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Does a Vegan Diet Prevent the Coronavirus? Here’s What Doctors Think – Green Matters

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:50 pm

Although a plentiful plant-based diet can help reduce the side effects of the coronavirus, it doesn't completely prevent one from contracting it at all. COVID-19 is contracted through the eyes, nose, and mouth, which means those who follow a vegan diet are just as likely to contract the virus as non-vegans, according to Vegan Friendly. Our point? Vegans have to wear masks and social distance, too!

Also, not all vegan diets can necessarily be deemed "healthy" ones. Following a plant-based diet is only "healthy" if it's well-balanced with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Being too restrictive, or consuming unusually high amounts of any one food group can make following a plant-based diet virtually useless, healthwise. If you are just starting out in the world of plant-based foods and need a helping hand, check out our guide on transitioning to a vegan diet for tips.

Getting started in the realm of veganism isn't always easy, but making a gradual transition is certainly worth your while not only for the sake of the environment, but also to lower your chances of developing weight problems, diabetes, or heart disease, and ultimately, to mitigate the risk of suffering from the effects of COVID-19.

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Does a Vegan Diet Prevent the Coronavirus? Here's What Doctors Think - Green Matters

Is This Just a Rest After the Holiday or the Start of a Buying Diet? – RealMoney

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:50 pm

After last week's market celebration stocks took a rest Monday. The screens were bright red with around 2,100 gainers to over 5,400 losers, but the big-cap technology names enjoyed some relative strength and the FATMAAN names came back from some early pressure.

The best part of the market recently has been the speculative trading in special purpose acquisition companies, electric vehicles, cannabis, and a few other hot sectors. There was some profit-taking in the speculative names, but strength in bitcoin and some related names helped to keep the speculative sentiment positive. The hot money traders weren't exchanging high fives like they did last week, but the overall price action was not bad.

The issue now is whether this was just some healthy profit-taking after some exuberant holiday trading or was this a sign that the hot money is ready to cool off a bit. We don't have enough information yet to conclude but, there appears to be a lot of liquidity still looking for a place to go. Some pullbacks Monday simply will make for better charts.

We kick off the new month in the morning, and that usually means some inflows, but we also have some big initial public offerings and secondaries on the horizon that are going to sop up some excess cash. Traders still have an appetite for stocks, the price action is good and technical action is positive. There isn't any reason to be a bear at this point.

Have a good evening. I'll see you tomorrow.

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Is This Just a Rest After the Holiday or the Start of a Buying Diet? - RealMoney

The role of coaching in motivating and creating personal accountability for better health – MedCity News

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

We are a people of quick fixes and magic bullets. We want what we want, and we want it now. The same can be said when it comes to achieving health improvements. We expect fast results with minimum effort. Weight-loss diets are a great example. Who hasnt heard of or tried the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, Keto, Biggest Loser and various cleanses? And thats just the tip of the quick-fix iceberg. These fads are designed to promote fast weight-loss, but most of the weight lost is water. Once a person returns to regular eating habits, the weight quickly returns and often brings added pounds. In fact, studies show that frequent yo-yo dieting can actually cause weight gain and poorer overall health, including potential damage to the cardiovascular system. In short, a quick-fix approach to losing weight or improving ones health can lead to a vicious cycle that lasts a lifetime.

The Missing LinkWhen individuals hit the easy button, theyre missing out on the benefits of taking it slow and having a coach for personal accountability and, ultimately, success. And without motivation and accountability, any efforts to change their liveswhether its enhancing their health, improving their finances, changing habits, or even learning new skillswill likely fall short. Think of professional athletes. A cross-country runner cant train for a couple of days, then compete in a national competition. Not only is she likely to drop out of the race, but shes also at high risk of injury. Likewise, a concert pianist cant take months off and expect to maintain the same level of playing as he did previously. It takes ongoing motivation, effort and regular practice.

Personal motivation and accountability is especially critical in achieving and maintaining optimal health. In some ways, the journey is even more complex than other endeavors as each person has a unique physical, mental, and genetic makeup. Someone predisposed to diabetes needs to be diligent about avoiding sugar and simple carbohydrates. Someone without this predisposition may be able to indulge more often without a significant impact. Genetic makeup can also make one more prone to certain cravings and may cause a person to metabolize fat in different ways. The environment also impacts a persons health status. For example, studies show that unhealthy habits can run in families. A person who grows up in a household with a supply of chips, cookies, ice cream, and other unhealthy snacks always available is more likely to adopt that lifestyle as they grow older.

Maintaining personal motivation and accountability for changing habits is essential to success. But what is the best way to develop personal accountability? Personal accountability is not to be confused with willpower. Personal accountability is a mindset and learned behavior that improves over time. Willpower is emotion-based and difficult to maintain over the long-term.

The Role of Coaching in Motivating and Creating Personal AccountabilityWell-known motivational speaker Tony Robbins believes that high achievers often embrace coaching and mentorship as part of their strategy to achieve personal growth and accountability. He explains that coaches help in many different ways. First, they are unbiased so they speak the truth about a persons situation and opportunities for improvement. Second, a coach can identify an individuals true potential, which helps them build on their strengths and develop new skills. Third, a coach can help an individual develop an action plan and then provides guidance and encouragement along the journey. While Robbins isnt speaking specifically about health improvement, the same benefits apply. According to the American Psychological Association, Having someone with whom to share your struggles and successes makes the work easier and the mission less intimidating.

Coaching for sustainable habit change starts with small changes and continues over numerous months, even years. One challenge for weight loss is that many regain the lost weight and more. However, if the weight loss can be maintained for more than 2 years, it becomes more permanent. One study showed that individuals who had kept their weight off for 2 years or more had markedly increased odds of continuing to maintain their weight over the following year. Effective coaching programs that can deliver long-term results are focused on sustainable changes and an ongoing relationship with the coach.

An Effective Approach to CoachingMany people confuse coaching with teaching. And while teaching may be a part of it, coaching goes much farther. Teachers typically present a pre-established curriculum for individuals to follow. This is especially the case for some health and wellness programs offered by employers to their employees. Everyone is given the same information in hopes that something will resonate with the employee and facilitate action and change. But this type of one-size-fits-all approach doesnt take into account each persons unique personality, genetics, and health goals. Try to think of a course you took in school that changed the course of each of your daily activities I cant think of one either.

Some health and wellness programs try to encourage personal accountability through team challenges, group discussions, and educational webinars. But these cannot match the effectiveness of a dedicated coachone thats been matched to the individual based on personality and preferences working on an individualized habit change plan.

Best Practices for Creating Motivation and Personal Accountability for Health ImprovementThe best health and wellness programs are those that include motivation and personal accountability as an essential component on the path to disease prevention and habit change. This includes the proven elements listed below.

The Bottom LineTraditional programs are based on a one-size-fits-all approach where every participant is given the same information in a limited number of formats. Theyre designed like a lesson plan or class youd have in school, not around the individual. Its normal for employees to jump on board when a new health and well-being program is offered, but participation often falls off after a few months. Part of this could be due to quick fix expectations. Or they may just get bored and lose motivation. The bottom line is that any program that places a curriculum first is likely to fail without the participants ability to become motivated and develop and embrace personal accountability. Leveraging dedicated personal coaches and individualized content are the key ingredients.

Photo: raw, Getty Images

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The role of coaching in motivating and creating personal accountability for better health - MedCity News

The Best Weight loss Guide To Reduce Weight Fast – IMC Grupo

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Having a healthy weight reduces half of the health-related problems. Besides, who wont like to flaunt the sexy curves in a fitted bodycon dress? The answer is everyone will. But not everyone has their desired body weight and shape. Undoubtedly lifestyle and exercise play a massive role in keeping in form. But not always. Some people may have type 2 Diabetes Mellitus or recently had a cesarian section operation. Putting on ten to eleven kg weight during the pregnancy period is expected. The problem starts when it doesnt go off after the delivery. Because the mother needs extra food for the breast milk, they cant do vigorous exercise with a stitch on the lower abdomen. Son, its clear that excessive eating is not the only reason for being overweight.

The most prominent reason nowadays is junk and processed food eating. Tinned foods contain unhealthy chemicals and saturated Trans fats. It does not break down easily in our bodies. The sedentary lifestyle compliments the situation. There are genetic conditions of excess weight. In patients with hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes, obesity is a common problem. In such cases, patients need a massive weight loss. Otherwise, the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular diseases increases alarmingly. Regular exercise and diet help little in such cases. Here people need doctor-led weight solutions.

When you consult the doctor regarding your obesity, at first, they will take a brief history of your condition. Then they will run some tests and measure the BMI to calculate how much weight you need to reduce. After that, they will prescribe a medicine that goes best with your condition. The best clinically proven weight loss medicine nowadays is saxenda. It is the brand name of the drug liraglutide. In the market, saxenda injections are available as an injectable form of three mg per dose. But the route of administration is subcutaneous. That means you have to push the drug just below the skin, never directly in the veins or muscles. Thats why regular syringes wont work here. It would be best if you had special skinny pens that only penetrates the skins. Its like insulin pens and very easy to use. Once your doctor shows you the usage procedure, you can follow it at home for the rest of the treatment time. But never share your saxenda pens with anybody. It can spread diseases like hepatitis B, HIV, STD, and many more. Discard the middle after you finish the dose formulation.

Saxenda is a very effective drug for people over the BMI of 27. With decreasing weight, some other conditions like diabetes and high uncontrolled blood pressure also seem to control. But remember, Ruxandra is not a medicine for diabetes or such syndrome. It shows some intersection with gliptins and insulins used to treat diabetes. So, make sure your bariatric expert knows your full medical history before starting any therapy. Prolonged use of saxenda may lead to thyroid cancer or such. So, it would be best if you never overused it without a doctors prescription.

Nowadays, there is another popular weight loss procedure named sculpt. In this process, the trainers use vibration and heat to melt the extra fat and excrete through sweating. As a nonmedicinal process, it relatively safer and less expensive solution. But it doesnt work well in patients with medical issues.

Obesity brings a hundred more complications with it. With proper medical care and a balanced low carb diet, you can quickly burn out the extra calories. Make sure to get the diet chart from a certified nutritionist to get all the essential elements without consuming much.

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The Best Weight loss Guide To Reduce Weight Fast - IMC Grupo

Looking To Lose Weight The Healthy Way? Tips To Bring Down Your Body Fat Percentage! – KHTS Radio

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Trying to lose weight can be one of the most difficult things to do as it can take a lot of hard work, dedication and will power. Many people try various different diet plans or exercise regimes but give up before they have even properly started.

Its important for both males and females to keep their body fat percentage to a healthy level and you can achieve this by both eating healthy and undertaking regular exercise. So lets take a look through some basic tips to help bring down your body fat percentage.

There is a misconception that to lose weight easily you should skip out on eating breakfast. This is completely untrue, it is important to eat at regular meal times and the most important meal of the day is breakfast.

Breakfast will help set you up for the rest of your day and if you skip it then you are more likely to want to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day.

Instead of skipping breakfast its more important to choose a healthy but filling option. Avoid sugary cereals and swap them for slow release foods such as porridge or eggs, both of which will keep your filled up for longer, so you wont need that mid morning snack to keep you going.

Also try to drink a pint of water before eating anything in the morning as this will also help with any hunger pains you may have.

While its important to know how much you weigh so that you can set yourself targets to reach and understand your progress, try not to get too focused on the numbers on your scales.

Weight loss is a marathon not a sprint so while you obviously will want to see progress quickly it can take longer than you realise to see the weight dropping off.

As well as keeping an eye on your overall weight you should also be aware of what your body fat percentage is, you can do this by using a body fat percentage calculator which can help you to understand the numbers and be useful when setting yourself targets.

If you are trying to lose weight then one of the first things you should look at on your diet is how much sugary drinks you consume every day. So many soft drinks and alcoholic beverages contain a huge amount of sugar. For example one pint of hard cider contains the equivalent of one big sugary doughnut.

Avoid all fizzy sugary drinks and instead drink plenty of water. Water not only helps you quench your first but also can help keep you feeling filled up for longer.

We should all be drinking at least two litres of water every day but many people do not even drink one litre. Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger. Many times when we may think that we are hungry and need food we are actually dehydrated, this confusion often leads us to eating more calories than we need which in turn means we gain weight. This can all be avoided by making sure we drink enough water every day.

One easy trick that seems to work well is to swap your large plates and stitches that you normally use for all your meals for smaller versions.

We often when disching u our food always look to fill the plate up which can often lead to us eating more food than we should or actually need. After eating meals we should feel pleasantly filled up not overly full up or even sick.

Once you get used to using smaller plates you should discover that you end up cooking a lot less food for meal times and in turn you will start to notice you didnt actually need all that extra food you were eating.

Losing weight takes a combination of not only eating healthy but also exercising more. Try and do some form of exercise at least once a day. This doesnt have to be over demanding exercise such as running or swimming it can be just going for a brisk walk. All exercise is good exercise.

Try to get into good habits with doing more exercise, for example instead of driving to your local shop walk there instead, as youre going to burn off more calories this way.

Not everyone enjoys exercises like going to the gym or running so you need to find what works best for you. If you are doing an exercise you enjoy then you are more likely to continue long term with it. Maybe you would enjoy swimming, riding a bike or taking an exercise class, try different forms of exercise to discover which you enjoy.

Losing weight is a process and not something that can happen overnight. You need to set yourself goals once you decide to try and lose weight but these goals need to be reasonable and achievable. There is no point in setting a goal to lose a certain amount of weight in an unreasonable amount of time.

Be realistic with your goals and you are much more likely to stick to your regime and reach them. Try to have an end goal target weight you would like to reach but do not set yourself a time limit to reach it. Instead make smaller targets to get to your final goal.

For example instead of having a target of ten kilos in ten months, break that down to losing a certain amount per month and per week. This makes it seem more achievable to spread out over the long term.

If you do not reach certain goals do not beat yourself up, weight loss is a hard thing to achieve so instead brush yourself off and go again.

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Looking To Lose Weight The Healthy Way? Tips To Bring Down Your Body Fat Percentage! - KHTS Radio

Meal plans and workouts: Heres how to lose weight before the New Year – YourStory

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

The New Year always brings with it, a lot of celebration and chances are you want to lose some weight before the end of December so that you can look good and feel great when 2021 arrives.

Choose the right meal plan in order to lose weight

The first thing that you have to consider is routine and rhythm. You might be following intermittent fasting and finding that it is causing you stress. You might be going the opposite route and eating every couple of hours and finding that this is also too challenging.

You have to consider your comfort levels when it comes to the right diet. If a diet allows you to feel calmer, feel more energetic, have better sleep and not have chronic symptoms of any kind, then it is probably supporting you.

The first thing that you have to do before you think of changing your meal plan, is to ensure optimal exercise. I dont mean that you have to over train for hours together. You just need consistent exercise for one hour, perhaps five days a week.

Raw foods and juices are good for health and weight loss

Swap out processed foods with home-cooked meals. If you can prepare your meals yourself, that is wonderful. Meals prepared by you at home, are going to be fresh, with the right amount of healthy fats and much easier on your digestion. All of this will create a foundation for you to lose weight.

Before I take you through a simple meal plan to lose weight, I must add that you should stay away from the chronic calculation of calories. Eat with your eyes and from your heart. Eat mindfully. You will never overeat if you eat while focusing on your food, rather than the television.

Eat five balanced meals a day instead of sugary and starchy foods

My suggestion to most people is to eat five balanced meals within a twelve-hour frame. This immediately ensures blood sugar balance and eating less at each meal. It is amazing when you see just this change shifting things for people. Within a day or two of doing this, your blood sugar will stabilise, and you will start needing less food.

Exercise is mandatory for weight loss

When it comes to the two snacks between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, eat a pear or an apple, two tablespoons of toasted seeds or makhana, a palmful of sand roasted peanuts, some vegetables with hummus, a smoothie or some sweet potato wedges with chaat. When you start eating a snack in between these meals and maintaining a twelve-hour framework, you will find yourself needing a lighter dinner.

If you want to lose weight before the New Year, it is best to increase the number of vegetables that you eat. If you consider swapping out processed foods with wholesome home-cooked meals, maintaining a plate framework and eating five meals in twelve hours, you will find yourself shedding water retention and excess weight, without affecting your health, sleep, energy or mood.

(Images credit: Shutterstock)

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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Meal plans and workouts: Heres how to lose weight before the New Year - YourStory

24-year-old Corkman tells us about his incredible lockdown weight loss journey –

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Conor Hegarty from Cork is in America with his friends and, as often happens when young lads travel together, they're running late for a plane.

As the gang dash through the airport, Conor's thoughts are not exclusively fixed on whether or not they make the flight. Struggling to keep up, he feels that familiar shortness of breath as makes his way through the terminal. This was what he called "a real eye-opener" as he sat down to have a chat with me about his amazing transformation in 2020.

Conor, who lost 10 stone in the space of 10 months this year, says that that day in the airport made him decide once and for all that he was "sick and tired" of feeling that way.

"I'd be in a dorm when I'd be traveling with and I'd be snoring like a train. I hadn't tied my shoes for two years. My friends would be pointing these things out to me but I wouldn't be taking their word for it," he tells me.

So what changed? "In the airport, it was the last straw, I feel. Just the thought of missing the flight made me realise that this was actually affecting my lifestyle. It was a real eye-opener and a bit of a shocker."

Conor took his realisation into 2020 and started to act upon it. He began his journey on January 6. Instead of staying in bed until the very last minute before work, he began to set his alarm early for daily 30 - 45 minute walks. He began to cook at home using low-calorie recipes from RTE's Operation Transformation app. He used an online calculator to track his Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and his Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). He started slowly with three gym sessions per week while making sure he accrued his 10,000 daily steps.

"Before I started, walking to work or to the Luas when I was living in Dublin was torture," Conor says. "But I could feel my mood getting better every day and I was starting to feel more confident."

Conor remembers February 26, 2020 as the day he almost gave up. In a post on his Instagram page, @HegoGetsHealthy, Conor wrote that 'I could feel myself about to give up, opening a pack of Doritos and forgetting about the weight loss until 2021. I went for a run, took this picture (below) and promised myself Id see this journey through to the end.

Not long after this, Ireland went into lockdown. For many people, the commute to work was put on hold and gyms across the country closed their doors. How did this affect Conor's progress?

"I was worried," he admits. "At the start I was worried that I wouldn't have a gym to go to and I wouldn't be able to meet up with my friends who were good at keeping me going." The moral support of Conor's friends is something that he mentions a lot throughout our conversation.

Eventually, Conor began to use the lockdown as the perfect opportunity to keep going. He invested in a yoga mat and took inspiration from The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. Workouts went 'back to basics with push-ups and sit-ups' and included '20/30 mins of a HIIT session which is probably more beneficial than my hour in the gym was anyway where my eyes would be glued to the phone 50% of the time.'

Conor's page is full of tips for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey. When I ask him what are the first steps people should take, he is adamant when he says "start small, with something that almost feels insignificant. Then you can build on it. I began by leaving my walking gear and my runners out before I went to bed. This was great for the discipline and really prevented me from hitting the snooze button."

"I used to hate mornings but now I enjoy them. Just little routine changes can go a long way, even switching from regular coffees to flat whites."

As someone who has come close to giving up when things got tough, Conor empathises with those who think they might fall off the wagon. "The thing is not to beat yourself up. You need to recognise that you've completely shifted your mindset. Remember how far you've come and how much progress you've made."

Speaking over the phone, Conor sounds every bit the confident 24-year-old. Chatty and energetic, he spoke with an infectious enthusiasm about everything he's learned this year. As he explains himself, he hasn't always been like this. "My mood has improved 100%," he says. "I'm more productive than ever and it just feels like I have so much extra time in the day. I've gotten an hour back each morning, I'm listening to podcasts and I find myself reading a lot more. I'm even getting a lot more sunlight and fresh air which is great for the mood."

Conor only set up the @HegoGetsHealthy page in October and it's already accumulated a decent following. He says himself that his motivation for starting the page was to 'hopefully help even just one person get out of a rut and get moving.' If you'd like to keep up with Conor's progress or feel like his regular snippets of advice might be helpful, you can follow him via this link.

It's been a busy 2020 for Conor and it's fair to say he'll be a lot more confident about making that plane the next time he's in an airport.

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24-year-old Corkman tells us about his incredible lockdown weight loss journey -

5 Effects of Eating Too Many Carbohydrates – LIVESTRONG.COM

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Feeling tired or sluggish is one of the effects of eating too many carbohydrates.

Image Credit: Jamie Grill/Tetra images/GettyImages

Carbohydrates have gained a reputation for being the enemy, thanks to plenty of convincing marketing and popular diets that warn against them. But are carbs really bad news for weight loss?

Hardly. Complex carbs like oatmeal, whole grains and potatoes provide our bodies with energy and keep us from overeating.

"Complex carbs are strung together in long, complex chains, taking more energy and time to break down into sugar for energy," says Juliana Dewsnap, RD, LDN, registered dietitian with Baze, a personalized supplement company. "Carbs are your body's preferred source of fuel, since it takes the least amount of work to convert to energy compared to protein or fat," she adds.

Many complex carbohydrates are great sources of fiber (think: legumes, pears and beans), a nutrient that promotes weight loss, satiety and gut health. So if you're thinking about cutting carbs to drop pounds, you may want to reconsider.

That said, it is possible to have too much of a good thing carbs included. Adults should aim to get 45 to 65 percent of their daily energy intake from carbs, per the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The figure can ebb and flow, depending on our lifestyle super-active people need more carbs for energy, while more sedentary folks require less.

While Dewsnap says it's better to focus less on the number of carbs and more on the quality of the carbs we're consuming, an excess of carbs, whether complex or not, can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms.

A healthy diet should make us feel energized, as food is fuel for our body and helps us tackle the day. Complex carbs can contribute to this energy, but overeating (whether complex or simple) carbohydrates can sometimes backfire.

So, how to know if you're eating too many? There are a few signs to look out for.

1. Youre Always Bloated

If you find yourself constantly bloated, carbs could be the culprit, nurse practitioner Marina Yuabova tells The sugar from carbohydrates can decrease the diversity of healthy bacteria in our gut, making our digestive system sluggish, which then creates bloat, Yuabova says.

Additionally, the bacteria in your colon ferment fiber, starches and some sugars, which produce gaseous compounds in the body, per the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research.

This happens most often when we consume refined carbs, Dewsnap says. "These types of carbs create an osmotic effect due to high amounts of sodium and pull water out of your intestines. This can result in bloating, constipation and feeling gassy or uncomfortable," she says.

And remember that beneficial fiber we talked about? While it's a great aid to weight loss, upping your fiber intake too quickly can lead to a bevy of stomach troubles, including bloat. It's best to gradually add fiber to your diet so your body can get used to it. You'll also want to drink more water as you do so.

2. Youre Gaining Weight

Let's be real: Eating too much of anything is likely to contribute to weight gain. Eating excess carbohydrates in particular, however, can translate to excess calories, since foods that are rich in carbs often contain a lot of fat, says dietitian and associate clinical professor Keith Thomas Ayoob, RDN.

"Sweets like cakes, pies and cookies are thought of as sugary foods, but they get at least half their calories from fat. These calories from the carbs and fat are very low in nutrients all around, so they're considered empty calories," he explains.

It's not always sweets. Sometimes it can be a matter of how you're eating your healthy carbs. Many people pair potatoes with a fat, like gravy. To reap the benefits of complex carbs, Ayoob says it's best to pair them with healthier alternatives.

"Have that baked potato with some salsa or a sprinkle of grated Parmesan instead of adding a ton of butter and you'll get your carbs, plus nutrients, with about half the calories of the tater with all the added fat," he says.

Though we'd all prefer if acne ended once we left our teens, many adults experience breakouts well into their 30s, 40s and beyond. This is partially due to our genetics, as well as our specific hormones, but breakouts can also be a sign that something's up in our diets.

Sugars from carbohydrates increase the production of androgens, which are linked to hormonal acne, Yuabova says. For some of us, when we overeat carbohydrates, we may break out. This type of breakout typically occurs in the lower third of the face, so if you see acne along your mouth and jawline, it could be a sign that you're eating too many carbs.

April 2014 research in Drugs and Dermatology highlights a connection between refined carbohydrates and acne. The researchers recommend reducing consumption of high-glycemic-index foods, which include certain cereals, bread, rice and fruit like cantaloupe and watermelon. You may want to substitute some of these foods with options lower on the glycemic index (think: nonstarchy veggies and fruits like apples and oranges) if you're noticing a new acne pattern.

4. You're Having Trouble Sleeping

There are plenty of reasons you might be having a tough time falling asleep. But if you're a nighttime snacker, this very well may be the issue. Eating carbs requires your body to work and process sugar, so if you're snacking before bedtime, you're asking your body to perform rather than rest, says Yuabova.

On the other hand, carbs may hasten your sleepy state especially those with a high glycemic index, according to one May 2014 study in Sports Medicine.

If you are a late-night eater and struggling to fall asleep, try giving yourself an earlier cutoff so your body has ample time to process foods before it goes into rest mode.

5. Youre Tired All the Time

If you're feeling particularly tired, carbs might be contributing to that lethargic state, Dewsnap says. Brain fog and headaches are also symptoms of a carb overdose.

"When choosing a carbohydrate-based meal, it's important to pair with other nutrients like healthy proteins and fats," she says. "Your brain relies on glucose for energy, but burns through it fast if you're choosing simple or refined carbohydrates over those with more fiber and grains."

Eating too many carbs can spike your blood sugar and then lead to that crash that leaves you feeling sluggish, per Sanford Health. To avoid the slump, be sure to pair your carbs with other nutrients.

"Both protein and fats can help slow digestion of carbohydrates so you can feel energized throughout the day and avoid a sugar rush," Dewsnap says.

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5 Effects of Eating Too Many Carbohydrates - LIVESTRONG.COM

Mum spending 11,000 a year on McDonald’s loses six stone in incredible weight loss transformation – Birmingham Live

Posted: December 1, 2020 at 8:48 pm

An overweight mum has shed five-and-a-half stone during lockdown - by kicking her 11k-a-year McDonald's addiction.

Poppy Stainsby, 24, used to gorge on burgers and takeaways everyday and would often blow 30 in a sitting - totalling 10,950 a year.

Her habit left her tipping the scales at 18st and struggling to squeeze into a size 20.

But she has slimmed to a size 10 and now weighs a healthier 12st 4lbs after embarking on a lockdown diet and exercise regime.

Poppy was able to squeeze in two workouts and an evening walk because she was working from home during lockdown.

She used the time she previously spent commuting to follow high-intensity Instagram workouts and taught herself to cook healthily.

The office clerk, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, said: "I am amazed at how quickly the weight came off me.

Thousands of children in Birmingham face a Christmas without a proper home this year - but there is something you can do.

Our campaign, Grant a Christmas #BrumWish, aims to help buy presents for more than 1,000 youngsters cramped together, sharing beds, in soulless rooms in B&Bs, and others who will be in a Women's Aid refuge.

It is all through an Amazon Wish List - meaning you can personally buy a present that will be delivered before December 25.

Make sure you set delivery to the #BrumWish Campaign, and we will ensure the presents get to the kids.

If you can't get on Amazon, you can donate cash through the Winter Wellbeing VirginMoney page - just make sure to put the word BRUM in the comments so it comes through to #BrumWish.

I actually feel confident in myself and I can go for walks without getting out of breath.

Ive completely transformed my lifestyle - I now cook myself nice meals like salmon and rice and actually exercise.

I used to get sore feet and get out of breath from just going shopping.

Now I go on long walks and bike rides all the time.

Poppy made the decision to start losing weight in January, after she had had enough of the sore feet and back pain and wanted to get in shape for her wedding in September 2021.

In the first three months she struggled to shift the pounds and only lost a stone but after joining Slimming World and having a strict lifestyle change over lockdown she is now close to her 12 stone target.

Poppy has transformed her lifestyle and no longer binges on takeaways, instead cooking healthy homemade meals with fresh ingredients and regularly doing home workouts.

Poppy now wears crop tops and bikinis without worrying about her body.

Over lockdown she would wake up early, squeeze in a workout before work and then workout again after she finished. She would often go for a five mile walk around her local area.

She has now swapped her daily McDonald's for healthy meals like chicken and green beans.

Poppy used to have McDonald's breakfasts as well as KFC lunches and Dominoes dinners but has now completely scrapped the greasy food.

I actually cook now, Poppy said.

I would have a takeaway everyday and food was my comfort but now Im eating the good stuff - like loads of fruit and veg.

And Ive been loving doing home workouts all the time.

Im so much more body confident and Im so glad I finally got myself into shape.

I can actually walk to the shops or a hill without getting out of breath and hurting my feet.

I also just went wedding shopping and can get into a size 10 dress.

I feel amazing and I am so proud of myself to have achieved this.

I feel like the best version of myself.

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Eating dried fruit linked to better overall diet and health – Medical News Today

Posted: November 30, 2020 at 8:55 am

Encouraging people to eat more dried fruit without added sugar could be an effective way to boost their intake of vital nutrients, researchers have concluded.

Low consumption of fruit in the United States and other countries is a major contributor to diet-related disease and disability, according to a recent analysis.

Fruit is a good source of nutrients, such as fiber and potassium, that many people lack in their diet. It also contains bioactive nutrients that provide extra health benefits, including polyphenols and carotenoids.

Research suggests that eating fruit is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

However, only about 24% of females and 14% of males in the U.S. eat the recommended daily amount of fruit, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Several factors might contribute to peoples low intake of fresh fruit, including limited availability, high cost, and perishability.

Recommending that people eat more dried fruit could be one solution.

Dried fruit offers several advantages over fresh fruit in terms of cost, availability, and ease of storage and transport. It could also replace more unhealthful snack food that is high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

At the same time, however, there are concerns about overconsumption leading to excess calorie intake because dried fruit is such an energy dense form of fruit.

Previous observational studies have found that eating dried fruit is associated with health benefits. However, the evidence is inconclusive because people who eat more dried fruit may tend to have a more healthful diet and lifestyle overall.

The new study by researchers at Pennsylvania (Penn) State University in University Park aimed to get around this difficulty by comparing days when particular participants reported eating dried fruit with days when they ate none.

They found that people tended to consume more key nutrients on the days they ate dried fruit, including dietary fiber and potassium. However, they also consumed more calories.

Dried fruit can be a great choice for a nutritious snack, but consumers might want to be sure theyre choosing unsweetened versions without added sugar, says Valerie Sullivan of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD, who was a grad student at Penn State when she led the study.

Portion sizes can also be tricky because a serving of dried fruit is smaller than a serving of fresh since the water has been taken out. But the positive is that dried fruit can help people potentially consume more fruit because its portable, its shelf-stable, and can even be cheaper.

The research appears in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

For their analysis, the scientists drew on survey responses from 25,590 individuals who took part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 20072016.

The respondents provided information about the food they had consumed in the past 24 hours (called dietary recalls).

Dried fruit accounted for only 3.7% of all the fruit consumed. However, a total of 1,233 participants reported consuming dried fruit on one out of two dietary recalls, allowing the scientists to compare their intake on these days.

Data were also available on the participants health, including their body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and seated resting blood pressure.

Even after adjusting for demographic and lifestyle factors, the participants who ate significant amounts of dried fruit tended to have better diets, a lower BMI, a smaller waist circumference, and lower systolic blood pressure compared with those who did not.

When the researchers compared the days when a participant ate dried fruit with those when they did not, they found that the average intake of total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, potassium, and polyunsaturated fat was greater on the days they ate dried fruit.

Taken together, the findings suggest that people who ate dried fruit expended more energy, compensating for the extra calories.

In our study, people who consumed dried fruits had a higher calorie intake but a lower BMI and waist circumference, which suggests they were more physically active, says co-author Penny Kris-Etherton, Evan Pugh University Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Penn State.

So, when incorporating dried fruits, pay attention to calories and be sure to substitute out calories from low nutrient foods for dried fruits to get the greatest benefit of eating dried fruits, she adds.

The researchers write that eating dried fruit tended to increase total fruit consumption, rather than replacing other forms of fruit. Thus, increasing dried fruit consumption might help Americans achieve greater fruit intakes.

The authors acknowledge that their study did not prove that eating dried fruit improves health, only that there seems to be an association. People who are likely to eat dried fruit may have better health for other reasons, such as taking more exercise or leading less stressful lives.

In addition, they note that the survey relied on the participants recollection of what they had eaten over the past 24 hours and their ability to estimate quantities accurately.

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