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Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large – California Healthline

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

If your life these days is anything like mine, a pre-pandemic routine that included regular exercise and disciplined eating has probably given way to sedentary evenings on a big chair, binge-watching reruns of your favorite TV series while guzzling chocolate ice cream or mac n cheese.

But lets not beat ourselves up about it. Several doctors I spoke with recently said most of their patients and many of their colleagues are struggling to maintain healthy habits amid the anxiety of the pandemic. The Quarantine 15 (pounds, that is) is a real phenomenon.

The double challenge of protecting our health, including our immune systems, while battling unhealthy temptations is a struggle everyone is dealing with, says Dr. David Kilgore, director of the integrative medicine program at the University of California-Irvine.

Well before COVID-19, more than 40% of U.S. adults were obese, which puts them at risk for COVID-19s worst outcomes. But even people accustomed to physical fitness and good nutrition are having trouble breaking the bad habits theyve developed over the past five months.

Karen Clark, a resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, discovered competitive rowing later in life, and her multiple weekly workouts burned off any excess calories she consumed. But the pandemic changed everything: She could no longer meet up with her teammates to row and stopped working out at the YMCA.

Suddenly, she was cooped up at home. And, as for many people, that led to a more sedentary lifestyle, chained to the desk, with no meetings outside the house or walks to lunch with colleagues.

I reverted to comfort food and comfortable routines and watching an awful lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime, just like everybody else, Clark says. When I gained 10 pounds and I was 25, I just cut out the beer and ice cream for a week. When you gain 12 pounds at 62, its a long road back.

She started along that road in July, when she stopped buying chips, ice cream and other treats. And in August, she rediscovered the rowing machine in her basement.

But dont worry if you lack Clarks discipline, or a rowing machine. You can still regain some control over your life.

A good way to start is to establish some basic daily routines, since in many cases thats exactly what the pandemic has taken away, says Dr. W. Scott Butsch, director of obesity medicine at the Cleveland Clinics Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. He recommends you bookend your day with physical activity, which can be as simple as a short walk in the morning and a longer one after work.

And, especially if you have kids at home who will be studying remotely this fall, prepare your meals at the beginning of the day, or even the beginning of the week, he says.

If you havent exercised in a while, start slow and gradually get yourself up to where you can tolerate an elevated heart rate, says Dr. Leticia Polanco, a family medicine doctor with the South Bay Primary Medical Group, just south of San Diego. If your gym is closed or you cant get together with your regular exercise buddies, there are plenty of ways to get your body moving at home and in your neighborhood, she says.

Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride, if one of those activities appeals to you. Though many jurisdictions across the United States require residents to wear masks when out in public, it may not be necessary and may even be harmful to some people with respiratory conditions while doing strenuous exercise.

Its clearly hard to exercise with a mask on, says Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases at Stanford Universitys School of Medicine. We go hiking up in the foothills and we take our masks with us and we dont wear them unless somebody starts coming the other way. Then we will put the mask on, and then we take it off and we keep going.

If you prefer to avoid the mask question altogether, think of your house as a cleverly disguised gym. Put on music and dance, or hula-hoop, Polanco suggests. You can also pump iron if you have dumbbells, or find a cable TV station with yoga or other workout programs.

If you search on the internet for exercise videos, you will find countless workouts for beginners and experienced fitness buffs alike. Try one of the seven-minute workout apps so popular these days. You can download them from Google Play or the Apple Store.

If you miss the camaraderie of exercising with others, virtual fitness groups might seem like a pale substitute, but they can provide motivation and accountability, as well as livestreamed video workouts with like-minded exercisers. One way to find such groups is to search for virtual fitness community.

Many gyms are also offering live digital fitness classes and physical training sessions, often advertised on their websites.

If group sports is your thing, you may or may not have options, depending on where you live.

In Los Angeles, indoor and outdoor group sports in municipal parks are shut down until further notice. The only sports allowed are tennis and golf.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, the Ron Schell Draft League, a softball league for men 50 and older, will resume play early this month after sitting out the spring season due to COVID-19, says Dave Hyder, the leagues commissioner.

But he says it has been difficult to get enough players because of worries about COVID.

In the senior group, you have quite a lot of people who are in a high-risk category or may have a spouse in a high-risk category, and they dont want to chance playing, says Hyder, 67, who does plan to play.

Players will have to stay at least 6 feet apart and wear masks while off the field. On the field, the catcher is the only player required to wear a mask. Thats because masks can steam up glasses or slip, causing impaired vision that could be dangerous to base runners or fielders, Hyder explains.

Whatever form of exercise you choose, remember it wont keep you healthy unless you also reduce consumption of fatty and sugary foods that can raise your risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension all COVID-19 risk factors.

Kim Guess, a dietitian at UC-Berkeley, recommends that people lay in a healthy supply of beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as frozen vegetables, tofu, tempeh and canned fish, such as tuna and salmon.

Start with something really simple, she said. It could even be a vegetable side dish to go with what theyre used to preparing.

Whatever first steps you decide to take, now is a good time to start eating better and moving your body more.

Staying healthy is so important these days, more than at any other time, because we are fighting this virus which doesnt have a treatment, says the Cleveland Clinics Butsch. The treatment is our immune system.

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Exercise and Diet Are More Important Than Ever With Virus at Large - California Healthline

Consumers Turn to Plant-Based Foods During the Pandemic – The Beet

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

As we round the corner on month seven of life during a pandemic, a few lasting truths appear to be emerging: One is that we need to adopt better hygiene, since frequent hand-washing and wearing masks can stop the spread of the virus. The other is that we need to eat better, and if the industry forecasters are correct, American consumers are vastly embracingmore plant-based foods and leaving animal products out of their carts, as awareness about where our food comes from has grown. Americans are choosing healthier food, as well as that which won't impact the planet, and they care more about the way their food is processed.

This new plant-based food trend is driven by flexitarians more than strictly vegan approach since more people are adding plants to their plate than swearing off all animal products. But sales of plant-based foods have outpaced other categories by more than five to one and sales of meatless meat rose 35 percent since the pandemic buying spree began.

If there is a small silver lining to this lastinghealth crisis, it's that we are taking better care of our health by eating fewer animal products and choosing more plant-based options. Since the start of the pandemic, 23 percent more Americans are consuming more plant-based foods, and the sales of plant-based meats is expected to top $1 billion for the first time ever this year, according to the Good Food Institute which reports on trends of plant-based eating. Meanwhile, sales of meat and poultry are down for the first time in six years.

That kind of consumer awareness could just lead to longer life spans in this country, as a shift toward a more plant-based diet is known to be healthier, linked to lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity (and related diseases), hypertension, and cancer.A plant-based diet has also been shown to be helpful in losing unwanted weight.

Ryan Andrews, MS, RD, and author of Drop the Fat and Live Lean, A Guide to Plant-Based Eatingwho works to coach clients on how to switch to healthier habits and adopt plant-based nutrition, has seen a shift in awareness among consumers about where their food comes from, and a desire to eat cleaner, leaner and have less impact on the environment with the choices they make.

"There has been a big shift, especially since the pandemic, in how people are eating," Andrews said when I interviewed him on the topic ofnutrition choices during a pandemic. "People are starting to think about where their food comes from. And if you think about where food comes from, it's going to lead you to a more plant-based diet. Because animal productsare terrible for you, terrible for the planet, and terrible for animals."

Andrewsadds that more people now "have the bandwidth' to pay attention to where their food originates, or is processed, and how that affects their health and the planet. This was due in large part to the myriadstories about thousands of meat plant workers who in May and June were getting sick from COVID-19, in hotspots across 39 states, that forcedthe closure of meat plants. Consumers reacted by turning away from animal products to try plant-based meats instead.

"This has been a pivotal moment and a chance for people to start to think about where their food is coming from," says Andrews. That might only go as far as: 'I wonder who is touching my food?' and 'Is it going to make me sick?' and 'Could I get coronavirus from my food?' " (A recent study found that coronavirus can live for up to three weeks frozen on meat, but so far no confirmed incidents of coronavirus being spread on food have been reported.)

"Different people and different groups are coming at it from different angles," Andrews continues. "To say people are thinking about farms and animals is a stretch, so it's not about that necessarily. But anything that gets people thinking about food and where it comes is a positive thing."

During the pandemic, celebrities have expressed the importance of plant-based eating for the sake of human health and the planetas well as to put an end to animal crueltyand Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 driver who is an outspoken advocate of plant-based eating, just announced he will be racing in a new series of cross countryraces in a partnership with Electronic E, the sustainable electric car company, on terrain that has been most dramatically affected by climate change, to raise awareness of what people can do to help slow or turn back the global warming and climate change crisis.

"It's interesting that now, months after the pandemic first hit, there is definitely a higher level of awareness about what is happening on the planet and how our diets connect to that," says Andrews. In his book he said there were more people who believe they've seen signs of alien life in the universe than have chosen to eat a strictly vegan diet. So the growth is not about pure veganism as a way of life, but about adding plant-based foods for health and the planet.

'I'll do an informal survey when I speak to a group about nutrition and ask: Who cares about the animals? And 100 percent say they do. But when it comes to investigating where their food comes from, and the impact their food choices have on their health and the planet,it's a smaller group since they are aware of the impact food has on animals and the planet but they are not all ready to give up all their favorite foods. It's easier to add plant-based foods instead, so that's where I encourage people to begin," he adds.

"Theylove the idea of just adding more and more plant-based foods to their diet, and eventually that leads to less and less animal products. I call itPositive Dietary Displacement."

This may not be popular in the vegan community, but more consumers want to eat more plant-based foods without swearing off all meat and dairy, he says, and that's what he sees when he coaches people who want to eat better. "To me, it's not a binary issue, of animal products versus no animal products.People just want to eat better to be healthy."

Some people might think, 'I need meat to be strong or healthy.' and since I don't want to dismiss anybody from the start and say that is false and it's a myth, instead I will work with them to help them understand that you can get protein from plants and you can get calcium, iron, magnesium, and all your vitamins and nutrients without needing to eat animal product. But it's an educationwhen I start working with people, and individuals come with a set idea of what they need.

"Everything from genetics to digestion to food preference comes to play. Individuals walk in with their own preconceived ideas of what they want or need to eat, and there is nuance to helping them give up foods they are used to eating. Maybe some people need one thing or another [to start]. Then they learn about how plant-based eating is healthier and they are ready to move more in that direction," he adds.

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Consumers Turn to Plant-Based Foods During the Pandemic - The Beet

Oregon States Jermar Jefferson hopes a beefed-up diet leads to more time on the field, less on the sideline – OregonLive

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

Oregon States Jermar Jefferson is coming off a sophomore season where he ran for 685 yards and eight touchdowns.

Not terrible, but not what Jefferson had in mind following a record-setting freshman year in 2018.

Injuries and health played a big role in Jeffersons production decrease. So shortly after the 2019 season ended, Jefferson went to work on a game plan.

Jeffersons big problem, it turned out, was simple. Eat. Eat more.

What college boy doesnt like to eat, and eat a lot? Jefferson, for one. Its not that he was opposed to food. Just wasnt a priority.

I was barely eating twice a day, Jefferson said of his diet in 2019. Honestly, I dont know why. I just wasnt hungry, I guess.

Jefferson said its ideal for him to weigh around 215 to 217 pounds during the season. Jefferson struggled to maintain that weight last season, which he felt went back to his eating habits.

OSUs strength and conditioning staff reviewed Jeffersons food intake, and told him its simply not enough. What Jefferson was eating was OK he says fast food was only a meal or two a week, though hes trying to cut that to zero he just needs more of it.

Now Jefferson is eating three meals a day, and then some with addition of snacks. His calorie intake has increased significantly.

Jefferson isnt alone on revamping eating habits among Oregon States football players. The team went through a five-week course on nutrition education this offseason, according to OSU sports dietitian Toni Langhans. The goals include increasing their awareness as to what food can do for overall health, and collaborating with teammates particularly roommates about nutritional goals.

Something as small as switching portions of different types of food can make a huge difference in performance and energy levels, Langhans said.

Jefferson believes it was health last year that caused him to miss three games and see decreases in carries (97) and yards (695) from his freshman season. Because in general, Jefferson said felt everything about his game was better in 2019 than 2018.

Honestly, I was a lot stronger and smarter during the game, but the injuries just messed everything up, Jefferson said. The game started to slow down for me. I started to notice things like certain glitches and when certain stuff was about to come.

Jefferson said it wasnt until the game at Arizona, the eighth game of 2019, where he began feeling close to 100 percent. Coincidentally, Jefferson started three of the final five games and had two 100-yard games, and nearly a third against Oregon.

Through two years at Oregon State, Jefferson has run for 2,065 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Jefferson says he isnt the best running back in college football, but I feel like I have the potential to be that No. 1 in the national, for sure. To get there, some of the improvements are obvious, such as video study and weight room developments.

Jefferson feels like hes fast and adding to his speed. His strength is the short burst, the side-to-side twitchy speed as Jefferson calls it. Running straight ahead, Jefferson says hes underrated, while admitting hes probably not as fast as OSU speedsters Jesiah Irish or Anthony Gould.

I can give them a run, though, Jefferson said.

Jefferson said he has not given any consideration to opting out of the upcoming season due to COVID-19 or the NFL Draft.

I want to play this season, Jefferson said.

Another decision on Jeffersons horizon is whether hell play, then take the route of Isaiah Hodgins and declare early for the 2021 draft. Playing a position that it is known for having a limited shelf life, a big junior year could make Jefferson attractive in pro football.

Jefferson said hes made no decision along those lines.

Im just taking it day by day for football and school and see what happens, Jefferson said.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens this season, Jefferson must do it without Artavis Pierce. Jefferson and Pierce became a formidable 1-2 backfield punch the past two years, but Pierce has graduated, now a practice squad member of the NFLs Chicago Bears.

This years Pierce for Jefferson is expected to be junior B.J. Baylor, who has shown promise the past two years. Jefferson said outside of a game where he gets hot, he prefers to share the load with another running back.

I would like to keep my reps between 20 and 25, because 12 games, or eight games, is a long season, Jefferson said. I gotta figure out how to keep my body healthy.

--Nick Daschel | | @nickdaschel

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Oregon States Jermar Jefferson hopes a beefed-up diet leads to more time on the field, less on the sideline - OregonLive

Nutrisystem Launches Innovative Partner Plan to Encourage and Help Maintain Weight Loss – Daily American Online

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Nutrisystem, a Tivity Healthbrand, announced today the launch of its new Nutrisystem Partner Plan, a program designed to enable two people living in the same home to experience the benefits of losing weight together. Studies continue to show that dieting with a partner leads to greater success and helps people maintain their weight loss.

According to a recent JAMA study, individuals are more likely to lose five percent or more weight if their partner joins them. A five percent weight loss is considered clinically significant to reaping health benefits like reduced risks of developing diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Evidence suggests that people tend to exhibit the health behaviors of those around them and that partners greatly influence that behavior, especially in relation to diet and exercise. For Nutrisystem customers, social support and accountability are two factors proven to facilitate weight loss. Now, the Partner Plan offers Nutrisystem customers a shared experience to leverage those factors.

"Eating is a social event and with the new Nutrisystem Partner Plan, friends and loved ones can enjoy meals together," said Tommy Lewis, President, Nutrisystem. "We are less likely to stay on a weight loss program when we feel like we're all alone. Having a built-in support system at home means you'll be able to motivate and celebrate each other as you hit goals. In today's climate, it is more important than ever for our health to connect with and lean on the strength of loved ones."

On the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, customers will receive one shipment every two weeks that includes meals and snacks for two people at one great price. The program also provides free access to the NuMiapp, unlimited support with Nutrisystem weight loss counselors and dietitians by phone or online any day of the week, and free shipping.

Customers can lose weight while eating the foods they love, made healthier. The program meets, or in most cases exceeds, recommendations set forth in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The plans include the right mix of nutrients to fuel your body - plenty of healthy, lean protein; high fiber to help keep you feeling fuller, longer; low-glycemic carbohydrates to stabilize blood sugar; and never contain artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Those with specific dietary needs can customize their program to include diabetes-friendly foods, vegetarian foods, or to exclude foods that contain milk, wheat, nuts, and more. Customers can tap into the knowledgeable team of Nutrisystem weight loss counselors to help them select foods that work for both partners' needs.

For more information about the new Nutrisystem Partner Plan, please

About NutrisystemNutrisystem, a product of Tivity Health, is a leading provider of health and wellness and weight management products and services and has helped millions of people lose weight for nearly 50 years. Nutrisystem's new personal approach to weight loss includes plans for every body type in 2020. The company's Food and Nutrition Mission, which bans artificial flavors and sweeteners, artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial trans fats, reflects its commitment to fresher foods, cleaner labels, and increased transparency in its approach to ingredients. For more information, go

About Tivity HealthTivity Health(Nasdaq:TVTY) is a leading provider of healthy life-changing solutions, including SilverSneakers, Nutrisystem, PrimeFitness, Wisely Well, South Beach Dietand WholeHealth Living. We are actively addressing the social determinants of health, defined as the conditions in which we work, live and play. From improving health outcomes to reversing the narrative on inactivity, food insecurity, social isolation and loneliness, we are making a difference and are transforming the way we do health. Learn more at

Nutrisystem Launches Innovative Partner Plan to Encourage and Help Maintain Weight Loss - Daily American Online

Lose weight with the worlds top 10 diets from keto to Slimming World – The Sun

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

WHETHER it's Weight Watchers, Slimming World or veganism most of us have tried to lose weight at some point in our lives.

Some diets restrict your calorie intake while others encourage you to make healthy swaps.


New research has now revealed the most popular diets in the world.

While some diets have stood the test of time, others seemed to have waned in popularity.

Data from the Supplement Place also revealed that some diets have completely dropped off when it comes to popularity, with entrants such as The Eat Clean Diet dropping 92 per cent.

Slimming World was voted the UK's top diet with 586,000 Google searches a month

But what are the world's favourite diets and could they help you shed the pounds?

With 2.1 million searches, the Keto Diet is the world's most preferred form of weight loss.

The keto diet involves eating lots of "good" fat, to curb hunger pangs, while cutting out carbs and eating moderate amounts of protein.

It's said to boost energy levels and help speed up weight loss.

The diet relies on a normal metabolic process called ketosis - that helps the body keep working.

It's where the body, starved of carbs for energy, starts to burn fat reserves instead.


For healthy people, who don't have diabetes and aren't pregnant, ketosis usually kicks in after three or four days of following the plan and eating less than 50g of carbs a day.

That's about three slices of bread, two small bananas or a low-fat fruit yog.

So if you're cutting out all those carbs, what can you eat?

Fat is the answer! It should make up about 60 to 80 per cent of total daily calories, while protein makes up 10 to 15 per cent and carbs are less than 10 per cent.

And it's not just a calorie free-for-all. Keto enthusiasts should cap their daily intake at 1,800 calories a day.

If it sounds like Atkins, it's not far off - the main difference being limiting protein on a daily basis.

The best Keto recipes

To give you an idea, these are some sample keto recipes...

Weight Watchers is favoured by many for the class element. Weekly classes help people make friends and this can also encourage you to lose weight if you have a strong network of people around you.

Across the globe, 1.6 million people searched for Weight Watchers.

The WW programme is clinically-proven to support weight loss and improvement in blood sugar control in those diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

As well as helping members lose weight, WW helps people change their habits to make healthy eating and physical activity a part of their daily lives.

In July it was revealed that people could get Weight Watchers for free on the NHS under a new government scheme to tackle to obesity crisis.

WW works on a Smart Points system, where foods are rated on theirprotein,carbs,fatandfibrecontent.

It's essentially calorie counting made easy, and there's absolutely no limit on the amount of fruit and vegetables you can eat.

Dieterseven get a weekly Smart Points safety net, meaning you can treat yourself on a night out, as well as a personalised exercise plan.

Weekly meetings and weigh-ins keep people on track.

Overall, the plan is less extreme than many other diets - but the results are still promising.

Allegedly, dieters are able to lose up to 2lb a week.


Restricting your food intake at certain times of the day seems to be a popular plan and 1.1 million people worldwide searched for intermittent fasting.

The intermittent fasting diet does what it says on the tin, but it can follow two patterns.

The first is eating just 500 calories two days per week, and eating normally (what you want) the other five days.

The second option is going 14, 16 or 18 hours a day without food, leaving you with a six to ten hour window to eat in.

The time in which your body starts to break down fat is after all digestion is fully completed and the nutrients have been taken from food.

This period after is called the post-absorptive state where excess fat will be stored in the liver for fuel stores, where it can be acessed to keep the body's functions ticking over when no energy from food is in the digestive system to use.

This is what happens when you sleep and when you are in a planned fasting period and insulin is low. Your body will need to take from fat stores even more whilst awake and fasting, as you'll need more energy to move around, which is when the weight loss occurs.

Class-based diet plans seem to be popular, with over 629,000 people worldwide searching for Slimming World.

TheSlimming Worlddiet is run by a Derbyshire-based weight loss company created by Margaret Miles-Bramwell in 1969.

It focuses on a diet of Food Optimising, where members are given a list of Syn Free food, that can be eaten in unlimited amounts.

Syns are short for synergy as the Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns all add up to effective weight loss.


The programme encourages dieters to swap high-fat foods for low-fat foods that are naturally filling.

You can get support from fellow slimmers at weekly group meetings and follow an exercise plan to become gradually more active through their Body Magic initiative.

The Slimming World diet is designed to help you lose about 1-2 pounds a week and currently has around 900,000 members attending each week.

The Dukan dietis a high-protein, low-carb eating plan that began in France to re-educate people about how to eat healthily.

Coming in at fifth place globally, the data revealed that 535,000 people searched for it globally.

Created by nutritionist Dr Pierre Dukan over a decade ago, itstarted under the name "Je ne sais pas maigrir".

This translates as "I dont know how to lose weight".

The Dukan diet quickly became a firm favourite of the 1.5 million French women who followed its plan.

It claims to help dieters lose up to 10lbs within a week by the dieter focusing on protein-high foods and cutting out carbohydrates completely.

The restrictive diet includes four phases - attack, cruising, consolidation and stabilisation.

Dieterseat just protein and vegetables and avoid high-carb foods.

The four phases of the Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a four stage plan

Attack phase: During the attack phase, dieters must stick to meat, fish, eggs and non-fat dairy products, which are designed to promote rapid weight loss.

Dr Dukan lets dieters consume a daily tablespoon of oat bran which swells in the stomach to promote fullness and also helps ease constipation.

Cruising phase: The cruising phase focuses on the user alternating pure protein and vegetable days, and is designed to promote a weight loss of 2lbs a week.

On the vegetable days, Dukan dieters can consume an unrestricted amount of vegetables, along with meat, fish and non-fat dairy products.

Consolidation phase: Consolidation phase revolves around preventing weight gain that can occur in a rebound effect to rapid weight loss.

During this period, pasta, cheese, fruit and bread are slowly reintroduced back into the diet.

Stabilisation phase: The final stage, stabilisation, lets diets consume whatever they please, apart from one day a week which must be strictly protein-only.

We have all seen an increase in the amount of plant-based products on our shelves and this could be why 511,000 people searched for the diet.

Veganism is currently defined as "a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose".

The movement was born in 1944 when a small group broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society to form the Vegan Society.

The term "vegan" comes from the first and last letters of the word vegetarian.

Vegans don't eat anything derived from an animal, including eggs, milk and butter. Honey, meanwhile, is rather divisive in the vegan community.

Aside from food, vegans do not wear or use clothes, shoes or furnishings made with the skins, hair or feathers of animals, such as fur, leather, wool, feathers and silk.


If you want to follow a diet that makes you feel like you are constantly sunning yourself on a beach in Greece then the Mediterranean diet could be for you.

A Mediterranean diet is high in foods which are good for you, and low in naughty foods, such as those with a highsugar content.

The NHS explains: The Mediterranean diet varies by country and region, soit hasa range of definitions.

But in general,it'shigh in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil.

It usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods.

Butter is often replaced withhealthy fatssuch as olive oil, andsaltis substituted for herbs and spices to flavour food.

It has less red meat but lots of poultry and fish, and also includes liberal amounts of red wine.

And while its not a foodstuff, exercise and eating meals with family and friends is characterised by the Med diet.


People on the Paleo Diet only eat foods which could have been hunted, fished or gathered in caveman days.

The diet goes back before the invention of farming, meaning that grains such as wheat, dairy, alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, potatoes and salt are all off the menu.

All processed foods are also banned, while Paleo mealstends to be low-carbohydrate and high-protein.

A typical Paleo meal would be made up of meat or fish, served with accompaniments such as eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Legumes such as lentils and beans, which are included in most weight loss diets, are also banned.


Pescatarian comes from the Italian word for fish, pesce.

It means somebody who doesnt eat red meat, eg beef and chicken, but eats seafood.

This often includes shellfish, such as mussels and clams, but it can vary from person to person.

In addition some pescatarians eat dairy and eggs, while others dont.

Pescatarianism is believed to have a lot of health benefits, and loosely mirrors a Mediterranean diet.

A balanced pescartarian diet would typically include vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses and wholegrains.

TheNHSrecommends eating two portions 140g - of fish a week, including one portion of oily fish.

This category includes fishes such as herring, as theyre rich inomega-3 fatty acids

The NHS says: Fish and shellfish are good sources of manyvitamins and minerals.

Oily fish such as salmon and mackerelis also particularly high in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which may help to keep your heart healthy.

A vegetarian can simply be described as someone who doesn't eat meat.

It is defined on the Vegetarian Society as:"Someone who lives on a diet of grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae, yeast and/or some other non-animal-based foods (e.g. salt) with, or without, dairy products, honey and/or eggs.

The rest is here:
Lose weight with the worlds top 10 diets from keto to Slimming World - The Sun

All You Need To Know About Ketogenic Tablets And Their Benefits – South Florida Reporter

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

The Keto lifestyle. Its the new celebrity in the world of diet and weight loss plans. This low-carb diet that turned heads when it announced thats also high-fat (for quicker fat burning and weight shedding), everyone joined the bandwagon almost immediately.

But did you know that Ketogenic tablets are a great source of that extra push your body will need to really get rid of fat? Well-known in India, and now a growing phenomenon across the globe, here are some benefits of Ketogenic Tablets.

Benefits Of Ketogenic Tablets Keto Guru

Amino acid L-Glutamine, also known as Glutamine for short, is responsible for keeping your digestive tract at its healthiest. This is due to the fact that it is able to support the intestinal walls and strengthen them.

When this occurs, irritated tissues are pieced back together so that digestion becomes smoother and on track. As a result, food breakdown will be more efficient and fat storage decreased.

Glutamine is whats called protein building blocks. They are the very core components that allow proteins to strengthen and, as the phrase goes, build your muscles. If your goal is to say goodbye to fats, bank on protein.

Why? Because muscles are what cause fat burning. When your muscle mass and muscle tissues are in excellent condition, and fat have become glucose, the higher the chances that your body will be able to break them down and set them on fire, so to speak.

This is something we all want to hear, isnt it? How to make our bodies metabolism work faster than they are at the moment. Well, theres a natural booster to assist your dieting and exercising for a higher metabolism speed the Keto diet and Ketogenic pills.

Through protein reinforcement, your bodys TEF or Thermic Effect of Food increases as well. TEF is the manner in which calories are utilized as food is processed and nutrients are absorbed. Thus, an enhanced acceleration in metabolism takes place.

The healthy kind of appetite suppression, of course. One of the reasons why you constantly snack is because you often feel those hunger pangs kick in every now and then. By the way, the irony is that the more you eat unhealthy food, the hungrier youll get.

If youre the type who constantly loves grabbing something to munch on while working at the office or chilling at home, then Ketogenic Tablets from Keto Guru are going to be your BFFs. Theyll aid in suppression appetite and leave you feeling full from one regular meal to the next.

Another benefit of Ketogenic supplements is that theyre great for stabilizing blood pressure. Protein can help in reducing excess insulin that your systems dont really need, and accordingly, blood pressure will lower to its normal. Or as close to the normal rate as possible.Remember, the higher your insulin levels, the greater the risk of incurring high blood pressure. So keep it at a minimum with these supplements.

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All You Need To Know About Ketogenic Tablets And Their Benefits - South Florida Reporter

Calories or macros: nutritionist explains which works best for weight loss or building muscle – The Conversation UK

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

While reducing calorie intake is a proven way to reduce your weight, theres no shortage of diets promising the same results but with more flexibility. One such popular diet is If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), which offers users less restriction in what they eat, while still guaranteeing results.

Rather than counting calories, IIFYM counts the daily macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) found in the foods and drinks we consume. Many people like the diet because it offers flexibility and allows them to consume any food as long as it fits into their daily macronutrient (macro) requirements.

However, theres currently no scientific research that has specifically examined whether counting macros is as effective as other methods in achieving different weight goals. Past research has looked into the effects of reducing or manipulating individual macros for weight loss, such as comparing the effect of consuming a low-fat versus low-carbohydrate diet or comparing four diets containing different proportions of fat, carbohydrate and protein. Ultimately, researchers found no significant, long-term difference between the diets on how much weight they helped people lose) and all are difficult to adhere to in the long term.

As such, this makes it difficult to know whether counting calories or macros is more useful when it comes to your different body weight goals.

The basic principle to achieving weight loss is eat less energy than your body requires on a daily basis and you will lose weight. Any diet can lead to weight loss as long as this basic principle is applied.

The tricky part is establishing what our energy requirements really are. The most practical and accurate measure of this, indirect calorimetry (a measurement of the gases that we breathe from which energy expenditure can be estimated), is still not 100% accurate. And the prediction equations commonly used in dietary counselling and by online apps to set calorie intake goals for weight loss are even more inaccurate. This is especially so in those who are overweight or obese due to the equations being based on body weight, and not taking account of fat mass.

But whether youre counting calories or macros, you still need this starting point to work from to keep within your targets. While our actual energy requirements are uncertain and can vary greatly depending on how active we are, our requirements for macronutrients are more certain, based on government guidelines.

An advantage of counting macros is that it ensures that some essential nutrients are incorporated into your diet, instead of focusing solely on calories. Counting calories takes no account of nutrients. And while it seems obvious that choosing wholesome nutritious sources of calories is better than processed, high-sugar and saturated fat foods, you could hypothetically eat seven chocolate bars (each worth 228 calories, a total of 1,596 calories) and still lose weight if your total energy expenditure is around 2,000 calories a day.

Macro calculations are estimated based on body weight, height and activity levels and can be adjusted to your weight goal. While fewer restrictions on what to eat may be a bonus for some on IIFYM, for others keeping track of macro intake and hitting those targets can be difficult and time consuming.

Whatever youre counting youll require an affinity for reading food labels and keeping a record of all foods and fluids consumed throughout the day. While there are numerous online nutritional databases and apps that help you track macros and calories, they may not always be accurate either. Plus theres the added complication that we may not actually absorb all of the energy or nutrients that food labels list, making it even harder to meet specific targets.

Additionally, neither method will guarantee that you meet all of your other nutrient requirements. For example, as macros only focus on carbs, protein and fats, they may overlook the importance of other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, which are essential for staying healthy and preventing deficiencies. Unless combined with dietary advice about making permanent changes to a healthy balanced diet, neither method is a long-term solution to weight loss or maintenance.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are people looking to gain weight to build muscle. Someone looking to gain muscle would need to increase their basic daily protein intake to around 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for muscles to repair any micro-damage that occurs from resistance or strength training which is necessary for muscle growth. As well as protein, energy and carbohydrate needs must also be met to ensure the body has enough fuel available to work out. This is where keeping track of macros, instead of counting calories, could be useful to ensure all protein and carbohydrate requirements are met.

Timings of macros are also important for muscle growth. Research shows regular protein intake throughout the day and after exercise, rather than large single doses, is recommended for muscle growth and refuelling.

Ultimately, which method you choose for altering body weight and composition depends on your goals and how motivated and tech savvy you are. If you are keen to learn more about the nutrients in the food you are eating then counting macros may be for you. For those who find endless counting and monitoring tedious it may be easier to follow more general guidance for weight loss or maintenance or for bulking up.

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Calories or macros: nutritionist explains which works best for weight loss or building muscle - The Conversation UK

Weight Loss: Drink This Tomato Cucumber Juice To Boost Weight Loss And Immunity – NDTV Food

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

A combination of tomato and cucumber makes for a mix that can be a great way to boost weight loss.


The moment we think about weight loss, all we can come up with are the diets and ways to cut down on junk. And don't exhaust yourself with the overwhelming information you read on the internet, you can easily shed extra kilos by doing simple tweaks in your daily diet. Here we have a quick and easy drink that may help you in your weight loss journey.

Red, juicy and extremely versatile tomatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition. An integral part of Indian cuisine, tomatoes are used in everything from curries, pickles and salads to chutney, soups and even juices. Besides its many uses, tomatoes are known for its many health benefits, with the most popular one being its ability to burn fat. Tomato is low in carbohydrates, and as per the USDA, 100 grams of tomatoes has 18 calories. Besides this, tomatoes are also a rich source of fibre. They keep you full for a longer time, keeping hunger pangs at bay, promotes good metabolism - both of which leads to weight management.

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Adding low-calorie, low-fat cucumber will make this weight loss juice even better - not just in taste but also nutrition-wise. Since cucumber comprises 90 percent water, it cleanses the body, aids digestion and facilitates weight loss. A healthy digestive system is key to weight loss. A combination of tomato and cucumber makes for a wholesome mix that can be a great way to boost weight loss.

Tomatoes are also packed with antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. These antioxidants help prevents free-radical activity and promotes immunity.

Here we have a quick and easy tomato-cucumber juice that can promote weight loss and also boost immunity.


Tomato- 1

Cucumber- 1

Mint Leaves- 6-7

Lemon juice- 1 tsp

A pinch of black pepper


1. Chop tomatoes and mint leaves, slice cucumbers and put in a blender.

2. Add lemon juice and black pepper, blend well.

The addition of black pepper and lemon juice not only adds a tinge of flavour to the drink but also adds nutritive value. Both the ingredients are replete with vitamin C that further helps improve immunity.

Add this refreshing drink to your morning meal that might just work wonders for your weight loss journey.

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Weight Loss: Drink This Tomato Cucumber Juice To Boost Weight Loss And Immunity - NDTV Food

Buzzards do the dirty work in nature – Lake County Record-Bee

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

One of the more numerous wild birds in Lake County is the turkey vulture, commonly called a buzzard. Its scientific name is carhartes aura and its actually a member of the stork family. They are large birds with wing spans of up to 6 feet. Adult vultures weigh up to 8 pounds. They are strictly meat eaters and the older the meat the better. In fact, 80 percent of their diet is carrion. Their stomach produces a strong acid that allows them to digest all types of food.

Turkey vultures can be found throughout the United States and are especially common in California. In Lake County, it is estimated there are approximately 1,000 vultures. On any given day vultures can be seen soaring above the treetops in Lake County. They can stay aloft for hours, riding the air currents and the wind. These creatures of the sky are actually on patrol, looking for dead animals.

Vultures are one of very few birds that can actually smell. They have an excellent sense of smell and can detect a dead animal from hundreds of feet in the air. Experiments have shown they can even find a dead animal hidden beneath a thick canopy of trees. Their nostrils are extremely wide and are open from one side of the bill straight across to the other side.

In addition to their sense of smell, turkey vultures have excellent eyesight, which also aids them in finding food. Vultures feed on just about anything dead, even if it has begun to rot. Their bare, featherless head (which resembles a turkeys, hence their name) is especially designed to feed in the cavities of large, dead animals. They have short and weak legs and small talons, which restricts them from carrying off food. They are physically incapable of killing anything.

Years ago farmers blamed vultures for killing their chickens and would shoot them. Actually, the vultures are an asset to farmers because they clean up dead animals. They have few enemies but when threatened will regurgitate the contents of their stomach. Its a disgusting habit thats very effective in frightening away an attacker. Even the chicks have this ability.

Turkey vultures lay their eggs in remote forests, including inside caves or hollow trees. They are considered poor nest builders. The eggs hatch in four weeks and the chicks are snow white. They turn a dark brown at 10 weeks old before leaving the nest.

A number years ago while deer hunting I decided to take a nap. It was a warm day and I flopped on my back on an open hillside. A sudden rush of air awoke me and I found myself staring up at three buzzards circling above my head. I didnt move a muscle and they dropped closer and closer. Finally I made a slight movement with my arm and they were gone.

Whereas its not likely many people want a buzzard feeding at their backyard bird feeder, they are an important part of the ecosystem. They clean up road-killed animals and are the undertakers of the forest. They are very efficient eaters. A flock of buzzards can completely clean up a deer carcass within an hour, leaving only the bones and a little bit of the hide.

The buzzards at Clear Lake can often be seen feeding on dead carp and other large fish that have washed ashore. They are protected by law and cannot be killed or injured. Actually, since they are no threat to anything, it would be foolish to harm one. They are a bird that has truly found a niche in the wild.

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Buzzards do the dirty work in nature - Lake County Record-Bee

The secret to Randy Arozarenas rise with Rays? Chicken and rice – Tampa Bay Times

Posted: September 9, 2020 at 5:52 am

Stuck in an apartment in St. Petersburg by himself for a month waiting to get over his case of COVID-19 and get the requisite negative tests to rejoin his teammates, new Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena figured he would make the best of it.

He taught himself to cook, improving his usual diet with a healthy version of chicken and rice, and stuck to a regular exercise routine, including 300 pushups a day, putting on about 15 pounds of muscle.

I was eating healthy and I was controlling what I was eating, Arozarena, a Cuban native, said Tuesday from Washington via team translator Manny Navarro. Aside from gaining mass, I also gained strength. I feel good playing at this weight (197 pounds over a 5-foot, 11-inch frame).

He certainly has been playing well, hitting his way into Tuesdays lineup and against Nats right-hander Anibal Sanchez at that by swatting four homers in his first seven games. He was 8-for-17 with three walks since his Aug. 30 call-up, then 0-for-3 Tuesday.

Hes tough to get out get out of the lineup and get out when hes hitting, Rays manager Kevin Cash said. We just want to see. Weve got an opportunity to find out some things about a lot of guys. And Randy, in fairness, is probably right at the top of the list. Weve already seen what he can do, and its our job as a staff, myself, to just find ways to keep everybody fresh and find that balance between fresh and consistency for everybody, for everything.

Arozarena, 25, is appreciative of the opportunity, having spent the last month working his way back into baseball shape at the Port Charlotte camp.

Im feeling happy and really excited about the results that Ive been getting, he said. All the hard work that Ive been putting in on and off the field is definitely paying off.

Arozarena made his big-league debut last year with the Cardinals, hitting .300 in limited opportunity (6-for-20) with one home run after working his way up from Double-A Springfield and Triple-A Memphis.

The Rays werent the only ones who noticed him.

I liked him when he was in St. Louis, Nationals manager Davey Martinez said. Hes got an unbelievably quick bat. We talked about it, said, Hey, dont try to sneak a fastball by him, because his bat is quick. Hes a good player. I think hes going to be fantastic.

Arozarena already has made some Rays history, their first player to hit four home runs in his first 16 at-bats of a season, per Stats LLC. Four players had hit three, most recently Steven Souza Jr. in 2016. Arozarena is also the first to go deep four times in his first 16 at-bats with the Rays. In-season acquisitions Chris Gomez and Lucas Duda each hit three.

Austin Meadows said he feels fine physically, that his overall lack of offensive production this season was not related to the COVID-19 case that sidelined him through most of Spring 2.0 and the first 10 games of the season. An 0-for-4 Tuesday extended his latest skid to 0-for-17, and 2-for-29, and dropped his average to .202.

I feel good, Meadows, the Rays' 2019 co-team MVP, said before the game. "I feel like Im coming along. Baseball is a crazy game. You can get in these little funks and then you can also go through a stretch that youre kind of unconscious and hitting everything that you see.

I do feel good. I feel like Im seeing the ball well. I feel like Im swinging at better pitches in my zone. That fastball that I almost hit out off (Max) Scherzer felt really good, just missed it. Trying to take as many positives as I can and continue to move forward.

White Sox infielder Yoan Moncada recently said he hasnt had his usual energy and strength since his case of COVID-19.

"The virus hits people differently,'' Meadows said. Physically, I feel fine. Obviously, I wasnt fine when I had the virus, but afterwards I feel I responded well to it. I havent had any issues or anything like that, any post-effects. So I do feel good. Thats unfortunate for him. Hopefully, hes able to come out of it soon.

"Honestly, I dont know who would win.''

Arozarena, on the potential for a race with outfield mates Kevin Kiermaier and Manuel Margot

Brandon Lowe, who went into play 1-for-his-last-25, was 1-for-4 with three strikeouts. .... With no setbacks, reliever Oliver Drake (biceps) is on track to be activated this weekend, Cash said. He has been out since Aug. 9, pitching in only five games. The loss ended the Rays streak of 10 consecutive unbeaten series (8-0-2). Wednesday is the Rays' second of three off days in a 12-day span, and four in 22. ... Cash and Martinez squared off as two of six former Rays players to become managers, joining Rocco Baldelli (Twins), Mickey Callaway (Mets), Ozzie Guillen (White Sox, Marlins) and Gabe Kapler (Phillies, Giants).

The secret to Randy Arozarenas rise with Rays? Chicken and rice - Tampa Bay Times

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