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According to science this is the age from which it is more difficult to lose weight and lose weight | Life – Explica

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:56 am

Over the years, it costs more to lose weight and stay in shape, according to scientists and experts in physiology, because the burning of calories does not occur as quickly and muscle mass is lost. However, you can reduce the impact of age on losing weight by practicing some routines.

You have probably been told from a very young age that you have to take care of yourself, eat a balanced diet and exercise, as the consequences of not leading a healthy life and being somewhat overweight could come years later.

Well, they were right, they didnt say it just to say it, but there is a scientific and physiological reason. Over the years it costs more to lose weight and stay in shape.

The body deteriorates as you get older and, although you can slow down this process, it is inevitable, the burning of calories does not occur as quickly. The important thing is not to get obsessed with this issue and put all your efforts into it, without giving up. Right now you may be wondering, then at what age does losing weight start to get complicated?

It is more difficult for you to lose weight because your metabolism is not the same, as is your body composition, that is, as the years go by, you lose muscle mass, it is easier to become dehydrated and fat accumulates in certain parts of the body.

Many call it the crisis of the 30s and it is that until that age everything is rosy, with eating healthy and being something active, you can reach an appropriate weight for your body. However, then come problems, a beer belly and a slowing metabolism.

Did you know that there is a formula that tells you how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight? We teach you how to apply it.

The nutritionist and psychiatrist at the Center for Eating Disorders at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Stefano Erzegovesi, explains that, in addition, in the case of women, hormones can have a very negative influence on this issue. In both sexes, a reduction in basal metabolism and lean mass mediated by hormonal decline is observed, she adds.

To give you an idea, Eating 300 calories is not going to have the same effect with 18 years as with 40, because the older you are, you need less caloric intake and you spend fewer calories, because you have less muscle mass. For example, from the age of 50, you begin to have 20% less muscle mass.

So if you eat more, it stays stored, making you take on a few kilos of fat that will cost you to get rid of. For this reason, it is essential to take care of your diet and eat a balanced diet, always controlling what you eat.

However, there are ways to reduce the impact of age when losing weight, such as drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and help digestion proceed correctly.

In addition, the body tends to confuse thirst with hunger, so if you drink a lot of water, you will have the feeling of being satiated and thus avoiding snacking between meals.

How much money should you save each month if you charge 25,000 euros a year.

Another option that you can consider is to consider doing weights, yes, start with low loads and go up as your body adapts to the weight, because it is important not to injure yourself and more in advanced ages.

Also, Eating protein could help you build even more muscle at this stage in your life, as it would counteract the loss of muscle mass, according to a study from the University of Arkansas. Although it seems impossible to lose weight after 30-something, everything is to propose it, with perseverance and effort.

Original article by Yaiza Garca Garca published in Business Insider Spain

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According to science this is the age from which it is more difficult to lose weight and lose weight | Life - Explica

Everlean Supplement Review- Is It An Effective Weight Loss Solution? –

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:56 am

Welcome to my Everlean Supplement review. There are numerous people in the world today who are struggling with weight issues and feel the need to trim down their body fat. When a persons weight starts invading his good health and interferes with his bodily function in a way that is not suitable, it is termed as being obese or overweight.

This is not an uncommon issue as people today follow unhealthy eating habits and unfit lifestyle which has to lead to a significant increase in the number of cases concerning obesity. This particular Everlean Slimming capsule review will explain all its aspects in meticulous detail.

Theres no shortage for weightloss products in the market, but have you heard of Everlean, a weight loss probiotic? This product claims to provide a weight loss solution that helps you to shed pounds quickly and easily. So in this Everlean review, well explain who will benefit from Everlean the most? And whether Everlean is a worth trying product.

The Everlean supplement aids in weight loss with the help of probiotics which are extremely beneficial to the gut and smoothens the entire metabolic process of ones body. People battling obesity especially the ones who have tried every trick in the book ranging from diets, fasts to hard-core exercises, and yet have not seen any kind of positive result are in for a treat with the all-new Everlean supplement.

Everlean Supplement is a weight loss supplement engineered with the use of probiotics. To be clear on the concept of probiotics, they are certain healthy microorganisms that are proven to have multiple health benefits. Everlean Pill is produced using the combination of six different strains of healthy bacteria namely:

Many Everlean reviews claim that the supplement aids in weight loss with the help of probiotics which are extremely beneficial to the gut and smoothens the entire metabolic process of ones body. People battling obesity especially the ones who have tried every trick in the book ranging from diets, fasts to hard-core exercises, and yet have not seen any kind of positive result are in for a treat with the all-new Everlean supplement.

Everlean supplements are sold in the form of oral capsules and are advised to be taken every morning preferably before breakfast as it is explained that if consumed in an empty stomach than the stomach acids seem to dissolve it better making it act sooner with ones gut bacteria. It can be consumed with tea, coffee, or water.

According to numerous Everlean reviews, it is known to not have any side-effects and its dosage can be increased according to ones body and health. But the makers advise this to be done only after careful consultation with a medical practitioner.

Jeremy Reeves, a USA based citizen is the brains behind the revolutionary Everlean pill. He devised this supplement as he could relate to the plight caused by obesity. Jeremy introduced the world to Everlean Supplement as a sure shot way to shed extra fat and whats interesting is that he developed this idea as a result of his obese nature. He had been ridiculed all his life due to his overweight issues and no matter what he did or ate seemed to have a positive result on his body.

Not just the external obesity factor, he was also a person who struggled with stomach health such as chronic constipation, gas, severe diarrhea, etc. So, after much research, Jeremy discovered that probiotics can be a miraculous ingredient and can be used to help in weight loss as well as serves as a good agent to improve your gut health. So, after much research on the same, he hired Dr. Michael Felley, an expert in the subject of probiotics to design the much sought after Everlean Supplement.

In the most basic of explanations, Everlean Supplement, which uses probiotics as its main ingredient eliminates the bad bacteria which causes health concerns in an individual. The different strains of probiotics are used to perform individual functions of their own which leads to the shedding of unhealthy fat in ones body thus resulting in significant weight loss.

Weight loss is often due to ones unhealthy routine and this counts for the unhealthy gut one possesses. This might contribute significantly to unwanted weight gain. As its stated that Everlean Supplement contains probiotics or healthy bacteria, consuming this on an empty stomach ensures the overall improvement of ones gut and noticeable progress in the metabolic situation of ones body. An additional feature that plays a major role in the weight loss process is that Everlean Supplement contains green tea extract known to be extremely rich in anti-oxidants which extensively helps in burning calories leading to weight-loss.

Everlean Slimming capsule has been the talk of the town due to the presence of probiotics and in this particular section concerning the Everlean probiotic review, the contents will be elaborately explained. As mentioned above Everlean ingredients mainly comprise of six healthy bacteria strains which performs their own set of functions:

All of these probiotics contained in the Everlean pill are used in combination to assist you in getting that lean frame you always desired but these probiotics to function properly needed the right sort of prebiotics( non-digestive fibers). This is the reason that two prebiotics namely Inulin and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) are incorporated in the Everlean Supplement formula. They are both plant-based prebiotics.

In addition to the above, green tea extract is added to boost metabolism.

This particular section provides an honest Everlean pill review:

According to, Everlean Probiotic consumer reports, no such side effects of the product have been reported.

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As clearly stated above in my Everlean Supplement review, I have mentioned some amazing features of these dietary supplements as they are scientifically backed and contain the goodness of probiotics. This supplement can be termed as one of a kind as weight loss pills usually have a host of side-effects but the Everlean supplements have made history by not recording a single side effect to date. Well, this doesnt mean that it can be consumed recklessly. But if you have any doubts about your well-being, its advised to take these supplements only if your doctor permits you to do so. In conclusion, these dietary supplements have it in them to be the next best thing to help people with unwanted weight loss and living a healthy life.

Everlean Supplement uses probiotics to improve your overall gut health and this process cannot happen overnight. Regardless, people who have provided Everlean supplement reviews stated that some results were noticeable right from the first week of consumption.

It contains extremely less, 2.8 mg of caffeine per serving.

According to Everlean consumer reviews, no allergies have been reported so far but the manufacturing unit of Everlean probiotic supplement also produces soy, milk, and eggs so the consumers are requested to consult with their respective doctors.

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Everlean Supplement Review- Is It An Effective Weight Loss Solution? -

Leptitox Review 2020 | Is This Dietary Supplement Worth Try? –

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:56 am

Here is my Leptitox review. Leptitox is an effective and efficient supplement that provides you with the best weight loss results. Leptitox is specially designed for people who are suffering from heavyweight issues. The best thing about Leptitox is that it is safe and effective to use so you could easily rely on Leptitox.

In the market, you will be able to find many supplements that guarantee you the best result. But all of them are not effective and safe to use as they include many other side effects. But Leptitox detox pills are the most effective and safe supplement for your weight-loss. A number of people have used Leptitox and got excellent results in weight loss.

Weight loss is the most challenging task as you need to maintain a proper diet and then do exercise. But with Leptitox you do not have to worry about any other thing. With the help of Leptitox supplement, your body can burn fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and calories to boost energy levels in your body. Let us discuss more in this Leptitox review.

Leptitox review provides you with the honest and the best Leptitox customer reviews that could help you to know more about the Leptitox supplement. According to the Leptitox review, Leptitox is natural, so you do not have to worry about the side-effects.

Leptitox pills are actually the fat burner pill that helps our body to burn carbohydrates and boosts the energy levels. To lose weight, the most important thing is that your body must burn extra fat.

Leptitox supplement was first manufactured by Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes. Leptitox supplement is now available all over the globe. But the company is based in the USA. Both Morgan Hurst and Sonya Rhodes have started the company with the same name called Leptitox.

And this particular company is supplying the best Leptitox supplement that perfectly goes with your weight loss requirements.

Leptin Hormone is the leading cause of your weight loss and weight gain in your body. It is produced by the body fat cells and is also known as the satiety hormone or the starvation hormone. Leptin primarily targets your brand and informs your brain that your body has enough fat stored, and you do not need to eat more.

Leptin Hormone also works in many ways like fertility, brain function, and immunity. The main function of Leptin Hormone is to regulate energy in your body. The best thing about the Leptin Hormone is that it keeps humans from starving and overeating naturally. People who have a high level of Leptin Hormone have a lot of body fat in their fat cells.

There are many causes of Leptin imbalance which leads to body fat. As per Leptitox customer reviews, it works on your Leptin imbalance. Some of the popular causes of Leptin imbalance are mentioned below:

The Leptin imbalance may also occur due to obesity. And to maintain the leptin level in your body, you must avoid processed food, exercise, sleep, and many more.

Leptitox reviews Reddit is the hundred percent legit product with all the natural ingredients. It is completely a dietary and natural supplement that effectively and efficiently works in losing weight.

The best thing about Leptitox is that it firstly reduces the leptin level in your body in a natural way. This reduction in the leptin helps your body to reprogram your hypothalamus.

As per Leptitox reviews, the Leptitox supplement is designed for the rapid fat-burning of excess fat stored in the human body. Leptitox supplement also works to boost the energy levels of the body for a longer duration. The adults who are looking for effective and efficient ways of losing weight may use Leptitox supplement for the best Leptitox results.

Leptitox review says that it is highly recommended due to all its natural and effective ingredients. Some of the main ingredients that Leptitox contain are mentioned below:

Leptitox review, also shows that you should maintain proper yoga and cardio exercise every day at least for thirty minutes. It will make the weight loss process quicker and easier. Leptitox dosage for the user of Leptitox is that the user must take two pills a day and you may take Leptitox pills with water before the first meal and after the last meal.

As per the best Leptitox supplement review, there are many benefits of using Leptitox supplement. Some of them are mentioned below:

According to Leptitox testimonials, Leptitox supplement could be used as per the prescription. Leptitox supplement is made of all-natural elements, so there are no side-effects related to Leptitox. Till now, there are no Leptitox reviews and complaints about any side-effects that are mentioned by the users.

Leptitox where to buy? It is the most common question that people ask. Hence Leptitox is an effective supplement that is only available on the official website of Leptitox, and you may not get Leptitox in the physical stores or Amazon. You may not find any Leptitox reviews Amazon.

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If you are willing to reduce your weight, then Leptitox supplements could be your final destination. If you want you could also get Leptitox free trial. You could use the trial pack to check the results. It is a natural weight-loss supplement that helps in weight reduction.

The best thing about Leptitox is that it not only reduces your weight but also improves your overall health. Leptitox contains all the natural and essential ingredients that effectively burn excess fat easily and quickly.

You may get the best Leptitox customer reviews on the official website that has been provided by the various users of the product. By analyzing Leptitoxs review, Leptitox supplement not only helps to reduce weight but also controls excess craving of food. While you use the Leptitox supplement, you dont have to change your diet overall.

You must once use the Leptitox supplement, and if you are not satisfied with the results, the company also provides you with the money-back guarantee.

One bottle of Leptitox is for $59, and two bottles are for $149. The company also provides six bottles of Leptitox supplement for $234.

Yes, Leptitox is available all over the globe.

Yes, there is sixty days money-back guarantee.

Yes, Leptitox is a natural product and includes all the natural elements.

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Leptitox Review 2020 | Is This Dietary Supplement Worth Try? -

Lehigh Acres man dreams of overcoming sight loss and starting a business – Fox 4

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:56 am

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla The way he sees it now is Bryan Marins time.

He has never been more determined or positive or had the feeling like hes on the verge of doing something special.

"This world now, unfortunately, there's a lot of negativity, he says. "And I just want to turn that negativity to a positive.

The story of how Bryan is turning his life around is part of our SWFL Reinvented series. These are stories about people who lost a business or had a major setback in life or started with nothing and worked hard to create something new and successful.

In Bryans case, his reinvention is just beginning.

He was born in Puerto Rico. And when he was only an infant, his parents noticed he suddenly began losing weight.

"And it got to the point to where I went into a coma, and they rushed me to a hospital, he says.

Doctors told his family he had Type 1 Diabetes, but he could live a normal life as long as he took care of himself. His family moved to Lehigh Acres when Bryan was 12. He fell in love with cars, and after graduation, he went to work for a repair shop.

"When I was in my early 20's, I was working a lot, like 12 to 14 hours a day, plus doing my side jobs, he says. And I became basically like a workaholic.

And like a lot of people that age he did not take the best care of himself. Quickly, Bryan started losing his sight.

"And that's when they diagnosed that one nerve in my left eye was getting detached.

Over the course of the next several months, Bryan went through a series of surgeries, but none of them worked. By the time he was 28-years-old, Bryan was blind.

"I lost my self-esteem, he says. "I lost hope. I lost love. I basically didn't want to get out of my house or my room. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to get out of my four walls. I didn't want to talk to anybody because I was basically angry at the world.

He was like that for months. Until he finally said enough."

"I was looking at myself and I was saying, 'Bryan, this is not you. You can do better. You can do better than before."

And when people like Bryan make that decision, Dotty St. Amand is there to help.

"It takes a lot of courage for someone to pick up a phone or to walk through the door, she says.

St. Amand works with Lighthouse Southwest Florida, a United Way partner agency that helps guide people with vision loss toward independence. It starts with emotional healing, then rehab, and ultimately re-learning everyday parts of life.

"And so across those disciplines, we have talented credentialed team members who help the clients with each step of the way, St. Amand says.

It took Bryan three years to complete all the Lighthouse programs he wanted to complete. He says he doesnt think he would be living without the organization.

I clean, I cook. I scrub, I shower my dog. I take care of my daughter. I pay my own bills. I do my own groceries, he says. "And life is good.

And he feels like his life is just getting started.

"I want to prove to the world, that if I can do it, anybody else can do anything in their lives.

That includes new hobbies. He taught himself how to play the drums.

"My drums, are like my therapy, Bryan says. "When I have a lot of stress or I'm thinking about a lot of things, I just come here and sit down, and forget about the world.

But most of his time is spent working on a new career. He has always loved cooking, so he started making sandwiches for family and friends. That small business is beginning to expand now. He takes orders on Facebook and people can come by his house to pick up their sandwiches.

"We call it La Tripleta.' That means it comes with three different types of meats, he says.

Hes saving up his money to open up his own restaurant. Hes also hopeful for new technology and procedures that will help him regain his sight in a few years.

If you see Bryan, he does not want you to feel bad for what he cant see. He wants you to be proud of his outlook.

"Don't let the negativity take over you. Just think about at that moment, something that makes you happy. It could be your kids or your family, or something that makes you smile. Always have that positivity. Somebody loves you and is proud of you."

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Lehigh Acres man dreams of overcoming sight loss and starting a business - Fox 4

Trying to make a few extra bucks? Sell your old items online: 9 ways to guarantee you’ll profit, and quickly – WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:56 am

For many people, 2020 has been a financially uncertain time. There has been job loss, furlough, and still, plenty of unknowns swirl about the future.

For anyone looking to make some extra money or replenish that pocketbook, have you considered selling your old items online?

It might be a good time to go through some of the things youre no longer using -- check your closets, garages, kitchens and more -- and see what you might be able to off-load. Beyond just the few extra bucks you can make, it might feel really great to downsize.

On the flip side, as a buyer, social media and online communities are a fantastic place to look when youre scouting for something new but you dont want to pay top dollar. So before you splurge on a new KitchenAid stand mixer or a fully loaded baby stroller, itd probably be worth your time to peruse your local groups. Facebook Marketplace, by the way, is one of the easiest places to navigate. For the rest of this article, well largely be talking about how to operate in that space.

Heres how to do it:

Even if theyre in used condition and youre selling them as such, youll still want to make them look attractive to potential buyers. So make that bike or curling iron shine!

If an item has been sitting in the basement, dust it off, make sure it works, of course, or if this a baby item, take it outside and give it a thorough rinse-down or a full bath with the hose.

This is especially important during COVID-19 -- and with so many hang-ups surrounding germs. Disinfect your stuff! Offer contact-less pick-up. Make your things look pretty for the photos youre about to take. Speaking of those, lets chat pictures next.

This is worth your time, 100%.

Put shirts on a hanger, have outdoor items actually outside (and shot in good lighting), framed reasonably well, in focus and zoomed in.

If youre selling clothes, include a shot of what the item looks like on. You can blur your face if you dont want it out there for the world. And if youre selling kids stuff, upload a photo of your kids actually in the clothes (again, blur faces if youre worried about privacy!) Kids are so cute. Use them as models. Sometimes well see dresses or pants just like, on a pile on the ground, or in a bag, and who would buy that?

But a cute Christmas dress for a little girl, advertised by a 4-year-old all done up in matching shoes and fancy hair? We might be able to envision our own daughters in the same look.

Overcommunicate when it comes to the details. Size, age-level, brand, when you bought the item, how much youve used it, and personal information really makes for a nice touch, as well.

Some examples:

And if your item has a shortcoming? Say it. Youd much rather tell the potential buyer up front, rather than waste someones time, having that person come out to look at it, or get mad after the fact. Transparency is good. More information is important. Write your sales post in a friendly, engaging and helpful way.

Think you can get $50? Fine, list it for $50 (you can always drop the price after a week), but if youre really looking to offload your stuff, mark that potential $50 kiddie pool for $35. You dont want to wait around. It takes time and effort to go back and forth over Messenger. Get it done!

Oh, and people tend to come QUICK when they see a great buy. Editors note: I too, as a buyer, am ready to hop in my car on a moments notice for a steal of a deal. So, with all that said, just think to yourself: Whats the lowest number Id take for this dining room set? Theres your price.

Do you know what we mean when we say groups? You can post your belongings on Marketplace just with a few clicks, but it would also serve you well to look into specific selling communities that might be in your local area. For example, garage sale-type groups, moms groups or sport-specific groups.

Usually, when youre finishing up your post, Facebook will ask if you want to put this listing anywhere else. Say YES, and youll likely have much better success having your post get seen and shared.

Just be sure to watch for any specific group rules -- some allow holds, for example, and some dont.

(And so on!) And if theres an abbreviation or an acronym youre not sure about, just ask or Google it.

Dont just post this stuff and then turn off your phone or go out of town. Respond quickly to all reasonable inquiries. Get ready for serious buyers too, who will want to know everything. If youre selling a dresser, for example, be prepared to provide all dimensions, weight, info about moving it, etc.

This goes for writing your sales post especially: What does this buyer need to know? What would you have wanted to know right before you bought the item?

Just write the post as if youre explaining the table or TV to a friend. If youre selling a couch, how big is it? If theres a tiny ding on your end table, communicate that -- even if its just saying, Theres a little mark, but no one will even notice it.

Overcommunicate. If the item is heavy, advise that the buyer might need to bring some friends and a truck.

We briefly touched on this earlier, but youre going to encounter some angry buyers if you lie about a products condition or sell something thats just junk.

Dont be that person. You wouldnt want to get duped or buy something busted. Dont do it to others. Its bad karma, its dishonest, and its likely to get you banned, blocked or reported.

Cash is always the go-to, but how about SquareCash, PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet or Zelle? These payment apps are becoming more and more popular.

Editors note: Ive had people who couldnt come grab the item right away, but who were willing to pay me for it ahead of time, using one of these apps. The money was in my pocket faster and I had time to make sure the payment was legitimate. Win-win!

It is better to do a transaction like this ahead of time or face to face, just to make sure youre exchanging money with the correct person, but otherwise, this should be pretty safe.

What makes us the experts?

As the author of this story, Ive made hundreds, if not more than $1,000, over the past few years, going through spurts of selling my old stuff.

Now you tell us: Any tips we forgot? What has helped you sell your stuff online? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Trying to make a few extra bucks? Sell your old items online: 9 ways to guarantee you'll profit, and quickly - WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Adding this one simple food to your diet may help you live to 100, according to the world’s longest-living people – CNBC

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:55 am

A few years ago, I traveled to Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece, Loma Linda in California and Sardinia in Italy all "Blue Zones," or homes to thelongest-lived people to find out what centenarians ate to live to 100.

I also asked dozens of theworld's leading nutritionists and food scientists what we should eat to enjoy a long and healthy life, while also taking care of the environment.

One conclusion leaped out like a flashing neon sign (and might come as a shock to fans of the latest trendy diets): Of the top 10 recommended foods, half belonged to the bean family lentils, soybeans, peanuts, chickpeas and black beans.

On Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, for example, the day might begin with a warm corn tortilla stuffed with savory black beans. On the Italian island of Sardinia, lunch might be a steaming bowl of minestrone, packed with fava beans, cranberry beans and chickpeas. On the Japanese island of Okinawa, dinner might include a tasty stir-fry with green beans, soybeans or mung bean sprouts.

Coincidental? I don't think so. A 2004 study of people 70 years or older in three different cultures around the world found that for every two tablespoons of beans a day individuals consumed, they reduced their risk of dying by 8%.

Other research has shown that beans not only provide the complex carbohydrates, proteins and trace minerals our bodies need, they also supply the fiber our microbiomes require, boosting our immune systems. That makes sense, because Blue Zone residents don't achieve their extraordinary longevity by relying on superior genes alone, but also by avoiding obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancers better than the rest of us.

By contrast, nearly two thirds of Americans now report themselves to be overweight or obese, according to Gallup. And according to arecent Harvard study,we have a shorter average life expectancy than residents of nearly any other high-income nation largely because of our diets and lifestyles.

In every Blue Zone I've ever visited, generations of cooks have made beans a key ingredient in their most popular recipes.

Here are a few to make in your own kitchen:


Tender Bean, Potato and Onion Stew

(National Geographic | David McLain)

Featured in almost every Nicoyan meal, black beans contain high levels of anthocyanins and have 10 times the antioxidants of an equivalent serving of oranges. Rich and hearty, this one-pot meal is a staple in Costa Rica. It's easy to make and costs less than $1 a serving.

Cook time: 1 hourServings: 6




Chickpea Soup With Lemon and Herbs

(National Geographic | David McLain)

Greeks and Ikarians especially have mastered the art of blending lemon, olive oil and herbs. This simple recipe is a warming alternative to chicken soup in the winter and provides yet another way to creatively incorporate beans into your daily diet.

Cook time: 2 hours, 20 minutes; 45 minutes if using canned chickpeasServings: 6




Black-Eye Pea Salad With Mint and Onions

(National Geographic | David McLain)

This recipe represents one of my fondest revelations from cooking in Ikaria. I would never have thought to pair beans with vinegar and mint, but the result was a symphony of new and magical flavors. The vinegar not only adds the healthful digestion and immunity-boosting effects of fermentation and probiotics, but also helps maintain the texture of the beans so they don't disintegrate as leftovers.

Cook time: 1 hour if using dried beans; 10 minutes with canned beansServings: 8




Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers

(National Geographic | David McLain)

This burger is a longevity powerhouse. Loaded with beans, greens, sweet potatoes and pepitas, it's the perfect example of a Blue Zonesinspired twist on a classic American comfort food.

Cook time: 35 minutesServings: 4


The Patty and Buns:

The Sauce:

The Toppings:


On top of being good for you, beans are cheap to produce and grow practically everywhere, from equatorial zones to northern regions, so they don't need to be transported vast distances to reach markets. They also don't require refrigeration and can be stored for a long time.

Beans are even healthy for the land itself, because they restore crucial nitrogen to the soil. Accounting for the environmental impacts of what we eat has become more urgent as Earth's climate crisis has worsened. The global food system now contributes more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from livestock production.

Shifting our diets to favor plants over meat could be so important. If people followed standard dietary guidelines, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food production by as much as 70%, according to a team from the University of Oxford.

So, what's the bottom line? Can we be good to both ourselves and the planet? Our research suggests we can. And the first step on that quest to achieve a long healthy life should be to embrace the simple magic of beans.

Dan Buettner is a longevity researcher, National Geographic Fellowand award-winning journalist. He is the author of"The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest" and "The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People." His latest bestseller,"The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes for Living to 100," fuses scientific reporting, National Geographic photography and recipes that may help you live to100. Follow him on Instagram@danbuettner.

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Adding this one simple food to your diet may help you live to 100, according to the world's longest-living people - CNBC

Why Avocados Are a Healthy and Delicious Addition to Your Diet – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:55 am

Millennials get flak for being the avocado toast generation. But theyre definitely on to something. Avocados are as nutritious as they are delicious and they come with some great health benefits.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.Policy

Registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, LD, says, Avocados are a great addition to a healthy diet. Jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, here are some good reasons to give these wrinkly green fruits a second look and add them to your regular rotation.

There are hundreds of avocado varieties, ranging from big to small, wrinkly to smooth. What they have in common: a big round pit, creamy green flesh and a whole lot of nutrients crammed into a handy pear-shaped package.

Whether youre adding a slice to a salad or sandwich or using them as an ingredient in a more complicated recipe, avocados have a lot going for them, health-wise, Zumpano says. Here are some of the many nutrients and vitamins packed into just a single avocado.

A perfectly ripe avocado is slightly firm but not rock-hard. Cant wait to eat it, but its not ripe? Store it in a paper bag on the counter until it gives a little when you squeeze it. Once its ripe, you can store it in the fridge for a day or two to keep it from going soft too quickly. (Or just dive right in, since a ripe-but-not-too-ripe avocado is a time-limited treasure.)

But dont go overboard. Avocados are packed with nutrients, but theyre not exactly low in calories. A 50-gram portion about a third of a medium-sized avocado has about 75 calories. An entire large avocado can add upward of 400 calories to your daily diet.

Like most things, says Zumpano, moderation is key. As long as youre paying attention to portion sizes, avocados are great foods to include in your diet, she says.

The avocado is an all-ages treat, says Zumpano. Lots of babies love it mashed with banana. For an older palate, there are almost endless ways to use it. Some ideas to get you started:

You can also use the smooth, creamy fruit to replace the less-healthy fats in your diet, Zumpano says. Here are some additional ways you can add avocado to your diet.

If you use avocado to replace other fats, you can enjoy the flavor and nutrients and also cut down on saturated fats, she says.

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Selecting and using olive oil as part of a healthy diet – Herald-Mail Media

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:55 am

Although olive oil is a staple in many American kitchens, some people do not know what to buy and how to use it.

Its popularity began in the 1980s when scientific research indicated a connection between extra virgin olive oil and heart health. Continued scientific research has shown additional health benefits including decreased risk for certain cancers, reduced inflammation in the body and improved brain health. The popularity of the Mediterranean diet has increased the sales of olive oil over 70% in the past five years. The choices available in grocery stores have grown significantly, too, which adds to the confusion. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends up to 35% of total calories from fat, with the majority coming from unsaturated fats, like those in olive oil.

Lets look behind the bottle to see how olive oil is made. Olives used to be crushed with stone mills but those have been replaced with machines that are cleaner and faster. The crushed olives are then pressed to extract the oil. Cold press on the label means that the oil was extracted by machine without the addition of heat. Extra virgin olive oil is the oil from the first press without any heat or chemicals. Other grades of olive oil, like virgin or pure, are extracted with machines and often treated with heat or chemicals, for less cost.

The flavor, color and aroma of olive oil varies depending on the types of olives as well as the soil and climate where they were grown. The color does not reflect the quality of the oil. Lets look at the different types of olive oils.

Extra virgin is from the first press of the olives and is the most flavorful and healthiest because it retains more of the nutrients and antioxidants from the olives.

Classic or pure olive oil is a blend of industrially processed olive oil with some virgin or extra-virgin olive oil added for flavor. Its milder flavor makes it a healthy alternative to vegetable oil.

Light flavor or light tasting olive oil has very little virgin olive oil and is highly refined, which results in less flavor, lighter color and few health benefits.

When selecting olive oil, there are a few things to check. First, it should come in a dark colored bottle or can, which protects it from breaking down when exposed to light and extends the shelf life. Look for a best buy date on the bottle, which is about two years from bottling. Olive oil is sensitive to heat, oxygen, light and age ,so it is best to store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Once you open a bottle of olive oil, try to use it within two to three months. For this reason, it may be best to buy in smaller bottles even if it costs a little more.

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6 superfoods to include in your toddlers diet – PINKVILLA

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:55 am

Nutrition for kids: It is essential to incorporate healthy foods in your toddlers diet for their development. Read on to know the foods you can include.

Raising kids isnt an easy job, and getting children to eat healthy foods can sometimes feel like a battle. Not only do kids throw tantrums while eating, but dont want to have healthy foods at all. The greener the vegetable, the bigger the tantrum. In the process, kids are deprived of the essential nutrients that sometimes take a toll on their health.

For starters, it is difficult to make children understand what minerals or vitamins are important for their well-being. But there is a simple trick that might help - mix different fruits and vegetables and teach your kids to eat as many different colours as they can. This will help you incorporate different foods with different nutritional value in their diet, which will help in your kids natural growth.


Bananas are a great option for toddlers, in fact, it is good for kids of all ages. They have a high content of potassium, which will help your kid develop strong bones. They are perfect for young kids as it is easy to eat and digest. Make sure you give them chopped bananas to eat properly.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which plays a role in their growth and healthy vision. Because of their bright colour and natural sweetness, carrots are always a favourite among kids. So, make carrots your childs best friend to help them reap all its benefits.


Avocados are high in protein and monosaturated fat, which is great for keeping heart diseases at bay. Remove the peel and serve them mashed or in cubes any way your kid likes.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great option when it comes to providing vital nutrients to your kids as they are a good source of vitamin A, and C, potassium, and fibre. Their sweet, creamy texture is something your kids will never say no to and will enjoy.


Feed your childs tiny tummy with some yoghurt. It is high in calcium, protein, potassium, which are important for healthy bones and teeth. It is also good for digestion and helps bolster immunity. However, you should choose whole-milk yoghurt over flavoured, low-fat or fat-free yoghurt.


Kids love the tangy, delicious tomatoes. They are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant that keeps diseases like cancer and heart diseases at bay. The best way to serve them to your child is by cooking with a little bit of oil to get the most of the juicy tomatoes.

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6 superfoods to include in your toddlers diet - PINKVILLA

5 Super Healthy Seeds You Should Add To Your Diet – NDTV Doctor

Posted: September 16, 2020 at 3:55 am

Healthy seeds: Adding seeds to your diet can help you lose weight and offer you several other amazing health benefits. Read here to know top 5 seeds that you should be consuming.

Several seeds are loaded with essential nutrients

You might have heard this many times that you should add enough nuts and seeds to your diet as these are loaded with essential nutrients. It is advised to eat a handful of nuts and seeds to beat hunger pangs. There is a huge variety of seeds available which are extremely healthy. You can add seeds to your diet in several ways. These can be consumed directly or you can add these to smoothies, shakes, dessert or as a topping on salads and fruits. Vegetarians miss several essential vitamins and minerals. Some of these essential nutrients can be obtained from seeds. Here are some healthy seeds you can add to your diet for better nutrition.

Chia seeds are loaded with protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. These seeds are widely consumed for weight loss. Chia seeds are also good for your digestion, blood sugar levels and cholesterol. These are also loaded with antioxidants and essential minerals.

Chia seeds are loaded with protein that can help in weight lossPhoto Credit: iStock

The health benefits of flaxseeds are well known. These are amazing for your heart health as the omega-3 fatty acids content is high. These offer several benefits similar to chia seeds like control cholesterol levels, better digestion and weight loss. These contain high quality protein and may also help control blood sugar levels.

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Sesame seeds commonly known as til in India. These contain good amount of fibre. Sesame seeds are a great source of plant protein and can help boost bone health. Studies have also highlighted that sesame seeds can help reduce inflammation, blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with numerous health benefits including controlled inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Pumpkin seeds are also a good source of magnesium, antioxidants, zinc, iron, copper and fibre.

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Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious as these contain protein, magnesium and zinc. Hemp seed oil is also commonly used for various purposes. Adding these seeds to diet can help reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause.


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