise, he said: It all came down to flawed thinking. For me, I think the fear of failure was most responsible.

Trying and failing at losing weight would only confirm the worst thoughts about myself. It would be further evidence that I wasnt deserving of a better life.

He revealed it was only when someone at his workplace got weight loss surgery and he knew he could use that as a back-up plan if he was unsuccessful on his own that he was able to consider starting to try to lose weight.

Going in to detail about he got to where he is today, MikeMarx153 said: To lose weight you have to swim against the current. You cant have the meals you see advertised on a regular basis, you cant fall for the latest health fad being pushed. You cant eat mindlessly like the majority of the population.

Weight loss is possible – I think this is another piece of flawed thinking that holds people back. Knowing that weight loss is possible is essential to success because it gives you control.

He also explained: Know what a reasonable amount of food looks like. I can honestly say that I had no idea how much I should be eating, or what it would look like, or what it should make me feel like.

My daily calorie goal has always been 1500, and so I tried to shoot for that, but I felt that I had a successful day if I was below 1700.

I also decided that I was going to quit cheating and eating between meals. No more extra piece of pizza, no more cookies in the break room, no more candy from the candy bowl.

“If I went a bit over 1500 because of my three meals that was one thing, but I wouldnt go over because I was snacking.

He reiterated: Count calories, use a food scale, and be honest with yourself. Plus, my Myfitnesspal journal is public (username mikemarx153), so you can just go there and look at what I did.

His final piece of advice, which comes as another man revealed how he lost three stone in four months, was to get to a place in your diet and exercise regime where its only a matter of time before you reach your goal.

He explained: This advice might be more controversial than it first appears. What it means is that I was often creating a caloric deficit larger than that traditional maximum of 1000 (including exercise). Im not saying thats right for everyone, but it worked for me.

The most important thing is that your calorie level be sustainable, so if you can only create a 500, or 250 calorie deficit, then do that.

As well as his key tips, MikeMarx153 shared some other general advice and said: Focus on the things in your life you enjoy that arent food and see treats for what they are.

Think about your favourite not-so-healthy food. Lets stick with Oreos. Do you realise the amount of Oreos you can eat in a lifetime? Thats tens of thousands of Oreos youll be eating, so you dont have to eat them all today.

He also revealed his current diet and exercise plan:

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Weight loss: Man lost over 18 stone with new diet plan and THIS small change –

‘This One Tweak Helped Me Lose All The Baby Weight And Then Some’ – Women’s Health

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

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I run five miles every day, Id tell myself. But it wasnt until I had my second son a year ago that it hit me: I was over-indulging, and it wasnt good for my health or my weight.

When I had my first son, I looked the same way as I did pre-pregnancy within hours after he was born (annoying, I know). But with my second son, I still looked five months pregnant after he vacated the premises. I reassured myself that this was super normal (which it is), but a few weeks later kept wondering why the weight was taking so long to drop off. I started running again two weeks after I gave birth and figured Id lose the weight then, but it still was coming off at a super slow pace.

Finally, it hit me: To lose the weight, I had to pay attention to my diet, too, and cut out all the crap I had been having. It was so obvious, but for some reason I had been kidding myself about what I was really eating. It was ridiculous for me to sit around wondering why I wasnt losing the baby weight while still having a chocolate bar after lunch each day and ice cream at night. And it was more than a weight thingI knew that all of that overindulgence had the potential to be bad for my health, too.

So, I got real with myself. I was mostly eating healthy but completely blowing it with treats every day. And unfortunately, Im not alone. Its a common issue to overestimate good eating habits and underestimate bad eating habits, says registered dietitian Sonya Angelone, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And those bad habits can add up over time, she points out.

Check out some of the weirdest weight-loss trends through history:

Somehow I had convinced myself that my regular treats didnt really count because I run every day, and thats also a problem, says registered dietitian-nutritionist Karen Ansel, coauthor of The Calendar Diet: A Month by Month Guide to Losing Weight. Exercising is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy, she says. However, the idea that exercising will help women lose a large amount of weight is a myth. Finding a sweet spot between balancing fitness and how much you eat is key to getting and keeping a healthy weight, she says.

Im not into the idea of dieting (Id rather just eat healthyfor real), and I knew that cutting out those extra sweets and rethinking my eating habits would make a difference. So, I did.

I noticed that I tend to grab candy or ice cream when I’m stressed, so I made a point to stop mindlessly eating while Im working. Now, if I have to eat while I work, I make sure its an actual well-rounded meal or piece of fruitnot a bag of chocolate chips. I also cut out those late-night ice cream benders, started eating more slowly, and paid more attention to how much I eat at meals.

Ice cream is a huge weakness for me, and its usually best if I steer clear of it. But Im also working on having a bite or two of it if I really want it. Ive learned that I can feel just as satisfied by eating it that way as if I had a bunch of ice cream at onceand thats worked out really well for me. Weirdly, the less Ive eaten, the less I crave it.

Not surprisingly, the baby weight melted off after I made those changes. I even lost an extra seven pounds that Ive been carrying around for years that I’m pretty sure is due to all those treats I’ve been eating.

Im not super hung up on the number on the scale, but I like the way my body looks and feels now. Im also happy with my eating habits and the fact that Im actually being honest with myself about my bad habits. Its taken three decades and some brutal truth, but I think Ive finally figured it out.

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‘This One Tweak Helped Me Lose All The Baby Weight And Then Some’ – Women’s Health

Healthier habits may promote long-term weight loss – Victoria Advocate

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:51 pm

People are always asking about weight loss – wanting a quick fix. I hear of so many fad diets and often wonder why someone would want to make it much harder than it needs to be.

Weight loss and maintenance (to me) seems to be common sense. Eat less and exercise more. I can’t imagine cutting any one food out of my diet to achieve weight loss. It seems so much simpler to enjoy the food I love rather than omit it and miss it. While eating less and exercising more may be difficult for some, I find that having a routine keeps me on task.

Some tips to help get you on track with a healthy eating plan are:

Don’t buy junk food: It’s important to keep your pantry and refrigerator clear of tempting foods. Shop the outside aisles and shop alone. Shopping with family members may result in buying things you don’t need or don’t fit your meal plan. Never shop while hungry. I did this once and ended up donating a bunch of processed food that I never should have bought in the first place.

Food prep each week: I hear people say their produce goes bad too fast. Try to wash and cut up your fruit and vegetables right away so that it’s easy to prepare. This should result in less waste and promote healthier meals throughout the week.

Limit going out to eat to special occasions: No matter what you order, it’s going to have more calories, fat and sodium than foods you prepare at home. You may also be tempted to order something that you wouldn’t normally prepare at home because it’s not healthy.

Avoid the break room: Pack your lunch and try to avoid looking at what’s in the break room. Too often, there’s cake or other foods that may ruin your day. If you eat that donut, get back on track with your next meal.

Feed your kids healthier foods: Use your kids as motivation. The healthier you feed them, the healthier you will eat. Setting good examples for them is important. If you eat the vegetables, they will learn by your example.

Fill up on vegetables: If you’ve food prepped each week, you shouldn’t have a barrier to having vegetables with each lunch and supper. Whether it be a salad that you throw together or vegetables that you steam, saute or grill. Filling half your plate with vegetables is a sure way to fill up on something healthier.

As always, drink water. Drink water with all meals and between meals to increase your feeling of fullness.

Weight loss doesn’t require a strict eating plan. Cutting back on what you’re currently eating should help with weight loss. It may take longer than following a strict fad diet, which ultimately leads to weight re-gain, but it can illicit healthier habits that can promote long-term weight loss.

Christie Mayer is a licensed renal dietitian with Davita Dialysis Center of Victoria.

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Healthier habits may promote long-term weight loss – Victoria Advocate

Here’s Exactly What I Ate To Cure My Type 2 Diabetes & High Cholesterol –

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:50 pm

(Discover the ONE simple, natural solution that can help you reverse chronic inflammation and heal more than 45 diseases. Try The Whole Body Cure today!)

Then two years ago, my doctor ordered an A1C test. He had a hunch I may have type 2 diabetes as a result of my weight. My score was a seven, which meant his suspicions were correct. (A normal A1C level is below 5.7. ) It got worse: Because Ive had high blood pressure for so long, he said I could have long-term organ damage now that I also had diabetes. Youd think at that point, he would have sat me down and talked to me about how I could improve my diet, but he didnt. He just said something like, Watch your carbs and exercise. That was it. So I basically kept living as I had before.

MORE: 15 Common Risk Factors Of Type 2 Diabetes

My motivationThen my doctor moved away, and I found another doctor in a larger town nearby. My new physician told me that I needed to go on metformin (the generic name for a drug used to treat high blood sugar levels) immediately. He also told me that I should ramp up my exercise routine. So last year, I started hiking and rock climbing with my neighbor, who happens to be a yoga instructor. Im just a regular gal who sits at a desk all day, so this was not serious rock climbing or anything. But still, with the help of my new workout buddy, I lost 10 pounds. It felt great to be making progress, and my neighbor even started calling me the amazing disappearing woman. I have to admit it was a big ego boost.

MORE: 4 Steps To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

I thought my doctor would praise my progress, too, but at my next appointment, which was this past December, he told me that my blood pressure was still too high. He said, If you dont make drastic diet changes, Im going to send you to a nephrologist because your kidney function is very poor.

That terrified me. I lost my pastor to kidney disease, and I knew it was a terrible affliction. So I Googled ‘What do you eat to improve kidney function?. I found information on the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, which is the diet recommended by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for lowering blood pressure. In 30 years, no one had talked to me about a dietary approach to lowering my blood pressure. I started reading about it, and I thought, if it didnt work, no harm no foul. I decided to start my new diet on January first, because everyone else starts their goals then, right?

My diet & exercise routineThe DASH diet is all about portion control and eating less fat, sugar, and salt. I bought smaller plates, spoons, and cups to make sticking to the plan easier. I also got smaller storage containers marked with various serving sizes so I could eat out of them and keep my portions in check. (Buy something similar on for $10.) I also posted to Facebook to let my friends know what I was doing and started keeping a food diary. These things helped keep me accountableand continue to do so to this day.

On the DASH website, I also found and printed out this shopping list that provides a list of foods that fit into the diet. I took it with me to the grocery store and stocked up on everything I neededwhich took me three long hours. (Thinking back on that now, its actually a bit humorous. Shopping is far easier for me now that Ive been eating this way for nearly a year.) I bought lots of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat yogurt. I cut out cows milk and started using almond milk instead. I switched from processed peanut butter to natural almond butter.

I also started preparing most of my food myself, which is something I hadnt done before. Id always eaten out or bought ready-to-eat stuff. I found new things that I liked, and many were things Id never eaten before. For example, Id never had steel-cut oatmeal. As a Southern gal, Id only had grits. I started eating strawberries and raspberries. I had never had asparagus or Brussels sprouts, but I started adding them to my shopping cart. I also began buying fresh meat and making grilled chicken or pork with cauliflower rice. (Which, by the way, is so good!)

Try one of these crazy delicious cauliflower rice recipes:

MORE: I Took A Walk Before Every Meal For A Month To See If It Would Help Me Lose Weight. Heres What Happened.

I also started walking. Every two hours, I would walk for 10 or 20 minutes or even an hour. It didnt really matter how long, it was just to get up out of my chair and move. Id already proven I could hike and do more challenging forms of exercise, so walking seemed like a smaller task that would help me get healthier.

The rewardCome March 1st I had my next doctors appointment, and I was excited to see the changes. I dont have a scale at home; I refuse to buy one. So it had been three months since Id seen the doctor, and two months since Id started the diet, and he said Id lost 33 pounds. He was in shock. And not only that, he told me that if I stuck with it, I could reverse my diabetes. I was determined to make it happen.

Two months later I had another appointment. I found out that I had lost an additional 20 pounds. He also shared the most amazing news with me: I didnt have diabetes anymore! My A1C was 5.3, down from 7. My blood pressure was also down to 115 over 30healthy numbers I havent seen since I was 21 years old. I felt ecstatic, but also relieved.

MORE: 108 Blood-Pressure-Lowering Smoothies

Even though my health has improved, I havent stopped my medications; that’s not what my journey is about. With my long-term blood pressure issues, theres no way to tell what harms already been done, so I need to continue taking them.

My doctor is shocked Ive maintained my good health and weight loss for so long. He told me he doesnt care if lose another pound; he just doesnt want me to put weight back on. You have made too much progress to go back, he said. And I agree. I want to do everything I can to maintain my newfound health for the rest of my life.

How you can improve your diet, tooPeople will say, I dont have money to start one of these diets. But dont let that excuse hold you back. I shop for food at Walmart, and I promise that you dont have to spend a lot on groceries. Just follow a healthy shopping list and find ways to keep your portions reasonable. One way I do this is by asking the butcher to cut things into really small portions. This way I dont have to spend time measuring as many things at home, and I can cook only what I should be eating in one sitting. You just have to figure out what strategies work for you, and not let anything stand in your way.

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Here’s Exactly What I Ate To Cure My Type 2 Diabetes & High Cholesterol –

Antonio Silva is on a troubling career trajectory, and there’s no one who can stop him –

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Heres what Antonio Silvas career looks like over the past two years: Win (TKO), loss (TKO), loss (KO), loss (KO), loss (decision), loss (KO).

Hes been stopped by strikes in seven of his past 10 bouts. He has just two victories since 2012 one over Soa Palelei, and one over Alistair Overeem, who was beating him soundly until a sudden third-round comeback by Silva.

If you do some combat sports math on the 37-year-old Bigfoot, what you see is a fighter on a dangerous trajectory. That path took him out of the UFC and into two fights for smaller Russian promotions, both of which he lost. His last knockout loss was two months ago.

So why did Silva (19-12-1 MMA)just sign on for a kickboxing bout against GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven (51-10-1 kickboxing)in China this October?

Obviously, its not a good fight for Bigfoot, Silvas longtime manager Alex Davis told MMAjunkie. Jumping right into (GLORY) to go against the current champ, whos a murderer? Yeah, we get it.

But Silvas doing it anyway, and for reasons that are as old as the fight game.

For one, he thinks he can win. According to Davis, Bigfoot is back on testosterone-replacement therapy, which he used somewhat controversially for a time in the UFC, before the practice was effectively banned.

Now, fighting in places like Russia and China, and for organizations whose anti-doping policies are notably less stringent, hes free to resume the use of synthetic testosterone, which makes a huge difference for him, Davis said.

And also he needs money, Davis said. He cant turn down fights at the moment for that reason. If it was up to me, he would not take this fight. But at the end of the day, my job is to inform him, give him my advice, and the one who has to make the final decision is him.

Here we get into a persistent problem for fighters and fight sports. No one can tell Silva to stop. They can suggest and argue and recommend. Promoters can cut him and trainers could refuse to train him. Even Davis, a longtime friend, could stop managing him.

But as long as Silva can find someone willing to pay for his name and his willingness to walk face-first into someone elses fists, he gets to keep going.

It was the same with Gary Goodridge, another MMA fighter who turned to kickboxing later in his career. He lost about twice as many kickboxing bouts as he won, but his appeal for promoters was that, when you booked Big Daddy, you knew someone would get knocked out even if the someone was usually him.

For Goodridge, those years of damage contributed to brain trauma that eventually left him unable to remember conversations moments after theyd ended. By the evening, he couldnt tell you what hed done during the afternoon.

But Goodridge also needed the money. Even when he knew he shouldnt fight anymore, he was a man in his forties with no real work history outside of cages and rings. What else was he supposed to do?

According to Davis, Silvas brain health has been closely monitored with testing done at the Cleveland Clinics Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas.

Physically, Bigfoot has no problems whatsoever, Davis said. He has no brain damage. Weve done extensive research and testing, even before he left the UFC. So hes OK on that end.

But then, some signs of degenerative brain diseases like CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), which researchers have found in the brains of deceased fighters and football players, are sometimes not apparent until years after the actual trauma.

And clearly, Silva is doing himself no favors. He went less than five months between knockout losses in 2016. Youd have to go back to 2010 to find a single calendar year in which he didnt suffer at least one knockout.

This fight against Verhoeven doesnt promise to be any easier on his brain. Verhoeven is younger, faster, and riding a winning streak thats about as good as Silvas losing streak is bad. If anything, the kickboxing rules will likely only lead to Silva absorbing more punishment than he would in an MMA bout. And then what?

Soon the paycheck will be spent and Silva will face the same questions about his future that he faces now. So far, he only seems to know one answer.

Ill be very sincere and tell you, I cant defend a man from himself, Davis said. If he fights and doesnt manage his money, hell go looking for the next fight. This is a very common problem with many fighters, not just Bigfoot. Thats what creates situations like Gary Goodridge.

As for Goodridge, he also had people telling him he should stop. Then he had people telling him that there was something troubling happening to him. The damage sneaks up on you, he said later. When he finally realized the full extent of it, it was too late to stop it.

I had no idea it was coming, Goodridge said in 2012. You dont know. Everyone around you tells you its happening, but you dont notice it yourself.

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Um, You Can Now Buy the Paleo Diet in a Bottle for Babies – Gizmodo

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 9:48 pm

Screenshot: Serenity Kids

The Paleo diet may well turn out to be the fad diet our decade is remembered fornever mind that it probably has very little to do with how our Stone Age ancestors actually ate.

Now someone has dressed up the diet and bottled itliterallyso that Paleo dieters everywhere can also feed the paleo diet to their offspring. A company named Serenity Kids plans to launch this month with a line of liquid baby food that has the highest meat content of any pouched baby food on the market. Offerings for little cave babies include liquified uncured bacon with organic kale and butternut squash, free-range chicken with peas and carrots and grass-fed beef with kale and sweet potato. A pack of six 4-ounce pouches goes for $27.

I just couldnt believe that nothing existed that would be something I would want to feed my own baby, proprietor Serenity Heegel, AKA Paleo Mom, explained to Food Navigator.

Now, there is something troubling about packaging a fad diet for babies.

Paleo dieters stick to foods that supposedly would have been available to Paleolithic humans the idea being that these foods are easier for our body to process. That means non-processed foods uncovered by foraging or killing animals for meatso no dairy and no grains. The diet has faced its fair share of criticism. For starters, there is pretty significant evidence suggesting its nothing like like the diet actual Paleolithic human sustained. And while some research has suggested it may have health benefits and help with weight loss, at this point that work is still inconclusive, giving people little to rely on besides anecdotal evidence.

None of that is to say that the diet is actually unhealthy. But some have suggested it might be when it comes to kids.

In 2015, when Australian publishers sought to release a Paleo diet book aimed at new moms, health experts stepped in with concerns. Doctors said that the recipes contained ten times more vitamin A than is considered safe for children. The recipes also lacked other important nutrients. The book was never released.

Experts have suggested that the diets restrictions on carbohydrates and extremely high levels of protein could hamper childhood development. Eating less sugar and processed foods sounds like a good idea, but it could mean kids arent kidding all the nutrients they need.

I do not advise parents to put their children on a Paleo diet, Angela Lemond, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and registered dietitian nutritionist wrote in Food and Nutrition.

You wouldnt feed your kid Soylent or SlimFast right? Bottom line: Fad diets are probably not a great idea for babies.

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Um, You Can Now Buy the Paleo Diet in a Bottle for Babies – Gizmodo

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