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Unemployment in Alabama’s Black Belt outpaces rest of state both before and after COVID –

Posted: September 10, 2020 at 10:55 am

As the Labor Day weekend approaches, infectious disease experts continue to stress the importance of wearing masks and practicing social distancing, or else Alabama could see another spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of UABs Division of Infectious Diseases, told reporters on Thursday that theres serious concern the state could see another surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the weeks after the Labor Day weekend, as happened after Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

This is not a time to let up, Marrazzo said.

While the number of new COVID-19 cases across the state have dropped in recent weeks, Alabama still recorded almost 10,000 new cases this week, Marrazzo said.

So I really want to impress upon people that while we have made some strides, with a lot of sacrifice, we are still in a place where we have a lot to do, not only to keep driving things down, but equally importantly, and almost more critically, to prevent that post holiday surge that we can almost predict will happen if people do do what they tend to do on a three day weekend, Marrazzo said.

Marrazzo discussed recent news that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent letters to states urging them to prepare to disburse a COVID-19 vaccine by Nov. 1, two days before Election Day. That letter has prompted concerns from many that a vaccine might be fast tracked well beyond safe measures and for political purposes.

Public Service Announcement

Marrazzo said that earlier in the pandemic infectious disease experts believe the earliest the world could see a safe, effective vaccine was around June 2021. It would take that long to track those enrolled in clinical trials to learn whether the vaccine works and is safe to administer, she said. That thinking changed as the drug company Modernas vaccine continued through clinical trials, and it became a possibility, if all went well, that a vaccine could be ready for market in February, she said.

Now, Marrazzo said medical experts are hearing a vaccines readiness could hinge on data coming from European studies of a couple of vaccines, that are showing evidence of the ability to produce antibodies. She cautioned, however, that theres been no evidence of whether any vaccine can actually reduce new cases, or whether theyre safe enough to inject the public with.

First of all, we dont know enough yet about what real immunity, long lasting, robust immunity to the coronavirus is, Marrazzo said, adding that reinfection has been shown to happen and we dont yet know all we need to about those reinfections.

The second is, we have never used a messenger RNA vaccine in a human population before, before these trials, Marrazzo said. This is totally new technology. we think its safe, but we dont know. its not a tried-and-true method, and so that for me really increases the bar for safety, a lot.

Researchers like to follow enrollees in phase three clinical trials for vaccines for at least year, to look for side effects and rare events, she said, noting the 1976 swine flu outbreak among soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey, which prompted President Gerald Ford to rush through a vaccine that had not been widely studied.

Cases of the Guillain-Barr syndrome in those vaccinated with the rushed vaccine began showing up in numerous states and several people died, according to news accounts. Ford agreed to suspend vaccinations using the drug.

Its a real cautionary tale, and who knows what the calculus was at that time, I mean it was a valid concern, but there were many people who thought that was ill advised and it was rushed, Marrazzo said.

Maybe they know something I dont know, its always possible, Marrazzo said of the CDC. But do we really have confidence that we can go out there and vaccinate everybody safely without knowing the longer term benefits are side effects of this vaccine? Thats my really big concern.

Asked by a reporter if she would take a vaccine herself, if it was offered before the effects and benefits were fully studied, Marrazzo said that at this very moment I would say that I would probably not get it.

Marrazzo said some might weight the benefits of such a vaccine against continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks and decide to take that risk, but she would like to see a full-throated endorsement of the vaccine by the American College of Immunization Practices and more data on the drug before considering it for herself.

Asked what she would tell Gov. Kay Ivey about disbursing a vaccine as early as the CDC has asked states to ready to do so, Marrazzo said we need ironclad proof that a vaccine is safe and effective.

We are not there right now. There is no way that I have seen myself, and I know that most experts have seen enough data, to feel like, not only today theres something to roll out, but in seven short weeks, Marrazzo said.

Marrazzo said thats not to say there isnt an urgency to get a vaccine to market, but we shouldnt rush to get a product before we know its safe.

And we deserve the best. We deserve better. I mean, people have been through hell with this thing, Marrazzo said.

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Unemployment in Alabama's Black Belt outpaces rest of state both before and after COVID -

4 Reasons to Try Raisins for Weight Loss – TheHealthMania

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:57 am

People dont really like eating raisins because of their unusual taste. But what they dont know is the role of raisins for weight loss. Just ignore the wrinkly shrunken appearance of raisins and focus on the benefits associated with them. Not just weight loss, there are many amazing things that make raisins a healthier version of sugar.

There is a high amount of fiber in raisins which has hidden benefits for people on a weight-loss track. But it doesnt mean that you can consume it in abundance. No matter how much amount of raisins you are taking, exercise, or any other form of moderate physical activity is essential to metabolize it.

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Raisins dont play a direct role in weight loss. but there are so many ways that it can affect the quality and efficiency of the weight loss process. It helps a person to overcome sugar cravings, stay energetic, and fit throughout this weight loss duration. Here are four ways that underline the significance of eating raisins for weight loss.

Raisins are natural sugar and eating them provides a substantial amount of energy to the body. Normally when a person is following a low-calorie diet, he feels lethargic and tired all the time. Unless he is on a healthy weight loss plan and taking nutrient-rich foods like raisins.

The glucose and fructose inside raisins burn and provide fuel to the body to proceed with all its functions. This way the boy doesnt compromise on the energy despite losing weight.

The most desirable type of weight loss is by boosting digestion and allowing the body to burn all calories that it has consumed in the form of food. Usually, people with low metabolic rates often experience difficulties in weight loss and they are searching for something which could speed up metabolism.

Surprisingly, they dont really need a supplement or medicine to boost metabolism when there are natural products like raisins to do the same. Adding a small number of raisins in any meal of the day or used as a snack in between meals helps the body to improve digestion and burn fats fast.

This improved digestion also means that there are least chances of gaining all the lost weight back because the body is constantly burning the calories.

The overweight and obese person often fall a victim to weak bones and bone-related diseases. The extra weight on the body is difficult to be carried by the bones. Gradually, the bones become weak and experience low bone density, curving of bones, or porous bones. It implies that no one should ignore bone health while following a weight loss diet plan.

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The best is to consume foods that naturally improve bone health. For example, raisins have a high amount of nutrients all of which are required by a good bone density. Regularly taking raisins for weight loss also ensures that the bones are not suffering.

Typically, a person with ideal body weight is healthy. But the choice of foods determines the quality of his health and immune response in case of a threat for example the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Raisins have hidden benefits for heart, kidney, blood sugar, blood pressure, and whatnot. Adding raisins in routine improves the overall quality of life, maintains the bodys pH, and prevents diseases.

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4 Reasons to Try Raisins for Weight Loss - TheHealthMania

Here’s What Buffets Do to Your Body and Brain – MSN Money

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:57 am

3 Metabolism Myths Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

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You may eat with your eyes first, but both your stomach and your mind have a big say in how much you consume before you feel full. A July 2020 study in the journal Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology suggests that while your stomach volume can lead you to eat more calories at a meal, your brain can override your physical limits if you're not careful.

The researchers recruited 62 obese people who were otherwise healthy. (Fifty-seven were women.) The researchers determined obesity as having a body mass index (BMI is a combined measurement of your height and weight)of over 30; that's the same as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's BMI scale. The participants didn't have eating disorders, alcohol problems, or mood disorders like anxiety or depression.

First, participants drank a nutritional supplement called Ensure so researchers could measure the amount of food volume it took each person to feel full. They rated their fullness levels every five minutes, and when they hit "maximum or unbearable," they stopped drinking.

Now the researchers knew roughly the stomach volume for each participant. Four hours later, the volunteers were offered a buffet of vegetable lasagna, vanilla pudding, and skim milk, and they had 30 minutes to eat as much as they wanted. The scientists kept track of the amount each person ate.

People with larger stomachs could consume up to 30 percent more calories, explains Michael Camilleri, MD, study co-author and consultant in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He notes that on average, stomachs enlarged to about three times their fasting size after a meal. Unfortunately, the link between feeling full on the nutritional drink didn't line up with feeling full at the buffet; the results showed the volunteers could push past their stomach volume when eating real food.

Anyone who has sat down to a Thanksgiving spread knows this to be true: Eagerness to eat can lead you to overdo itand your stomach size won't necessarily slow you down. There's another factor at work, says Dr. Camilleri: A process called gastric emptying rate, which is how fast food leaves the stomach. "It's estimated that about one in every four people with obesity has fast gastric emptying," says Dr. Camilleri. In short, the stomach empties food rapidly and then sends a signal that you're hungry again.

For the study, Dr. Camilleri also tracked gastric emptying and, sure enough, a quick exit could also lead to higher consumption. The volume of your stomach as well as how fast it empties "both impact the amount people eat to feel comfortable or not to feel hungry," explains Dr. Camilleri.

There still exists the "perception that non-fat calories [like from carbohydrates] don't cause overall weight gain," says Dr. Camilleri. But in the study, eating more carbs typically went hand in hand with having a bigger meal. Eating more fat and protein didn't have that connection.

The biggest lesson is that the size of your stomach and your desires combine to trigger overeating. You can combat this by imposing limits on yourself. For example, when you're faced with a buffet, fill a plate with some prime choicesbut don't let yourself go back for seconds. Another option is to remove temptation altogether by not bringing dishes to the table: Instead, serve yourself up in the kitchen, eat at the dinner table, and only return to the kitchen to clean up and stash the leftovers.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of how the body processes fullness, says Dr. Camilleri, his research may also lead to the development of a weight-loss treatment that limits stomach volume or slows gastric emptying. There are already some medications that do this. One, like Liraglutide, slows the rate at which food leaves the stomach, he says. That can help people feel fuller, longer. Indeed a 2015 study in JAMA found that people who were overweight and obese with type 2 diabetes who took 3 milligrams of liraglutide daily lost weight over about a year period, compared to a placebo group. One-quarter of those patients lost more than 10 percent of their body weight, compared to less than 7 percent of patients in the placebo group. Next up, Dr. Camilleri plans to pursue the research looking at people in other weight categories.

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Here's What Buffets Do to Your Body and Brain - MSN Money

A doctor’s open apology to those fighting overweight and obesity –

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:56 am

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)

J. David Prologo, Emory University

(THE CONVERSATION) Obesity has emerged as a significant risk factor for poor outcomes in patients infected with COVID-19. Based on how doctors and others in health care have previously treated patients with obesity or overweight conditions, my guess is that many will respond by declaring: Well, its their own fault for being overweight!

In the spirit of recognizing that people who struggle with weight loss include our family and friends, let me propose a different sentiment.

To those who we have shamed for having excess body weight and/or failing diets: You were right, and we are sorry. After giving you undoable tasks, we ridiculed you. When you tried to tell us, we labeled you as weak and crazy. Because we didnt understand what you were experiencing, we looked down on you. We had never felt it ourselves. We did not know. And for that, we apologize.

Fat shaming doesnt work

This is just one version of the apology we owe our fellow human beings whom we told to lose weight using diet and exercise. Then, when it didnt work, we blamed them for our treatment plan failures and smothered their feedback with prejudice and persecution.

As a physician and researcher, I have worked in this space for many years. I have witnessed firsthand the life-altering power of preexisting ideas, judgments and stereotypes. I have seen how unfounded, negative ideas are woven through virtually every interaction that those struggling with weight loss endure when seeking help.

And there are tens of millions of them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classifies more than 70% of U.S. adults as overweight, and more than 40% as obese. Those numbers continue to climb, and even when some manage to lose weight, they almost always gain it back over time.

Rash judgments

To illustrate, imagine that I am your doctor. You have a body rash (which represents the condition of being overweight or obese), and you make an appointment with me to discuss a treatment plan.

During your visit, my office staff uses stigmatizing language and nonverbal signals that make it clear we are annoyed at the idea of dealing with another rash person. We invoke a set of assumptions that dictate the tone of our relationship, including the notions that you are lazy or ignorant or both. You will sense my disgust, which will make you uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, health care providers commonly treat patients who struggle with weight loss by assigning stereotypes, snap judgments and ingrained negative attributes including laziness, noncompliance, weakness and dishonesty.

After this uncomfortable exchange, I will prescribe a treatment program for your rash and explain that its quite straightforward and easy to use. I will point you to several resources with pictures of smiling people with beautiful skin who never had a rash to emphasize how wonderful your outcome will be. Its just a matter of sticking to it, I will say.

Back at home, you are excited to start treatment. However, you quickly realize that putting on the cream is unbearable. It burns; your arms and legs feel like theyre on fire shortly after you apply the treatment. You shower and wash off the cream.

A dismal conversation

After a few days, you try again. Same result. Your body will not accept the cream without intolerable burning and itching. You return to my office, and we have the following conversation:

You: Doctor, I cannot stick to this plan. My body cannot tolerate the cream.

Me: This is exactly why doctors do not want to deal with rash people. Im giving you the treatment and you wont stick to it. I put the cream on myself every morning without an issue.

You: But you dont have a rash! Putting this cream on when you have a rash is different than putting it on clear skin. I do want to get rid of my rash, but I cannot tolerate this cream.

Me: If you dont want to follow the treatment, thats up to you. But its not the cream that needs changing. It is your attitude toward sticking with it.

This exchange illustrates prejudical behavior, bias and a disconnect between a providers perceptions and a patients experience.

Prejudice and bias

For someone who wants to lose weight, the experience of a diet and exercise prescription is not the same as for a lean person on the same program. Perceiving another persons experience as the same as ones own when circumstances are different fuels prejudice and bias.

That night, though, you cant help but wonder: Is something wrong with me? Maybe my genes or thyroid or something? The cream seems so fun and easy for everyone else.

At this point, the blame unconscionably lands on the patient. Despite an undeniable explosion of this rash, and abysmal treatment adherence rates while we have been touting the cream, we stubbornly maintain it works. If the rash is expanding, and hundreds of millions of people are failing treatment or relapsing every day, well its their own fault!

As time goes on, you feel increasingly discouraged and depressed because of this untenable situation. Frustration wears on your sense of optimism and chips away at your happy moments. You have this rash and you cant tolerate the treatment plan, but no one believes you. They judge you, and say you choose not to use the cream because you lack willpower and resolve. You overhear their conversations: Its her own fault, they say. If that were me, I would just use the d#$% cream.

This is the very definition of prejudice: an opinion, often negative, directed toward someone and related to something that the individual does not control. Although it has been extensively demonstrated that the causes for overweight and obesity are multifactorial, the myth that its the patients fault is still widely accepted. This perception of controllability leads to the assignment of derogatory stigma.

A setup for failure

That evening you sit alone. You think theres not a single person on the planet who believes your body wont tolerate this treatment. Society believes you brought this on yourself to begin with; there doesnt seem to be a way out.

We have driven those with overweight and obesity conditions to this place far too many times. We have set them up to take the fall for our failed treatment approaches. When they came to us with the truth about tolerability, we loudly discredited them and said they were mentally weak, noncompliant or lazy.

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So where do we go from here? If we agree to stop stigmatizing, stereotyping and blaming patients for our treatment failures, and we accept that our current nonsurgical paradigm is ineffective what takes its place?

For starters, we need a new approach, founded on respect and dignity for patients. A fresh lens of acceptance and suspended judgment will allow us to shift our focus toward treatments for the body, rather than mind over matter, which is a concept we use for no other medical condition. A perspective based in objectivity and equality will allow caregivers to escape the antiquated blaming approach and perceive those with overweight or obese conditions in the same light as those with other diseases. Only then will we finally shift the paradigm.

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article here:

Read the original here:
A doctor's open apology to those fighting overweight and obesity -

Losing Weight After Pregnancy: More Than Just Cutting Carbs – BabyGaga

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:56 am

We live in a society that is obsessed with diet culture. In many ways, this infatuation with fitness and weight loss has crossed the line into toxicity, with more and more American women and men flirting with disordered eating habits each year. The pursuit of thinness is one of the most harmful things we can put our bodies and minds through. While a healthy approach to weight management is definitely a good thing, the line gets blurry very quickly with all of the new diet fads on the market.

Postpartum women are at a heightened risk of feeling like they need to jump on the fad diet bandwagon. There seems to be a rush for postpartum women to get back to their 'pre-pregnancy weight', though many experts don't advise dieting or exercising for at least the first 6 weeks after giving birth. A woman's body has to heal from the extreme strain put on the body from pregnancy and childbirth. It is not a time to be depriving or pushing your body to perform exercises.

There are, however, several ways to manage your postpartum diet, which will assist in shedding some of the extra weight. Keep in mind, you should consult with your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet. BabyGaga spoke to industry experts who helped clear up why cutting carbs is not a good idea in the postpartum phase (you need them!).Read on for more tips on how to approach your nutrition management after bringing home baby.

One thing that postpartum women must realize is that their postpartum bodies took nine months to evolve and change to the size and shape that they are currently in, and there is no quick way to erase those nine months of changes! Patience and love for your body are critical in this phase, as you will already be struggling with exhaustion and stress, and body related pressure won't help matters.

BabyGaga spoke to Gina Waggott, the founder of popular online site Pregnancy Food Checker. As a certified pregnancy diet expert, her and her team of registered dieticians offer nutrition advice and guidance to pregnant and postpartum women.

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Gina explained, "Giving birth is often seen as the 'finish line' after a nine-month marathon, but it's actually only the first lap! Many women are surprised that the classic diet advice during pregnancy - whole foods, healthy eating, and avoiding high mercury fish or alcohol, for example, also extends to post-birth breastfeeding, too. Women who can't wait to lose the pregnancy 'pooch' mistakenly start dieting and cutting carbs, when they actually need to eat more (healthy) calories."

She continued, "I like to think of pregnancy diets as a gentle bump that should grow just like your baby. Start the healthy eating when trying to conceive, then it's 200-300 extra calories a day during the second and third trimesters, and ending with 400 - 500 extra calories a day when breastfeeding, and then it tapers off again as the baby moves to solid food."

One thing to consider in the postpartum rush to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight is whether or not you are breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a real sport, and burns a ton of calories! It also means you need to be consuming much more food than if you were not breastfeeding. It's really important that women be mindful of this, so that they aren't undereating, thus affecting their milk supply, or just not being energized enough to get through the days.

Andrea Tran is a lactation consultant and registered nurse, who runs the website Breastfeeding Confidential, where she offers breastfeeding guidance and support to women across the country.

Andrea reiterated that breastfeeding women need to consume more food, not less,

"If a woman is breastfeeding she is supposed to consume 500 calories above her pre-pregnant diet."

She explained to BabyGaga that a breastfeeding woman will need to eat similar amounts to what she ate in pregnancy, 'During pregnancy and breastfeeding women usually notice an increase in appetite and that will go away after birth if they are not breastfeeding. If they are breastfeeding they are encouraged to make the same type of food choices they did during pregnancy.'

While cutting carbs seems to be a theme in diet culture, it's not a great idea. Carbohydrates are an important food group, and completely cutting them out is not conducive to overall health. While cutting out potato chips, cookies, and donuts is probably a good idea, there are plenty of healthy carbs to keep in your diet. Wholegrain pasta, sweet potatoes, greens, and apples are all carbohydrate-based foods!

Dr. Kristin Sears is the creator of The Zone Diet, an eating plan that focuses of consuming 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins to prevent cellular inflammation, a risk factor in obesity and other illnesses. She explained to BabyGaga the importance of balancein the postpartum phase, "A balance is always the key. Losing excess fat will be accelerated by replacing grains and starches and non-starchy vegetables and limited amounts of fruit while maintaining adequate levels of protein."

While it's quite normal for postpartum women to feel very emotional about the way that their bodies have changed (and then changed again!) during and after pregnancy, the approach to weight loss needs to be gentle. The first 6 weeks after giving birth are when a woman's body will be repairing and healing, and eating plenty of nutritious foods and staying hydrated will help your body bounce back faster.

Keep in mind that if you feed your body well, you will get stronger, which will lead you to having more energy and enthusiasm when you do get the clear from your doctor to resume physical exercise. Take smalls steps towards complete wellbeing each day, and you will reach your goals in no time.

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SOURCES: Pregnancy Food Checker, Breastfeeding Confidential, Zone Labs

10 Wonderful Artsy Boy Names

Ariane Signer has been writing her thoughts, fears and dreams in journals since the early 90's. A personal development and self-help junkie, she has been working as a creative freelance writer since 2016. A native Canadian, she has found her home in small town Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and two young sons. She published her first book, Things That Shine: Poems, in 2019.

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Losing Weight After Pregnancy: More Than Just Cutting Carbs - BabyGaga

May New York Yankees miss the MLB playoffs? They should regroup quickly – The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:56 am

9:15 AM ET

Marly RiveraESPN Writer


See you in October? The fallout of the New York Yankees beating at the hands, bats and gloves of the Baltimore Orioles is one that appears to have started shifting the momentum in one direction, one in which the Bronx Bombers might be at risk of missing the MLB playoffs altogether.

The Yankees won 16 of their first 22 games. Securing a spot in a 16-team expanded postseason was all but a given for a team that had hammered 40 home runs and slugged a robust .487 as a unit. New York was living up to its star billing, mowing down opponents by scoring an average of 5.7 runs per game and hitting .294 with runners in scoring position.

But the team that was once the star of The Show is now merely a stand-in. In their present 5-13 skid, the Yankees slumbering bats have hit just .203, with 18 home runs and an anemic .341 slugging percentage. Their average runs scored have dropped to 3.4 runs per game. Hitting with runners in scoring position now seems an insurmountable task, with their average dropping to a meager .186.

2 Related

Brett Gardner, the longest-tenured Yankee and therefore at times the de facto club spokesman acknowledged teamwide anger over their faltering fortunes.

Unfortunately, a similar kind of question as a week or so ago and Im going to give you the same exact response. Very frustrating, said Gardner, 37, who was drafted into the organization in 2005. Disappointed in the way that not only Ive played, but the way weve played as a team, and its something we just have to pull out of. I think weve got, what, three weeks to go til the last day of the season? So weve got some baseball left, were still in a position to obviously make the playoffs and hopefully attain our goal, which is to be the last team standing, but the way that weve played lately is not acceptable.

The Yankees collective free fall started with a 6-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays back on Aug. 18, and that was with Masahiro Tanaka on the mound. Tanaka, who allowed all six runs, said he was trying to make adjustments throughout the game, but I really couldnt find it felt like I was off balance all night.

And thats exactly what the Yankees have been since the start of their ongoing slide: off balance.

Baseball is back! You can watch 2020s 60-game sprint all season on ESPN.

Sunday, Sept. 13Astros at Dodgers, 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 16Dodgers at Padres, 4 p.m.Mets at Phillies, 7 p.m.

On ESPN and the ESPN App; all times ET.Dont have ESPN? Get instant access.

As a hitter, when youre going through a bit of a tough stretch individually, but even as a team, you gotta stay away from chasing the result. You gotta know what your plan is, be convicted with it, and go out there and have good at-bats, manager Aaron Boone said in addressing the Yankees disappearing offense, which has dropped New York to third place in the AL East behind the Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. And it starts with me. Ive got to do a better job of creating that environment to where guys are coming in and getting the right things done. But weve all got to also step it up here. Obviously, the seasons getting shorter and shorter, and weve got to find a way right now when its difficult.

Tanaka happened to also be on the mound on Sunday as the Yankees managed to score just one run in a 6-1 loss to Baltimore to add more length and depth to their slide. With their offense held to just one run in back-to-back games, Yankees hitters combined for just four hits. The Orioles refused to be the AL East doormat in a series the Yankees might have taken for granted last year, and they proved it by taking three out of four, winning their first series against New York since the beginning of the 2019 season.

As things stand, the Yankees would be the eighth and final seed in the AL playoff field, and theyre just two games clear of Baltimore. Falling out of the October picture, given New Yorks status as the clear AL favorite entering the season, would have been hard to fathom a couple of weeks ago.

Not having every man present and accounted for hasnt helped matters. The Yankees injury issues this season have been well-documented. At one point, the team had 10 players on the injured list, a group that included Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, DJ LeMahieu and Gleyber Torres.

But a glance at both leagues shows crowded injured lists to be pretty much the norm and, when it comes to players lost, the AL East-leading Rays have arguably been hit harder than anyone. The bottom line? Some teams have overcome their injuries, and some teams, for a variety of reasons, have not. The Yankees are among them.

Obviously weve got some guys out of our lineup and when youve got guys missing, other guys need to step up and pull their weight and try their best to fill in. Ive been one of those guys that feels like theyve relied upon a little more heavily than maybe we would have thought coming into the season, and Im just disappointed that I havent done better, Gardner said. Disappointed that I havent done more. It is a frustrating game, it definitely is, especially right now, but sometimes you just have to kind of take a step back, take a deep breath and hopefully find that reset button. Weve got three weeks of baseball left, a very important three weeks, trying to take things one day at a time and get this turned around.

While it cant be ignored that injuries have been a significant factor, the Yankees collapse has been induced by a veritable deluge of causes, rather than from a single reason or the absence of any single player.

With only 60 games on the schedule and 16 teams headed to the playoffs, the races are already heating up.MLB standings

Latest MLB Power Rankings

The onus may have fallen on Gary Sanchez, increasingly the poster child for the Yankees offensive struggles. Snchez was benched on Sunday amid a disastrous 5-for-40 slump. Snchez hit .130 and piled up an astonishing 48 strikeouts over 32 games, the third most through a players first 32 games of a season in Yankees franchise history, behind Giancarlo Stanton (51 in 2018) and Tyler Austin (52 in 2018).

But the Yankees offensive woes are not limited to Snchez. The entire team is struggling considering expectations for its high-flying offense, delivering a mediocre .321 weighted on-base average (wOBA) on the season, good for just 15th in the majors, a far cry from last years .346 that ranked third in MLB.

How do they move on from the negative momentum? Boone believes it all starts in Buffalo, as they face the young and fearless Blue Jays. And the next three weeks will continue to challenge the Yankees in every possible way.

Weve got to be in the mindset that tomorrows an important day. We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us. I do think thats crystal clear, not only with myself but our entire team, Boone said. The opportunity still that lies in front of us, thats very much attainable and very much in our grasp. But we gotta go play well. And if we play well, with our group, Im confident that well get to where we need to be.

But it starts with playing well (Monday), Boone said.

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May New York Yankees miss the MLB playoffs? They should regroup quickly - The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

COVID-19 virus acts differently in children: These are the most common symptoms in kids – TheHealthSite

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:56 am

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) and many other health organizations list fever, tiredness and dry cough as the most common symptoms of COVID-19. However, children who are infected with the novel coronavirus may not show similar symptoms like adult patients. Because the disease presents differently in children compared with adults, according to a new study. Also Read - Russia approaches India for Sputnik vaccine Phase-3 trial, production

A UK research team including researchers from Kings College London and Guys and St Thomas hospitals as well as the health data science company ZOE has come up with new data showing the key symptoms at different ages. According to their findings, the most common symptoms of coronavirus in children are fatigue, headache and fever, with few developing a cough or losing their sense of taste or smell. This new data adds to calls for age-specific symptom checklists. Also Read - Will a vaccine end the COVID-19 pandemic? Know the ground realities

For the study, the team examined the reports of symptoms among 198 children who tested positive for COVID-19. A third of these children showed no symptoms adding weight to other work showing many COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic. Children who were symptomatic did show a different set of symptoms than adults, the team said. Also Read - Link between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 gets stronger

While 55% of the COVID-positive children with symptoms had fatigue, 54% had a headache and almost half had a fever. Sore throats, loss of appetite, unusual skin rash, and diarrhea were also reported in children with symptoms.

On the contrary, the team found fatigue, headache, a persistent cough, sore throat and loss of smell as the most common symptoms in adults.

The researchers noted that around a half of the children who tested positive and had symptoms didnt have any of the three main signs listed by the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) i.e. high temperature, continuous cough, and loss or change in the sense of smell or taste.

If this governments advice is followed, half of the symptomatic infections would be missed, the researchers said. They urged teachers and parents to be aware of the fact that the virus can act differently in children and adults and keep those who show symptoms away from school.

The researchers also noted that some of the COVID-19 symptoms in children may overlap with those for colds, and it could be a problem as the winter approaches. So, how can you tell the difference between cold and COVID-19?

According to UK researchers, Children with COVID-19 may show unusual symptoms such as skin rashes. The team had previously suggested adding rashes to the official list of COVID-19 symptoms, noting that they also appear in adult patients.

One in six children with COVID-19 will have a rash and many times it will be the only sign, but this is not seen in most cough, cold or flu, they said.

The difference in symptoms between children and adults was probably because of the differences in the way the immune system responded to the virus.

The team is now calling for parents to track their childrens symptoms on their COVID symptom study app to help them spot school outbreaks quickly.

Published : September 9, 2020 10:17 am | Updated:September 9, 2020 11:05 am

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Weight Loss: How To Safely Include Maida In Your Diet, Tips And Tricks – NDTV Food

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:55 am


Maida (or refined flour) is one of the kitchen staples across India. It helps gives our pooris and breads a delish flavour and elasticity. It also helps elevates the taste of many of our street foods, baked goods and desserts. However, off late, maida has been under tremendous scrutiny for its health impact. According to nutritionists, excessive consumption of refined flour may be detrimental for women suffering from PCOS and also those with constipation. Maida has high amounts of starch, which may cause troubles with bowel movements. It is also not recommended for diabetics, since it may lead to blood sugar spikes and dieters anyway are asked to steer clear of maida for its lack of good quality fibres. So what should you do? How do we eliminate something that is such an intrinsic part of our diet. Ruling out maida means doing away with everyday basics like white bread, poori, biscuits et al.

Fret not, we have some ideas with the help of which you can feel a little less guilty while indulging.

1. Maida, if consumed in moderation, may not be that bad an idea. So if you are avid baker, you can resist eating that whole pie and perhaps just make do with one small piece? One chocolate cookie a day, or a few chips too are okay sometimes.

(Also Read:9 Delicious Dishes with Besan (Gram flour), the Versatile Kitchen Ingredient)

2. A lot depends on your preparation, so if you are deep frying your maida goods, you are inviting excess calories that would be hard to burn. Instead, you can opt for air-frying, steaming or boiling. Steamed momos are anyday a healthier bet than fried momos.

3. You can try mixing maida with other high fibre, nutritious flours like whole wheat, sooji, bajra, jowar. You can mix the flours and make a dough out of it and make a paratha out of this slightly more wholesome dough.

(Also Read: 5 Best Atta-Based Indian Desserts You Can Try At Home)

4. And remember, balance is key! So, if you are in a mood to indulge on a Sunday and feel like cooking some kachoris, keep the sabzi light. It is always a good idea to include fresh, seasonal vegetables on the side for the much needed fibre.

5. Avoid sugary, baked goods from outside, instead make some quick an easy ones at home. This way you would be able to monitor to sugar content, and even use healthier sugar alternative like jaggery. Just like excess maida, excess sugar too is known to derail weight loss efforts.

Keep these points in mind and eat healthy, be mindful and always practice portion control.

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

About Sushmita SenguptaSharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

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How to live longer: The 55p ingredient that may prevent the development of certain cancers – Express

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:55 am

Part of the challenge lies in cancer's evolving nature, as research body Cancer Research body Worldwide explains.

"Over time in every patient cancer cells undergo a myriad of molecular and genetic changes," says the research outfit.

As it points out, these changes shift what the cancer cells look like and how they behave - it makes them more resilient, more aggressive and more deadly.

A cure may be out of sight but research continues to shed light on the myriad ways to reduce the risk.

READ MORE:Prostate cancer warning: What colour is your urine? The hidden signs in the toilet

Butyrate is a fatty acid that has been studied for its potential to reduce inflammation in colon cells, possibly decreasing the risk of colon cancer.

Furthermore, chickpeas are a source of saponins, which are plant compounds that may help prevent the development of certain cancers, according to nutritional research.

What's more, saponins have been studied for their role in inhibiting tumour growth.

Chickpeas also contain several vitamins and minerals that may lower your risk of cancer, including B vitamins, which may be responsible for reducing the risk of breast and lung cancer, research suggests.

Research is unequivocal about the unhealthy lifestyle habits that will raise your risk of cancer.

Smoking poses one of the gravest threats, accounting for more than one in four cancer deaths in the UK, according to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Breathing in other peoples smoke (passive smoking) also increases your risk of developing cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, the second biggest preventable cause of cancer is obesity.

As the charity explains, more than one in 20 cancer cases are caused by excess weight.

What's more, the risk is higher the more weight a person gains and the longer they are overweight for, it warns.

"If you're obese, speak to your GP for advice about losing weight safely," advises the NHS.

It adds: "Your GP can advise you about losing weight safely by eating a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity."

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Healthy success for Pocklington-based slimming consultant – Pocklington Post

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:55 am

The Mayor and Mayoress of Pocklington Dean and Ruth Hodgson officially open The 1:1 Diet concern in Pocklington.

Rachel Watson started her business at the end of February just before lockdown hit.

However, the business has gone from strength to strength despite Covid-19.

This success as seen her move the concern from her home to a Pocklington town centre location.

Rachel recently opened her centre in Lockwood Court after helping local mayoress Ruth Hodgson lose four stone during lockdown.

Ruth said: I saw Rachels Business page post on a Facebook advert and noticed it was based in Pocklington.

I had never done the 1:1 Diet before but had tried other diets, so thought Id give it a try. I began in March on Step 2 and planned to lose weight before a holiday in June.

However, it quickly became a lockdown diet.

I decided to start on Step 2 so I could enjoy a small meal in the evening with my husband Dean.

After losing three stone, I moved to Step 3 which allowed me to enjoy more food with the added The 1:1 Diet products.

Having the one-to-one support from Rachel was important to me.

I know I can contact her any time I want help or advice, and she also checks in with me throughout the week.

Rachel has been on plan herself, so she understands the journey Im going through.

She has a lovely bubbly personality and that is important, especially if youre having a bit of a bad day, I couldnt have done it without her.

Ive now lost four stone and feel and look so much better. I dont have the daily aches and pains, and now Im back to work its easier to be on my feet all day. I am now back in the gym and adding exercise back into my routine.

I highly recommend The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. And, if you live around Pocklington, go and see Rachel she works wonders.

Rachel said: With regards to my own weight loss journey, Ive lost nearly three stone on plan and after having gone through a traumatic time personally, following separation and a divorce, I needed an easy way to lose weight quickly and safely.

Id put on so much weight through emotional eating when stressed. The diet makes me feel so good and I want to help others and be their own personal weight loss coach.

Ruth was my first client and stuck with it throughout lockdown.

Im so proud of Ruth, for the changes shes made and for working through the steps.

Contact Rachel 07940 441918 or email Or visit or Discount available for blue card/NHS workers and couples or two friends that want to slim together.

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Healthy success for Pocklington-based slimming consultant - Pocklington Post

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